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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 23, 1949

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

I. SECTION 1 AS?.-. 8 PAGES VOL. NO. 42. (Single copies ioc Ea.) May-Bi- lt 1 after officials of the construction company signed an agreement with the United Con- Workers Union, struction agreeing to negotiate a contract, according to David Alderman, superintendent in charge of the projectThe work was halted Friday, June 10, by UCW pickets from Wheelwright. About 30 men are employed by May-Bil- t, Inc., contractors for the building. The new building is being erectdd by the Allied Investment Corporation and Letcher Theaetrs, Inc., of Huntington, W- - Va., and when completed will house a store and theater on the ground floor and office space on the second floor. Mr. Alderman stated that negotiations for the contract must be begun within ten days, according to the agreei ment. , The pickets also stopped the construction laborers working on Jenkins' street widening l Construcproject. tion Company of Winchester was in charge of the street widening. The Allen-Code- ll workers have not resumed work at this writing and the the construction company has moved its equipment from Jenkins. The street being widened is Main Street composed of U. S. 119 and Ky. 23. - Allen-Codel- Among those attending the Choral School last week was one Letcher County man, C. of superintendent Jenkins Schools. The school lasted for one week and was under the direction of Dr. John Finely Williamson, president Choir of the Westminister College, Princeton, N. J., and director of the Westminster of the Westminster Choir When asked about the choral school, Mr. Snapp replied: "It was thrilling, exciting, motivating, and most helpful." The week's work was concluded with a concert at'Halleck Hall. Whitesburg Boxers Win One In Eight Fights At Corbin Out of eight bouts at Corbin last Friday night, the Whites-bur- g boys lost six, split a decision and one, and won one on a decision. They're game however and, will journey to Corbin again this Friday night for another series. James Fraley, 130 pounds, won a decision from Billy Watkins, 122, Buddy Marcum, 130, split a decision with Glen Howard, 132. The rest of the boys lost either on decisions or knockouts. Ralph Palumbo, 151, Porky Polly, 185, and Gayle Fields, James Gose, 152, and Doug 142, each lost on decisions. Polly, 138, both lost by ko's in the first round. Junior Bates, 182, lost by a tko in the second round. Tommy Hoggatt, coach of the Whitesburg boxers said that the local boys were outweighed. Hoggatt didn't get a bout last Friday. Besides the above named fighters, ' 'Buttermilk" King, Harrison Garrett, 155, and Alex Hall, 172, will go to Corbin this fight180-pound- er, - Master Sergeant Jesse C. Day Jr. New Variety Store To Open Saturday Memorial Church. physio-therapist- KWT ITMTmi?r,T7TMT7MT -- ELECT- Vice-Preside- s. Mi ''4W m m?:2K..m iM nilMMI if nt rs 138 Seek Nomination In County, District Races - - o. - II-H- e - - T Presbyterian In charge of the clinic was Dr. William M. Ewing of Louisville, an orthopedic sur geon, who was assisted by social workers, nurses, and Dr. B. C. Bach and Dr. Bill Adams, both of Whitesburg, and the Letch Martha Anne . Holbrook, er County Health Department, daughter of Mr. Jesse Hol- assisetd in the clinical work. brook, Millstone, attended the Miss Barbara Lewis, Mrs. State Convention of the Fu Oscar Lewis, Mrs. Windus ture Homemakers of America Williams, and Mrs. James the past week. She was elected Hidvegi, members of the of the Whitesburg Ladies Aid Society 2nd State Organization of Future assisted with the children Homemakers of America, and attending the clinic. received the State Future Of the "8 examined, where Homemaker Degree. As an in correctable defects exists the coming State Officer,. Martha child will be sent to a crippled Anne will serve as a State children's hospital as soon as Delegate to the Regional beds are available, the county Meeting in Columbus, in July. health office stated. The clinic has been held for Co-o- p Sets Date several years and is part of the work of the Kentucky Crippled For Annual Meet Farmer-membeof South- Children Commission. Chilern States Cooperative in the dren under 21 who have deWhitesburg area will hold fects, regardless of color or their annual membership sex, were examined. meeting August 2. Dr. R. Dow Collins, head of the county health service, This date was set at a recent planning Conference attended states that he and the rest of by the Southern States Ad- , the workers at the clinic wish visory Board and Farm Home to thank the Rev. Ernest Advisory Committee for mem- Wilson and members of the bers served by Whitesburg Whitesburg Presbyterian Farm Service, Cooperative Church for the use of the church building. Agency. The annual meeting will The Jenkins Chapter, FHA, take place in the Whitesburg was one of 74 to receive a High School Auditorium. honor roll Chapter Award. Master Sergeant Jesse C. Day, Jr., was born July 16, Whitesburg's new five and ten cents store on the corner 1914, and departed this life of Main and Railroad Strife April 21, 1949, being 34 years, Marcum's Variety Store, will nine months, and five days of open in tne Kentucky Hotel age. At the time of death he Building this coming Satur- was stationed in the Azores. day. The new business will He enlisted in the U. S. Army occupy the first floor and base in July 1939, making his stay in the service nine years, nine ment ot the building. months and nine days. According to Mrs A total of 138 candidates are He. was the son of Mr- - and seeking nominations to counMarcum, the store's manager, a complete line of hve and ten rMrs. Jesse C. Day Sr. He was ty and district offices in the cents store articles, children's married to Adalaide Solevsky, coming August primary, acwear up to six years, alumi- of Windsor Lock, Conn., in cording to the records in Counnum ware and a good line of December 1948. ty Clerk Astor Collins' office. paints will .be among the items He leaves to mourn his loss Deadline for filing as a candihandled. his wife, Mrs- Adalaide Day, date was last night at midlist has grown There will also be a lunch Windsor Lock, Conn- his father night and the 40 names in the and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse approximately counter, soft drinks, soda C. Day, Sr., Whitesburg, two last week. fountain treats, and candies brothers and two sisters, Only one Republican is seeksold, Mrs. Marcum stated. The Kentucky Hotel will James and Robert of Whites ing the nomination for county judge. still operate and will have its burg, Miss Hiram Williams Adams-- . He is G. Bennett Three Democrats, and Mrs. John Bates of Whiteslobby and registration desk on burg, his grandmother, Mrs. Sandy Adams, Enoch R. Holthe first floor, served by the side entrance on Railroad 'Jane Brashears of Whitesburg. brook, and J. Matt Webb area wo sisiers prew;aea mm in on the other side of the ticketStreet. For sheriff seven Democrats death. He also leaves several uncles and aunts and many and four Republicans are seekFormer Roxana other relatives as well as a host ing the nomination- - The Democrats are J. P. Banks, Newt Man Drowns When of friends. Sturgill, Robert B. Collins, He was returned home for Butler Mullins, H a s s e 1 Boat Overturns burial and interment was in Stamper, Gene Adkins, and Stephen Hogg, 32, son of the the family cemetery at Whit-cR. M. Minor. The Republicans late Farish and Minnie Frazier Ministers were the Rev. running for thejiomination as Hogg, was drowned while fish- Marion Parker, Dewey Sexton, sheriff are Gilbert Polly, Noah ing at Belleville, Michigan, and Kirby Ison. Gibson, Lindsay Polly, and last Friday, June 17. He was Clayton was a fine young employed by the Bijggs Motor man and was liked and loved 'Ben Hall. Running for jailer are DemCompany in Detroit at the by all who knew him. ocrats W- H. Dyer, Harve Hall, time of his death. A. J. (Banjo) Haynes, and Mr. Hogg was a former stuClyde Caudill. Republicans dent of Fleming High School COCKRELL INCREASES seeking the jailer's nomination and served in the Army in SAM BATES' BOND Europe during World War are Will Doc. Profitt, Burnett S. Bates was killed when the boat Combs,J. recently and Clark Hogg, John Collins, Ben Potter, indicted in John MAdams, he and some friends were in Fritz capsized on a lake near Detroit- Jackson Federal Court with Maggard, and Roy W. Dailey conspirMr. Hogg is survived by seven other men for (colored) . acy, were questioned by Comfive sisters and three brothers. The office of County Court S. J. Cockrell and His mother died a year and a missioner Clerk is sought by three MonRepublichalf ago and his father died in other federal authorities day of last week in connection Democrats and four 1927. The Democrats are ansalleged intimidation of Herman Wright, Chsfrlie Burial was in the cemetery with government witnesses. Campbell, and Dr. Boaz at Roxana Wednesday of this week, with Elder Kirby Ison Their bond was increased Adkins. The Republicans are officiating. Funeral and the trial set at the same Astor Collins, Troy W. Frazier, Craft Home was in charge of funeral time as the other charges at Edward P. Day, and Nick Jackson Federal Courtarrangements. Co'mbs. - v ht resumed Monday of this week (Pol. Adv.) lid Seventy-eigchildren were examined at the crippled chil dren's clinia held in Whites burg Wednesday of this week. The clinic sponsored annually by the Whitesburg Rotary Club, was held in the Graham Work on the new building GENE ADKINS DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF UA' Clinic Examines 78 At Whitesburg Wed. on Jenkins' Main Street was ! PAD Crippled Children Workers At Jenkins Resume Construction Job VOTE FOR Jenkins Educator Has High Praises For Choral School NUMBER 52. Wti l i ESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY. THURSDAY EVENING. JUNE 23, 1949 I The County Attorney race is even with two Democrats and two Republicans. The Republicans are John D. W. Collins and Burley W. Hale. The Democrats are J. L. Hayes and J. Keller Whitaker. One Democrat and two Republicans are in the race for Tax Commissioner. The Republicans are B. Dave Blair and Clarence Baker. The Democrat is Otis Amburgey. The office of Coroner is sought by Archie Craft and John Sexton, both Democrats, and Joseph M- - Yonts and C. L. Fisher, Republicans. Three are in the" race for Bill State Representative. Adams is the only Republican and Harry M. Caudill atd S. J. Bates are seeking the Democratic nomination. Eighty-on- e candidates are in the eight district races for constable and magisterial nominations. For magistrate in District 1, eight are running; District 2, three; in District 3, eight; District District 4, three; District 5, four; District 6, ten; Tl?crirf 7 ton - Tlia'rir R nino For constable there are three districts with only one candidate each. They are District 2 with Hendrix Ratliff, Democrat; District 5 with Dorsey Walters, Democrat; and Disk rict 6 with Jason Cornett, Republican. In the other districts six are seeking the constable's nomination in District 1 ; District 3, five; District 4, three; District 7, nine; and in District 8, ten. Drawing for positions on the ballot will take place tomorrow, June 24, at 2: 00 p- m. - LINDSAY POLLY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF My Appreciation If Elected I Shall Show By My Action. (Pol. Adv.) Mrs. Harrison Gibson Air Force, Army Announce Increase In Plane Crash The ten o'clock news report In Enlistments Wednesday night announced a plane crash just two miles out of Memphis in which more than forty people were in jured, including Mrs. H. H. Gibson and two children of Akron, Ohio. Relatives here including Mrs. Caudill Dr. Gibson's sister, and Mrs. Burley Hale, his neice, called! Mrs. W. R. Setzer at Memphis to 'get the details and learned that Mrs. Setzer's injuries were not serious but involved cuts on the head. The children were not hurt. Dr. Gibson flew down from Akron to be with his family. The plane caught fire as it landed and all reports praised the pilot for safely landing the plane and leading his passengers to safety. No one was killed. The cause of the crash was contributed to engine trouble. It was announced today by the local Armv and Air Force Recruiting Station that enlistments into the Armv and Air Force has increased for this week of the 20th of June. Srt. First Class Richard T. Smith stated that the following men from Whitesburg and vicinity, nave rued application for enlistment into the service, and was sent into Lexington this weejc ior examination. Charles R. Webb from Mav- Mns applied for three vears with the Air Force. John W. Fields who TPS! r? PS at Mayking applied also for three years with the Air Force. James A. Brock from Mav- krng filed application for three years with theAir Force. Carson Howard whn at McRoberts applied for three years with the Air Force. Zane with in 90 days and will be eligible for his former grade and bonus from the Air Force. Mr. Day lives at Day, Ky. After passing the mental and physical examination at Lexington, these men will be sent to San- Antonio, Texas, where they will be further processed and for basic training. For full and up to date information on a career with the Army or Air Force, contact local recruiters. SFC Richard T. Smith or Forest L. Ramsey at the local Recruiting office at tne City Police station in Whites burg. C.Dav-reenliste- d - T. C. Adams has been receiving treatment in Nichols General Hosnital for the past G. Bennett Adams candidate six weeks. Mr, Adams is exfor the Regublican nomination pecting to get home within the for County Judge, has secured next ten days. the nomination without opposition. At the deadline for THE WINNER ! ! filing as a candidate last night THE MAN WHO GETS THE at midnight, no one had filed MAJORITY OF VOTES WILL on the Republican ticket ex- BE THE NEXT JAILER. cept Mr. Adams. JIM STAMPER.

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