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Image 18 of The Winchester Sun March 7, 2012

Part of The Winchester Sun

THE WINCHESTER SUN B4 - THURSDAY, MARCH 8,2012 CONTACT BRIDGE SPORTS SLEUTH BY STEVEN BECKER uwu The Moment of Truth Indeed, with any luck at all, you'll wind up with an overtrick. But when you lead a low diamond to the queen and another back to the ace, West discards a spade, and making the contract is now far from certain. The outcome boils down to scoring four club tricks, so you cash the K-Q of clubs and lead your last club, on which West plays the nine. This brings you to the moment of truth. If West has the jack, you should play dummy'S ten; if East has the jack, you should play the ace. Decisions of this kind are seldom a tossup; there is nearly always a reason for favoring one play over the other. This case is no exception, as there is a good clue to lean on. It all goes back to West's opening lead. Presumably, West would have led from a five-card suit if he had one. His lead of the heart deuce indicated a four-card suit, and this was confirmed by East's return of the three, showing that he also had four East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH .J +854 6 +KQ73 +A 10 8 5 WEST EAST +.T732 ¥Q 1052 +9 +J962 +KQ9 .K9 4 3 +J 1064 +74 SOUTH +A 106 • A R7 +A 852 +KQ3 The bidding: East South West 'Iorth Pass I ,\T Pass 3 NT Opening lead - two of hearts. Assume you're in three notrump and West leads the deuce of hearts. You play dummy'S jack, hoping West has led from the K-Q, but East produces the king, and you duck. East returns the heart three, and you play low again. West wins with the ten and continues with a third heart, forcing out your ace. You have been looking at eight sure tricks right from the start, and the ninth trick seems all but assured. Tomorrow: «:2012 King hearts. Once it is conceded that West doesn't have a five-card suit, it follows that his original distribution was 4-4-1-4 (since he showed out on the second diamond lead). Finessing the ten of clubs therefore becomes the right play. Features Syndicate 3 6 :::::J In S B QP s TNL CMA ELU RA RC ILL HF E C F AR A S P S A S I T E R BZ N0DNA V HCA EBAN Wednesday's E) 0N HC J CTNA 0V Z C A DY 0W AT0 JUP A L ER NN 0ENT0NQKP NSMKT YX S0NV E PNAyT XVM F G DB IG AUNE y I A J E F P 0 LR0R 0TYAD unlisted clue: LONDON Find the listed words in the diagram. They run in all directions forward, backward, up, down and diagonally. Thursday's unlisted clue hint: LARGEST PLANET Bradenton Cocoa Daytona Beach Deland Dunedin Fort Myers Jacksonville Lakeland Sarasota Tampa Viera Orlando Pensacola Plant City Sanford ©2012 King Features, Inc. 3/8 FAMILY CIRCUS 38 512 5 4 7 ACK Q OMK DDU KC Trlc. 2 4 15 sQ XV THE Test your play. R PN • MLBMINOR LEAGUE CITIES IN FLORIDA 2 8 7 9 2 7 963 9 57364 25 61 Level: Beginner "When I grow up I hope this is gonna be one of our good 01' days." CROSSWORD By THOMAS ACROSS 1 Country dances 6 Indy racer Guthrie 11 Bewildered 12 Merge 13 Aspect 14 Ran easily 15 Up 17 Wing 19 Tear 20 Central 23 Installing sets and lighting, in the theater 25 Replacer of 33Across 26 Put into words 28 New driver, often 29 Excursion 30 Wrap up 31 Hot-dog holder 32 Sheltered side 33 Former Spanish coin 35 Irritate 38 Carries 41 Ticket category 42 Strata 43 Barnstorming feats JOSEPH 44 Town official DOWN 1 Brit. fliers 2 Seventh Greek letter 3 Shot up 4 Wolfish look 5 Mocking 6 Minty quaff 7 Shortly, in poems 8 Wee drink 9 Summer on the Seine 10 Clarinetist Lewis 16 Winding 17 Gladden star 20 Mangled 21 Dunne of films 22 Avoid 24 Racket 25 Have a bite 27 Crescentshaped window NEW CROSSWORD BOOK! Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 2, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 3-8 Pickles Zits WEt..t..,1CAN't ANSWER STUDENT 1"(.' I'VE RECI-IARGING STATION ear tcoe« su: OVER MY IIAN/?S! GOANSWER If.' m.nill!1 A NOTE FROM MY TEACHER. YOU CAN YELL AT ME FROM THERE. Beetle Bailey The Phantom- ::t DON'T GET HOW " .. eEerL_E CAN HIDE /~? FROM SARGE IN THESE GARBAGE ~ CANS /i-'~~ THERE'5 NOT ANY ROOMINTHEM AND IT1SVERY UNCOMFORTABI.E I. KNOW HE'S NOT A eREATSOLDIER, BUT I. THINK GARGE WILL BE SORRY HE: THREW HIM AWAY 1111111---1 Dustin Lockhorns SOME BIG JEf?K MADE ME GIVE UP MY BAf?STOOL LAST NIGHT.

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