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Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923, 1919

Part of Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923

kyar1199Inventory of the Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923Tim TingleKentucky Department for Libraries and ArchivesPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky 40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netKentucky Department of Libraries and Archives1991-06-28Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, May 2000.ENGInventory of the Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923Contact InformationPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netURL: by: Tim TingleDate Completed: 1991-06-28Encoded by: Thomas Enneking Copyright 2000 Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. All Rights Reserved.Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923Ky-Ar1199Morrow, Edwin P.6 cubic ft.No online items. Must visit contributing institution.Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Frankfort, KY 40601-0537 USACollection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.Governor Edwin P. Morrow Records, 1919-1923, Ky-Ar1199, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort.Governor Edwin P. Morrow served in office from 1919-1923 as a Republican Party affiliate. Originally from Pulaski County, Morrow continued to reside in that county. His occupation was a Lawyer. Governor Morrow was a strong opponent of lynching and the Ku Klux Klan. Morrow's administration is noted for passage of legislation creating the Board of Charities and Corrections. Edwin P. Morrow also supported suffrage for women.Container ListIndex to the Executive Journal1Index to Executive Journal 11919-19212Index to Executive Journals 2 & 31921-1923Executive Journals3Executive Journal 11919-19214Executive Journal 21921-19235Executive Journal 31923Enrolled Bills / Resolutions6Enrolled Bills Book6Chapters 1-9219207Enrolled Bills/Resolutions Book 17Chapters 93-165 Enrolled Bills19207Chapters 166-204 Resolutions1920(Twelve vetoed bills and four vetoed resolutions are at the back of the book)8Enrolled Bills/Resolutions Book 28Chapters 1-138 Enrolled Bills19228Chapters 139-167 Resolutions1922(One vetoed bill is at the back of the book)(Volumes 6-8 were formerly on Secretary of State transmittal) 1980-8Land Records(These list patent number, name of person receiving patent, county and date.)1Land Records1920-1923Rejected Petitions1Rejected petitionsJan - June 19202Rejected petitionsJune - Aug 19203Rejected petitionsAug - Nov 19204Rejected petitionsNov - Dec 19205Rejected petitionsJan - Mar 19216Rejected petitionsApril 19217Rejected petitionsApr - June 19218Rejected petitionsJuly - Sept 19219Rejected petitionsSept - Dec 192110Rejected petitionsApr - Aug 192211Rejected petitionsSept 1922 - Jul 1923Remissions1RemissionsJan 1920 - May 19222RemissionsJune - Oct 19223RemissionsNov 1922 - Feb 19234RemissionsFeb - July 19235RemissionsAug - Sept 19236RemissionsOct - Dec 1923Recommendations for Paroles1Recommendations for paroles1920-19212Recommendations for paroles19223Recommendations for paroles1923Restorations1RestorationsJan - July 19202RestorationsJuly - Aug 19203RestorationsAug - Sept 19204RestorationsSept - Oct 19205RestorationsOct - Dec 19206RestorationsJan - May 19217RestorationsMay - July 19218RestorationsJuly - Aug 19219RestorationsSept - Oct 192110RestorationsOct - Dec 192111RestorationsJan - Dec 192212RestorationsJan - July 192313RestorationsAug - Sept 192314RestorationsOct - Nov 192315RestorationsNov - Dec 1923Rewards1RewardsDec 1919 - Jan 19222RewardsFeb 1922 - Dec 1923Commutations1CommutationsNov 1919 - Aug 19202CommutationsSept 1920 - Jan 19233CommutationsJune - Dec 1923Executive Orders1Executive Orders1920-1923Proclamations1Proclamations1920-1923Appointments1Appointments12/1919-5/19202Appointments6/1920-10/19203Appointments11/1920-3/19214Appointments4/1921-7/19215Appointments8/1921-11/19216Appointments11/1921-12/19217Appointments12/19218Appointments12/1921-1/19229Appointments2/1922-5/192210Appointments6/1922-7/192211Appointments7/1922-10/192212Appointments10/1922-3/192313Appointments4/1923-10/192314Appointments11/1923-12/1923Resignations1Resignations1919-19212Resignations1922-1923Requisitions1Requisitions12/1919-11/19202Requisitions12/1920-5/19213Requisitions6/1921-8/19214Requisitions9/1921-11/19215Requisitions12/1921-4/19226Requisitions5/1922-7/19227Requisitions8/1922-10/19228Requisitions11/1922-12/19229Requisitions1/1923-3/192310Requisitions3/1923-5/192311Requisitions6/1923-8/192312Requisitions8/1923-12/1923Warrants1Warrants1920-3/19212Warrants4/1921-8/19213Warrants8/1921-10/19214Warrants11/1921-1/19225Warrants2/1922-5/19226Warrants6/1922-12/19227Warrants1/1923-4/19238Warrants5/1923-8/19239Warrants9/1923-12/1923Messages to the General Assembly1Messages to the General Assembly1922Copies of Bills and Resolutions1Copies of bills and resolutions1922Vetoes1Vetoes1922Respites1Respites1920-1923Parole Violation Warrants1Parole Violation Warrants1921-1922Death Warrants1Death warrants1920-1923Governor's Official CorrespondenceGovernor's Correspondence1Governor's Official Correspondence File1920-1923Petitions for PardonsPetitions for Pardons 1These are petitions for pardons from persons indicted in Gallatin Circuit Court for keeping unlicensed dogs.1Governor's Official Correspondence1922-1923Petitions for Pardons 21Petitions for pardonsJan - Mar 19202Petitions for pardonsApril - May 19203Petitions for pardonsMay - Nov 19204Petitions for pardonsDec 1920 - Jan 19215Petitions for pardonsFeb - April 19216Petitions for pardonsApril - Oct 19217Petitions for pardonsNov - Dec 19218Petitions for pardonsFeb - May 19229Petitions for pardonsMay - July 192210Petitions for pardonsJuly - Oct 192211Petitions for pardonsOct - Dec 192212Petitions for pardonsJan - May 192313Petitions for pardonsMay - July 192314Petitions for pardonsJuly 192315Petitions for pardonsAug - Sept 192316Petitions for pardonsSept - Nov 192317Petitions for pardonsNov - Dec 192318Petitions for pardonsDec 192319Petitions for pardonsDec 1923, N.D.

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