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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 6, 1905

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

I f t WOK J t fJbc p ttbuta 1 Till THHOtJGM ftMj K WS COIA7MNB Of MW SUN AND OO tAng T JiWITU t a WilY I A I I VOI XVII NO 82 > IIOAH S THE PRESIDENT IS A GUEST OF TEXAS TODAY Entertained at Dallas and Made an Ad dress to Legislature of the Lone Star State GA recap of what ho meant by tho expression Austin Tex April thin on tho steps of tho capltol by of n n square deal for all Ills defi Governor Lnnghani chief official of nition was received with great np Texas and an address In tho legisla plnuso tho demonstration lasting fur ture now In session wero tho feat several minutes Later ho was pre ures of President Roosevelts trip to tented with n loving cup by tho clll < day xens of liotwccu hero nnd Dallas stops wero mado at Waco Temple and Ty ler TIll President station A Dl1l1n8I SNOW IN KENTUCKY HHPOUTH Snuff THAT TKMPKR In Texas Dallas Tex April C Prcsldnnt Roosevelt was last night guest ol tho Iono Star state Tho special train bearing the Ilroaldr lit and party ar rived In Dallas at 020 p m The chief executive was drlvnn through the streets to a public stand near the Oriental hotel whore ho delivered an nd ress The reception accorded the prsldont was nothing short of u con- tinuous ovation After delivering his speech tho president and party at tended a dinner at tho Oriental note tendered by tho citizens of Dallas Tho prrMdents train left for Wa co Austin and San Antonio at G10 lima morning At Miskopco yesterday fully 10 000 people surrounded tho ralsrood stand draped In ATUIti IS JIHTIXO LOW Light Snow In Several Cities Krult May lu Damaged In Koinu Counties Loulxvllfo Ky April GUellorta from many Kentucky towns today show n sudden fall of temperature and A light snow In Hopklnsvlllo Pulton and Pa ducah nnowllakos wero seen being quite thick In Hopkliisvlllc and 1ul national tonIn both places tlie flakes melted as they hlttho gfound but lit Fulton thoy were as largo as had been seen this winter In Christian county and perhaps other places a temperature that Is considered a menace to the fruit crop Is recorded but thus far It Is not believed guy damage lane been done had been erected nearby and although the program did not cull for n speech lure tho president yIeld- ed to tho loud acclaim of tho people and mado n brief address JIll sub ject was Statehood and enthuse astic applause greeted his uttorantn that Indian Territory would add Its star to the galaxy of the states within a year Ilrlcf speeches wore also made at South McAester Atoka Cud do and Durant aftor which tho train crossed tho state line Into Texas Dennlsim was reached ul 34G p m An Im mnco crowd had gathered to greet the president who was standing nn the rear platforms smiling and bowlr I Its acknowledgements to tho clet switch greeted him as soon AS the luln stoppedL A party of school children advanc ed to tho platform and presented ho president with a magnificent floral offering In tho shape of a Texas flag In presenting the llornl offering Miss K Pauline I vcrett as spokeswoman former times chi dram strewed flowers In tho pathway of Washington and Lafayotto today tho cenool children of the first free pub lie school building over built In Tux us give you this floral emblem V II ilfylng honor nod Integrity Tho president replied briefly t At Sherman ono of tho larpnst crowds of tho day greeted tho Ibest tent Ho spoko for fifteen mlnutos Cannon boomed and tho cll warr It gaga a tire in honor of the visitors Prom Sherman tho train maintain ed Its schedule to Dallas Tie prnai dent was In splendid spirits after th long days ride end shortly liuforo reaching Dallas bald In answer to n question that ho never felt bettor In colors an soon Slim In till Mountain 1Jllrll GA 118 July 88 Corn May DERISIVE CRIES IN HOUSE OF COMMONS May Cotton May 1297 July 773 7C4 7G2 7ch 779 7li9 770 Oct 7r4 ooooooooooo < treatei parliament A DISPUTE OVKIl WHOS KXTITLKD TO UK WARD FOR TIIK XKORO Inquest t Held Yesterday Afternoon In Llvlnpitoii County llody Ta ken to Fullon 14331 N 1431 ComityClerk grentlydiscouraged I could not secure tho necessary doc ument according to tIle state laws until ho Jed reached his majority without his parents consent A The prospectlvu bride however was equal to tho occasion and she called up her prospective fatherinlaw over time long distance phone and finally lpersuaded him to como over to Cairo on the next boat nnd glvo his consent and witness tho ceremo ny All of tho parties wero from Wickliffe Two hours later the young mans father put In his appearance at the court house Rev C E Moore of Clinton 1 Kytvlio came along with the couple was on land and a few moments later tied the lknelt In the county clerks once XO 1XVKSTIOATIOX Of Hooks of tho Sheriff For the dispute has arisen It Is understood ns to who Is entitled to tho IC 1GOV6 1G2 reward for the negro who shotOffi Tt On I t I 101 193 cer W V I onor at Fulton early this h week The remains of time negro who HLOODSIIKI IX A Gravel sulclda near MUNICIPAL ILFCTIOX- committed Switch yesterday are In the lands of a Fulton undertaker and It has not HtintliiKtiii W Vn April I been decided what disposition will bo I L tuo friar A report was current today to tho ottect that Inspector II RHInes had written Sheriff Leo D Potter to so I cure tho 1902 collection books that he unity Investigate Into them but this proved erroneous Inspector Hlnes on the contrary hs municipal t olcctlnn hen today WIN has written that he has abandoned made of them auIrktvll with Idoodnhetho Idea of Investigation of those Tho body was readily Identified I dARrncral t batItIlII iirciirrt1 1 between praised pollcfinon Hfpiibllcaii deputy Nlicr there as that of the negro who shot hooks because of the tact that It was Tlio Garden of the World In 1002 that equal I Its fohliors of tho Civil war anti urg- IffH and DomocratN the officer It U understood that per ization raisedthe state board of and It the assessment ed tha people to so conduct thuiu Slow than forty hilts wero fired cons from Oilbortsvlllo Paducah nail would cause general confusion Mlvos Ilint theIr children may have Ono pollwiiau teas fatally Injury Mayfleld nil claim the reward which tho right to hold theIr pond high ed and another nwlvwl ni firsts aggregates 400 TIIIUTVXIXH After urging tho people to bring UP wound whllo ttun deputy MurjITs The other two negroes are still In their children wlththo Idea that hey wen wnunUiil In Hlrkman and It Is under mil 70 must bear hardships ho said In tilt stood will ho vigorously prosecuted Out of put Aldcrnuit AsMim Munici A liyvtandcr was shot Ownership Poire would you all have been fit hlioiildcr mill seriously liijund What i H accessories to the shooting of Offi for you mcn who fought In thu Civil cer Kakor They admit that they were Chicago April GSlx Republican war If you had been trained up n present but claim they had nothing TIIHKK IIUIIT aldermen say they wilt support May believe that If you tact a dlinculty the to do with the shooting orelect Dunne nail the program proper thing wns to lay down or runThe Inquest was held In Living which will assure tho Immediate nut away and you dont HHo dp you foI fly n Hnnnwny KiiKlno nt Indian star county yesterday aftornoon nt ulclpal ownership force at least 3d npolU an occasionally foolish father ud hI Qrnvol Switch and tho verdict rom uf the 70 sorry to say an occasionally fool am Cincin dared wns ns follows Indianapolis Aunt boy or Uh mother to bring up a We the Jury being duly sworn regent Lucas hark girl on tho theory that all that U sec nati Hnmlllon and Dayton switch csnary Is to have an easy tune and engine standing on n track nt Alooro to Inquire Into the death of Waddle L Attorney Prank I ucas who has whose dead hotly lies been at Covlngton 1 peed wits started by n miscreant nn 1 llutchlnson Ky for the just dodge difficulties The president was tho guest of run Into Indianapolis whore It col before us do find from the evidence throe months collecting taxes by tit came to his death Ing suits as honor nt n banquet last night The llded with a Lake Erie and Western before us that ho auditors agent returned I l president made a clwractocHtto engine Tim engines were wrecked icy n gunshot wound Inflicted by his this morning He filed many suits ntI own hand We further find he Is the Covlngton and nearly all wore com speech In which ho gave a definition t and Ihreo men wore Injured Qlllw promised ills commission nniouuii limn wanted for shooting t Young I aker of Fulton Ky Mon- to 20 per cent and he cleared quite K day Mini Ji while said officer wad A neat profit front his three month In time dUcharce of his duty work W 0 SKXTON Signed R 13 1IICK8JIll Contnivt to Uu Let QKO SHERIDAN Washington April Otlltts were J D STOLL8 opened nt the navy department for ARTHUR VINSON eightysix threeInch gene Title Will 55egler III APr110Atlor damp believe said explosion was caused by II P A UVRD I bo the largest contract for guns of l allies unknown duo to the explosion of blasting paw < r The body was placed aboard a tile calibre over let by the govern The verdict oleo dnysi Wo der sot oft by persons u yet tin liter believe that said mine was Ir train and taken te Fulton to bo iden ment known causal1 the death of 43 min fooat and oft condition for wmlv lined and was In charge of Lea Wick ors at hollers coal mine last MtiI ins purposen 10 far as gas Will 0911 er one of the n eiIt who wore In pur Auras Over Until October II rust pf tho negro when he was out I day according tq the verdict of hll nfllltl1 on April 3 tti0h V Cincinnati 01 April I tripped and forced to commit iul t811l eday t l coroners jury return 4 S circuit court of appea1a formally t f This jig the dlwuter which coat I h tides The yerdc declares t jje belief or t he il cded today thai the gppwil In the at HoblHfton juror that Ikp dealH of Ike miners llfo tf IttctilelaH Q W rgraIrt1arl by tIkn9iiaig e was racY 4MIKUtPulton cases of Attar Ppssla ChHdwJcK will l I eta 4t 1l Ilntievt9klr4Wday t was the X ult of afthr4suuiCatI ftraurlY pi ha not IM kea M Viitll U patolwr terpi I lw whaot tIp oral Ilagrpttt l 1 aJutwlm lrOW t yowls > tailu e4rws il Mr J l Sd I 116t hochuRt tTbo I h- dorllellII OA Did Enemies of Joseph Leiter Cause the Zeifler Mine Explosion tv 0Imo liIl i 1 W Paaau j uwfcrnir IN SAN FRANCISCO chances to recover- GA 1 Aug Htoctt 29 A BLOODY MURDER ooooooooooo 1282 July Pork Ing that she would arrive Pulton at noon ami would take tho remain to Memphis for burial Officer Faker Is reported still rest Ing easy at Memphis with good rapidly 88ft 30 10 CENTS I moved to tho county poor farm be cause It Is said this la the proper place for him The city and county have from line to time clashed ovor pest house caeca nnd when Dunks wns taken to thin city hospital this morning was taken there with no permit other than the verbal instructions from tho Jalldr or judge lie was conveyed to tho hospital In tno patrol wagon t and jf possible to movo him jn his present condition will ho taken away PER WEEK + 1 DRASTIC STEPS TO RESTRAIN MASSES Revolutionary Russians arc lie Ing Tried by Court Martini this afternoon = 117 30 30 May 1905 A report freely circulated today and telegraphed out ot t ulton last P night Is that the negro was killed tinlfour Left Suddenly to Escape by tho posse but It Is not true It tho Headless and Armless Trnni statement of tune men In the posse Found in a Blanket the Jeers are correct It they shot the negro lucre lIs no reason tticy should deny It ns they would have been justified Know lit Indiana Flro In Indiana Shouts of HrnlKn Kchoed All Over In It under the circumstances Tho negro may have been hit by Kniiltnrlnni ClilniKO Strikers lht Hall Tho Hciiio Wnrt Un tho posso In tho fusillade but time Lose Their right precedented bullet which muted Ills llfo ho fired himself when ho saw there was no chance to escape Ills pockets contained 90 cents In CHICAflO BUMS TUB OCTOPUH l RRinilTOX iKLIIOTH A LIRKRAL money a gold ring and a box of bandages nnd plasters The Memphis CommercialAppeal London April GTho house of of today says that Officer Eaker will San I rancisco April GStrnpped F commons last night was tho scene of recover Tho doctors In tho sanita In a blanket the body of a youth with head arms and legs below the a remarknblo demonstration based upon tho defeat of n government can knees missing was found at tho street corner Inst night Tho bod didate In Hyo election for llrlghton omit as at first supposed was still warm and quivering and a constituency which for 20 years tho blood with which tho blanket led not hailed to return conservative A boy saturated was or unionist candidates for parln o 0 was ho saw a man still wet ho gave said of meat O JUDOK TALTY WILL COX 0 a description placo the whom on the bundle Whllo n somewhat desultory nod O TEST IN ST LOUIS 0 sidewalk say they believe uninteresting debate was dragging 0 0 tho crime Detectives of tho Mafia tho work on there was a rush of opposition O St LOIIH April JJuidgo 0 members from the lobbies shouting O Tally Republican candidate Owith joy over n liberal victory In O for mayor IIIIH announced Snowstorm In Indiana 0 Urlghton Time news was received O Hint lie will contest time ro heavy Ft Wayne April 0 with great cheering Premier Hal O tlcrlloii of Jlnyor Reels dcin 0 snowstorm Is sweeping over North four who was just then entering tho o ocrnt on tho KrminiT of fraud 0 ern Indiana this morning and the house was greeted with shouts of O Reels majority wet 1125 temperature Is 28 Oresign resign As soon as tho demonstration sub Four Killed Ry Oas sided the debate continued and at Its April GAn aged New York conclusion n motion was adopted ask- THE FATHER GAME woman and three children wAe ing tho governments assistance In found dead In bed In a tenement this protecting cotton Industries against morning having been suffocated by the peril to which they aro exposed nhallng Illuminating gas by too great dependence upon tho so HIS sox COULD WKD OIRL OP United States Ilalfour quitted the Abbott Sanitarium limited illS CHOICK houso almost ImmediatelyMineral Welle Ind April GThe On a motion to adjourn an extra Abbott sanitarium was burned to the ordinary scene occurred Lloyd ground early this morning entailing George advanced liberal said he Unusual Termination tit nn- a loss of thirtyfive thousand dollars had Intended to question tho pro ThoKlop The manager and wlfo leaped from im nt of Kfiidicky Coup mier on tie fate that had befallen n tho second story and escaped the le to Cajro 111 member of time administration at lames Two adjoining residences heighten lie complained that on wero burned receiving notice that the question f would bo raised tho premier had deCairo Strikers Lost the Fight liberately left the house Tho pre- Rothrock IIIagedApril CsLeo Adam 20 and Miss Alllo Chicago April GFour lhundrea discourtesy to tho horse he miers men who have been on a strike In the said was becoming absolutely of sheet mill of the Inland Steel CofensiveSeveral at Indiana Harbor Ind havo re members spoko support Va t Oats G n In 48x48t I81 48 July snllIln Close Open MOIIH 1KOlLli IN IADU JfcCItACKUJi AND OAII COUNTY THAN ANY OTHKR PAPKn kY THURSDAY APltlL heavy London snowstorm this morning continued Ing LloydGeorge hind declaring the for an hour Thcra was frost last government ought to resign night but the fruit Is not killed Winston Churchill said It looked like tho beginning of the end nand 1 that It was n retribution for the govTODAYS MARKETS ernments shams nnd spumes and for tho manner in which time premier hind 1 Wheat May ULYAD- i j TJIH OT1IKH PADU AND 8KB PAPKR8 VAil Hu nitAO EVKnl inn DAY IN TUB WKKK lit NUN M wilt Ito ITaigrdUphenvals Threatened In Many Tho flnllly JOiTmm ldlI4 fn Outer to Huitlnii Cities Clitniploitltopc Juniper Ho time XO Now York April GJ01l120 Ills ore of Now Rochollo ecvan years old sacrificed lies life In u success- 1 ful effort to become tho skipping rope champion of her neighborhood To jump tho ropo 200 times line long been tho championship record ol the district Tho dull had oil tn hIll In vain to exceed IIt Wlton site began jumping lu her rant attempt ltmllli looked as troll na usual As she approached the 209marlc rho doggedly kept on jumping At 218 thou glr foil screaming with pnln and died shortly afterward nt t he hot t pltat The doctors found shun had been attacked by acute appendici SIGNS IlUCIJ 011 VIST I St Petcrsbiirtf llrllIcrorI1 l ing to dNpalrhc from Mnnclmrla A JnpanoMc ilctiirliiiieiit I advnuchigon M tie Russian position on Kevernl roads t rids may mean that active hfl slllllc i on n largo scale will bo resinned shortly y t i ie Drastic Step Yarsnw April GHnrsh measures arc being adopted by the authorities to put an end to International dlsecn tlons In Poland Orders have been ItMiod that participants In the recent disturbance shall bo tried by court martial TWO workmen have already been tried In this manner nnd condemned to be hangedI tis REPORTED ATTEMPT < To Wreck nn IlllnolM Central Train In Graves County TtvenlyKlght Poisoned Petersburg April GSixty hands employed In a factory here sud denly swooned today having been poisoned in some mysterious man nor Physicians were summoned but are unable to traco the cause of tho Twentyeight are in sudden illness a critical condition St Mayfield Aprill GAn at Ky tempt was made Tuesday afternoon to wreck the afternoon soutlt bound passenger train four unties north of und a hero near Hickory trove large bolt twelve Inches long was spliced down across tie toll and tvo largo rocks wero also placed on the Scc track about 300 yards apart ion hands discovered the rock and bolt and made a ropor to Superin tendent Gavin of Fulton who Is Rroko Up n Funeral anticipation Warsaw April of the funaral of tho girl who died oC wounds received in the lighting lit making n thorough Investigation Dzlka street on Sunday workmen ofj all the factories in the northern part PKOMIXKXT MAX of thin city loft their work yesterday afternoon and crowded Elekoralna John U Knglnnd Dies nt Ills Home and LeB7no streets Tho police fear in Cnlloway ing a hostile demonstration forbado Murray April GJohnD Eng- tho funeral nnd summoned Cossacks land one of the oldest and most re who using their knouts and swords spected citizens of Galloway county finally succeeded In dispersing the died suddenly at till lOlO near the atherlng Ho was eightyfive cIty yesterday per cent In wages Owing to tho closing of tho univer years old and was ono of the first sities of Warsaw 1COO students wore county clerks Galloway over had He dismissed All the students whom Indians Ktlll On Wnrpnth 131 Paso Tex April GJohn St was tho leader of the republican par- conscription was postponed during Clair a well known prospector whoso ty of tho county and had several their university year will bo compell statements aro considered reliable times been nominated for representa ed to serve now Ioilco and military made a fur- has returned from the Yaqui country tive ther house to house visitation In tho near Ures and Senora and reports suburb of Wela Tuesday night whora tho Indians still on the warpath nnd IN THREE WEEKS they arrested fourteen persons and devastating the country discovered great quantities of revolu tonary jroclamatfons Fire In Iowa Akron Iowa April GFlro hero burned put six business firms Loss IIIDS WILL UK OPKXKD FOR Russia Gels Reply The Washington AllrllGRlisslll line T f 50000 insurance 33000 THIRD STREKT WORK origin of the fire Is unknown been Informed by tho United States that so far as lite American minister n at Pokln Conger line been able tQ Want Only 10000 Chicago April G1he city has honed of Works Held n Brief and find out the reported antiforeign Unimportant Meeting Yes tiled suit for 40000 against time movemenrevJuChlna arg not unusu terday Standard 011 company Tho bill Is al Ifcexteiit or> haractor This v 1S 1 In rfcporisfe to tho Russian govern nonpayment based on tho alleged of inspection fees by tho company It ments reqnest that Secretary Hay Is claimed that tho company has for Inquire into the matter wjilch wjis President Noble was absontj from cause pffsdmo of tho anxiety In St > yenta refused to pay for Inspections y ducts of petroleum and that the ordi tho regular meeting of the board of i t u nance regulating coinmerse in naph public works yesterday afternoon tha and gasoline Representatives ot and for that reason little business entitled i HhVyer pfftJeffcto tho Standard 011 company hold that was transacted Petersburg April GThe St It was decided to open bids for fnsollne and naphtha are not pro slayer of Grand Ouku duel of petrolou mand that tho ordi tho Third street reconstruction con Identity of the tract on April 2Cth three weeks from Eerglus Is established His name Iis nance does not apply police yesterday The work of preparing Kalaleft and lloIs son of theonce tp plans and specifications has boon Inspector of Warsaw He was the TIM ATTORXKY GHXKUAL delayed because of the failure of lima student at St Petersburg Unlveriltv general council to design how wide and was oxpellqd fqr participating In I Will Ho Substituted For limo UIJc Uroad street Is to be the political trou t nun Agent new roller tho city recently Tho purchased Is hero and will bo un Mound City Mini lit Lurk K Frankfort 1 y April GCrcult loaded as soon as n man front tho Sprlngflold 111 April OrJuil Judge Stout has sustained n motion factory arrives to superintend the I Francis M Wright of ChampaUr of Attorney General Hays that tho work judge of tho new eastern district of sane of the attorney general be The hoard Is to hnvo nn ordinance Illinois of the United Btntes Cllrt substituted for roventio agent presented shortly prohibiting spitting yesterday appointed Daniel Hoi n ofs Harrison of Lexington ns plaintiff on tho market house floor and may Mound City clerk ot his court Wit for the state In eightyfour petitions later extend It to nil other public headquarters In Danville In tho state fiscal court places recently filet hero against rectifiers of spirits for FlKhty Per Cent tilled tho recovery of license taxes imposed dispatch from no TRUF RILLS London April by the legislative act df 1004 gen Lahore says lint 80 pun cent of the The motion ot tho attorney oral was for tho purpose of settling Found Against tlui Standard 011 Co population of Dbarmsala u Hill sn In Winchester Ky linn which suffered eo seriously In tho question of who has authority to S the earthquake wore killed lie such suits for tho state Winchester 1Ky April GFlfty Presiding Elder J II Rolwp Indictments wore returned against JUV JHK the Standard 01 company today al- of tho Paducah District will hoW time 11 road Negro Prisoner Trnnsftrwl From leging various violations of the city quarterly conference at i way Methodist church this evening license ordinance Jill to iho City HospitalI Today Gln shoprotes 1 VW V f t jotcrsiulrgar lqft C A1 CA C Neb Ranks colored charged with grand larceny was released front Jail this morning on account of bat health nail taHen to the city hospital for treatment Dnnlis several months ago was arrested for eteajlng a grip full of lathes the property of Mrs Julia llocupj and it Is alleged soon after elng jailed began to cat broken class and soap He managed to break hula health und tits morning was so Unabsorbed Morphine in Stomachs Was Enough to Have Killed Children d County Physician J W Pendloj yI The stomachs each contained enough this morning received a letter roll 1I morphine unabsorbed by tlfc mew Dr Vernon Rabbins city chemist at brave about the stomachs to kill an Louisville giving the result of hi aI ordinary child and It was only that He es analysis of time three stomachs taken absorbed that caused death front time RrockwelJ children nero for timates tho njnaunt unabwrbed At ill stomach taken to the purpose pf determining what re- onehalf grain for cacti confession of Title hears out the the hospital which was done ally Killed them > Pronobbh1I stated lie had mada a the mother >lru Mary UrocHyenII ollttO oclock tilts morning It Ia l she fcUW her chll4re V aa thor lIlh t estt of the 8qinaeh8 an4 i negro will tle thOlIIM 1 J1or 1 tllat ibe yen found mum JOt 1 AMpka wm ikla literuo 1 j upJgdse ry < > t8 lullI > lllorphluea t

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