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Image 1 of Semi-weekly interior journal, August 7, 1894

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal

Jy 9Wirjt$Ff X?jrmpfv m wf lfr rfm tMNfr V "T ' ' jyHW'iy'f-HTTt- ffr-f- f r ? yr v Interior Journal. Semi-Weekl- y vol. xxii. STANFORD. KY.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 7. 1894. NO. 45 BOSTON. white muslin, eoft laces and fluttering Lincoln County Teachers' Institute. HUSTONVjLLE. ribbons, who think men were made to The closhiK eesalon oponud Friday Interesting Letter From Dorothy Dor- Mr. Harry Baughman is visiting relservo her dainty ladyship, that "the perwith Binning by many members and Chester. atives here. prayer by Prof. Lutnluy. In lfl!iO Tromontuno was founded. fections of woman's life is centered in Every one here is looking forward ItiBtltuto welcomed P. W. GrinRtead, Tremont one of the nrlncinal ntrpfiH in n the one word, wife."; far, far more to the Liberty Fair with untold, pleasof Lexington, Americflii Book Co.'b rep- - contraction of the firot nameoftho town, charming and lovable than the strident-toned- , ure. Independent, reeontativo in this department of Kuu which Bhortly afterwards was called Kt. Several couples stormed the Misses jliotoliw of which you can readily ecu made New England women. O! tucky. Morse Wednesday night and Miss BrewArt of teaching introduced by Miealcoinei iioaton. St. ltntnln). avra II .... yo sons of old Kenturky, am I Hot right? . r villi er Saturday night. 'vvaf'a in. Each time was DOHQTHV DoiK'IIKSTKIl. Lou Moore, followed by Curtis and thu the village was named, being a n pleasantly spent. conductor. nnd much beloved Saxon monk Died while on a visit to his brother, MATRIMONIAL MATTERS. Tho State rending circle matter was of trio seventh century. Tho city limits Mr. Joe Pruitt, of Louisville. For two introduced by the conductor and warm- have extended to IM.OOl acres or moru Miss Allene Wefch, of Xlcbolasville, years he had been a victim of that dread ly advocated by him. than 0 times thu original area. Kst who has frequently visited here, will disease consumption. His remains were The following resolutions were hand-o- d Boston, South Boston, Roxbury, Dor- marry P. G Myers, of Texas, on the A Clean Sweep This Time ! taken to Lebanon for interment. to tho secretaries by ttte committee chester, Chnrleslown, West Roxbury, 12th. Mr. Murphy, of Danville, epent SunDisappointed in love,'s worth of Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing, Hats, &c, to go inon same. Breeds Island and Deer Island have all day with friends here. Mrs. Emma Wiikrbas, Thu session of this Insti- been annexed to the city, but beautiful Mary Wrenne, of Bynum, Ala., threw Phillips and to the hands of the people at once. children, of Knoxville, are tute for 1891 has drawn to a close, be it Brookiino refuses to become a part of herself under a nearing train aud was at Mrs. Dinwiddie's. Prof. M. G. Thom- Having decided to quit business, we will commence Resolved, That wo contemplate with Boston, and is an incorporated town in killed. at once a grand Miss Lizzie Walter Allerson, a young man who son is at Crab Orchard. pleasure the benefits which we have de- spite of tho fact that Boston has built all Twidwell is visiting in Perryvillo. rived from the same and heartily around it. Tho population of Boston in resided at Woodvllle, near Padncah, Mesdames Mary Green and Reid the calling of same each year. 1893 was something near 1,000,000,000 committed suicide by drowning in a cishave returned from Crab Orchard, much tern. He had been disappointed in 2. We approve the earnest, manly and bouIs and a valuation of f 1,500,000,000. love. improved in health. Mr. Burdett Powcillcient administration of Hon. Kd Por- Chestnut Hill reservoir is in tho BrighA couple of children, aged 10 and 15, ell has been quite sick. Mesdames ter Thompson, by which tho school sys- ton district, a lake holding 8,000,000,000 and Robertson, of Springfield, John Snawden and Lizzie Childress were tem ot Kentucky has been so materially gallons, and covering 125 acres. A Of our stock in all departments and surrender the field to other hands grand married at New Albany, Ind. A law to are at Mrs. Margaret McCormack's. improved. boulevard encircles it which is a contin- prevent such perversions of nature Mies Mary Lusk entertained Thurs which we do with a feeling of sincere gratitude to the warm hearted ought 3. Our thanks are due to Supt. W. F. uation of Brookline Avenue, Common- to be adopted in Hoosierdom. Both of day evening in honor of her visitors. friends who have so generously sustained us, and in McClary for his universal courtesy and wealth Avenue and a spirit of gener Beacon street. The tho young people are from Jefferson Miss Mary Thomson, the following night, able instruction to tho teachers, wheth- drives in and around the city osity that we have never had cause to entertain toward any other are lovely; county, this State. invited those charming young ladies toer at school, in the Institute or any long shady lanes, whero trees interlace We propose to wind up our business with one crownLeonard Condon forged the name of gether with some others to the college community. place wherein he has jurisdiction. their emerald boughs overhead, huge Frank Shelton, a farmer of Mercer, to a and were royaly treated at both places. ing act of liberality that shall nat be equaled in years to come. 4. Wo will over recur with pride and rocks over run with honey suckle letter to the county clerk, gi ving him Mrs. Mary Jane Huffman is visitNo better assortment of goods can be found in Stanford, and all able instruction Riven on either side, wonderfully satisfaction to the ing her daughter, Mrs. CulberUon, at natural, hut permission to marry his us during the week by Prof. W. Ii Lum-lemust and will be sacrificed at once, together with the entire fixtures really the work of a landscape gardener. daughter, and got thu license. Now the Covington. She was accompanied by Wo further recommend him to the Everything is dreadfully "English you sheriu" is hunting for Condon witli a MiBsMellie Hopper, who went to see contained in our large Double Store Rooms, as we must vacate the teachers in any locality, as altogether know" hero. warrant sworn out by the old man, her father, who is much better. Mr. C. buildings in a few weeks. It is folly to talk about cost to get rid of competent and willing to give the reEnglish traps and harness, short B. Reid is at home for a few days' stay. d charging him with the crime of forgery. goods. We have got to lose money and have got the nerve to do it. quired instruction in his noble work, English cobs for horses, in comAt last the long talked of marriage He left his string of horses in charge of 6. We appreciate the deep interest parison with which your clean People shall either load up at once or forever wish they had. Fine limbed of Miss Mattie Thompson, whose beauty Rex Reid. The latter's experience while by Drs. Carpenter and Kentucky thoroughbreds manifested would look is known of many nations, is to be con- East has made htm an expert in this line of Dress Goods, including Henriettas, Broad Cloths, Plaid and O'Bannon, Prols. Grinstead and Hub- about as our dainty Dresden China summated. The day is fixed for Oct. 31. line. striped Suitings, Velvet Plushes, &c, as well as lower grades of bard, as well as visitors who have hon- American girls, when compared Miss Rertie Enoch is with Miss Dress Goods. with the Mr. William Davis, brother-in-laof the during the ruddy, sturdy, All kinds of Notions, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, ored us with their presence d English owner of the New York World, is the atagg. Mrs. George Goode has returnweek. It may be all right. Queen Sabf! fortuuate man. The ceremony will he ed home from a visit to her relatives at Shoes and Trunks will be sold at 0. We respectfully tender our thanks But for my part I prefer original George looks 10 years ideas at the Washington residence of Secreta- Covington. to our worthy secretaries, Miss Georgia and wish from the bottom of my heart, ry Carlisle. Mies Thompson leaves this younger since her return. Mr. J. R One-HaLewis and M. J. Hrough, for thu faith- we Americans would not ape "our Eng- week for Europe to select her trousseau.' Adams and daughter, Leila, are at L. B. ful dibcharge of their duties. lish cousins." Is not Bunker Hill mon- Miss Leila visited here last Adams'. 7. That W. P. Walton, tho energetic, ument a silent and ever BOOKMAKING. Thousands of yards of Prints to close at 4c per yard; best blc. Cot-tc- n winter and made a host of friends. present reminaccomplished and accommodating editor der that even a 100 years 1 yd. wide 6yc; Mrs. Weatherford and Mrs. Carpentei, ago we were best bro. Cot. 5c; in fact not one item in the Typos for tho Greek nlphabet wero of the Ixtkhiok Joi'iiNAL, deserves thu better people than they, we Americans fist cast by Aldus in 1470. Mr. James Powell, Misses Fannie and house spared all must go and quickly at that. highest esteem and gratitude of this en- Bre progressive are we not as good if not Tho firht Diblo printed with a dato Rosa Harper aro at Russell. Mrs. Ship-ma- n List of Fixtures to be Sold, regardless of Value: Five Show Castire body for his kind and constant at- better now? Why imiute is visiting relatives in Danville. Mr. was fiiiinhcd by Faust in them? work through 1 Cashier's Desk, three Clothing tention in publishing our Tables, 100 feet of Iron, display TpyefCttiiiR machines wero suggested J. B. Adatns has returned to Newport. es, Boston has long been noted for tho inthe columns of his utjle and popular pa- terest book work as early as 1842. B. and Samuel Tilden Cook spent rods, S large Rochester Lamps; One good heating stove and other J. taken In literature, science, art and for per, and that he is worthy thu patronage music. Vellum first came into uso ns a ma- Sunday at home. Tho freo public library containthings too numerous to mention. not only of the teachers, but of thu pub- ing 1,000,000 bound volumes, one of the terial for bookbinding about 1510. A splendid chance for parties wishing to rent rooms and continue lic generally. Another E.vkubsio.v To Ni agara Falls largest libraries in ttie world and free to Tho library of Gottiiigen has n Biblo be business at our stand, which we consider by far the best in the city; 0. That a copy of these resolutions all. Theru are lioO periodicals and news- written on palm loaves. Theroaro5,373 Toronto and Thousand Islands. On A published in the Intkhioh Journal of papers published pages, each mado of a siuglo leaf. 14, a Second Grand Excursion will here, nine of which are This Sale will continue from day to day until the entire stock is Stanford. bricks or tiles with be run via the Queen & Crescent from Earthenwaro ieaued daily. The llrst regular newspadisposed of. We would most earnestly insist that you come early (Signed) M. D. Hughes, Miss Jennie per was printed in Boston in 1701. There chararcters engraved or stamped on them points in Kentucky and Tennessee to and avoid the crowd that is bound to follow. wero undoubtedly tho first books. West, J. H. White, committee on reso- are about :X3 Niagara Falls, Toronto and Thousand churches, the most noted lutions. Tho first known example of bookbind- Islands, going via the Big Four Route of which aro the Roman Catholic Cathe& ing in boards in tho modern stylo was from Cincinnati. The resolutions were unanimously dral and Trinity church Unusually low rates costing, f 750,000, a Latin psalter in thu ninth century. adopted and the Institute adjourned. have been put in for this excursion. thu finest church in New England. For Some of thu early printed books, in Agents will take pleasure in giving you M. J. Bkouuii, Sec'y. many years Bishop Phillips Brooks was order to imitate manuscripts, had tho Georgia Lewis, Assistant. rector of this rates and other information. An unusu church, a man whose life initials and borders painted by baud. ally good chance to get away to the cool was pure, noble and full of good deeds. To W. L McCarty. Roman books wero often composed of J. M. HUBBARD, A. M., President. All Boston of whatever creed or color a number of pages of wood, strung to- and pleasant summer resorts of the north The undersigned democrats of Crab Ask any Q. & O. Agent for particulars. Orchard precinct, respectfully request loves and revere the memory of this man gether with a cord passed through a holo 4, 1894. A. S. Lytle, Div. Pass'r Agent, Read you to become a candidate to represent among mon. Orphanages, hospitals, in tho corner of each block. House Block, Chattanooga, Tenn., A. Full corpaorConMrvatory and Normal Schoolteachers. Superior courses in Literature, Muilc schools of music, art and literature Parchment was in occasional uso from Lincoln county in tho next General Aslama abound in this "home of cultchar and tho earliest times, caino into genoral Whedon, P. A T. A., Louisville, Ky., Ari. Excellent boarding department. Catalogues and circulars furnished on application. sembly of Kentucky. uso about 200 IJ. C, ami coutinued un- W. C. Rinearson, G. P. A., Cincinnati, D. K. Karris, J. B. Gilkerson, J. K. baked beans." The shops of all kinds til tho inventfuii of printing. Ohio. Jones, R. L. Collier, L. S. Elder, J. II. are largo and handsome. Of theatres, All tho English kings, from Henry I Qukkn it Orescent Route. Change Stephens, I). B, Kdmiston, J. D. Puttus, the Boston Museum is the oldest theatre to Edward VI, took tho coronation oath W. A. Beazley, W. II. Francis, J. W. in the United States, tho Globo, Park, on a manuscript copy of tho four evan- of time. On August 5th, a change of Ramsey, Curtis Cover, L. A. Pettus, I). Hollls street, Bowdoin Square, Tremont, gelists bound in oak boards an inch schedule took effect, by which the Lex xo, 1894. ington Vestibule will leave Junction 0. Payne, J. W. Moore, W. II. Beazly, Boston theatre and Keith's and numerous thick. This book was made in 1100. lesser lights. Thu Boston Music Hall, City at 1 i'. m. instead of 1:10; leave DanR. H. Bronaugh, W. K. Perkins, J. F. Thirty Professors and Instructors; Nine Courses of Study, as folDookKowing machines, to do tho work Uoldam, G. L. James, J. C. Magee, U. whero tho fatuous Symphony concerts of fastening together tho sheets of which ville at 1:10; Nicholas villa at 2:00; Lex- lows: Agricultural, Scientific, Biological, Chemical, Civil Engineer0. Dunigln, Danuel Holmau, J. II. Pet- take place during the winter, is a large a book is comrKfrcd, wero introduced in ington 2:30 and Georgetown 2:55 p. m ing, Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary, Classical, Normal School. tus, M. J. Harris, Win. Stuart, J. W. gloomy looking barn of a place, which 1872. Before that timo all books wore Returning, south bound, arrive George- COUNTY APPOINTEES RECEIVED FREE OF TUITION. o town 10.05, arrive and leave Lexington Board in dormitories James, W. 0. Hansford, Isaac Ilerin, W. impresses one us being just thu place for sowed by hand. Tho book sewing S2.25 per week; in private families S3. 50 to 4.00. reduced tho cost nboutono-half- . heavy classical music. "Sweet Mario" or 10:30 and 10:35 a. m., arrive Danville 11:- R. Kelly, James Holmes, Jos. McClure, For Catalogues apply to St. Louis "Linger Longer, Lucy," would sound 51 nnd Junction City 12:01 noon. All W. A. Carson. JAS. K. PATTERSON, Ph. D President, about as outre in thu gloomy recesses of other trains run same as heretofore. W. THE FASHION PLATE. the Music Hall, as a bsllet girl in abbreC. Rinearsou, G. 1'. A., Cincinnati. Lexington, Ky. Those Who akk Poster. Will tul you that thu linest and healthiest viated skirts would look in the dim reDoublo skirts mo scon on somo of tho To educate a mnn is to form an indisummer resorts in the northwest are ligious light of a convent chapei. uow costumes. located along tho Wisconsin Central vidual who leaves nothing behind him; Keith's theatru just completed a short New parasols aro mado of insertion Lines, among which are Lake Villa, Fox to educate a woman is to form future Lake, Antloch, Burlington, Mukwnnago, time ago, at a cost of one half million, is and silk, with very full ruffles. Waupaca, Filield, too beautiful for me to attempt a descriparo growing moro pop- generations. E. Laboulaye. Elbow sleeves Waukesha, Neenah, Ashland nnd Duluth. Tourists and tion. Architects, fresco artists, uphol- ular, and wo aro threatened with a visThere is a power a hundred times pleasure eeekers iiguring on their next itation of tho short sleuvo mania. more powerful than that of bayonets; it Btimmor's vacation should bear this in sterers liavo vied with each other; money Striped flannel is used for bathing mind and before selecting a routo oop a spent with n lavish hand and the result Complete Line Lowest Prices. suits, and plain flannel in white, blue is the power of ideas. Chevalier. line to Jas. C. Pond, General Passenger is tho most beautiful theatru in thu Agent of tlie Wisconsin Central Lines, world. Drapories of rose pink and nilu or roil is trimmed with vcrvwido white To render a marriage happy, the husat Milwaukee, Wis., and he will send green, thousands of electric lights in braid. band should be deaf and the woman you maps, time tables and guidu books A striking costumo is mado of putty Examine our Elegant Line of containing valuable information, which tinted shadea. An electrolier in tho colored cloth. Tho skirt is cut in little blind. Proverb. ceiling could bo likened to nothing else buttonhole slits, and cardinal or ruby are mailed free upon application. Women are women but to beeomo than a huge garland of brilliant blossoms. velvet is threaded in and out. Three men are dead and four more Ushers and mothers: they go to duty through pleasattendants all in the immacLargo buttons aro worn if ono faucies missing after the wrecking and subse ulate livery. The Writing Tablets, Ladies' Correspondence Paper and Envelopes, Visladies parlor is a them. Indeed ono may wear almost any- ure. Joubert. quent burning of an oil train near Bucv-ru- dream in Louis the XIV iting Cards, &c. furniture, uphol thing that suits ono's particular figuro "I know an old soldier who had chronic of long standing to have been permanently stered, in pale blue brocade. Draperies or face, provided it is natty, stylish aud cured by taking Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and becoming. of tho most exquisite texture and colorArnica Salve. Bucziln'a Diarrhoea Remedy,'' says Edward Shumpik, a druggist Minneapolis, Minn "I Pointed wnists aro growing in favor, firoKlnent the remedy ol this city lor seven years The best salve In the world lor cuu, bruiteit ing. Daintiest and most exponsive of in chap-p- d Stanford, Ky. fever torei, ulcori, rheum, corns lores,allletter, erup- lamps, vaBes and fill every and many of them havo soft folds of tho and consider it superior to any other medicine now and ikln hands, chilblain!, on the market for bowel complaints" 25 and 50c tions. It poiitively eurea pllti,orno pay requir- avails! le space. The performance Ja material or of somo contrasting fabric bottles of this remedy for sale br Dr. S. G. Mocked. Il It guaranteed to give perfect satisfactioa MY STOCK OF- l'rice S cents per box. vaudeville in character and continuous around tho lower edge of thu bodico, er, Druggist, Stanford, Kv. refunded, or money For lale by A. R. Penny, Stantnrd, Ky. from 10:30 a. m. to 10:30 r. m. One of witli a bow, bucklo or rosette to fluisli point in front. Kenneth Pazemore had the good fortune to rethe strong attractions this week, (the tho Guaranteed Cure. Cnambeilain's a The flgnro jacket of embroidery or ceiveandsmall bottle olRemedy when Colic, ChollHarrhoea three era We authoiire our advertiied druggist to sell you program is changed each week,) is a song his family were sick with dysentery. This laco is worn with dresses of nil sorts. A for Consumption, Discovery Dr. King's New upon tbia condition: If you and dance by Ave beautiful young woall and Coughs and Colds, modification of this style, which really one small bottle cured themW, Ilaker,he had some gave to a prominent are alllicled with a Cough, Cold or any Luug, men entitled "Linger, Longer, Lucy," amounts to a trimming, shows tho jack- led which he place, Geo. Lewitton, N. C, and It curmcrchanfot the Throat or Chest Trouble andwill use this remedy according to direction, giving it a fair trial and 'The latest London craze." Imitating et fronts with sections of the material ed him of the same complaint. orWhen troubled cholerp morbus with dysentery, diarrhoea, colic cxpennce no benefit, you may return the bottle again. But the girls are pretty, song merely meeting over tho shoulders. give this remedy a trial and you will be more than and have your money refunded. We could not wuh the result. The prale that natutal-- y make this offer If we did not know that Dr. Kings catchy and dance graceful. Even if it Bathing costumes occupy tho attenfollows its introduction anu use has made it veNew Discovery could be relied upon. It never Tablets, &c, is very large and ry popular. 35nd 50 cent bottle for sale by Dr. A disappoints. Trial bottles free at A. K. Fenny'i uoes smacic oi me music Halls across tion of many of tho fashionables. drugstore. Large sire joe and $1. novelty is mado of bright rod serge, 8. G. Hocker, Drufrjjist, .Stanford, Ky. the water. s The women of Boston are homely, with sleeves and waist trimmed with Ouro for Headache. My boy was taken with a disease resembling of was bloody llux. A a remedy for all forms of Headache Electric spectacled, Btralght-lacelooking much white. A whito sash with embroidered Cnamberlain's The first thine I thought Diarrhoea Colic, Cholera and to be the very best. It effects and fringed ends is knotted about tho Bitters has proved Remedy. Two doses of it settled the matter and permanent cure and the mot dreaded habitual older and planer than the men. They i headache yields to ill influence. We urge waist. Now York Lodger. cured him sound and well. I heartily recommend sick mannerism of Wesbottle and give sneer at the this remedy to all persons suffering from a like all who are afflicted to procure a ol habitual complaint. I will answer any Inquiries regarding remedy a fair trial. In cases and Southern people. But if I were tern this Desperate George Kennedy disem- it when stamp is enclosed. I reler to any county Call and See Us. Electric Hitter cures by giving the needed tone to the bowel and few cases long re- a man, I think the girls who amputate boweled App Boawell with a razor, at ollicialaa tomy tehability. Wm. Koach, J P., Pnmroy. Campbell county, Tenn. For sale by mediclm. Try it once. sist theuse ol this their Rs in silvery voices, gowned in Midway, Dr. S. G. Hocker, Druggist, Stanford, Ky. F3CXTXT7. bottles onlv so cents at A. K. Penny Drug itoro. 6 QiWB - good-a-ma- n IBiriEo99 B. F. Jones & Son's well-know- Farewell to Stanford. 'r. Closing and Clearance Sale, y. bang-taile- IX, w large-frame- wo-me- Regular Prices. lf B. F. JONES -- SON. Stanford Female College. Next Session Begins Tuesday, Sep. State College tKentueky Opens September ma-chin- Globe-Democra- t. m School Books and School Supplies, New School Tablets and Slates. STATIOIsTEET I s. diar-rhoc- a m W. B. McROBERTS, DRUGGIST, bric-a-bra- c, -- m mem-bers- of FINE PAPERS, SCHOOL BOOKS. Our Prices Can Not Be Duplicated. d, d on A. K. K jfesan--j- ., z.MjaH&l-&rJ&&- ) , Jgjia. , - -t Druggist. -- ?

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