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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 4, 1949

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

SECTION 1 8 PAGES '3? A Smle cPies 10c Ea- VOL. NO. 43 - WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENlUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING. 4fc NUMBER 6. AUGUST 4, 1949 Statement From Gilbert Polly Republican Candidate For Sheriff Nominate and Elect John D. W. Collins Statement From Final Statement From Lindsay Polly STAMPER Astor Collins Makes Final StateRepublican Candidate For Sheriff HASSEL FOR ment To The Voters SHERIFF if-- ' TO THE VOTERS ON THE EVE OF ELECTION: I would like to be in each of your homes this evening to make a final statement of the issues of this campaign. How- Some of you voters may be wondering why I haven't seen The primary election is and talked with you about my ' drawing near and I want to to candidacy. There are a number express my appreciation of reasons why it has not been each and everyone for what you have done and will do in ever, since I can't be with all possible for me to visit and ' behalf of my candidacy for of you at once I am taking ad- talk with each one of you as I Sheriff from now until the vantage of this chance to talk would have liked. I lost my polls close on August 6. I feel with you through your county jffice equipment, in the Hogg like this is the most important paper. I wish to thank each of building March 6, 1949- It duty to take care of my election that Letcher County you for the courtesy and kindhas ever had. I want to ask ness with which you have re- clients business and interest each and every voter to think ceived me and my family in when I have some in charge. It seriously what is the best for Jyour homes during this cam- has been difficult for me to the protection of our homes, paign. Even those who have secure copies of records to schools and churches and vote opposed me have been hospit-- carry on their business. Court I .time being the entire month accordingly. able and friendly. of July, and the August elec I have run ,a clean race tryI don't think I need to make tion, have added to the diffiing to convince the people an additional statement of my what a serious condition our qualifications. Most of you culty of my making the cam- " paign you have a right to ex-county is in- have been kind enough to say pect of me. I am, therefore, I have had every kind of that I have made you- a good making my first and last ap-falsehood told on me trying to clerk that my four years of pealto through your MountainJ mislead you good citizens from service have made me the best Eagle. the main issue of my campaign qualified man on your ticket. I have practiced law here fo which is to clean up Letcher It pleases me that you have several years and have had the been satisfied with the service experience of knowing the Folks, I promised you in the beginning that I would fight County, TO THE CITIZENS OF LETCHER COUNTY: ' until the end. The end is almost here and I am confident It has been rumored that I I have rendered. County's business. I began Just last week in the columns of our local newspaper, After you Jook at the quali- serving the public first as the of VICTORY more than ever before. I wish to espress my am hiring certain men for to all of you and especially to those of you who-- . office deputy and etc. If y.ou fication of .a candidate, your first. Police Judge of. Jenkins cne of my opponents referred to an old maxim ; that a appreciation would grab at a straw- - Nowyjust whom do you. supwere supporting Noah Gibson before he withdrew from the' remember I said in my plat-rac- next consideration is usually where I served six years. I not promise any his need of the office. When I was once a coal miner and pose he was referring to- Who was that drowning man. In for joining with my many loyal, good citizens in sup- - .form I would man or faction of men any- - came out of the Army and was know the work and needs of the same statement he said, "I WILL NOT QUIT". Now he porting me. Yes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart has quit and he says he is withdrawing from the race in the I am sure that I have made it clear to all of you what I thing so when I got in I would elected to the office of Clerk, those who go under the hills interest of good government and honest law enforcement. strings tied to I had to 6tart from scratch. I to support their families. free Yltb stand for, and have given you reference to my past history Do you believe that? I don't. I people of our you My wife, the widow of the county can understand this DEAL. think the who put themand what I have always stood for. You have the record of my the office so I could make a had literally nothing. You If men officer. There is not don't lay aside savings on a late Stephen P. Jenkins, was opponent, Gilbert Polly, and he has told you his record speaks a selves up for office stoop to such tactics, what could we for itself. Even though 'he stated in a recent issue of The man in, eher County that soldiers pay when you have a left motherless at the age of expect of them if they were elected. You be the judge. And ca niuiiy say man nave family to support Since I 8 years and grew up as the Mountain Eagle that he would try to do better if you elect him promised them any job and l have been in the Clerk's office foster mother of her brothers remember it takes two to make a DEAL. If such would be r t V. & AM a I" 11UL 11UL AAU U Hyrtlll. II Villi Jl U l a promotion of good government and better law enforcement, am not his administration I feel that it is your duty to inquire, I ask promise- going to maxe that I have had a living but not and sisters. She has supported then I am wrong. much raore. The savings I and educated five bovs of her you again to be aware of FALSE REPORTS. You know the I hold your confidence near my heart, and that confidence I can see now the only hopes have been able to make I have own- She knows the needs and class we are fighting. Yes, I stand for the same today as I did put into my home, which is heart aches of widows and and trust shall never be betrayed by me- - I think I know the day I announced for sheriff and I have not promised any- some cancucates nave is in kind of men you are trying to mislead you good about half paid for. I ask you orphans. If elected I feel sure pretty well how you will vote and theelection. thing that I cannot do or should not be done. going to vote for in this all important I have fought a hard battle. I have fought a clean battle. I voters by false statements- - I tb remember a that the limit on she will keep me daily remindBe careful, think seriously and vote for those who are amount clerk am still fighting and will fight tothe end- - And in the end I am do not feel like a candidate the set up fifty-seve-n can make ed of my duties to you and best qualified and most capable to serve you well. When you years our county, and I expcet to sure that VICTORY will be ours. What kind of government that will wilfully make a false was and I will be statement or cause them to be ago and has not been adjusted serve you faithfully and have done that, you will have done your duty splendid supdo you want? You have the answer. satisfied. Permit me to thank you all for the de- to meet the high cost of living. honestly. made on his fellow man Yours for clean government, port which you are giving me in this campaign, and remember Sincerely. serves to be voted .for or elect- The cost of living has easily , LINDSAY POLLY, doubled in the past four years. JOHN D. W. COLLINS "You and I will be the Sheriff." ed to office. Republican Candidate for Sheriff Your old friend, (Pol. Adv.) This means that I would re- (Pol. Adv.) I feel like a man that would GILBERT POLLY. (Pol. Adv.) be for good government should Icetve from the office in eight years what previous clerks VOTE FOR be too big to stoop that low. NOAH GIBSON WITHDRAWS I have no mud to sling at have received in four. A man's TROY W. FRAZIER To The Republican anyone, I have only tried to income must be judged by the Voters of Letcher FROM SHERIFF'S RACE ft straighten up false statements amount his money will buy. SA me. Do not be I am trained for no other job. County: made against mislead by false statements I have no other way of sup I have been unable phy TO THE GOOD CITIZENS OF that I am off and etc., because porting my family. A man's cally and financially, to make r, I will be in the race fighting right hand is his an active camoaien in the race for your interest and mine without it he doesn't have LETCHER COUNTY: for Coroner and will not have when the polls close on Aug. 6, much of a chance. an opportunity to see and talk My opponents were here and again I want .to thank with all the voters before the working at good paying jobs you Primary I wish to make my and advice from each ofand for the encourage- while I was in the Army. They After much consideration favors you have ment self better Known to you ana niany good friends, and in the interest oi shown me during my cam had a chance to make their my inform you of my ability and Replying to the statement by savings then. Mr. Clarence Baker published qualifications. good government and honest law enforce- paign. yours, for better These are the things I ask Sincerely cf in last week's issue of The you to remember when you go I am 49 .years old, the son Government. ment, I have decided to withdraw from the Mountain Eagle let me say: -- FORto the polls on Saturday: Sam (deceased) and Mattie HASSEL STAMPER people Mr. Howard, to whom he race, in order that the good Sheriffs 1. I am the only man on in have County Court Clerk Fisher; County resided 1917; alluded, does not own any of your ticket who would be unLetcher since VOTE FOR of Letcher County will not have the kind property Letcher County. Courteous, Accommodating employed or without an inwas employed by the Consolid- He is not in receiver for the a families that protection for their homes and and Deserving. come. ation Coal Company at Coal Company nor is 2- for a number of years, Premium I am the only one who Will Appreciate Your Vote they have" had in the past eight years from the he a stockholder in the com(Pol. Adv.) at which time I was injured by pany. doesn't own his homeSheriffs office. I want to thank each and resulting in the a slate-fal- l, 3. I ,am the only man on loss of an eye. I have had nine every voter who pledged to me your supioort your ticket with a family to KNOTT COUNTY WOMAN Further, the Premium Coal years experience in Funeral Company is not nor has it ever support. SUES COUNTY JUDGE that I am doing this for your protection only I am confident that if you A Knott County Homes, which should, beyond been under receivership. B. DAVE BLAIR. and I hope that you will consider my withthoughtfully and truthfully mother has filed suit against a doubt, qualify me for the (Pd. Pol. Adv.) consider each candidate, you Knott County Judge O- B. office which I seek- Nominate spirit that I have considerdrawal in the same will cast your vote for County Bates for $40,000. The woman, me August 6th and I will win ed it for youi protection and good goverr-men- t According to a release from Mrs- - Luna Hicks of Emmalena, for the party in November. Court Clerk for: the State Department of Eco claims she and her baby son "Respectfully yours, in this county for the' next four yearc nomic Security, 545 persons re were falsely imprisoned foo C. L. (Fish) FISHER I ask my good friends and loyal supporters E. B. ADDINGTON Edward P. Day ceived old age assistancs in six hours. (Pol. Adv.) Letcher County during the In her damage action, Mrs. to go to'the polls on election day and cast their Folks think serious and vote Nick Combs . man who Hicks is asking $25,000 for her- month of June and 53 applicavotes for a man who will give them in return for a you service.can and will Astor Collins FOR SALE X helf and. $15,000 for her son, give tions for the assistance were Large size Safe Cabinet. 4 pending. The total amount If you have an efficient man Daniel, 11 months old at the honest and efficient law enforcement. to give us service why trade Troy W. Frazier time. The two spent six hours hours manufacturer's guaran- paid was $11,179, the report Signed, stated, an average of $20.51 per him off. ASTOR COLL NS m jail, the legal limit on con- tee against fire. AH (Poi. adv.) GIBSON. (Pol. Adv.) tempt charges. LEWIS E- HARVIE. person. (Pol. adv.) is-m- - j I i - i drown--iirg-ma- n e, - ! g? j 41 I 1 i. I - 11 I V W J.A riii-r-iJl U-- i - - f 4 bread-winne- Mc-Robe- - - - m 1 ..lJ --NO- -

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