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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 11, 1952

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

as UGac--c ftU-ic- d THE OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY - THE ONLY COUNTY-WID- (OUTSIDE LOUISVILLE) E NEWSPAFZn c I J Jclfcrcch County's r:c: . . eswspakzi house would be put up for sale 4) YEARS AGO Oak Grove News January By Mrs. M. B. Graham The Jefferson County Board of Education had charge of the sales. The yepr 1912 was "Presiden- R. C. Tway had won two Jersey After five hectic days in the H E. Thacker home on Oak tial year"' forty years ago and naturally "all eyes" were turned Cattle Club awards with medals Grove Road at Thixton Lane, presented. things are about normal again early on the outcome. was still More interest in nut growing since Joyce Sanders, 11 years old, William Howard Taft President, and wanted to be re- n Kentucky was advocated at a confessed she did it all. So the elected. "Terrible Teddy" (Theo meeting of fruit tree growers in mystery was sloved that had dore Roosevelt) had indorsed him! Covington. Walnut and Hickory hundreds of folks goggled eyed early in the campaign as Taft had trees were planted the coming seeing many articles seemingly take off and fall to the floor. carried out some of Former Presi- - year in increasing number. dent Roosevelt's pet measures of j R. H. Skinner of Jeffersontown Even "Ye Scribe" had a few goose reform popular with "the people." was advertising Poland - China pimples when she was hit on the But Teddy did not think Taftj pigs pure bred at reasonable back by a large cork stopper, was going "to suit him" and prices. Paul Morris had a Guern- however, after knowing how the throwing his "hat into the ring" sey bull for sale. Oscar Haag had spook worked it was quite simple a fresh Jersey cow he wanted to and quite laughable to think a he (TR) formed the little girl could fool so many "Bull Moose", party, divided the sell. Republican vote, and (as will bej "Mbney Talks" was the subject people and create so much exremembered) Woodrow Wilson taken by Frederick Stamm econ citement. Now after the ghost is omist director of the University laid, all is quite on Thixton Lane. was elected in the fall. Bro. R. A. Zahn, who has been League of Nations idea was of Louisville. The so critically ill in a hospital, is ripening as a new issue and was now in a convalescent home. Howheavily indorsed by Wilson. It Newburg News ever, he was able to call on Mr. was of international interest, of Br Mrs. J. H. fchlTely and Mrs. Charlie Parris Sunday course, and there was not yet any war in the world. World War Large crowd at church Sunday afternoon. His short visit was greatly enjoyed by the Parris I was two years off. which is encouraging for the first was "sword rattling" in Sunday in the New Year. As us- family. Brother Zahn was minThere the Balkans but no explosion asj ual many visitors were present, ister at Oak Grove many years ago. yet. Mr. and Mrs. Nevitt and sons, Mr. Fred Kuntz made a trip to The Kentucky Legislature in from West Indian Trail, Mr. and session at Frankfort and the, Mrs. White and sons, of Buechel, Campbellsville Christmas Day ''liquor question" was uppermost.1 and Mr. and Mrs. Underwood and with Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Farmer League was; daughter but we count them as and was entertained at a turkey The gaining strength and "national! one of us now. dinner in the home of the parents prohibition" was the goal of The Election of Sunday School off- of Mr. Farmer. A grand time was drys." (The Eighteenth Amend- icers was held Sunday. Mrs. Carl reported. ment, however, was a long way Frey, who was chairman of the Mrs. Pallie Burns called on not until 1918). Local op- nominating committee which met Mrs. Tena Thixton recently. off Messrs. Marvin Scott and Paul tion was of special interest in at her home Friday night, re-- , counties, the city "sentiment" was! ported the following officers were Blakeman, of Louisville, were considered, generally, "wet." nominated: Mr. J. O. Stivers, dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sheep raisers wanted the State superintendent; Mrs. Henry Kra M. B. Graham Monday. to pay for sheep killed by dogs' mer, assistant superintendent;! Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Thacker and this was still a "burning Mr. R. J. Cook, treasurer, and were tendered a postal card question" at the State Capital. Mrs. William Frey, secretary. All( shower containing silver money Governor James B. McCrearyj voted on by the congregation and in honor of their 25th wedding ("Oily Jeems") was advocating unanimously accepted. With this anniversary, December 30. "Equality of Opportunity" and splendid staff we shall expect a Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Smith, Sanusing this title in several addrcs-- j victorious year. But we must co- dra and Rusty, were guests of ses. He also asked an end to operate with them and let God be Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuntz and Marty, Tuesday evening. "sectionalism." He said there their leader. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hays, Mar-lo- t was room enough in Kentucky So glad to have Bro. Maniply and Johnnie were recent evefor all factions to live "in peace back with his cheery smile and ning guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raytogether." inspiration in song. A large choir "Let not your heart be trou- rendered a beautiful chorus, in- mond Ward and enjoyed canasta. Mr. Fred Kuntz has purchased bled" was the theme of a holiday terspersed with solos, Steal Away television set. himself a Sunday School lesson. Christi To Jesus. anity in the New Year would give Sorry to hear of Jerry Downs Now he is puzzled as to how he "great hope" it was asserted by accident, breaking an arm. Jerry will have time to read the daily is very unfortunate with his paper, as he works every day and Pastor Lundquist. goes out for his supper. limbs. Miss Susie Parris remains quite TEN YEARS AGO Mrs. Catherine Hart and Mr. Ten years ago, this week, the Roy Hart have been on the sick ill. Dr. Slucher is in attendance Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuntz "experts" said 1941 would be a list. "good" business year. We hope to hear good reports and Marty were Sunday evening There was "importance in re- from Mr. Walter Newman, Sr., guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hays ligion in business" Babson, the soon. He is an elder in the New Marlot and Johnnie. A waffle economist said. World War I had burg church and interested in all snack was enjoyed while they been fought, ended, and the of the activities of the church watched television. world had been plunged into an- and Sunday School and we miss We are glad to report Mrs. Oda other conflict. Defense was a him very much. Also, Mrs. Henry Farmer able to be in her accus crying subject. Hybrid corn was Lentz, who we hope to have back tomed place Sunday morning at church. Her daughter, Mrs. Ru coming into popularity. Marion soon. Ross a seed salesman declared, Mrs. Calvin Hart and sons were dell Russell, and Mr. Russell were that upon test this new variety dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs her guests. A. Mr. F. Kuntz and Sonny had yielded 63 bushels per acre Bill Walldrew and family Thurscame out Saturday and helped as compared to 40 bushels from day. the native "white variety." Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser, of Pop haul and saw a large pile of Magoffin county was "tops" Belvere were holiday guests of wood in just a few hours with the tractor and buzz saw. with "a banner year" in Vetch. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haering. Mrs. Vernon Smith is under the Thirty-sevethousand tons of Mrs. Georgia Hargis, Michigan this grass had been cut and the City, Ind., was a guest in the care of the doctor. We hope she land on which it had been raised home of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Lilly will soon be'entirel yrecovered. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Graham had been properly limed and during the past week. lighting Mrs. C. R. Hart and grandson, called on Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph phosphated. Artifical Marty the late used in Clark county in the strip- Dougie Price, were Thursday Kuntz andSunday in and watched ping of tobacco had been a suc- arternoon guests of Mrs. R. J. afternoon for television a short time. Cook. cess. Mrs. Tom Parris is now able to Bro. Porter was guest of Mr. "Jimmy" Sutherland of Middle-towand gets about real good. It was advertising that he was Charlie Hindle Saturday morn- walk nice to see was her at church mixing any kind of feed to order ing. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cook were Sunday morning. and the molasses method was Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Tracy Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. gaining in popularity. and daughter, of Cane Run Road, loans were to be had at and Mrs. Edw. Hindle and Mr. Farm delightfully entertained at 6 Vh percent. The Seatonville and Mrs. E. B. Martin. o'clock dinner Saturday, the ocschool house, and two acres of casion being a family reunion land were to be sold on January Mrs. Mabel McAfee spent Sun- The table deorations were beauday and Sunday night with her 9, 1942. son, R. Lee McAfee and family. tiful. The large turkey was roastThe school house and one acre ed to perfection and each family of land at Fairmount would be A NEWS ITEM: Phone brought a covered dish of delectsoiu January iu. ine owuiiip able food to go along with it. The College property with school Jeffersontown 5143. entire Tracy family was present, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tracy and family, Mr. and Mrs- George ! Tracy and children, of this place, Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Absher, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Vincent and Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Vincent and daughter. This was the first since 1945 for the Tracy children. The evening was greatly 9. - j j Anti-Saloo- n j j h y ' . n , n . ,"' A k lan. C1t ' j. tciyu Jt addresses, to single copy cl ti ; I fe?. AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1952 Ho. S5 45 tx j ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 Vol ISl Fight Grime with Tacts - MM THE FIRST AUTOMATIC PISTOL WAS INVENTED BY BORCHARDT IN NEW YORK about igoa TODAY the deadly BROUGHT HOME BY 6.1.3 - OFTEN FALLS INTO THE WRONG HANDS. IT IS HIGHLY PRZED BY Y CRIMINALS. Si FQUR OUT OF EVERY FIVE. CRIMES INVOLVING FIRE' ARMS IN THE US. ARE COMMITTED WITH SOUVENIR WAR WEAPONS! 'PLAY SAFE.. .TURN YOUR WAR WEAPON OVER TO THE POLICE, SAYS WALTER GREAZA, STAR OF TELE VISION'S "TREASURY MEN IN ACTION - enjoyed. Mt. Washington By Mri. T. H. Parriih Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stansbury entertained at 6 o'clock dinner during the holidays, the following guests: Mrs. Ollie Crouch and son, Bloomfield, Mrs. Geneva Du-ga- n and Miss Birta Harris. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. (Jack) Barnes were hosts to a New Year reunion of the Barnes family. Mrs. Mabel McAfee soent a few days last week with her son, M. McAfee and family. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Moore, Shively, visited her Darents. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ryan, Sr., over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Lovell Humphrey, Louisville, and Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stansbury were 6 o'clock dinner guests of Miss Birta Harris, recently. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wheeler and Janice Rhea, Buechel, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Harris, Darrell Dean and Mrs. Georgia Moore were recent guests of the i ' lat-ter- 's sister, Mrs. Sam Penn, and Mr. Penn Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Moore have taken,; an apartment with Mrs. Lillian Perriiih. M joined the wrestling fans via tv. Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Dotson and son, Carl, from Owensboro, spent the long holidays at their OUR DEMOCRACY PROGRESS SPARKED BY RESEARCH home here. Mrs. Mary Breitenburg and son spent Saturday night and' Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. H. M. Downey, and family. A German couple, Mr. and Mrs. Herburt Russh, and their Millions of hours and dollars are channeled each vear into competitive research to produce new or improved products fok the american market. out op this continuing research have come such things as: and Mrs. Smyrna News Norvin Miller, 1 week. Mr. and Mrs. William Ken;.:, Fort, had Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Ray and 'of Old Wilderness .7 children, of Louisville, were New.din,n" Br Mrs. E. N. Rush v,a ro 'rMJ Ui n Mitchell Hall and Mrs. Freda i Aiigeier. leaye weefc for ft two. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Wood, months. stay in Florida. Mr. and Sr., and son, Holbert, spent New Mrs Alden Kaufman will have Year's Day with Mr. and Mrs. charge of their place while they daughter, Waltrude, have' Roy Free and sons. are away. been placed on the Charles Zieg- - i Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stine reMr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lewis, cf ler farm. The could not speak one turned home December 30 after Bradford Avenue, returned homa word of English, so Mrs. Margot spending three weeks at Fort Sunday after a several weeks' Downey has been acting as in- - Myers, Fla. They were New stay at Miami, Fla. trepertor. Mr. and Mrs. Russh are Year's Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. from the Polish border line in Germany where the Russians took Mr. and Mrs. Warren McCaul-le- y Hebron News over and they are happy to be in By Mm. Ida HolscUw and David spent New Year's this country They spent Sunday Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kuer-steineafternoon in the Downey home. "If I knew that a word of mine, of Louisville. A word not kind nor true, Captain James A- - Reynolds Would leave its trace on a loved I 4 I NEW AND MORE EFFECTIVE DRUGS I Mt. Washington Road and Mrs. Reynolds, of Decatur, TELEVISION ones face, -111., week-enspent Christmas By Mrs. OUit Thorn I wouldn't speak harshly, with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reywould you? Mr. and Mrs. Ed McCain were nolds. Mrs. William Guest and guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee son, Billy, returned home with A very Happy New Year to all! Graham and family Christmas them for a visit, then spent sevMr. and Mrs. Leroy Hodges Day. days with relatives in Chieral and Mrs. Greenup Owens visited Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Garrett cago. their uncle, Harry Hesler. spent the holidays with their Dinner guests Friday of Mr. Mr. John Gravins is visiting daughter in Chicago. and Mrs. E. N. Rush were Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Greenwell W. M. Franklin," Mrs. E. N. Rush, his niece, Miss Ethel Ridgway. Mrs. Maude Ridgway has been entertained Mr. J. D. Greenwell Jr ,Mrs. Joseph Franklin, Mrs. W. ill for the past week. and family recently. H. McCaulley. Masters Dannv Mre TVTaroio RmiVl fall tknn Mrs. Claude Hukle and Mrs. J0ranKlm' Jr- - j fractured a rib .nS David McCaulley. James Hukle and children were Mrs Maude Jenkin3' had puests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul RobPvt. Charles Pigram Indian- - j ts for th holid her d h. inson and family Christmas Day. town Gap, Pa., has returned to tb I --rtdL Mrs. John Rickenback and I, FIBERS JET PROPULSION I Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thome and rj i husband, of South Dakota. children, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bischoff Meyer, Bobby and Wayne, Mrs. Pigram AS PROVEN PRODUCTS COME OUT OF THE LABORATORIES, entertained at 6 o'clock dinner to M. J. Eder, Mrs. Edith Seay and Mr. and Mrs. Warren McCaul THEV HELP MAKE LIVING BETTER, IN THE US.. Mr. William Carver were guests ley and David were guests Sat- -' honor Mr. and Mrs. John Hess of Other guests YOU WILL FIND THE FUNDS WHICH PEOPLE HAVE ACCUMULATED of Mrs. Ollie Thorne Christmas urday evening of Mr. and Mrs., Mclenstcr, Texas. were Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bell, Mr. IN LIFE INSURANCE AND SAVINGS BEHIND THESE PRODUCTS. Day. TrVin niVrUff nn1 TV..... and Capt. M. J. Edcr is aboard a The Woman's Auxiliary of Penn! ?"d "rsJ J0m Wlsl RESEARCH SPARKS, THE INVESTED SAVINGS OF THE PEOPLE MJess A. J. and ship which is to reach Manila Run Churrh holH it ntM POWER THE PRODUCTIVE PROGRESS OF AMERICA. about January 19. meeting in the church basement I3"rke- Mrs. Louise Bischoff was a pa Billy Thorne, son of Mr. and last Thursday. The following Mrs. Rov Thnrno fnll ,k;ill fXl. new officers were installed hv tient at St. Anthony's for several -- ..u. i j Downey and Bobby. Mrs. William sc ho1 last weck breaking three the Rev. EdwarH Pnnnnnr ,.f days following a minor surgery. News Creek Mrs- - Frank Qulck spent Sun" fronJ tceth ofr his permanent the Okolona Presbyterian Church-and sons were also guests. teeth Mrs. O. C. Yocum, president- Mrs c,ay wlth hcr Parents here-W- . By Mrs. H. M. Downey Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith en Mr. and Mrs. Ed McCain were Hcv and Mrs' J Dan Wllllams H. McCaulley, come and cone tertained at dinner New Year's dinner guests of Mr. Christmas has and Mrs. Al Mrs. Edgar Schradcr, secretary- - entertained the board of deacons Day. Guests were: Messrs. and and a new year has dawned with Resler Sunday a week ago. Liule Flock one evening last Mrs. Paul Stine. treasurer. Fol-'lo- f Mesdames Julian and W. L. all of its troubles and cares. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thorne were lowing the business meeting a re-- week- Smith and children, Chester recent guests Mrs. Louis Lane entered the of Mr. and Mrs. view of "Patterns of Christian' Every house here in FriendshlP Jenkins and children, Raymond W. G. hospital the day after Christmas Bischoff Living" by Dr. Kenneth Foreman ' Villa8e had a beautiful Christmas Sweanneen. and Shirley, Quintin Mr. and Mrs. tree- ana is sua tnere. Adrian WilkP was given by Rev. Renegar. Crum and Bonnie, Charlestown, and baby were guests of Mr. and letter from our boy in the Communion services were con-Mrs. Melvin Smith underwent Ind., most of whom stayed for Mrs. Ben lhorne Mondav eve. ducted Sunday at Penn Rlln' Navy tells of the sumptuous din- an operation Monday and is do- supper and a good day was ning. Church by Dr. Julian Price 0f ner he and others enjoyed Christ-th- e ing fine. hv all. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Meyer, BobBut I'm and New Years. Louisville Presbyterian Sem-!ma- s Mrs. Howard Howell had an Mr and Mrs- - Raymond BischofI by and Wayne were guests of Mr-an- inary. The following now mem-- sure that bacon and eggs at home y l last week and has arthriUr entertalned a watch party Mrs. R. H. Meyer Sunday bers were also'reeeived intn , would Diave tasted sweeter to of the spine. New Year.g Eve Mr and Mrs at Maryville, Ind. church: Mr. and Mrs. James each and every one. Lt. Kenneth Bartman was home A. L. Bartman and Mr. and Mrs Mrs. D. L. Williams Young, Jr., Mr. Thomas Cunning- Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bischoff holidays Paul Kurz, of Louisville, were very ill with pneumonia.has been nam, from California for the ana Mr. Ldwin Hanna, stu spent Christmas Day with the She is and is about readv to eo back the guests. permitted to sit up for a little dent minister. This was followed J. P. Bischoff's, Jeffersontown. Calvin Priest spent the holidays Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morton, of wnne now. by a congregational meeting and Clarence Everett Cochran visTrenton, Ky., spent the New with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Greenwell dinner. ited his sister, here, Mrs. Louise Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Foreman Year's Holiday with her parents, and family Bischoff. 4 were guests of Mr. SDent the holidavs with their son. Mr. and Mrs Harrv Mmm rn Miss Pauline Sims, of Hustin-villJ. u. ureenwell and family Mon Bardsiown I Jimmie, in Waco, Tex. Road News Christmas Day Mr. and Mrs. day evening. has been recent guest of Libbv Downey had to be taken Moore and Donnie and Mr. Sam Mrs. Fielden Frederick Mrs. Bernard Bischoff. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ray visited to the hospital New Year's Day Nicholson spent the day with the Mrs. Louise Bischoff entertainMr. and Mrs. Ed McCain Sunday Our deepest sympathy is exand all but spoiled the day for Mortons in their newly estab ed Mrs. Lawrence Frick and two Mrs. Lizzie Forehand spent tended to Mr. and Mrs. William everyone. However, she is not as lished home. daughters to dinner in a Louisseveral days Mrs. Belle Anderson and Miss home helping in the Williams Frey, whose son, Harvey Louis ville cafeteria. bad as was reared. out during Mrs. Frey, killed in action in Korea, Pvt. Ray Bischoff. stationed at Dorothy Anderson had all the Williams' illness. Mrs. J. C. Gardner was our ' Urnc rant V nnJ Biloxi, Miss., spent the holidays family at home for Christmas din anil nimc auu uie S luneraii We regret to hear of the conducted on Tuesday. Sympa-l1ner. with his parents. dent of John W. Holsclaw. He thv i oicn ovton Little Flock fK-- . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Howell Mrs. Louise Hudgins and Mrs. fell from a ladder last Thursdav wife. Mrs. Verna Lee ,5;Baptwt Church met January 8 New Year'a Day for C. C. Smith visited Mrs. Melvin entertained and suffered a skull fracture and to his only brother. Donald Frev. with Mrs. Robert Ball. Messrs. and Mesdames Joe, Frank Smith at St. Anthony's Hospital broken shoulder. Due to skull Services were from Russman and Charles Howell, John Ober-li- n and found her doing nicely. fracture the doctors have been Funeral Home and and families. interment in Mrs. Jack Charles entertained unable to set the shoulder. We Resthaven Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Downey the W.S.C.S. with its annual sincerely hope for the best. Bonnie Fegenbush, little daugh had as dinner guests New Year's Christmas party at her lovelv By Bill Paulson Mrs. Harrv Hall fGeneva ter of Mr. and Mrs. William FegDay the folowine: Messrs. and home on Feeenbush Lane. Pres. 3rooks) is in St. Joseph Hospital enbush, who has been very ill of Mesdames Oeyvand Sandefur and ent were: Mesdames Leo Ziegler, suffering from a broken blood tonsilitis and children, Westport Road: Troy Louis Martin, Lee Markwell, T. O. virus infection, is much better now, we are glad to Pierce and children, Louisville; Kyle, W. L. Bell, O. O. Morgan, vessel in her head. My deepest svmoathv is ev- - report. Paul Wvatt and children. Mt. Nanny Kate Harris. R. E. Owen. tended to Mrs. Florence Schodell Mrs. C. E. Boss and Mrs. Emma Washington; Messrs. L. L. New- - Clarence Keller, George. Young, and Mrs. Clara Jones in the loss C. Wolflin entertained at their! como, or Hartrord; Robert L. John fcspby, Wilson Watkins, of their mother, Mrs. Josephine lovely new home in JeffersonSibley, H. M. and Margot Wille. and to Mrs. Addie Fishor town with a turkey dinner on TWro DOWnev. Rose Tamnlin . ji sister of the deceased. Sunday, 30. December Those Archie Hornback was Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Renfrow present were: Mr. and Mrs. WarA short business session and then were guests of Mr. and Mrc ren Frederick, Mr. and Mrs. Field-e- n games and a very enjoyable soJames R. Castle Sunday. Frederick, Mrs. Sallie Sacra cial hour was had by all. MesMr. and Mrs. Leo Greenwell and Mr. Bob Sacra. dames W. T. Kaufman and Laud-erbaand daughters spent New Year's Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boston "If I've got to were also present. Day with his father at Palmvrn and son, Edward, of Fi.shcrville, coats and deep pay for these mink freezes, I'd like Mr. Arthur Brown spent the Ind . were guests of her parents, Mr. chance to use 'em!" . holidays with his family at Fern Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mohr and Creek. ner mother. Mrs. Conk, onnnt Mr. A. J. Hornback retnrnoH Wednesday hl with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Monday from a business trip to H MONEY WORRIES UNNECESSARY Mcuain. Mr. and Mrs. McCa in enfpr Little Miss Waltrude Russh is tained a II w very sick with a severe cold. Dr. inursday. number nf relatione iUJl Moore is taking care of her. Mrs. Floyd Tinnel has moved Mr. and Mrs. Leslie T. O rav to Spencer ' i a -formerly of Fern Creek, returned Mr. E. L. County. ' I '1 Tuesday from Miami, Fla., where Saturday. Leffler called on us they had been visiting their n Wishing The JcfTersonian and Jr daughter, Geraldine, and her all its staff, correspondents and husband since before Thanksgiv- readers a Happy and Prosperous ing. Miss Martha Gray, student New Year. at Western, went down for the holidays. v Miss Shirley Roman is miitn ill Lake Dreamland News fit HI ai tne Baptist Hospital. 1 By Mrs. Etta Charbonneau All the features that add up to Mr. Rudy Hornung was to un more years of better performance The Lake Dreamland - fano dergo an operation this week. urc vours in the John Deere Model (i Mrs. Bohannon is not at all Run Volunteer Fire Department! "K'1 i.rader. was called to the scene of a plane1 well. frame and Rigid, box sm mi iiic punishment of Messrs. and Mesdames H. M. crash which killed two mon. W No need to spend sleepless nights because of unpaid bills. ' heavy-dutservict and mechanical Downey, Margot and boys. Oey- II. Cox and P. E. Henslcy. The loading . . . big- - ipacity, plane did not burn. Good credit is important to a good name. Whatever your' vand Sanderfur and children; bea'crs assure good shredding; ,. Weddine bells will rintr Mr. L. L. Newcomb, Mr. William ... personal money problems, we can help you. Consult us today uniform spreading. Rubber-tired-, g wheels and Wentworth, Mrs. Mary Breiten- Miss Dorothy Jean Wilkenson about a personal loan. reduce draft. Sea burg and son, Harry Lee, were and Mr. Joe Portman. SaturHav us soon. January 19, at 8 a.m. at St. Denis dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. 2 Paid On Savings Acccunls: Troy Pierce and children in Lou- Church on Cane Run Road. Ihere will be a mepfinu at tu isville Christmas Day. . Jeffersontown Volunteer Vim Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hornung House January 11 at 8 n.m tn ' Incorporated and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Russ all volunteer All deposits are insured up to $10,000.00 members of all de 3 were Christmas Day guests of partments. EAST JEFFERSON Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? " There will be election - and Mr. Mrs. Preston Vaughn. or Louis rillt, Ky. oniccrs. Please be there. The Vaughns are enjoying a new f-television set. Santa in the form of a big brother, Joe, brought Betty and USE THE CLASSIFIED Ans JEFFE-SCriTOCarol Hoeflich a television set. TIIEY BRING RESULTS. KY. Mr. and Mrs. Howard have also ; I r, r '"'"Vv d II MAN-MAD- E nZ, nv. J' - - H-- ll VY Fern - vice-preside- nt 1 1 d X-ra- I e, w.."J ?. Wdj. TbdgJttoM 1 Mia swsSr r 4: y. n k : Litl frrr triif-brace- d y p II : ' roller-beanri- roller-bearin- g s Hall Seed Co. by'' 219-22- I BAIIK OF JEFFEIiSQI JAe, sfs3xssx3xsiKSSK!r3:.: :;r

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