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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), December 18, 1975

Part of Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

F C: nn qc: jX 4 j38 0) !A X Neighborhood news since 1907 Volume 63, Number 32, 1 Section, 10 Pages Thursday, December 18, 1975 Twenty Cents f 't By Robin Garr III, Tom Mudd and Bruce VanOusen St. Matthews Mayor Bowling said this week Bernard F. he believes Jefferson County and suburban cities should start issuing parade permits. g Saturday's march sponsored by United Labor Against Busing (ULAB), brought crowds of demonstrators to St. Matthews and closed Shelbyville Road for two hours Saturday morning. About 200 of the demonstrators went on to Jeffersontown that afternoon, where they marched from the J'Town Shopping Center to City Hall and back. There, police maintained a lower profile In the light of the smaller, crowd, and busy Taylorsvllle Road was not closed. This week, Bowling recommended it the St. Matthews and East Jefferson V County Business Association write Jefferson Fiscal Court and the St. Matthews City Council, requesting each body to pass ordinances spelling out parade permit procedures. The city of Louisville Issues permits, but St. Matthews and the county do not. Bowling thinks a permit ordinance should spell out specific rules and regulations, which "would limit parades to reasonable requests," Bowling said. It should limit the time a steeet could be Staff photo by Robin Garr III closed, and allow traffic to cross periodically at Intersections. demonstrators marched In Jeffersontown Saturday afternoon. About 200 "What we had Saturday was an members of Union Labor Against Busing (ULAB) came to Jeffersontown after a march In unreasonable request, but to deny it St. Matthews, and paraded from the J'Town Shopping Center to City Hall and back again. would have caused a confrontation," Bowling added. The St. Matthews mayor credited the the demonstrators marched from Ox"good sense" of residents who stayed the rear parking lot. For a time, all wildly according to who was asked. Bill Kellerman, head of Citizens traffic to Oxmoor Center was cut off. moor Center east to The Mall, where away from the demonstration scene. A complement of Kentucky State Against Busing, said he thought there they had planned to turn back. Police was on hand Saturday at St. were 7,000 people at the peak of the St. Then they decided to continue west to Looking back on Saturday's demonMatthews City Hall, but not at the Matthews march. Shelbyville Road Plaza before turning stration, Bowling told the businessmen St. Matthews Police Chief Burton march scene. Bowling later said the around and going back to Oxmoor on he now believes traffic could have been state police would have been used to guessed 1,500 to 2,000, while ULAB the opposite side of Shelbyville Road. maintained on Shelbyville Road, with halt the demonstration if marchers had chairman Jack Shore said he thought Marchers were on the roadway for the demonstrators restricted to one tried to move west, towards St. the crowd ranged from 5,000 to 6,000. more than two hours from slightly lane. A union official did his best to click off Matthews, from their original route. before 10 am to about 12:15 pm. Bowling said the decision to close the people on a red plastic grocery-shoppin- g t full highway, from Oxmoor to Shelbycounter, and came up with a little more Jeffersontown Police Chief Robert Most of the St. Matthews marchers ville Road Plaza, was made Friday by Gutman said the march there came as a than 1,500. "It was hard to get 'em all remained for a rally In the Oxmoor Jefferson County Police Chief Russell surprise. "It was more spontaneous where they were bunched up at the parking lot, where leaders talked about McDanlel. g than we'd like we'd rather have front, though," he said. their purpose in bringing St. Matthews Police Chief James advance notice," he said. The Voice - Jeffersonlan, counting activity to the eastern suburbs. Burton earlier had concurred In McThe demonstration was orderly, hoadson a series of pictures taken from "As I was vlking down 6helbyvilie Daniel 's decision, saying "we felt it according to' Gutman, and the entire above as the march passed under the Rod,"'sald Kellerman, "I was thinking best, in the light of all possible evils there is really no more downtown local police force had been on standby In Watterson Expressway on its way back (including the possible economic Impact Louisville any more. It's gone. This is case they were needed to help in St. to Oxmoor, came up with 920. on local merchants), to close off the new downtown area, out here. t Matthews. Shelbyville Road. g Of the 200 demonstrators who came The "If you want your voice to be heard, crowd gathered at "We felt If the demonstrators did to Jeffersontown, about 150 made the Oxmoor Center, with early arrivals you'd better make It heard out here." attempt to get out of hand, innocent march down to City Hall. On the way to wandering out to Shelbyville Road and The Citizens Against busing leader bystanders and motorists could get the Watterson Trail city building, police haranguing motorists to honk their continued, "to the people who think the g hurt," Burton explained. movement is dying down, watched from spots along the route but horns while they waited for the march to Burton said he'd had no complaints did not accompany the marchers who begin. let mo tell you, don't hold your breath. from merchants, who seemed to underAs the group prepared to march, led "We have Just begun to fight, and the walked along the street's edge and n wagon carrying ULAB byword Is never, never . . ." and the stand the police "were simply trying to sometimes spilled out Into one traffic by a expedite the whole process, to get them lane. officials and Kellerman, police sealed crowd took up the chant, "never, never, In and get them out." off the road to all traffic. The move never . . ." Returning from city hall, the marchIn a fiery oration, ULAB official Jim ers were led by three police cars who apparently surprised but pleased many A few motorists, denied access to the Luckett scorned national labor leaders directed them along an eastbound lane of the demonstrators. local shopping centers, expressed their Moving slowly, spreading out at stance, who have taken a anger directly to police officers, Burton of Taylorsvllle road, facing traffic. times but kept in two traffic lanes by said. Traffic to The Mall was routed Continued on page 2 Estimates of the crowd size varied marshals wearing "resist" armbands, around Browns and Sherburn Lanes to The sticker mystery By Sandy Hlnton Staff Writer anti-busin- ANTI-BUSIN- J Jeffersontown Mayor Herbert S. Meyer Jr. says he's going to find out who did It. "I'll tell you one thing, he's going to be a marked person when we find out," the mayor said. They look like bumper stickers, but you don't see too many stuck to bumpers. Mostly, they are on stop signs, posts, and all over Jeffersontown. The orange stickers read "Fire Col. Murphy." In Gutman, September, the city appointed Chief Robert J. Gutman to replace now-Sg- t. Walter D. Murphy. "I don't think this Is a good thing to do. We have a new chief who's doing a hell of a good job. It's not a fair shake for him. They were printed out of jealousy or out of ignorance," Mayor Meyer said. An informant told The Jeffersonlan that two police officers were seen putting up the stickers at various locations. When contacted, the two denied doing it, and each said he G anti-busin- Around the neighborhood Christmas concert The Jeffersontown High School concert band, the Junior high band end the Cochrane Elementary School band, all Lamar under the direction son, will present a Christmas Concert on Sunday, Dec. 21, at 3 pm, at JHS, of Richard- 9600 Old Six Mile Lane. The public Is Invited to attend the free concert. Grace Episcopal play anti-busin- anti-busin- mule-draw- pro-busi- . 5-- 3, am In favor of the use of nuclear power for the betterment of mankind. Certainly the building of a power plant near Madison, Indiana for the purpose of providing cheaper electricity, Is better than building more destructive atomic bombs. Rober, E Peege Tanglewood Trail Oppose. I oppose because It is dangerous. Who would risk even a chance of hurting someone for the sake of some energy? PaulL. Whlteley Jr. Clover Lane Favor. I T. B. McAlister Grenfell Way Oppose. In this age of terrorism, the security risks are too great. Far better to learn to conserve existing power and to develop alternative sources. Name withheld Greenlawn Road Oppose. I do not believe the propaganda by the AEC and utilities about how safe the "nukes" are. If these plants are all that safe, why have a 560 million dollar damage liability? R.E. Tyree Narwood Drive any Oppose. 25 or 250 miles away n nuclear plant Is too close. A ol the reactor core (and there have already been two Incidents where were avoided by bare seconds and lots of luck) could kill 45,000, cause between S1 and In property damage and contaminate an area the size of Pennsylvania, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Laer Pearce melt-dow- Because of the holiday, we will publish on Tuesday next week. All advertising deadlines will be advanced to Friday, Dec. 19 at 5 pm. The news deadline Is Monday at 10 am. Merrifield Drive Windy Hills Oppose. There is enough pollution and deaths because of this. am positively against Itl Sonya Williams I Wlckham Way Oppose. No way. G. Yeager Ballad Boulevard Oppose. Nuclear safety today Is only as good as the engineering behind it and this is not an exact science today. The next ten years don't belter. promise much D. L. Dierklng Foeburn Lane your newspaper Favor. Perhaps printed some reliable information from informed sources, the public wouldn't be so full of fear and "guess Information." According to the March, 1975 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress, "In any one year, those living In the vicinity of a nuclear plant have one chance In 300 million of being killed In a reactor accident, and one chance In 150 million of being Injured." Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Wetherell North Beckley Station Road if Gwen Bryant Foxboro Drive Favor. The product (electricity) Is far more likely to cause harm than the production process Itself; yet we all accept the Inherent risks right In our homes. C. Gary Hughes Northumberland Drive Oppose. The risk is too greatl P.H.Adams Falrlawn Favor. We shall soon desperately need the energy. Based upon what is known, is extremely small. the J.L.Johnson Watterson Trail At 11 pm, Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, Grace Church will hold a candlelight carol service, and at 11:30 pm will be the First Mass of Christmas. Gene Jim Evans, Congressman Snyder's district field representative, will be at Jeffersontown City Hall, 10416 Watterson Trail, on Tuesday, Dec. 23, from 10 am to noon. He will discuss matters involving the federal government with area residents. Christmas musicals Christmas Sunday There will be a combined worship music program and chlldrens' program at St. Mark United Methodist Church, 4605 Lowe Road, on Sunday, Dec. 21, beginning at 5 pm. The choirs will sing portions of the "Messiah," and there will be a fellowship hour with sandwiches and coffee. The children will then present a Christmas play, with a special visit by Santa Claus. Because an article In last week's Jeffersonlan had to be cut due to space, the meaning of a paragraph in the article about a school board meeting at Seneca High School was altered, The paragraph have read: in question should "There was discussion about an The parochial school children at Ascension Catholic Church will present their Christmas muslcale, Thursday, Dec. 18, at 7:30 pm In the school cafeteria, 4600 Lynnbrook Drive. Senior citizens center The Southeastern Jefferson County Senior Citizens Center, 10409 Taylors D Town Talk 0 Anti-busin- On Friday, Deo. 19, the senior citizens will play traveling bingo, and on Monday, E.J. Lucas will play the saw-,- " In "Bits of Humor." On Tuesday, the Rev. Robert Rice will have a Christmas meditation, with music by Ken and Shara Jaret. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Dec. 24, 25 and 26, the center will be closed for the holidays. Correction Monday attack on a white girl by 25 black youths at Highland Junior High School. "The principal said he had spent' most of the day looking into the Incident. The facts showed it was a fight between two girls at a bus stop, he said. "One girl was bruised, but felt well enough to take the school bus home." alleged teen-age- d i i $280-bll-lio- n Oppose. Having gathered a great deal of Information during a similar controversy at Charlotte, N.C., concerning a nuclear plant at that location, I must oppose. The play directed by Anne Currie and Jane Blnkley, is open to the public and there is no admission charge. 267-141- attending. innnnnnnnnni u ncro s my opinions melt-dow- Davidson Drive Holiday deadlines Favor. We need this type of energy. We need the industry to help the employment situation. II will help business in Mayor Betty Walsh many phases. "The Drum," a Christmas play with music, will be presented by the choirs and members of the congregation of Grace Episcopal Church on Sunday, Dec. 21 , at 7:30 pm, at the parish house, 2216 Goldsmith Lane. vllle Road, is open Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. All persons over the age of 60 are invited to attend the programs and lunches. For reserva6 tions, call the day before Snyder rep visits Town Talk views vary on nuclear plant Favor. There are countless statistics compiled by the best scientific brains in the country proving the safety of nuclear powered generation. There Is only the wildest speculations as to its possible dangers. We need the power. f 0& . A substantial maorlty of Town Talk readers would prefer the nuclear power plant proposed for Indiana not be built. Last week's Town Talk query was '.'Do you favor or oppose the construction of a nuclear power plant near Madison, Indiana?" By a margin of our respondents said "oppose." ;. The answers turned on the question of safety. Those received by the Tuesday noon deadline, some edited for roasons of space, follow: Oppose. Why invade a small, peaceful town like Madison with a nuclear power plant when you could put one In a large City without it drawing a blink of an eye? Tim Norman Ashcraft Lane was unaware of who had the stickers printed. Councilman Chesley F. Wheeler, the council's liaison with the police department, said the stickers are In "poor taste. It's obvious we have some people In the city, an employee who's not to the professionalism and used discipline (of Gutman)." In November, the City Council adopted an ordinance that apparently locks Gutman in his post as chief. His previous contract was to expire In January. The law was passed to Insure Gutman's services when a majority Taxpayers party takes office in January. Former Mayor Franklin J. Chambers, whose four Taxpayers gained seats on the council in the November election, said the four will "wait until they are in office and not open their big mouths now" about Gutman's Job status. (Any ordinance adopted by the Council may be repealed.) Asked If a Taxpayers supporter put up the stickers, Chambers said, "we wouldn't do anything like that. Besides, we don't have the money." march? g D Should local authorities D continue to permit demonstrators to occupy major highways during busy periods and prevent the normal flow of traffic? ( get caught by last Saturday's sudden closing of Shelbyville Road? Were you there watching or participating In the march? Or did you stay home composing an answer to what you knew would be this week's Town Talk question desegregation? d about the big march against What do you think about the decision to permit the march and to seal off Shelbyville Road In the process? Some believe the police handled it well, but others resent the fact there was no warning and many people were Inconvenienced. Some argue the march never should have been allowed, but others say the right to assemble must be protected. Others complain the marchers have Ignored past restrictions and would do so again If they wanted. What do you think? Please complete the ballot at the right and return it to us very promptly, for we have an early deadline promptly next week along with any comment you care to add. You must give your name and address, but names will be withheld upon request. The results will be published Dec. I ) Yes ( ) D D No Comment: Did you court-ordere- D D D D D D D D D 23. 1 Your name. 0 Your address. Telephone: Please mail by Saturday, Dec. 20, to: J Town Talk The P.O. Box 7432 co Voice-Jeffersonl- an St. Matthews, Ky. 40207 r "

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