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Image 3 of Breathitt County news, February 23, 1906

Part of Breathitt County news

I The Breathitt News Hargis Published Every Frlclny CASH SUBSCRIPTIONS I J WISE HAG INS IOC IMrs I A YEAR s J B Little of Winchester was hero luring the week C F EtAlAre Something Doing By Grand Jury wenttoLex Combs of Campion was hero Monday attending court A S Spencer of Filiuoro was here Wednesday attending court H T Pence of Lnne was here Monday to bid on the sale of some ihi9 rheumatism Harrison Strong has moved into the house recently vacated by J D Moore on the Heights U G Brown went to Perry county last week to look after Iris logging and timber interest there 10 Munsoy representing the Kentucky River Coal Company was in town the early part of the i Mondayy 4Yweek largeit crowds seen hero for a long time < s 3 F L Whilakcr of Huntington W Va president of the Conti nental Realty Co was in town ir Tuesday Mr M C Bailey i of tho east of town has been quite ill for several days and is in prccariour condition til this time Judge Hcdwino and Attorney O H Pollartl returned from Beatty villo Saturday where they had been attending circuit court Berry Flinchum who was con victed of tho murder of Lowis Mays in Leo county was taken tho penitentiary Thursday S II Hurst became the pur chaser of the Marcum land on 0end r fi e- 1to l r Howards Creek on last Monday which was sold at tho price of 0800 t Tho Baptist church at Bough Camp has been moved to tho school hotiMoTattlio mouth of the Short Fork of Balls Fork in Perry county Jot Head cashier of the Jack son Deposit Bank returned from Chatanooga Saturday whero hoI had been looking after his interests ¬ in that town Sunday service at tho Baptist church at 11 11 m anti 7 p m Fellowship Morning subject evening subject Tile Pleagucs of Egypt Rev WIfSelzcrpastor Mr and Mrs W W Howe of Cynthiana who have been visiting Capt and Mra F W Fletcher rrsI returned home Wednesday accompanied them to Fletcher Lexington IL S Noblo and i t M Indictments have been returned against James llarjiis and Ed Callahan for complicity in the murder of J B Mnrcurn and against B F French Joliet Smith and John Abner for being acres series before tho fact to the mur dcr of 113 Afarcum Jacob Noble Jcre Noble Green Miss Strong Declines FIXOASTIK EDITOU NYjws ago for tho murder of Robert Allen in this county and sentenced to tho penitentiary for twentyone years was taken to tho peniten tiary last week his sentence liar ¬ ing been aflirmcd by tho Court of Appeals His trial was removed to Leo county on a change of venue ¬ > Tho advertisement of tho Lex ¬ ington Banking Trust Company appears in our columns this week This is tho largest institution of tho kind in tho State They solicit the business of this section and are abundantly able to handle whatcyer business that may bo in trusted to them DenT Head ono of tho organizers of our bank isl a town h f 1 Jf Tho postoflico at this place has been discontinued Henry Shouse hid moved from Meadow Crcok to sIMfe Minerva Jett was visiting Mrs rd It S j of vOakdale was visiting his uncle George Bryant at Athol Sunday Bryant Tames Bryant of Jctts Creek Circuit Court convened Monday and Miss Martha Amburgy were with Judge Ittddcll on the bench married recently > and Commonwealths Attorney Ad James Spivoy of Oakdale is ams present building n dwelling house near There was the largest and most Chenowee and will probably move orderly court day crowd over seen to when finished it in JacksonThe D Moore and wife formerly gentlemen com of Jackson were here and in Ows pose the juries ¬ Grand JuryiVm Russell Jr ley county last week visiting relaWesley Turner Jr Henry C tives They loft last Friday for Pent Lexington whero Mr Moore will Calhoun Alfred Allen S berton Solomon Noblo Jr liar enter a school to study telegraphy rison Allen T E Calhoun L C WAlt CHEEK Strong John M Smith I B Rev D V Osburn and Lewis Combs and S E Taulbce Alfred Gross and wife visited William Allen was appointed foreman = Linville Gross at Athol last week to see Petit Jury Mann Emery Noble Clay Griffith Uncle Henry Gross Harrison Strong II S Chapman Services were licit at tho War A L Hagins Todd Fox Dudley Creek school house Sunday by EdHoward Clay Dunn Isaac Short ward Boggs and Duvall Osburn J H Blake and Robert Davidson Wo had an interesting meeting Hays and we trust that tIme people of Petit Jury Benjamin Clemons W J Whlttu this community wilMukQ more in ker Mho Land rum Ed Davis terest than ever We ttero much Bud Henslcy John Davidson Sr delighted to see the young boys in We dont Join McIntosh John Moore iittendanco so civil George Miller W W Caudill want to rebuke thoyoung ladies and Roger Little but we know they c uld be much The first three days were taken quieter especially at church jp in tho trial of misdemeanor TllOUBLliSOME cases The first felony case enter ¬ ed into was that of tho CommonBorn to Jack Combs and wife wealth of Kentucky vs James a girl tf tf Patton charged with tho murder John Smith who is employed by begun of Galen Mann Whichwus the Slemp Coal Co4 is engaged in Thursday morning leasing out land Tho visiting attorneys are Hugh ii Ben and Jeff Eagle of Dwarf Kiddoll of Irvine Judge T Ulakey Judge G W Gourloy and were the guests of John Smith f P Adams of Bcatyvillc John Saturday and Sunday Tester of Campion L T Hurst Amy Smith is contemplating of Boxer Considerable business going to Hazard next Sunday to hits been disposed of and there attend tho Baptist Institute for a lifts been less continuances than while usual Mints Holiday the daughter of James Patton was convicted and G B Holiday went to Hazard sentenced to two years in the pelust Sunday to attend the Baptist J d Buy a ticket good via the Burlington and get aboard either of the two daily thro trains one leaving St Louis in the morning and the other in the evening Both carry all kinds of comfortable equipment and travel over an interesting route all the way to Puget Sound J Very lowprice oneway tickets on sale dally February 15 to April 7 n s WATCHES Tickets to Butte Helena or Anaconda Mont or points beyond are good via the direct line thro Billings or via Denver and Billings with free side trip to Colorado Springs A postal card requelt will bring complete Information W M SHAW District Passenger Agent 436 Vine Street Cincinnati 0 u lt N iR rn CLOCKS It 1 fr 1 Jo 41 I y + CUT GLASS UMBRELLAS and all kinds of I FIRST rn m On January 5th 1900 for vio lations of internal revenue laws I seized on the distillery premises of distillery No 00 of Elihu whiskytwo II still cap fermontors apparatusAny any or all of this property are reo aired to appear the noorsigned within 30 days from February 9th and make to same if not the property will be advortisotlundsold under Section No 8400 It S U S t = 5i TIJEFHEE REST HOTEL IN CITY BUS TO and FROM DEPOT ARLINGTON HOTELS TAULBEE S LIVERYSTABLE IN daihlerJ SHSHSHSaSHSHSHSclSraaHSHSH jr 5E5E5H52SHS5H5E5E Ii JACKSON DEPOSIT M N I BANKI Jackson Kentucky Paid up Capitaifcnd Surplus 2T1000y d p l iII One house and lot with about two acres of ground within one half mile of the court house Also uino twelfths interest in the John Robertson farm which is situated about 1A miles above Jackson Anyone wanting bar gain will do well to call on v FIRST CLASS SAMPLE ROOMS CONNECTION J L McCOY FOR SALE PROPa JACKSON KY GOOD S W Ji plieit the Rankin i1 V w I l and accounts of Business v Merchants Farmers s to Ij I- 0 Throughout Eastern Kentucky and offer our Customers the most I LIBERAL < fo = 1 M COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY iSUIS5iiutSar SZSU RSi f TERMS Within the limits of legitimate business O Vq m ILumber Business aTimber Dealers Men 7 m rn Deputy Collector 8th Dist tt sJJ msasa252S2S2S2S2S2S2S52525E5 Notice to Claimants copper Call or write for prices and save JACKSON BREATHITT COUNTY KENTUCKY rnlsc JEWELER AND OPTICIAN t GRA- 22 YEARS EXPERIENCE vjpssEuecRY mS D FLEENOH IN CTUREU AND DEALER Satisfaction guaranteed money by buying from us Mason is wanting men to Roost two miles above hero The make ties writer is unable at this good mo J W Witt was in Jackson on nent to give tho name K L business Monday Combs being post master r f Carroll Caudill has moved back G P Combs tho county super to Hunting Creek ntendent was in this pert a few D G ROBINSON Shady Marshall caught five lays ago planning some new school lOtf Jackson Ky districts Ho says to do so ho has ground hogs last Friday to abolish the Pigeon Roost district Pete Carpenter recently sold a No 43 The writer thinks it unStove wood cut in any quantity woyearold mule for 100 necessary to do that as the people for salo at my house opposite M Bcttio Noblo Baker died at her of that vicinity have two stores S Grains store at 160por load ho Ito on Quicksand last Monday and a good school house well lo- at the house or will deliver for 2 f per load Henry Back bias been hauling cated WMGAUIES J UF SHEIYDLtN- and Tombstones rn SILVER NOVELTIES ¬ KOHUINS M NITEMOnuments m SILVERWARE No1 Institute A new postoflice has been established at tho mouth of Pigeon In MARBLE AND ¬ S y ¬ J ¬ lilt S Northwest ¬ r i- JACKSON DRUG CO llargis ¬ nCORRESPONDRNCE j CHEMICALS WW Terms Sale will be made on a credit of three months bond with approved security required bearing interest nt tho rate of six percent per annum from day of nnd having the force and effect of parents at Turkey Sunday her n replevin bond This 7th day of to Mr and Mrs Charlie February 1900 Born Balance debt and interest 2327 Bryant on Sunday n 10lb boy advertising 800 Total 3127 rK Terry and Elijah JohnC BllKCK CllAWFOKD S son are attending college at Berea Robert and Dalio Amburgy of szs sz5zszsz5z Athol arc visiting their sisters in Wolfe county m It IluritJ Sf1le Heres the Way ¬ JII not tolerate a mistake we dijision No21rm ¬ proa == A good place to buy Drugs Is whore accuracy and wrcxperiencoprovail BEHAVE HAD THE EX tP ¬ ¬ the Presbyterian church will hold a series of revival and evangelist services in the church beginning We have Sunday March tho 4th engaged tho Rev Sanford M Lo ran of Wilmoro one of the most spiritually minded ministers inthe State to preach for ua also Prof J V Logan Jr of Louis villo one of the sweetest singers Wo hare to load the singing two objects in view in these meet First to revive professing ings Uhristaius and second to ring tho unsaved to CUrial We need in and earnestly jigkybu to not attend Wll this work for auk I takovpart in every service pos ib e 1 May the Cod of and bring richly all you andyoura to n saving knowledge of llluiself W W POWELL Pastor Newland W n Combs Dickson Elders OB 0 A Myers B A QMcLin Deacons aro TO BUY DRUGS oP M Osborn 5J1EFIFFBy 7 RELIABLE RUBBER GOODS ¬ ¬ H 1PUItg DRUGS ¬ So como in during J i trustee notice claims 1 are no properlyproton for TF = 1 All persons owing J M Osborn are hereby notified to pay their accounts to tho undersigned without delay or further undaU persons having ninst III PLACL1 A GOOD a I 1 here No ono in this store is allowed to handle a oW Mrs pariah Combs wife of prescription who is not thoroughly competent W Execution No John II Combs tins been very ill R 1C75 favor oU W CardwoH AND for the past week but is now Musterin Commissioner vs W 11 slowly recovering Day and James Hargis I or one are the only kind wo use here in compoundingw prescriptions Edward P Turner is prepar of my deputies will on ing to build himdwelling MONDAY FEll 20 on W house as tho railroad company has vt f Shoulder his present one on CO days notice between the hours of 12 oclock m Braces Trusses Supporters BandagesW anti 2 oclock p m at the Courtt and Crutches In Patent Medicines wo keep every John II Combs Edward P house door in the town of Jack ¬ thing called for in this market If call for w Turner and G B Combs made a son Breathitt county Ky expose to public sale to the highest bidbusiness trip to Jackson tho 13th der the following property or inst and began a business with so much thereof as may be neces- ¬ O W WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF the Jackson Deposit Bank sary to satisfy tho amount of the FINE CIGARS AND TOBACCOS The house recently occupied by plaintiffs debt interest and Costs tho widow of Jamcs W Noblo was 1Pt destroyed by firo oVtho 10th inst Thought to have occurred from most northerly corner of A II incendiary originHargis residence lot thence run- ¬ Everything seems to be working ning N 1 E 401i feet to a set for the betterment of conditions stone on top of river bank thence in this vicinity Let all be looking same course down to the river time line of forward with a fond hope for tho thence up the river to stable lot S S Taulbccs livery good that can and should be done thence with the lower lino of said for the next four years lot and the lower lino of tho John Strong lot to James Hargis COPT 1HIAXGII residence lot thence with the low ¬ er line of same and with A II J Robert Terry is on the sick list llargis lino to the beginning lev- ¬ ied upon as the property of James ¬ In a dilhculty between William Pence and John Ponce on Pence branch in Wolfe county ono day last week William lenco was badly hurt by John snatching from him his crutch and boating him over the lend and shoulders William Pence is a cripple nndR weakly man anti n minister of the gospel John nnd Bruce Pence were promptly arrested and deliv erect to T C Holion a justice of the peace but have not had their examining trial The difliculty is said to have been started by Bruco Pence n brother of John attempt- ¬ ing to drive over William Pence in tho public road NOTICE Wo arc selling all our winter goods at very low prices preparing to make room for our now spring NOTICE NiP Marriage Licenses of Nedwere in town Monday to court and take advantage of our make arrangements to build the great bargains railroad from Jackson to Hazard EOSTKU FlRKSTKIN provided tho railroad company docs not begin the work on or beJOlt SALE ioroMarch1st Tho lot on which my homo and Mrs Kato Bohnanon visited storo house were burned together her parents at Stanton over Sun- with tho following improvements day Mrs Bohanon is a candi Ono bet well of pure freshwater date for the CourierJournals cost 75 barn cost 150 hen trip to Europe contest and is house and calf house combined among the leaders in her district cost 50 closet cost 32 Tho We hopo Miss Kato will land nicest nnd most desirable location Price reasonable in Jackson tho trip IlKNitr B NOIILB The rain of Wednesday promiRevival Meeting sed a tide and tho timber men not as DKAU FUIBNDwere jubilant but it was Wo tho pastor aud officers of hoftVy as indications seemed to JoJwD Turner who wits con vioted at Beatty villo about a year 190C ¬ a few weeks warrant Kx2ai Play Tho following marriage licenses Grant Holliday have been issued during tho past About 90 indictments have been made by the grand jury for vari- weekM M Duff of Clay Hole anti ous offenses to date and the jury Miss Tabitha Fugate of Ned will be held over till next week Alex Morris and Miss Mirand Denton both of Roosevelt John Win Strong contractor for the Miller of Torrent and Mrs Mary Perry County Telephone Co comMiller of Clay Hole Evan Short menced to construct a lino from and Mrs Bcllo White both ol Hazard to Jackson last Monday Tecumseh Mann and Elkatnwa The fire at the refuse bank of Miss Polly Hogston both of Rothe South Jackson mine is causing uses Alex Deaton of Athol and n great deal of annoyance to the Miss Nannie Trent both of Oak coal company Capt A S Henry dale Elbert Sparks of Filmore is working hard to extinguish and Miss Lizzie Morris of Oak it and has laid troughing to catch dale all the water from tho side of the Tho County School Bill hill in case of rain A bill has passed the lower The streets of Jackson have been house of the L islatureabolishinr very free from mud since tho new tho office of school trustee and streets have been made The town creating in their stead four com ought to snake arrangements with missioners who with tho county the merchants to have tho side superintendent shall control the walks put to a grade nnd safer public schools of tEe county The ones laid When this is done Jacks- act directs tho county judge counon will compare with any town in ty attorney and county superin tendent to lay off tho county Eastern Kentucky into four districts and that a Elijah Howard was shot and commissioner shall bo elected for killed near his home on Mill creek each ono of them by tho votes of about ten miles from here Tuesday tho entire county at tho November by Henry Turner his son inlaw election 1907 The bill was en The trouble came up over a trivial dorsed by tho Stnto Superintendent matter Turner gave himself up and many of the prominent edu to the authorities and is now await caters of the State s ing the uctign of the Grand Jury CIRCUIT COUUT He claims self defense ¬ t to Miss Florence N Strong who was solicited several days ago to play in tho amateur performance which is A Night in Bohemia to bo givonin Lexington February 20 and 27 declines to play Miss Strong hits aA wide reputa Ilion as being an excellent reciter have WMN stockwhich will bo coming in in C Neace lot of tics to the forks of hunting Creek He is now ready for the tide Old Aunt Susana Gillum of Bays is very low nnd there is no hope for her recovery She is the oldest person in that vicinity V Co is hustling Tho K L ut present Since they have re built tho fallen bridge it seems ns if now business 1md opened up 31addox Suicides D Maddox who was form- planation land Noble and John Davidson II A Hurst is still confined to homo with n severe attack of been indicted for the murder of I n W erly with the Kentucky Lumber nt Robbins comVeneer Co mitted suicide in his room at the Phoenix Hotel in Lexington Thursday by shooting himself in the head No cause is known for the act as he left no letter of ox EDITOR and Personal II II Gibson ington Wednesday 1 SI W

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