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Image 136 of Annual report. 1918

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

/ ii . : i r- . l e Care and Management of Sheep can Kentucky 61 p . 1 j gy- shall be on the owner of such dog. Any dog not bearing a li- Y lt, if eense tag shall prima facie be deemed to be unlicensed, l *1* Section Thirty-two. The Commissioner of Agriculture, lj S6 Ei; through his officers and agents, is charged with the general in- i BF forcement of this act and shall have general supervision over , lu the licensing and regulation of dogs and protection of live- ii HY v_ . stock and poultry from damage by dogs in all counties of the i he Q Commonwealth. To this end the Commissioner of Agriculture V V ue may employ all proper means for the enforcement of this act. i he Any other state department, bureau, or commission may on re- { A YY J quest of the Commissioner of Agriculture assist in the enforce- , -0* ] ment of the provisions of this act. To that end each county *]‘ Y, clerk shall on or before February one, one thousand nine hun- ii i dred and nineteen, and on the first day of each succeeding A ` [ , gf JY p month, draw his warrant on the county treasurer of his county , iu in favor of the Commissi.oner of Agriculture for a sum equal i -_ W yl to Eve (5) per cent. of the amount received for said licenses ld during the preceding month, and said amount so received by ' BH A if him shall be used and employed by the Commission for the I i YS , purpose herein set forth. - { zh Section Thirty-three. Any person other than an officer ` il-yl of ‘ violating, or failing or refusing to comply with, any of the ` \ _ —· provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor Q tj? DC and upon conviction shall be adjudged to pay a fine of not ly A exceeding one hundred dollars, or to undergo 2111 imprison- L1; ment of not exceeding three months, or both, at the discretion i ts of the court. All fines collected under the provisions of this - act shall be forthwith paid to the treasurer of the proper , { A county, and credited after the payment of such commissions l HS Officers be entitled to under the law, to live stock fund. I IV g Section Thirty-four. This act is intended as a complete i 3;] i and uniform system throughout the Commonwealth for the li- ·._ e Censing of dogs and the protection of live stock and poultry pi Ct _ from injury hy dogs; but nothing in this act shall interfere l dy Q with any law for the protection and preservation of game. és, EX0ept when such act or parts of acts are specifically repeflled, Z v,,.*4l · i all

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