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Image 19 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), December 13, 1910

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

i r n f w9vew e w = y wr aSA u ha f s 1 I I jl tie share in the development oi modern business is to include sne and larger proportion of Its rise THE PASSING OF THE OCEAN TRAMP the tramp steamer followingtook largermultiplying objects of the till the place in the period American international exchange within Civil war when the Liners Now Run to All Parts of the World and people were too murk occupied this classification As trade and with the problems and profits oi wealth have increased the numS Wanderers From Are Crowding internal development to pa ber of persons from any one coun ¬ much attention to the compare try who desire to travel to other Highways tively modest returns from ocean countries for pleasure or profit To trade Few of these vessels have has grown tremendously Ining to all sorts of places where ever voyaged under the Ameri meet these demands the present Origin of Term Trampand they never used to go the tramp can flog and these few are now fleet of great ocean liners has How There Vessels Operate growing ever has got mighty little show left mostly on regular routes The been developed typical tramp however usually larger swifter and more numer FEW UNDER AMERICAN FLA now n A hundred swift liners flying the British or Norwegian ous trrde Hag though pretty nearly crowd- comprise that fleet that regularly taken the South American In Now York Down in an old Pretty soon theyll takethe rest ed off the well traveled lanes of pies between New York and the fashioned office overlooking the of the trade with Australia nod the North Atlantic is a familiar ports of northern Europe and the water front where the official the east and then the tramp will sight in many ports She follows Mediterranean Half as many chronicler of the dwindling be where the saihngship is now7no fixed route but goes wherever more run from this city to other I American merchant fleet has hi the call of trade is heard In thii s respect she is like the Yankee commerce headquarters and where retirepss ing through drop in every day to likely to be realized for many clipper and those other earlier this port scarcely onetenth is sea captains swap yarns about the good old years to come or not may be a ships of sail which she has dis- carried by tramp steamships daye before 40000ion boats and question There are many placed The tramp may start Great liners carrying hundreds fiveday trips across the Atlantic tramp vessels a few sail but from a British port with a load of passengers and thousands of were dreamed of they were talk- ¬ mostly steamplodding the high of machinery for Brazil proceed tons of freight travel in all the ing the other day about the pass- seas sail There are many out next to New York with a cargo important trade routes The ship ¬ ing of the good ship Philadelphia oftheway corners that the linIof coffee run in ballast to New per prefers them for he knows A tlireelino dispatch in the morn ers are not likely to penetrate Orleans and there take on a con- when his goods are to leave port ing papers had conveyed to all soon where the sharpeyed wan ¬ signment of cotton that will car and when they will arrive at their the world the announcement tha e ry her back to her starting point foreign destination Their rates sailingship Philadephia o d Or she may traverse all the Seven aro as low as the tramp cau give the 1080 tons burden built in New question that a decided change Seas in her trade peregrinations their course in transit is far York in 1849 had been sent to has taken place within the past before turning her prow toward swifter and more certain and the scrap heap To most of the few yeas in the handling of her borne port Captain and time means money to the shipper world passing for a moment ocean traffic The business is crew seldom know when they ruder such circumstances Thus over this brief obituary the in expanding is being organized start on a voyage what remote the tramp is crowded off the main formation had been meaningless and systematized in accordance parts of the world they may not highways and must seek a living A few elderly readers perhaps with the methods that prevail in visit before they see their homes in ports less well supplied with transportation facilities or in recalled some incident in the other lines of human industry and fun iHes again lines of trade where time is a earlier career of the old sailing The great maritime companies Tramp Declining ship her record as one of the are sending their fast boats to negligible factor The influence that is forcing crack boats in the transAntlan ports and over routes that form There is never dead stocks tic trade 60 years ago her ad erly had to depend upon the the tramp steadily into a less aud in a store that does live adver veutnous voyages around the casual service of the tramp and less conspicuous and important n tiSI nil Horn or her hairbreath escapes the tramp is being crowded tut as a blockade runner in the civil the backgrounds off the main trade is the tremendous develop war Only the few grayhairec routs and into the less desireable mant within recent years of the KIBULTHBCOUQH men in the oldfashioned down trade just as the sailing ship was modern ocean liner with her town office grasped the chief crowded out a generation ago great speed her huge carrying ANDCURETHELUNGS 8 significance of the announcement when the operation of tram WlTHDRoKIHG which lay in the fact that the steamships was in its prime as a Some kinds of traffic can wait breaking up of the Philadelphia profitable business Rom nc e s DIScOVERYOG marked the raising of the last undoubtedly will be the loser b no fullrigeed ship of American the change but the commercial 1Qi II TRIAL BOTTIE FREE registry She was the last sur interests of the world will be tli AND ALL THROAT AND LUG TROUBLES vivor of that great of Yankee gainer for it is resulting in the cent the necessity of reaching the clipper ships that dotted the more rapid and more economical appointed goal in the shortest GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY Off MONEY BEFVNDEO Seven Seas with its sails three conduct of the great business of possible time The tendency of li quarters of a century ago and the worlds products whose boast it was that they WNNNmNNrWNNNNNNNNfflNNNNNNNNlNIINNMWNNNNNIMWNNNNNNNit1 Origin of Tramp could out sail or outfight the The tramp as a distinctive class ships of any other nation as of ocean steamship is of British occasion might require origin and its greatest numbers MADISONVILLE KY The old captains discussed the still hail from tile British Isles New ire Finest Hearse in the County 3 matter a little sadly as though and from the Scandinavian coun they felt a personal loss at the tries of northern Europe The Lverything DOOR TO POST OFFICE MASONIC BUILDING passing of an order wish which term was originated to apply to Rya mHNN many of them had been identi- the freighter of the type that fig fied ures frequently in Killings sto Driven Out By Steam ries They were brought out in said one the period of the great expansion She had to go jast as all the others have Sail of steam navigation during the cant stand afore steam The latter half of the nineteenth cen HOTEL CORNER MADISONVILLE KY liners took the cream of the busi- tury The early ones were the = = = FULL LINE OF ness and the steam tramp came cheapest things that could be Cheaply built along and gobbled the rest and made to float they were as cheaply outfitted now theres only the odds and ends of the lumber trade 10 keep from the sales of refuse naval Nail Files Scissors Patent Medicines Toilet Articles viz a few coastwise schooners oingIstores and cheaply manned by Buffers Talcum Face Powders Toilet Waters and Perfumes sailors who could not get a berth Yes it was the tramp that SUNDRIES Hair Tooth Cloth and Bath Brushes Combs Syrin done ita added another but the from respectable agents They ges Hot Water Bottles Atomizers Sponges Chamois tramps turn is coming too disregarded the requirements of Dusters Nursing Bottles Fittings etc Feather With the liners gettin bigger the Plimsoll marks and every SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tablets Pencils Pens Ink Erasers Rul ers etc Fine line of Box Papers and and faster all the time and run severe gale sent numbers of them to the bottom Hundreds of them Wedding Tablare rotting now in the depths of the Atlantic and as an old navigator phrased it there is a ridge S of them extending from Bilboa II I wouldnt take a thousand Spain to Oardiff and Swansea dollars for the good VINOL has where they ran in the coal and done me I was told that Cod Liver iron ore trade etsBranch Thus in its Oil was the medicine I needed for myweakened condition and poor origin the tramp was a true out blood I could not take the greasyI cast of the sea combining the tOcean r ij- s t I ti ii WesG 1 fli oJ I oiN tf R Ij qt I J fl r- ¬ vasts ¬ ¬ ¬ iii J ¬ profitablf ilt i ¬ ¬ r 1 > lieupd f TH wMA sTRll i L4v s S The SemIWeekly Bee one year The Pictorial Review one year Ladies World one year Modern Priscilla one year I ZOO Y ILL SEMIWEEKLY b t z 75 ARLINGTON p 100g eo Our Price for all g f KENTUCKY lg1l ii D1 Slowly made surely good yJt j J tt ¬ worldo routAP ¬ kindY IB M SLAT ON Undertaker i j I ¬ JAMES == = = = ¬ 4 J Prices Pure Drugs at i 1000 ROSS = = == = = Reasonable B ¬ II IWWi Office Established ¬ ferfS mixture and when our druggist told me that VINOL contained not only tonic iron but all the medicinal properties of Cod Liver Oil without the grease or oil or bad taste I made up my mind that was the medicine for me I tried it and today am i tl- i4 + tc strong andwell JJ greed of conscienceless owners and the recklessness of worth less mariners They represented the getrich quick idea in the de velopment of ocean trade but mauy of them were BO rottenly ¬ ¬ constructed that they defeated MRS J T SNYDER their builders purpose by going Greensboro N C to the bottom in the course of Wo guarantee the genuluuncss of the their first few voyages Later on the name tramp lost testimonialWe sinister significance and came with the its be to applied to any steamship understanding that if it does that followed no regular route not give the purchaser per ¬ but went wherever cargo was to fect satisfaction we return be had It is in this form of a operatedbut substantial his money without question cheaply tramp survives today vessel the Will you try a bottle un ¬ picking up the crumbs that the more aristocratic liner is too busy der these conditions or in too much of a hurry to i COMPANYclaimThe United States has had Drug Department S BERNARD MINING oaeorporated j It ro SemiI r I w Tough tasty thoroughly and slowly custom made Each pair made to wear style correct and quality uppermost- rI 1 I i A careful wearful shoe for boys and girls that is A dictionary with every without competition pair size 11 l2 bind up Ask your dealer CUSTOM MADE countyll lJ ii f WERTHEIMERSWARTS SHOE CO St Louis U SA 1 r f These Would Be Lost if You Stopped Ad- ¬ vertising Newspaper advertising is a part of all worthwhile i storeser ¬ a ix q il J A 4 lli r h rr I litj II tlit > J f l1i lM c A Mar j 4 d k L t l7tft l 1 it + a 4 s Y I bYr uWJ n cA u L A f I I i i BEE ADS PAY i f i rn i ji ffi1 C 10 r t s- J a ¬ I i 11 part of it which patrons particularly value For it keeps them in touch with your storeevents your sales the arrival of new stocks the showing of novelties the buying opportunities which vice 1 t j H r FourFifths of Your Stores Patrons Were Won by Advertising And FourFifths of W Managerr 1- BY mJ Aileen J i I I p t ¬ accepted position as your store must create for its friends magel of the Branch office of the The advertising becomes the link between the store and its to have Weekly Bee and will be glad clientele They expect the stores advertising to SERVE THEM my friends callat Mortons II not now and then not partially but ALWAYS and fully To j Store We expect to make FurnitureI in volume or frequencywould make curtail the advertising the same impression on them as though you moved into smaller b 6 the best and newsiest paper quarters and cut down your force of clerks and workers work To IN CREASE your advertising ta make it more complete asstore news have as a market letteras a bulletin of bargains will have the effect Any favors shown attention jprompt of enlisting a lot of new storefriends every day and of winning greatly appeciated both by my Ianew all of the old ones self and the management of the BEE I have t I> jOLDS ¬ ¬ t S exe i It i j

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