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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, October 16, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

i AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. " mMVi!r&rzS?TZZ&S?!!!l VOL. XVIII. ffagsggzgssBieagTansiUfiEaa, ir BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. Ne 944.1 TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. JTOit 1 Die, the place whereon I now live, containing 450 acres well improved, and up to be as handsome a place generally rtUy, at is any in rj'ven county the dwelling bouLfo Tl.ii is pubhihed dyeue jHi.U ;n ad- is of brick, two (tones high, 46 leetJong by , TWO dollahs per amuim, vide, fjnilhccl off in a neat plain manner, an I junct. out houles; there islikewife r - who w i'c to the Editor, nuift otlufrlneoellary rhotveryinlnlt mill with two pan of ltones,ont piy xv po'nje ot their letters. of hifly are burr the said mill, ddm, and all u- were uuilt anew about twelve months ago the d3m and all under works arelocuft timber. w men win atieait mry THE MILLINERY STORE. jjgimpairednanatheie about years witnourne is 130 acres ol clear cd land, fpnogs nd ftockwater thatwas never knowntof ul. I willlell the whole together, or the mill with 50 or 100 acres with it, ants Rive n conliueraoie credit tor nail, the othei (Frdni London) J3eGS leave to return her sincere thanks to half being paid down. Furfurthar particulars an, nou ma, o for the encouragement fl.e generous has axpenenccd fritc her commencement, John Rogers. and inlorms them, (he has removed from rar; Fayette county, Davy's Folk of ? Bogg's, toth- - houfeoppolite to mr. llradlord's Elkhorn, April 6th, 1804. 5 Printing Office, where lbs continue to have TWO STILLS FOR SALE. an rxtciifive and elegant aflbrtment of the mod falhionable Millinery Goods, viz : ONE holds la7 gallons, the ojher 60 iulk and Straw Scoops, Old Ladies' Bonnets, gallons. I will sell them low for all Feathered "Velvet Hats, Velvet SpenceiS,Sat-ti- Cafli. For sale, also, and node Cloaks, Lace and Gauze Veils, The Noted Thorough Bred Horse, Turbins, Crape aiti Mufiin Cap1!, Ostrich Fea- , forCra-vatsLAMPLIGHTER, which is equal in thers, & Artificial Flowers, Stuffing! Lei-hSu'penders, Black. and IlcdiWorocco blood and beauty to any horse in ,the Bonnets for Children. Mate, and his colts the same is not fupe- Bonnets made, and UmN. - scooT-an6m rior. J will take one tnouland dollars brellas covered aithe Ihoiteft notic;. K. for him he is eight years old. ir i Mrs. White, y - 3- -, i 1 i n 1 er r B- r. Banks j& Owings, imported' from Philadelphia, and are opening for sate, on the lo'sveft terms, 111 the 'house lately occupied by Meffrs. John Jordan jun. St co. next door to Mr. SeiU's, r r VALUABLE PROPERTY Idth ciiti-J-- d, In act to by tr. ccileft a dneft road leading from Lexing- tax, V'itlnji Uie vJimcu btales,"the col.frV tn LC eorgetown There is tole-)- Containing two thousand, acies, fnuatc li ftors pfJxtdtaA arc o.u,fted to trani-ii- at improvements, with about on the head waters us toxiun, a branch ot to tluSiiptjvilor, coirect tranttiipts Bralheais's creek ; )bich land was loh 00 at re of the above' land cleared, ....-K1 l.. T7.ll "'! Til ! J .' of liPsOt all lai.ds or Ijls whuh they u)'."""1" S mul wirr. n rrnnrl w .in.l w'ell ,. . . ,.- , H mons, of LancaMer, nave .old for the non-- 1 ayment of said ,, Jiphia, to Joseph , atld'b y him to the r sore- - tax And it is. fjrtl.Lr p.ovided, that ,'m"'JU1La7c ' ".f l"r'";i' "'iPennfylva-nialay sale will known payment 10 tfe Sulaid bimah" Gratz. Any perlon incli- any person tion 10 the subscriber, living on the ning to purchase said lands, may know perior ; ot the taxlcclts and interrfl up. f premises. the terms (which will be' modeiate) by pn any ti.ift of land or lot so sold, (liould be peimiucd toiedtem the lame, pro'I will also sell all m'y flock, at applying to me in Lexington. vided, sin h. payment or tender of djv. reduced prices for caQi or short cre,-J- it WILL. MORTON-Attornein fast for S Gratz, ment be made within the period prekuh-cd.b- y Among my horses I have- - two lawj.whicli ni this (late will ex. iho.-oug-h tf June 4, 1804. " bred Mares, brought from pire, generally in Jiinuaty and Ftbruary Virginia last spring, one was got by NO riCE. visions otAP in the noted horse Quicksilver out of jfl will sell the remainder 0 thart va- nextaoove purluanceot the recited aft, nublic notice xy luable tract of military lsdd, lying' on tne a Pilgrim mare, three ,years old hereby giver, that I am oofiV this spring, now in foal by Albert, tVie Ohio, just above the mouth of the all the colleftois, hits of in lands, and lots, Kentucky river, contsming 431 acres n the other was got by Fitzchews nomen nave oeen Jold for cafti It ted running horse Old Frederick, at a vejy' reduced pric- -61 ft quality, of tbe said tax, within this. slate, (lavs emi of tie out of a full blooded mare, and now two which ate expefted daily) and that nent calculated toy farming. Etc. cominvfoal by Medley. manding a view several miles above and anyjerson wilhing to redeem lands or lots' which have been sold, may do so by . Tbos. I. Gqrrctt 'j, below of the Ohio river, embracing a applying to the fubferibe inLexmgon .1 Fayette, July 9th, 1804. , comDlete tvofpeft of .the Town at the "' JAMES MOJiRlSOJf, mouth of the Kentucky river. TO BE SOLD; Supersifor. Fishback Jas'. BY a power of attomev from, the ex Lexington, July 16th, 1804, P. Sv Those who would prefer ecutors of Patrick Henry deceafed,ia part of the tradtj may be ac- 'THE, SUBSCRIBERS d Sgc fp,r.t"c" . X' y J fr .OF LATOL, made in 17,84, and, is a rnplety r? 3000 acres, patented to nir. May andtmr. FOR SALE. I Hsn.ryjiuid.accordinglyfdiv-oeu-. Also 00 cres onnhe polling fork of Salt river, by survey 1784, patented to mr. HenrVl ' ' '" ' 700 acres Military Land, lying on uMt,. ' 9 &" ,'Brufli creek, N. W. T. where the road Velverets, Jaconet, tambored 5c .China, giafssj queens croiles from Limeftdne to Chilhcothe ; I ware Snnk nn.iliiis. this tratt contains about three hundied ' Imperial, Humhums, jacres of rich bottom'' the remainder i' Hyfun, Battas, Iudia (bawls, Tilk and Youu hyfon, "uS.well timbered; has on it a good mill ) Heat, and 15 nn r OntiH frtr.n TiTlh. & buhea cotton, liclioufe. India, fnk and cotton Coffee, Sugars, kindkcichiefs, ; 5Q0 acres, ditto ditto, lying on Clover Chintzes and calicoes Wines, Lick creeVa branoh-o'- f the Eaftforkol ot the ncwelt pat-- Brandy, the Little Miami, N. W..T. in a good Nutmegs, te.m, neighborhood, about three miles from Inlb linens, whoL- - and j Alfpice, Dunhams-TowPepper, seven from W llliams. half bleached, Ginger, Durants, burg, and eleven to' twelve from the Mace, Cotton cards. No. 8, - cyiiiiriuuaicu- n. ,' ucuciai wariaiiLy win ! ..zckiah xlarriton and Jarje! his wile, muffins, r late Jane Youug, John Young, byjpo. Furniture dimities, (Glover his guardian, ..Polly Proftor, Blbxk gauze for veils, John Prorllor and Chaj. PrpQpr, by Extra long silk glovesj afforted and Hezekiah Proiftor their guardian, ' coloured, rg cfljmplainants. ., yl Silk and cotton hafiery, Fancy and constitution cords, India Nankeens. Complete cases plottiqginftruments, ouipcnaers, Irlfh linens, Itid, morocco and stuff flioes, A gnglifii& German fcthes, SrJanilh fega,rs by tKe'bpx, Anvjls, vices, hite and jed lead, Spanish brownj.yellow oker, Vermillion and Prufiian blue, Irtdigo and fig blue, Cbffce, loaf fugor, teas, are valuahle, against, but a mircbafer wuld cliufc to judge RlHlard Taylor executor, and Sarah 1. . ' ' ii-Beard, Robert Campbell, James uiay uc miuwii tor immieii. 1 e subscriber, living in Charles Simms, Richard Taybyiapplying-toJilor, William Elliott, and Philip Ross, Fayette coun'y'' and Charles Megow&n and Elizabeth 'W. WAR FIELD; -- ' his wise, late Elizabeth Beard, Joseph April '. ' IBeaid, Robt. Joh'n'Be.ard', and ' ,LEx.--. PARKER & Co. liam Beard, heirs' and devisees of HAE Ju received from Philidel John Campbell, dec. def'ts. ). jihia,' inratfcvition to trieir former IN CHANCERY. I 'as ui)deffldrtd-Itnefe'and- s A Md-liga- 7'tii. n, 'tf W-il-- Calimancoes, aflortinent," Cinnamon, Wildbores, &c. &c. 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Biufi BoyKolin, plain and fikured camT Men's and women's Mullaid, &c do, j cotton hose & rocks, Coperas, madder, in creek, a sew miles from New Marit, digo and alluni Nankeens, Chintzes and calicoes, affortcd, N. W.T. . An allortmeut of im.i Tuikey yarn, ennrt nnHa. !..:.,. u n l. ., a1 Blue h"air plufli, & brown Hollands ""-.,yu,fi ported (hot of the Tickings in. .Kentucky, part of two trads, ontain- - Constitution and fancy cords,, ,! different numbers. A coiiipkteaiTurtment ling 6000 acies, fuiveyed and patented lixtra long lilt gloves, allorted, ot supply of bar tor William Jones. Morocco flippers,1afiorte4, Thty keep a constant 4000 acres, Clarke county, .Kentucky, Loaf sugar, coffee andircflnteas, ron, ftccl, callings and flleetjiron of the of eight bft qualities, affoited, and Dry Mann's part of a and patented fortdoufand acies, Copper in'fli,eets fcftill patterns. Richard surveyed lick fait. Which they will"sell on t'he tttoft rho- ' can be lupplied with boulting Millers tor Call). t 3332 3 acres, Mason county, Ken- - derate terms, cloths ot the different numbeis. Lexington, July 14. 1864. tuckyj-paof 5000 acres, surveyed and tf Lcxmgtun, Annl 7ith, 1804. j 'btick t:i Wu,u;, tral Chin-nevort- h. THE defendants James Milligan, William Ell'ott. Philip patented for George Underwood. 1200 acrM, Mason county, Kentucky,fureyed nd patented for Moody and M'Nrillw. 1000 acres Military land, on the wa n FTER an abfrnce of nearly twelve " 1 months from h' old (tand in Fi.anL-for- t, ters ot Ruffell's cieek, Green river. near the Ferry anj Waie-Eoaf32a acres, Tefferfon county, Kentuc now inform? bis fnonds and the, public ky. ibout sour miles from Louiftille, 40 ac.s of thistiaft is cleared. that he has rfjnu-- his o'd place of 116 acres, Fra nklin county, Kcn-uckE N E RT AI N M E N , on the North fork of Elkhoin. Where those that nidV pleule to call oi about six milLesfrom Frankfort ; on this hiiv., may rely on nieetine with every Kraft ?re coufiaerable improvements A r aiiu mihI IUIINVJIVU T in ana J. Ill rituntioii, boai a3 to themlelv-it r1 l kit the town of Paris, on Main street, and Vufes, that this country will afTord. lViva'c 7ii:its may have rooms undif-turbe- c ldjoiii. ni? Mr. Hughes's tavern'. An Inn and Out Lot in said town. wiih u bultle of a TaVein ; and Also a House and will improved Lot entlr aen disposed to have private boaidmr, cm be accommodated to thtir; in t', is place WlfllCa. J l.p above defci ibed pro; ertv wSll be sold low for Cak1i Himp and TobacPrankfoit, Feb 12, 1804. co, or on pivni bond v. th socd fecuri-tI .. I i; cy vv A I. f, irjju. Ins. a ronfideiable credit i.iay be had. 717 EG leae to inform the public that tbe For further particulars eiuiuiie of F. ijrice, ytonny in f'aft for (or (SJ will E &f SURGERY, I to the fubTci.bei.) Inpirtnerfinp, in the town of Lexington and JOHN JORDAN Jun. - TThomas Love, " Charles Ross U. Robt- Jojin Heard, having sailed to enter their appearance hereir agreeabla to law, and the rules of this CouVtand ft hppearing to the latUfaflfon of the Court, that thsy'.are not Wirtcs, &c. &c. &c. inhabitant" o f tin? Commonwealth- - On the motion of the complainants by their eonnfel, Which will be sold unusually low for It is ordered that the raid deiendants dp appear Cafli in hdnd. hereon the third dayofournext March Court, MACCOUN&TTLFORD. andanfwr the coniplainantsMIl, and that a Lexington, July 16, 1804. eonvef this order be inferred in the Kentucky Gazette or Independent Gazetteer according to law. THE PITTSBURGH ' - Tefle A Copy. 2-- rt 1 . '- i' rjfel-ci- vn-Ur- ! 1' Tract of Land, v KV'-tuck- y, n, 1 by powci of ajfor HA VE just received, in addition to nlMill creek, near Drenn'on's Lick. Pc their former aitortment, "1 Fayette Circuit Court, about 18 miles from the rhouth of September Tfjin, 1804. Blue ground callico and chintzes, and 40 miles fiom the Fa)b of OhiOj containing 1500 acres, by urvcy AmbrofeiYoung, Abnery,ouiig,alid He- - Cambrick, jacontt, and tambored ' 1 1 AM authonfed, S'.veH- - and harness l- xrssEEivEfii 3 DIREC i'AX , ncy, from Simon Gratz, of the ciu WHEREAS bv act ot Corgref, AND poffeflion given :uc acres oflaiid, lj ing on the of Philadelphia : sell one moiety of a pailea on tae 3d ot I.'a cu lall;, tut.tLd, 'An aft fuitlitrr to Micnd an aft, wattnj Cane Run, and l.mnediate- - MmQT it BritimKndipiiii(hi'ii permit and coumon iiimnuic, Mine makers and car- hrticl clorhs. penters' tools, Constitution and fancy All kinds of hard ware curds, t 77 FOR SALE. t8J4- - pur-chri- g, IZ&ve Saddlery TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, - .VaJKhjBfCftMjgltJ'g-aigPgof.?A'B- gaiaBaffiuaighYartKfa.iWja&fcaJj., f a.'gsgssKvJS '.sgbr4io:'TJSgw",M' t'eiih" ilj fHO t BLUE, RED, GREEN, 7El,L) W u & BROWN DYING. . Z ryfocoi or BQriLry c I WISH TO 3LLL MY . . Glass Works; F. C, C. HAVING been in successful onerau. on for some time pall ; tht proprietors , Tanyard are induc&d to inform their former cuf-toine- is and otheri, tljat tbey hae now cotton and lineft t'H this place tbe price will be moderate, i the payments made wuj Hflit dye, which 1 will warrant ser, and be;ing faiisfaftoialy cafy to the purcha- on hand a large aiTortnicnt of WIN on secured,, and the DOW ud toffand, or return the money, and oir iniereit punctually paiu GLASS HOLLOW WARE of a superior quality to anv h.- as reasonable terms as any dyer, in MUK 1 U1N WILL. f therto manufaftured in this country ; , Lexingtpn. I will dye wool, a deep Lexington, 4th June, iRo4and that they have determined to reduce ? blue at is. nd. per pound.' 20 DOLLARS REWARD. tbe prices this season as follows . ) HUGH CRAWFORD, T STOLEN from Wm. Faris's, on WINDOW, GLASS, At the sign of the Golden Boot & Little Rockcaflle, in the county of 7 by 9 at 11 dollars a box, Shoe, in the old K by 10 the night of the aid of this 12 do & corner of Main 10 by 12 13 tt"T , a large, likely, blood, bay do Lexington. and larger sizes in proportion. DING, near five feet tw6 v September 13U11 1803. HOLLOW WARE, six years old last spring, ". N. 13. . Is you want to have your ate fhodall round, no perceivable Gallon bottles 400 cents a duzen .f r. Jl r Half Gal. do 240 : cotton coiourea tree lrom lpots, tyc brand, has a small sear on the top of do do 1G0 Quatt your cuts loole. : a. C his lest ear, about an inch from the do Pint do do head, a small oblong star on his sore- Porter & Claret do 120 . NOTIC.R. v. 133 do nose, a sew snip on his Aprjl 27th, 1804. L those indebted to the late head, a small sm white hairs at the top of the hoof firms of Seitz St Lauman, right sore soot, and more A CAUTION. John A. ,Sehz, Seitz1 & Johnston of his and THE publicire hereby forewarnSt Co. Jolin Jordan the hollow Between the fetlock John A. Seita same soot, on which there ed against taking an aiiignment una Ikii. ohn Jordan Jun. &: Co. anil hoof of the is a defect or slaw, occasioned by Note for eighteen dollars, I paff d 8c William Joidan, are requeuJohn the vicinity deliver the Ian. ipiiuu, muiiujs to one indebted L'xinton Kntlllk Ur. Biown requefls tiio's who ed to come forward immediately, travel. Whoever will nir , , :.,. Tai uary 13, c Faid gelding to Col. David Meade, 80u. ) 0 him to pay t' sir accounts to county, vvnun-n- e uiiiii ui 17 and pay off their tefpecVive accounts r c 1..1 er give notti tor the amount. t. in Teffamine county, to Mr. Wm. iiauuuieuiiy gotirom mc ., M A DISO N CI ft ctJ IT, frt tneretoie to Andrew r. rRicE, who is hereliunton, near Stanford, in the coun I will not pay it unless coir.ptlkdby Fayette County, fcl Septeml at Court, 1804. by duly ajihorutd tortccis tht said Willi- - law. '1 oud. Wiliam Darnel t, co.i pl't. 'AKEN up b same. Those v, ho do not avail ty of Lincdln, or to the rans, lliall receive the above ) agaiint J. ONEBAYilLLLY, John Conrad Kcdl. theiiifelves of tbio noiice, n' ay re 11 eward, besides all reasonable expen- - Lexington, October i, 1804. z o.u old, a fmail wl.ite on jliam licfs & Als.dtf'ts. ibout one , affu''ed that futts will be iiiihtuted . . 1 f i i KT.M mr 1. - er n ht hin'ii(-.-loot: ".rnruira to v,nAint,,.ii. by his againtl them without difcrimnution. ces for travelling, is the distance be Flemmf county. 1'- wenty five dollars ; the f. id Colt j His day came the complainant, j. yobn Jordan Jun, more than fifty miles. TAKEN up by Daniel M'Lefc.f ana ir apueir counlel.anu on Wm. FLEMING. - 4, 1804. to the pUntation ot LeM cau.t neai to themo'ithof Foxcreek.abay MlRHb"'' Lexington, Septf 'tufaft.on oi rte'cou.t. tiur t',c Sentember 23d, 1804. V fnppofed to be three vears old, 14 hands N&h, Todd about N oven' Lt r dclen nt Hc!s, is not an inhabitant ofthi WHEKLAS I juichafcd a traot of mc uiint ninu ioor wiru a lump nn tne ljflie slat. It IS theief.ire oidcicd, that the said EeLic H. HA1UIISON. A RAY MARK, taken un b soot, and on the kfthindfoit foinc gray defcndint do finpcir here on the hift daN of L.airyioi'lieiiiJKl Mcoie, on the 16th of A Copy. Telle to 49 t1 1 rext Mirth rr"jOaft, as f, as I now rctollecT:, and flie of sseettr, living one mile below lou and Charles dolls appraised bv (anics T Neals. 1'iove piopeity, pay DfdJot'?, D. C. ,cau', il an he term whythis court, ti s the c mjlainant ca", mv bond there foi, for the luni the mouth of Paint Lick, on charges and take her away. " (Bill liould not be taktn as conleflcd; and that & Tlnllar: nflVsMp in Ihrrli Lntti .. - .. ., -May 25, 1804. tucky river, Garrard county, ja cop of this order lo infertcr' in the Ken- WAlSTi !J, t no whereat is in n,V0 or tbree APPPENTICFS toltuckv Qaiettefn two months fuccellively. he: ; by Vhich I tlie laio tractrcaToni bout 5 ears old, 14 hands and a hall some NOTICE TO DE310RS. have EO to pute, A copy. Tefte, the tloe ard Boct Makin ' Bi.fincis hi all, with a dent in the lest side of mil. Irvine, C. 31. C. beliee 1 may lole lam tract upon1 her head, from wbuh proceeds a One or two approved W ORKt.'EN al- l.L thifeindeb to the foberiher, are an ultinnte decilion theicfore, lo v a"ed by me, some white on her lest Ss regnefled to mike pavuii nt the ' t JUST PUBLISHED foiewarn all and every peifon-- whatever runninc lore, . . UNDLRWUC'D. , is November, to JONATHAN HulV, . th,- - i.,,H ' him.1 loot, witu a itai inne.ioie And for sale at this Office, llioin tnlino. m p. . . o n. ...l.r, or give their notes. 1 hose vho do no' c S IbOl. 2t lt J i, )d, Hid, smiffolud not to nav it un. antl branueci on lie .near niouiuc ply, may expift"coinpullory mvfuies tr m iETTtf.s on the divim: umty. ' . be ! ' purchase 111 ' In Snfwer to Mr. David Lutrow sjtil lum Letter fecurul in my thus, Ho ; appralieti to 50 aouars. taken. I July the 26th, 1 004. Letters to a Friend. George jidani Weber. ' J lAuguft 7, 1B04 Zc. I'. Ray, ) w3 JLcm "jC,'J5tk S'.'t. 1604, By AuGfSTINC F.ASTI?', - e, ' T y, 1 s IJiJvi ( sir - - 'court-hous- Cross-street- 11 aa-j- e, s, , h, ' y, 1 111 An-die- w . a-- 1 1 V f . r . Lti 111 .11 - . 1 . -- -- l.- a- - . T Blank Deeds I .. i It ! ' M

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