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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 20, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

I Jefferso ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 20, 8911. Vol. 4. No. 44 of the union. I have a great many beautiful views, I will gladly show I my 'friends on my return home. will close by wishing the Jeffersonian success, and with kindest wishes to sonian, as several of us had had a friendly but spirited dispute about just when and why Kaster came. One lady felt sure it never came in March: another equally as sure that it did: another agreed with both, or Beautiful Land of Sunshine and A Lot of Interesting News About neither: while the fourth gave us the Flowers. facts just as the one from Buechel The People of Dry Ridge. did. We get up many arguments over the phone, and the phone and The Jeffersonian are the two things Mrs. M, E. Shafar, of Jeffersontown, Writes Lodge News School Closes Next Friday the people of Dry Ridge could not do of Her Trip in a Very Entertaining FLORIDA DRY RIDGE t Being Repaired. Carrithers is 17. Mr. J. R. having a new roof iut hi handsome old Colonial home, and when this is completed a stranger might easily think it a new house, although three generations of the Carrithers "family have lived there. But it was built of such good material and so well have they cared y it looks as well, for it that imagine. as it did when it was built, some lifty years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Reid wont to King's church yesterday and dined with Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wigginton, who also entertained a number of OH to-da- 1 others. Mrs. D. K. Wigginton spent Satur- day with her sister, who is Mrs. Lew suffering lic-Maha- n. with heum atism. Mr. and Mrs. Krvie Parte visited Dob Reid and family Saturday. Mr. Arthur Tyler and family. Mr. Adam Shake, wife and little son pent Sunday with Mr. Demus Shake and mother. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doston took their son. Daul, to Dr. Cheatham, of Louisville, to have his eyes treated for St. Vitus dance, the last of He will return home today. We houe speedy cure may be etTect-ed- . i tin-week- Miss Annie . Reid and Mrs. M. G. l'.oston spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Krvie Paris. Hope is spending several days here with her niece, Mrs. Billie Carrithers. Mr. and Mrs. Burdine Bridwell spent their Kaster with the latter s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dave of Jeffersontown. Master Roy Hardmau, of the Highlands, spent the Kaster vacation with his relatives here. Messrs. D. V. Wigginton, Lew and Burdine Bridwell spent Miss .V - Kmma y, Mc-Mah- Saturday in the city. Mr. .Ino. Drake, our much liked and greatlv trusted friend, still runs his market wagon once in every few weeks. We are glad to see him pass along on his way to the city as he has been doing this for about twenty-livyears or more. He has a kind word for every man. woman and child he meets, and can couut his friends by the score. The lodge of the Modern Brotherhood of America met at our school-hous- e last Saturday night and initiated Mr. Kdgar Francis and Mr. Hollo-waThis lodge appears to be in a flourishing condition, and we have great hopes that it will prove a e v. success both in asocial and financial way. Mr. and Mrs. Hickman Harris spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Harris. Mrs. M. G. Boston and daughter spent Saturday afternoon most pleasantly with Mrs. Burdine Bridwell and daughter. Mrs. Roy Reid and Miss Annie Reid entertained Mrs. Dave Wigginton and little daughters, Mrs. W. W. Reid and little son, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Wigginton and Mrs. M. G. Boston The day was one day recently. thoroughly enjoyed. Our school closes next Friday. Mr. Guy Mills, our teacher, has certainly tried to get the children to learn, and to do his duty in every way. His kind, jolly nature makes him friends wherever he goes. If we are so fortunate as to secure him again, we shall be glad: if not we hope his lines will fall in pleasant places, and that success will attend him. We feel the Spanish coin found on Dry Ridge, that I mentioned in my letter, rs quite young since readthat ing in a recent Courier-Journa- l some one in Kentucky has one that is over four hundred years old, it being milled before Columbus discovered America. Master Paul Wigginton entertained a number of his playmates last Saturday afternoon. We were all made glad by receiving nice Easter cards, and are thankful to the one that sent in the facts about Easter in last week's Jeffer- - M. K. Shakar. BUECHEL. Much Interesting News People You Know. ed at dinner Sunday, the occasion being the birthday anniversary of Mr. Mark Smyser and also a family reunion. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Appegate and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Smyser and family, of Okolona, Mr. a id Mrs. Mason Seebolt, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smyser, of Louisville, Mr. Willard Smyser, of Okolona, and Miss Preida Drescher, of Hikes' Point. All present spent a delightful day and wish Mr. Smyser many more happy birthdays. nner. Successful Sale of Cakes. We wish to thank all those who so kindly contributed cakes to our Methodist Ladies' Aid: also those who were so ready to purchase them. All the cakes were sold around town thereby avoiding the trouble and expense of going to the city. Mas. Harry Hi'.mmkn. Mrs. Family Reunion. Okolona, April 10. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Smyser delightfully entertain- without. Colonial Home of Mr. Carrithers Dry Ridge, April the editor. Every Thursday Surprise Party Given to Mrs. $1.00 Per Year in honor of her sixteenth birthday by a number of her young friends. Bro. George F. Tinsley, of Lexington, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Briscoe and family Saturday and Sunday. Bro. Tinsley tilled his From regular appointment at Newburg Christian church Sunday. The text of the morning service was, "The Resurrection" and the evening text Sanderson-Man- Other Items of Passing at y was "Preparation." Miss Virginia Westerman is visiting her aunt. Mrs. G. Harvey Frey. of Newburg. Born, to the wife of George Young, Jr., a son. Name George Washington. Buechel. April 17. Mrs. Georgia Miss Mavma Kaiser is the guest of Wheeler, Mrs. Fannie Lake and Miss Mrs. Clarence Bryan this week. Rubie Mitchell spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. ("has. C. Nalley enMrs. Susan Kaufman. tertained Kaster Sunday with a deM rs. Fannie Lake and little Thomas lightful dinner in honor of t heir son, and Sarah and Miss Rubie Mitchell, William II.. who has been absent of Owensboro, have been visiting from home for three months. Covers Mrs. Lake's mother, Mrs. M. Sander- - were laid tor the following: Messrs. Adams. Ernest Wat kins. Berson. ine past weew. Interest. am Lake City, Fla., April 8. As still in this beautiful little city of lakes, I will endeavor to write a few lines, as so many of my friends have insisting on my writing about my trip. No doubt many of your readers will be surprised to hear that I am Secretary. still in the beautiful city of lakes and land of Mowers. Can any thing CLEAN-U- P be more beautiful than these glorThere was quite an enjoyable Sur- nard Gratzer, Joe Blair, Robert of ious spring days, the fragrance prise given to Mrs. Sanderson last Gratzer, Joe and William Nalley. orange blossoms, the blushing the Sunday when her daughters all gath- Misses Louise Fowler, Angela. GratzI lilac, and the voluptuous rose? ered at her home wjth baskets over- er. Kathleen Fowler. Henrietta and Set For To- wonder if we appreciate the beauties flowing. Those present were Mrs. ('. Luella Nalley. For Jeffersontown Mrs. T. S. Skiles and daughter, Miss of nature, all around us, in this little Are Plentiful Among Well Known L. Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. James Sadie, visited Mrs. Carrie Whistler April 21. morrow, city, which nestles amid the lakes, Kaufman, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kaufon Thurs"Saints." when- crystal waters, are overshadman, Mrs. Sallie Moore and sou. John, and Miss Kmma Whistler day afternoon. with owed by the mighty oaks, Misses Mamie Robinson and Amy Misses Krnma and Mary Fegenbush graceful festoons of Spanish moss. Smith. Mr. 1). Smith, of New Albany, Mass Meeting Held Last Saturday Results were charming hostesses at a party Here dwells the mocking bird which, Mr. Kmilis Smith, Mr. Louis Murry, A. B. C. Reports Many Weddings of Popular of Town Will be Divided iu Much Good not content singing its melodious Mr. Kmmitt Miller, Mr. Harry Wheel- Saturday evening given in honor their nieces, Misses Freda and Core- Interesting Letter Young Peoplnotes by day, but in the still hour of er and Mrs. Mollie Conn. Into Districts and Given Cleaning. delia Fegenbush. Those present the night, sounds its say to the fair Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miles and chil-deFrom St. Matthews. were Misses Rosa Christen. Mayme moon that just now shines resplen-dentlwho have been spending the Kaiser, Gertrude Hikes. Elizabeth in the heavens. winter in their appartmeots in Cher- Skiles, Emma Whistler, Dorothy The mass meeting of the citizens In February I spent a week in will move to their beautiful Df Jeffersontown and vicinity called have the okee, Skiles. Sarah Mills, Cleone Summers, St. Matthews, April 17. met my friend, Jacksonville, and country home iu Buechel the lirst of Isabelle Maple, Sadie Skiles, Edith for last Saturday afternoon by the Mrs. now, of saying, "I told l'earee, from Jeffersontown. satisfaction May. Fegenbush. Florence Roggenkamp, Commercial Club was postponed from We you so." The Kaster weddings are visited the Ostrich farm, and The handsome new home of F. J. Messrs. Russell Seay. Norburne 230 o'clock to 730 on account of the saw those monstrous birds which one on schedule time. Friday evening, Johnson being completed the family Williams, Kdward to show to Erret Mills, Springdale church being too light can ride and drive in harness like at eight o'clock at the have taken up their permineht resi- Whistler, Fieldon Frederick, John stereopticon pictures. Mr. John Blair advantage the horses, and from there Pablo Beach, Presbyterian church dence there. A large crowd gathered and an en greatest resorts in Florida. and Miss Bessie Flint were united in Miss Gertrude Hikes entertained Long, George Kanzler, Fred Graft, one of the Chester Whistler, Hugh Summers thusiastic meeting was held. W. .1. We then went to South Jacksonville, marriage. The bride dressed in pure Semonin, president of the club, prewhite was certainly the youngest on Tuesday evening Miss Kmma and Chester Kaiser. across the St. John's river. In the' Miss Rosa Christen entertained at looking little girl Whistler and J. Edwin Johnson. sided and the principal speakers valley of St. John's river, the palm and most innocent Mrs. J. W. Summers. Miss Cleonc dinner Sunday Misses Klizabeth A. Stratton and Miss important were Mrs. John family flourish like the green bay I ever saw taking such Emily Yunker. of the Louisville Out groom was also in the and Hugh Summers spent Tuesday Skiles and Mayme Kaiser. tree. The cabbage palm or palmetto vows. The Rev. H. R. evening in Kenil worth, the guest of door League. Their talks were very is cultivated along avenues and car- morning of life. The Wedding Announcement a Joke. practical and were well received. riage drives as an ornamental shade Laird's ceremony was most impres- Bro. and Mrs. F. L. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. .I.N. Struck had as brevity notice in last A three-linMiss Yunker brought out a number palmetto leaves be- sive. Mrs. Henry Halm played their guests Easter Sunday Miss Kmof beautiful tree, the broad week's Jeffersonian announced the of stereopticon pictures ing in great demand for fans, fancy beautifully the wedding march wedding engagement of Mr. Coleman lawns and places in Louisville that Wednesday, April 19th, will witness ma Whistler and Kdward Whistler. hats, and a coarse wrapping braided Miss Lillian Hart entertained on Shenks to Miss Anna Gellhaus. We had been beautilied oy the school the marriage of Miss Kmma Schoeffel paper made of the palmetto fibre. children in the city. The machine Jacksonville is a beautiful city: some and Kdward Haberlin at the home of Sunday afternoon and evening Miss- have been requested to correct the es Freda Kaiser, Sadie Sidles. Vir- statement, as a friend of this popubelonged to Mr. Wm. Lucas, who lovely parks. I the bride. This is a popular young ginia Hart and Barbara Hardmier, operated the elegant homes and will kindly came out and lar couple sent the notice to this pamust not forget the alligators; my couple and we are glad they Messrs. John Kan.ler and Fred per as a joke, and there was no machine without compensation. neighborhood. friend, Mrs. Pearce, is'going to take reside in this A more enthusiastic meeting was truth in the announcement. Why This week will also unite in mar- Gratl. one a small one home with her. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Busatfa will people will insist upon playing jokes never held in Jeffersontown. After There are some very large ones here, riage Mr. Will Claxon and Miss Edna the program was rendered, plans for one of the largest in the state. I Littrel, a Worthington couple, who move into their pretty new bungalow of this kind on their friends is bein a few days. clean-uyond the comprehension of The day were arranged. Friday, came home delighted with my visit. will make their home at Worthing They display great Miss Maggie Boeder entertained Jeffersonian. April 21, begining at 7 o'clock a. m. thankAfter a week's rest Mrs. Pearce ton, for which we are indeed on Monday evening in honor of her ignorance and implicate the publishwas the time set for the work. Citi mean tricks. little and myself went to St. Augustine, ful. brother, George Rocrter, of Danville. ers in their please and zens of the town and community im keep your jokes Hereafter, On April 25th at the Highland We were there quaint old city. Miss Alta Smith was given a sur among yourselves. We have plenty mediately ottered their services and the days and visited many places of Presbyterian church Mr. Hamilton ten prise party on Wednesday evening of our own. wagons, teams, etc. The ladies were Ormsby Herr and Miss Caroline interest. Fort Marion, very ancient, much in evidence and promised to do on The the Matanza river, is an impor- Dulaucy Lee, will be married. their part of the work. Misses tant Spanish relic originally built in groom's brother, Robert Herr, will Theresa McDermott and Louise 1565; was destroyed in l)H(i and the act as best man and the maid of Owings, teachers in the public school, present fort was finished in 1750. We honor and on!v attendant of the and Miss Mary folk, ottered their did not fail to go through the dun- bride will be, Miss Aileen Maren. services to take charge of squads of geons and to the top of its watch This young couple will make their children and help clean up the tower. We visited Dr. Garnett's home in Macon, Miss. streets and alleys. Chas. D. Tyler orange grove, the School for the A stag dinner will be given Mr. AND promised to see Magistrate ('has. C. 19th Deaf, Dumb and Blind, the olJ Herr at Cresent Hill Wednesday Wheeler and get his permission to Spanish Cathedral and many of the by Dr. Choate, one of his ushers. use the road scraper on this day, oldest houses. One is said to be the Mr. Hamilton Herr is one of our St. and J. C. Bruce promised to get the oldest house in the United States. Matthews boys of whom we are road sweeper and furnish teams for The floors are stone, and the stair- quite proud. same. L. C. Owings agreed to fur- way Miss Mary Houston, of Margan- is of solid mahogany, while the Arier-burn- . nish a wagon and team and man for rafters are of red cedar. The streets lield Ky., is visiting Mrs. J ulc one day or more, as did K. R. Sprowl are very narrow, some of them being and W. J. Semonin. Quite a number only twelve and lifteen Ton. 10 lbs. 50 lbs. 100 lbs. feet wide, Mrs. Logan, of Shelby ville, is visit of men, women and children voluning her daughter, Mrs. John Finley. $35.00 $2.00 30 while one is but seven feet in width. $1.25 Atlas Chick Peed.....' teered their services for the day. The measles is gradually disap We went through the old slave 1.75 33.00 1.00 Hen or Scratch Feed . 25 Atlas The Commercial Club has offered a market and through the old ceme pearing for lack of new victims. All prize of 15.00 in gold for the best Atlas Crushed Shells (Fine, tery where stones mark the resting of the sick of this disease are im 10.00 .60 .40 25 Medium and Course J cleaned premises, and quite a num- place of some proving rapidly after a serge of four that were laid to rest. have entered the contest. ber .75 12.00 25 .50 Atlas Mica Crystal Grit nearly four hundred years ago. An- weeks. Judges will be named by the presiMrs. Scott Miller and family have 60.00 3.50 2.00 50 other great place, was the fountain Russian Sunflower dent of the club. Those desiring t of youth, and we drank water out of returned to their home at Spring- 24.00 .75 25 1.40 Cracked Corn (Screened) compete for the prize must enter the well, which is well preserved to lale. We are delighted to have our 1.50 .85 25 Meal 200 their names with Misses McDermott the present day. Many tourists go old neighbors agaiu which makes Atlas Alfalfa 47.00 1.50 2.50 50 or Owings or Messrs. Alcock. Tyler Atlas Beef Meal this an ideal neighborhood. there and drink of the water and it. or Krdmau, committee, before to47.00 2 50 1.50 50 This epedemic of marriages to re Granulated Bone spot where is said, that is the night. 45.00 2.50 50 1.50 We took port this week has left me without landed. Poncede Leon Charcoal Misses McDermott and Owings 32.00 1.75 35 1.00 Kaffir Corn several trips up the Matanza river space for other news. White e sprang a little surprise on the ' A. B. C. 26.00 .85 launch, 1.50 .25 Atlas Stock Feed. away a large to North Beach, in the by giving 31.00 1.00 1.00 gathered shells from the seashore, Atlas Cotton Seed Meal .. .. 35 Epidemic of Measles. number of Catalpa trees to each and went 3.25 60.00 1.75 .50 then to South Beach where Atlas Beef Scraps family represented at the meeting. There has been an epidemic of 75.00 16ii 4.00 2.25 50 Hemp Seed we saw the lighthouse, which is The trees were donated by Levy 75.00 4.00 50 2.25 high. Several days afterwards measles in Jeffersontown for several Canary Seed feet Bros., of Louisville. 105.00 5.50 65 3.00 I went to White Springs, a great weeks. It has not been alarming, Bird Rape A great day is expected in Jeffer-tow47.50 2.40 30 where hundreds of but quite a number of the children 1.25 Buckwheat Kverybody inter- mineral spring tomorrow. All have the disease at present. 65.00 3.50 40 1.80 people visit the year round. It Canada Field Peas ested in the health of the community on the famous Swawnee five children of Wm Black, Freda and in the beautifying of the town is We carry in stock a full line of the Old and ReHable river and the flow of water, which is Baumlisberger, and Mr. Arthur requested to be on hand promptly at seiphur, is 32,400 gallons per minute, Wheeler are down with the measles Cyphers Incubators, Brooders and other Foultry Supplies. " o'clock Friday morning, April 21, with a beautiful four story bath and Luella Tyler, daughter of Frank on the public square with brooms, house built over the spring. Th Tyler, Is very ill with the same dis rakes, wagons, horses, etc., and help scenery along the Swawnee river is ease; little Mary Bridwell, daughter clean the streets and alleys. perfectly grand, it reminding one of of Arch Bridwell, is also ill with that old familiar soug, "Away down measles. There are a few other Another Spanish Coin Resurrected. to on the Swawnee river," and unless cases that have not been reported Our Dry Ridge corresponent seems you have heard the "Swawnee us. to have "started something" when you she told us about the oldSpanish coin River" sung by a negro choir Services at Cedar Springs Incorporated that was found in that community. have not heard it at all. I could Elder G. G. Taylor, of Valdosta, Tuesday, Mr. Ben J. Williams, of write page after page of the quaint Louisville. Ky. will preach at Cedar Buechel. told us that he had found a old citv. but for fear I tire vou out Georgia, and Jefferson Spanish coin on his place, which is will close. I think it all well worth morning. April 2il, Springs Sunday dated 1780. Can any one go one bet ' visit to St. Augustine irom any part at 11 o'clock. Everyone invited ter? T DAY MARRIAGES v T T e p Poultry and Stock Food Poultry Supplies audi-dienc- n SOUTHERN SEED COMPANY Preston 1 - -- v... Sts.,

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