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Image 1 of The Hartford republican, December 1, 1905

Part of The Hartford republican

rkv k s ti araau o y F ii < W 1f t Iftf t Uqublkani l 1 Fine Job Work a Specialty IF IT IS NEW VOL XVIII YOU Subscription WILL FIND IT IN TILE REPUBLICAN HARTFORD OHIO COUNTY KY FRIDAY DECEMBER 1 1 1905 a Year No 20 1 ARE 1TtL BEST FRIENDS PERUNA THE MOTHERS CHILDREN When Sickness Comes to the 4Little It Ones Is the Mother Who Chiefly Sutlers She gutters even more than the child who happens to be tick her sympathy III deeper than that of any other member of the family The mother look forward with dread to tho torrid heat of stunner thinking of tliolr children and tho many Itabllltlcs to disease that lire before thou Kprlng and summer aro nee to bring aliment especially among thu little V i Mk It docs not take a mother vary long toI discover that 1orunn is tho hot he has In time of lllncM among thu children Tho doctor mny come and go with their dlffcrintyheorlc and constant entiretyL react I I Each year tlnd some change In hU prcecrlptloiiR and In tho drugs he relics upon A Multitude of Motors Have discovered that IVruna in tho standby and that In all tho ailment vt sprung and eummor to which the children are subjected 1eruna U the remedy that will mot quickly rclloro Pernna Should Bo Kept In Every Household stomachl or towel dlere a catarrhal conation of the mucous surfaces la the cause Verona quickly relieves this condition of the niucoun Membrane 1s opera ¬ tion U prompt ilio children do not dU like to take tho medicine It hiss no dole tcnou effects In all part of tho body The Benefit Which tho Children of It simple reinovoa tbo cause of tho tho United States Have Received disagreeable ymptuB and restores tho From Pcruna Can Never Be health Put Into Words cr u n at a not aphynlc Pcruna is not The chronic ailment It hM prevented nor a narcotic Poruna does not produce any drug habit however tho MifTerlni it has mitigated will long It may be taken Perms se not a never bo fully recorded lint at leat this much can be said that timulaut Ieruna is a ape itlc remedy for all the coming generationU owes a great it catarrhal ailments of winter and sum debt to Peruna for slight in the tender years of youth that ailments are mOl < acuto or chronicto develop into lasting disease Tltojtotlters all over the United Status liableblasting tho whole carter of the thus are the beat friend that Ieruna lia 7 individualTho The Mothers hers who are bringing up their children today to believe in Peruna because It has cured them of are doing n great work for humanity Not only tholr various ailment but because It Thcro children brought up to believe always rcccuee tho children rom tho in IVruna from the start will when throe and grasp of catarrhal diseases they become heads of families them ¬ Wo havo In our flics bushels of testi ¬ selves uo Peruna with unquestioning monials from niothorH whoso children havo been cured by Verona However faithPeruna Protects the Entire the largo majority of mother who use Household Peruna wo never hear from As soon as tho value of Peruna is Hut wo do hear from a great number of mother who are no overjoyed at appreciated by every household both as come npcclal good they have received a preventive and cure tens of tttpuiands from Pcrtina that they cannot restrain of lives will bo saved and hundreds of their enthusiasm They arc anxious to- thousands of chronic lingering caws of hull tluso buiioflta with other mother catarrh will bo prevented raP tl f HighEsteem a r w SOLD ber of the young people with a HOME TELEPHONE < Newman Birk of Owensboro Buys Controlling Interest in the County it has been closed by which Newman Birk of Owensboro ac- ¬ quires a controlling interest in th- e Rough RiverTelephone company a Concern doing business principally in t Ohio county says the Owensboro A deal j i MesaengerNegotiations looking to such a deal have been pending for some Wme but the trade was finally closed on Saturday morning The con ¬ sideration for which the transfer was made is not given out nor is the byf The Rough River Telephone com ¬ pany is a member of the concatenation of independent companies and has long distance connection with a large and important territory It is one of the most thoroughly equip ¬ ped of the independent companle and is now and has been almost since organization doing good business Exchanges are maintained at Hartford and Beaver Dam ahd they reach almost every portion of Ohio coun- ¬ Mr Birk is an experienced tele phone mart and will doutbless mak la success of his new venture He conected with the A has been closely independent companies of Ow ¬ b cnsboro for several years An Enjoyable Evenigg entertaineMiss Una Mhuni at her hom inCratn 0 id x a q i 4ti Jess H Mrs Thrcsa Kooke 258 N Ashland Ave Chicago 111 Treasurer Laulcs of tho Maccabees writes In onr home Peruna is tho only medicine wo have Grandmother mother father and child all havo used Peruna It is our greatrumedy for catarrh of tlfDKtomach and headcolds and female complrjlnt l of which It has cured me catchcsI 00 0 No DoctorRegntredY Mr Edward Otto 027 Do Solo street St Paul Minn writesiI cannot say enough for Pernna It has dono great work in my family es- ¬ pecially for my oldest toy Wo had doctored with three or four different doctors and they did not seem to do him any good We gavo up hopes of euro and so did they but we pulled him through on Peruna We had several doctors and they said they could do no more for him so we tried Peruna as a last resort and keepIt doctor Is required Edward Otto i fna CoiitnfnsRo IttFc3tYce One reason why Peruna has found per manent use in so many homes III that It contains no narcollc of any kind Po runa Is perfectly harmless It can be used any length of time without acquire ing a drug habit Peruna does not produce temporary results It U permanent in its effect It has no bad effect upon the system and gradually eliminates catarrh by re ¬ moving the cause of There are a multitude homes where Peruna has been used off and on for twenty Such a tiling could not be possible if Peruna contained any drugs of a nar cotlo nature ¬ cotarrhL Poruna should be kept in tho house all the time Dont watt until the child is sick then tend to a drug store But have Peruna on hand accept no sub tltutc Children are especially liable to acute catarrh Indeed most of tho affections of childhood are catarrh All forms of soro throat quinsy croup Mr G n Farmer New Martlnsvillo hoarseness laryngitis etc are but dif ¬ writes WVa Our little son Harry is well and ferent phase of catarrh healthy now and we think If we do as Mrs Amelia Sailer Menasha Wla you directed us he will keep his health and grow strong I have used Peruna for a number of We know that our little sons life It cured me of chronic catarrh fSfsavcdbyyourwondertutmedlclne which 1 suffered with from Infancy Peruns and we shall always praise When my threo children were born Peruna and use It In our family when they all had catarrh but I havo given neededShould wo havo any more catarrhal them Peruna and find It very effective trouble in our family we shall always in ridding them of this horrible trouble write to you for treatmentG II I find that it Is also good to glvo them as a tonic and a preventatlvo oq colds Farmer and colic Mr Howard Andrew Sterner Muddy In fact I consider It a household blessing I would not know how to Creek Pa writes I have Peruna in my house all trio raise my children without It 1 am time and wont bo without it It Is good pleased to give It my recommends ¬ Amelia Sailer for children when they take a cold or lion l1drcss Dr S U Hartman lresldont croup It cured my baby boy of croupI have introduced Peruna into six of Tho Hartmau Sanitarium Colum famlltcsslncol received your last letter bus Ohio All correspondence held strictly coo and four have seen relief already fldontlil Howard Andrew Sterner writesJ ¬ t lifen to no avail Funeral ervices were BIG TOBACCO DEAL conducted by Revs G J Bean and E Young Colored Man Shot His M Crowe at the family residence Reportedby F G EwlnrCbalrman Saturday afternoon after which in ¬ of Ex ecutive Committee of Sweetheart Because She TalK terment took place at Oakwood Charlie was the youngest child of Farmers Association Mr and Mrs Thomas and was a bright little fellow and the pride of There is general rejoicing through ¬ Susan Rankins a young colored woman died last Tuesday from th KILLED AT ECHOLS j i Darkeyj greatlyI KenItuky Ellietokensf mety ° i centertown ofI i I 1 sd 0 lLi F I 1 TOn 1 t l4c A + i Ir instantly but be¬ was After funeral services conducted by Revs G J Bean and E M Crowee at 230 oclock Monday his remains were interred in Oakwood cemetery WHITESVILLE Hiliary Dewey and Miss Florence Clarence Williams spent Sunday night at y 4 t YY fl J Vix M i 1 HerbertI DL Monday Mrs Miller Neshew spent Satur ¬ day and Sunday with her parent G Early and wife Pellville Wm Petrie and C J Berry Ow ¬ em- ¬ ployee Company days with relatives at Herbert Miss Dora Evans went to Owens ¬ boro Monday Dr Lillard Owensboro spent Sun ¬ day with Lawrence Stinnett Lon Bruners little child is very bad of scarlet fever Miss Laura Nare entertained her friends at dinner Sunday in honor of her 14thbirthday A crowd from here attended the the baptising Sunday at Reynolds Frank Brooks Owensboro spent Sunday here with his parents r D F Brooks and wife and Clint JMlen are upending a few weeks 9priagfortheirhealth + r almost rep1reseQtative spendThanksgwmg Ernest Ford Princeton Ind of the Cumberland Telephonet spenta few i IIt dying Medical aid was summoned veryf Sundayt away the farmers association of the sale of from 5000 to 6000 hogshead ofthe 1904 crop which is held by the Association G W Dunnington representing the Joseph Ferigo Co who ¬ holds the regie contract The averPLEADED GUILTY ored man as the report goes and this age price secured was 885 per hun ¬ excited tb e jealousy of the Dickinson dred pounds figures ranging from darky and on the way home he raised Did Henry Mortoi to Charges of 7 to 12 and this will bring from a raQketwith the woman and shot off 700009 to 800000 to the farmers pistol She called to some other Removing MOllY From Temperance of the district parties who were in front of them Letters The Rev Nowlin pastor of the This seemed to enrage young Third Baptist church Owensboro Dickinson and he fired directly Ky Owensboro Nov 27The farmers association cals for all will on Monday night December 4th at the woman the contents of the pistol taking effect in her abdomen November term of the Feberal Court the Itallian types of tobacco held by deliver one of his famous lectures on the Association and when this is delTemperance at the M E church in It is reported that she made a dying statement practically substantuating g ivered will leavejess than 5000 hogsqty Centertown this report case in which there was a great deal heads of other types on hand and an Dickinson was arrested Tuesday j of interest was that of Henry Mor- early sale of these is expected Card of thanks this method of extending and lodged in jail and almost at Ate i ton a wel known Owensboro boy A T Nail Dies Suddenly friends our heartfelt same time the grand jury returned charged with removing money from the local gostoffice and Mr A T Nail one of Hartfords thanks for their kindness during the an indictment charging him with letters in I occupied only ten minutes time oldest citizens was stricken with fatal sickness of our little boy wilful murder Morton pleaded guilty to two of the heartfailure last Sunday afternoon Charlie and to express our appro l Death of a Little Boy three courts jhthe indictment He while out walking and died almost He and Mr C F Shap Charlie the nine year old son of was fined 500 and sentenced to the iustantly his dear little school mates and as ¬ May Gods richest bless ¬ Mr and Mrs E P Thomas died at county jail for mx months on each of mire had walk dQ1ton the levey sociates Respectfully ings be yours the home of his parents here last the two courts The 1000 was im North of Hartford some distance Friday afternoonafter brief illness mediately paid and judge Evans an and had sat down to rest After MR AND MRS E P THOMAS i of inflamatory rheumatism complij nounced that he could serve both sitting there sometime Mr Nail com ¬ Ai troupes cated with that- terms concurrently It was alsp or plah d of f feelinjrbadly Ieytlien n iricl medical skintand loving Jdered thattpaX acktbe money rtf1ba too town V r handrt0quld do for hjrn ya dons but- tfemoycKf frO milli tr Na tt at V I ground so fittingly evidenced their sadness announcement by F G Ewing chair on account of his untimely taking men of the Executive Committee o on the Saturday night proceeding Dickinson and the woman he was probably sweethearts at least h had accompanied her to some sort o bye ty I tacky party Saturday evening November 25 All present spent quite a delightful evening Those present were Misses Barnard Maybelle Garrett Uva Kimmel Una Fulkerson Elfra Heflin Bertha Morris Carrie Barn ard Era Garrett Grace Everly Hattie Milner Mattie Minton Calli Charlina Weatherford Bishop Weatherford Ferlena Messrs Ross Morton Berry Bishop Wayne Kincheloe Sam Everly Worth Fulkerson Marion Balls Eddie Hunter Ezra Bishop Joh Will Barnard Sidne Chancellor Kimbley Earl Everley Eldridge Miliner Pcnuel Everley Finis Chan cellar Jesse Boon Ellis Morris Ben Kimmel and John Barnard Where There Are Little Children 4+ 1 h i

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