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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., August 27, 1920

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLCS FIRST PWIZE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION Ag BEST Advertising mm Abasia Evsry Business in th Big Sandy laaaad will b Try an A, New and with th results yu 11 1 I WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY E Sandy news. Q I Nimiity to EIGHT-PAG- The Big Sar iy News wlU bring yur advertising into w horn far th monmy than any in Eaatarn Kentucky thr aaaar 1 .. 1 Aut inveniutn nam, out faciam Vol urn LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, AUGUST 27. 120. XXXV. Numbar 61. written by Judge John P. Hag-- r. of Ashland; No man baa lived or died in the Big andy Valley of shorn all could speak more appreciatively Ua of Mr. Burns. As a life kmg christian it may truth fully be said of htm that he fought the good fight of faith and etabli:id his IIOII. R. T. BURNS M. F. CON LEY aod E. K. SPENCER. DYNAMITE EXPLOSION AT BORDERLAND LOCKWOODFARM MR DOCK JORDAN case of dynamite' touched off the power bouae of Mine No. j COUNTY of the Borderland Coal Corporation j BordVrbtnd. Mingo-co- . demolished , brick wall, the switchbtsird. I SCHOOL blew up the pumpbouse nd part of the th weary burden of earthly existence I boiler room wan. at Z:a o'clock Sun be well could say "Henceforth there? day morning. Bloodhounds trailed the un last aaturaaf Lounty upt. 01 LOUISA'S OLDEST CITIZEN. AND is laid op for me a rrown of righteous- - .ttCJXCM PAID FOR THE rUynamiters. said to have been three Schools J. H. Ekers resumed hia office . neas and all the tk)inra promised ; men. to Chattaroy. KENTUCKY'S but there lost the and the County Judge appointed Prof, FARM IN THE BIG SANDY ONE OF EASTERN by th Lord, our righteous JuJge, to latent. Authorities say they have Dork Jordan to the oiace. He VALLEY. MOST NOTED MEN GONE those who rest from their labors, their ciews connecting we aynamiung witn bond and entered at once upon the good works following "them. the nUw unionist activities in the Nor- - duties. ' TO HIS REWARD. '. Rowland T. Burns was born on Bear I folk Western coal fields. jjr. Ekers has held the office mm creek, then in Lawrence county. Kenllamage to the Borderland power than six years, having been elected Hon. K. EL Shannon, of Louisa, has tucky. March 14. 134: hence waa bouse is placed at SS.e. John Lock wood th hurt time without opposition. Hia On bat Sunday night at II o'clock years, S montha and C days old at boughtat the famousstation, eight miles A motive for the dynamiting Is seen , Lockwood farm satisfaction. Honorable Rom land Tlernau Burn, death. He was younger brother of two j from Catlettsburr on the Big Sandy by tbe authorities in the fact that the administration has given give his time He retires voluntarily to must distinguished Jurists of Kentuc- - , minent !nyer. prominent church' .. .kA.usn .. 1 Borderland properties had been op- to the merchandising business. Like " . Harvey Burns and John , ,. . man. leading ritisen, patriarch of our erating continuously despite tbe strike. most other offices in this county, the M. Burns. The full equal of his dis- I equipments live stock, nay, supplies. imla city, laid aside I ha burdens of a salary is too small to make them retinguished brothers In ripe knowledge !etc .. lone "tlf- - The weijht of mora than HAYO TRAIL LOCATION. munerative. four-ayears had. Vr many montha of th law and powers of eloquence as 10 sat si ion is to be given October Several citizens went to Frankfort ProL Jordan comes to the office ripe -- a advocate, he entered the practice of canard bia frag'le form to totter a be 1st. Mr. Shannon ia seriously consid Monday to resist an effort to change in school deep with his profession at Pikeville in 157. and ering moving to tbe farm. It has a the location of Mayo Trail from the biterest inexperience andof the apublic fssril in and out amongst u.of Tb the welfare two continued in leading practice there un- modern brick residence of ten rooms, East Fork to the river route between schools. We expect to see transition mm atrr an illness him handle weeks, following a trip to a Sunday til removing to Louisa about 54 years with hot water Ashland and Louisa. The board anago continuing in active and success- finely finished, equippedgas. and every- nounced the . matter closed, the route the work successfully. school oonventton at Ka.ranaush. HU heating system, bath. enfeebled condition mas not uial to ful practice there snd in tbe courts of thing desirable for making a comfort- having been approved at Frankfort MAY EXCHANGE OLD too umlcB put forth on that tr.p and tbe Big-- Sandy country until within able home. and Washington. ;' BOOKS UNTIL SEPT. 1 na was conflnod to hia bel frooa that the paat year or two. Unsullied in acres, inThe farm contains 1 t . relaemaciate tun until death cUinvd bia true and faithful in all THE STREET PAVING. cluding a large acreage of river bottom may be exchanged for new Old books body. tions of life: urbane and courteous in Slag Is now being spread on Main ones as late as September L all book ' association with fellow members of the which overflows almost every year and ROWLAND T. BURNS. evident to Oa laat Sunday it produces more corn per acre than any , Cross street between Main and Mad- - concerns holding contracts to furnish ' Bar: of unbending loyalty to the cause tna family that Mr. Burn eoakt last After being thoroughly rolled it them to the State have agreed. Tbe in the valley. After the destthllson. only a few hours. Absent member :of client: having the confidence of Jarm of Frank, only son of John Ixckwood. I will receive the rock asphalt, which is time expired June 15, but Superintencontwo or three years ago. Since "hat. be courts and turica. his entire Drof es- - the farm was sold by Mrs. Lockwood now on tbe way to Louisa. of tb family war notified of dent Colvin obtained the concession dition acd they started at onr-- t for had been "lble to be on the atrei Is al ! atonal career shows forth a type of his to a niece, Mrs. Lucy PoweU. Tbe changing and tapping of water and has notified the county super in tenLouie. Several other relatives alao most CTerv day. escept for short per surviving professional brethren. Of and gaa lines and the sanitary sew- ders: who have been asked to inform came. Mrs. C H. Williamson, taucb-ta- r iods of illaeas. He never missed at- exenxptary conduct: tender and most er is delaying the work of excavation dealers. af Mr. Barns, arrived from Arkan- tend Ir.? a preachiig it his devoted in the relation of husband and More Kentucky Coal somewhat. Tbe curb and gutter work gn. He was a father: endeared and endearing ia assas an Tuesday vening and Rev. church when jble is going along verj welL KILLED IN RUSSELL YARDS. Mines May Be Bought wsto.-- . sup- sociation with hia profession! brethrsacbed her from Asnerlllc. faithful rriend to ev-r- y Logan Combs, a C. O. employe. N. C. oa a later train the; sun day. porting and encouraging them at all ren, be will be enshrined in the afHOUSE PARTY. By Ford was killed went under the Mr. and Mrs. 1 8. lobnaon and sons, times. fectionate memory of all whose good In honor of her visitor. Miss Cath- wheels of a when be over th "hump car going sad daughter. Mrs. Mtaon Payne, were Mr. Burns ranked is on of thi very fortune It Is to have Known this splenarine Carey of Islington, Miss Anna Knoxville. Tenn. Aug. 1. Henry Mary Miller is entertaining a house in tbe Russell yards Tuesday night. bora wheal tha end cam. ; ablert Liwyers In Cavtera K?ilurky. did man in deeds of gentle courtesy, legs were one arm The funeral wat neW Wednesday af- He practiced in all tne of the acta of faithful friendship and in char- Ford may buy more coal mines in the party. Tbe invited guests are Misses Both severed. Hecut off and to a hoswas taken of rec- Kentucky district. According to re- Mabel Crumley. Opal Walters. Jessie waa ternoon from the residence. In the Big Sandy vail y for forty years or acter built upon foundation presence of a large frittering of peo- more. In addltioc to his knowledge titude d clear honor. Old and grey ports received here be has offered Carter. Marie Bell. Mary Wallace, of pital in I ronton, O, but died an hour and relatives and Judgment of the law he w is an headed, like Samuel of old. be lived SAW. ple. A number of for tbe Creech coal com- Louisa, and Emily Cornelia Turner of later. He leaves a wife and one child residents of Ashland. from various point all tha way ft on. orator of more than ordinary talent before bis people from early manhood pany's opera tioo on Wallin creek in .Winchester. Ashland to Hkeville wer present. These mines are near the to ripest sge and no witness can be Harlan-cOn Thursday evening from 7 to It and aceouiplM&ment- PIKE TEACHERS IN SESSION. Many handanm Ooral pieces wet before tbe Lord or his an- Banner Fork operations recently pur- o'clock she gave a party which included Vnr 4 yeas he was tupwiatenJent summoned aay Raw or fault can chased by the Ford interests for Sl.-$- .- quite a number of other girls and aent by friends, and on especially atno! n ted Pikeville. Ky, Aug. 22. The Pike of the Sunday srbonl or the M. E. b foundtoin th that County Teachers' Institute convened righteousness of bis tract! v offmrc was from the Sunday boy Chcrch Sooth at Louisa, and it wu life and its consecration in discharge school of the It. E. Church Sou:h. here today with J. W. Ireland, FrankIt is said that the Fords are planning under his administri Ion that the as citizen, to fort, and L H. Boothe, Richmond, The aervtr operej with an schjol atuiinrd the reputation of betns of all duties whetherchurch or Sun- to make their own iron and steel and and approprtat prayer by Rr. C. A the best In th Wesrrrn I'irgiaia Con family, profession, to that these big coal mines are needed NEWS good to furnish coal with which to .un the truly great and teachItiwei cf rYeatonabura. One hundred and seventy-fiv- e hei-- I for many day School. This Then followed a moat fitter sermon ference. He distinction.Irst president of man kept to bia latest days the simple five tremendous blast furnaces which ers enrolled. Several schools of . wsa tbe by Rev. J. D. BeU. beloved pastor of year-ta child. His good works con- are proposed and one of which already taught for lack are not Sanday School heart of Mr. Bonn. H Included a beautiful ! the lanunc Coontr tinued cnnstrucied. Many more mii-bothe lengthening The Blaine was th greatest fc-to- r shadows throughoutspct life, wrought has beenthe auto manufacturer's mon- line were 2224oil field runs in the pipe or oology oa tb Uf of th sainted am. AssocisUoa andup of a well of barrels last week. this organisation to la building expended in the consciousness that be was In part a said: Well No. 1 on James Skaggs farm RUNAWAY BOY IS RECOVERED. permanent pa'r. It out hi theby tbe respect and admira- ey may be get coal for tbe Kentucky "At a time ok this two different yet a autttaafnl and other in- sal drill In thin week. This is nearly regions to sustained Raymond Snoddy, or Advance,Green-u- p every la a roincidenc that tit anaunl Sun tion of but fellows. As kindly neigh- ter, sis and the axkis tactonea con- a mile west of the Keaton Fork wells Inseparable cojUhna ronfruot county, who disappeared from his Lawrence day Sctoo( so th minor pre- county met Coaventioa for day of bis bor, church member and teacher of the trolled by the Detroit manufacturer. and will be an Important test. trm believer, the oome several weeks ago, was located la Louisa on the emphasised by the gospel ia Th Banner Fork operation is said Tb casing has Just been set In San-fo- by his father. Andy Snoddy at a point lude to the resurrection unsearchable riches of help- to produce only 2 per cent of the coal Lyons Na 2. our Lord during Passion week, tha j funeral. three miles from Logan. W. Va. The waa Sunday School, be gar light, At the time or hia the triumphant aong of victory Superintendent craerttuadeath bLouisa fulness and good cheer to all attended required for the industries of Ford, and The John Gilliam well baa been boy. who is fourteen years of age. was of the aa He who brum to death j Sunday School, al waya. by those things which should it ia said that In addition to the Creech cleaned out after shooting in three employed carrying water for a con on of sis honorary burst asunder tha bars of hia prison life nMSabers ofand Kentucky Sunday accompany old ag honor, lor and coal company's mines that the Adjax sands and is good for 35 to 4 barrel. tractor, when his father to Had him-Th-ey the In the goodly mine in the Hazard field is desired. ' bouse and led captivity captive. Tbe rig is being moved from there to returned together to their nome-a- t Hia reputation as troops of friends and ao. Practically all of the Harlin county the adjoining tract of Ben Ferguson. It does not take long far any of us School Association. his adoptiua Advance. leader extended city of gave us there is a . a Sunday School States of Kentucky to ta world mines are said to be under option of A rig is setting up on Mrs. Proctor to realise that if for hia honors "He Sparks farm. again his blessed part to Heavn and big utilities, power and resurrect ton so for every one there is throughout tbe two . STILL CAPTURED ON a supulcber and garden. Early in 'and West Virginia. tbe M. E. Church slept In peace.' surrendering his pure corporations. Brack Hoi brook No. 2 is drilling in THE KENTUCKY SIDE: Mr. Btaxna Joined year we com to resits thia truth According to well founded rumors this week. soul to Christ, his captaia. under whose a ouoet in will be spent by Pittsburgh The National Drilling company is that earthly life b not unending. The aouta and early Kle and wis to the whit banner be long and valiantly The Williamson. W. Va. News says-- : loyal exemplary member grave bjk. full Kentucky for the con- rigging to child whose young feet bar trodden nour of hia No. 2 on R. Deputy Sheriff John Scalf. of drain. H bad served in all fought, goingshock bis corn that cometh capitalistsofin concrete railroad bridge, for the up for Gas company. C Miller upon th bias aisna of a doaen spring of Union a struction still on captured a proving faitnful age like as a by and by the end will th of trial In his season. realises that building of a model mining town and No. 2 on Pleas Holbrook was shot J. C Williamson Branch, near South -come, although th facta cast ao shad- and efficient in every instaice. He wUl flowing. It is at least an aver- Williamson. The still waa not In coal deposits. and is To aay that Uncle Roll was ftrst devetopment of rich by bis church. ow spasi bia young life and ao appari- be greatly missed Th seat of this near venture is un- age well for the field. and there waa nobody about It would b impossible to measure sTT"fr ta lawyers of ta Sandy Valtion appears to him la his droams. the extent of bia influence for good in ley ta to proclaim that which all men derstood to be in Eastern Kentucky No. S on Dra. H H A J. J. Gambill It and no liquor was found. but whet Mature years arrive, aa tttey this community and to the Big Sandy know. That he tarried so hue Meaning near the West VL sinia border-- in Pike ia being cased. surely will with their fuller underAnother well on Daniel Skagra will -- UNCLE JOHN" SHELL young and old by tbe example of a county, oa the C. A O. railroad. Tbe valley. standing, w then ee. for tha first can we It will go on forever. Neither pur and uj.nght life, prove that railroad is soon to extend its lines over be started soon. RIDES 16 MILES ON MULE calculate the loss sustained by In the garden which tun something -th bridge to be built across the river The Cumberland Petroleum will drill rar'-h-Aa evening twilight fades away A" e do reason of his passing Iran V developSep discover in a well on Oliver Wheeler in a few PinevUle, Ky. Spry aa a man of 54. gentle, genial, bright end Th sky is filled with stars unseen near Pikeville. This second He wet walk where u uv but we lealiz happy. waa kind word was ment is reported to be contemplated daya. "Uncle Johnnie" Shell, mountain palips by day" A ta No. I 00 C. E Rice has been shot triarch, whose friends chum he fs 151 that ail paths lead to it-- And while at all times. by the Pittsburgh Sled company. and that life's huest sands are its Another corpora tioo has spent 1 vtr and shows up good. this fart remains ther are twi waya years old. rode a mule aixteen miles literary attainment The Ott Oil company is drilling on l 4. of leoksng at it. If a sepulcner Is to Mr. Burns for a man whose educa- sands of gold. , . in the last two and a half borne H wrought righteously in the af- years and its work is far from com- Lee Ross farm on Caines Creek. This over the mountains from his on in every gard-so a garden surroun-tthe Perry county to Chad, a station tion! advantage were limited. He fairs of church and community a plete. Thia company plans to build is aa important test. very sepulcber. The trouble mlth waa L. A N. near Benbam, boarded a traigrameducated, leader in all rood work and earned Huntington, have tor PinevUle and left here a few hours of aa is. that w to often see th mar iargy aeU and trylebut in moat Frost and Miller, of houses and has only M of this be was the diction sapslcber with, its tragic puasibiUUes equaland any. Hsf rea ling included the true and permanent fame Inw--Jltabors number finished. taken over the J. P. Skaggs lease of later for London, where be will visit of bepromoting the hapotnes and 142 acres on Coal creek and will drill his son. who instead of th garden with its per en is more than S4 years old. best literal are. both poetry an I prose, ing of bis kind. The beneficence of his it at once. son accomparjed won- labors will abide as an indestructible Salary His 7 year-old School Teachers It ia ala a fact that much of the and much uf It was Mmd in hn The Union Gas A Oil company win centenarian. memory and called forth to force because based on principlea of awaduw of life lies across th path of derful erect a f ta.SO gasoline plant at their This oratorical flights. pumping station on upper BuUn GascirlUxation. tm oar fuller refinement, serve htm well In his ad drew upoa any true virtu of which it has been truly He waa for aa Former Lawrence County w get moro Imagination, wtui we occasion ready always acquitted oline Weill h evtrsted frnn the and reject tn evidence of divinely planted the pyra- - The report has been circulated that alone marketed thmnn the nine "Virtue Man Killed By most creditably. the rural tesccers win receive we Intuitions and demand what w coo- The surviving children are Mrs. C. evidence: the out-mdubltabl Her monuments - shall mst when salary or $45 per month. I wish to! The Cumberland Pipe Line company Mrs. U S. Johnson. say to all concerned that a teacher logical iKots rm or at usual H. Williamson. fail.inch oil line from the a The following 1s from the Ashland fa. Hortrtt and John G. certificate will second S It la. matured Mrs. Maryson and aughler. Al-- x. and If permissible to Invade -the sacred with a not less grade ICS per month. npper Blaine field to the tare pump-recei- Independent: Runs. A than Stepping from an east bound street me BtaUolI Jusi completed near Blaine ctrillsatian devetopa snicldc born of Mr H W. Ferrruson. died many years precincts of the sorrowing- noose by with a first class not car directly into the path of the east disiisli or it takes wn th fona of publicly speaking of its hallowed and a teacherper month. Also atten- - towm, less than $7 specter points with bought eight car loads bound C. ft O. passenger train No. 1C who atheism The uuion ha Th paJI beaieia WfeF.I. Stewart, memories, such speech would linger ta dance acd experience win help white afcetetoa anger to something of pipe mt MrKeesport, Pa, and is at the Broadway street eroasinc;. Just R. Vin- delight to tell of the sings iarly beauConley. K. Lv il. DOCK JORDAX. Sunt. among the trees. Tern, ther on ac Aarge for ship- - below Catlettshurg. Isaac Cordial. 44. is a son.F.A. M. Hagfeea. Vinson, betarinr tt tiful devotion of Mr. Burns to hia A. O. spuh-he- r ment to Rivertotv from where it will of Sandy City, was instantly killed there Jet as not forget it. Honorary pall bearers. Cirtr. Jchn loved wife who, in brighter clime, has Judge IN 40 YEARS. FIRST VISIT snippy t Webbville- - This, with ahout (:20 o'clock last Friday night. for every on of as; but let us not Jay H. bidden him welcome to tbe glories of Mrs. Neiswendei. of Paola, Kansas. Dr. placed M Pittsburg, His mangled body was taken to forget too that If w live rightly ther F. Hager. Hon. L K. Tick. CoL Mr. Tip a heaven made more radiant in reO. W. CastV. and daughter. Mr Delta BrendaB. of we Xorthup. jim.OO ta a gar4en surrounding It. and worth of casing and Catlettsburs; where it was prepared and united cimpanship wiib wife and McKeesport. Pa, came to Louisa last HJThompson. tubiiiaj for the Union company. not see la sepulcner. for It will Moore. Judge - later taken to the bom of the dead aall from sot of children gone before. To that daughFrirnds and relatives b tmeied by flowers. Such was the man's brother. D. P. Cordial, of Chaffee East Frk Wslls. ter whose devotion to father and mothtown arhc were press-i- t Mary Mrs. body ( was shipped to Crossing. life of our departed brother. Judce Jno. F. Hagrr Ash lard. Ky.: er and whose loving care of them has I Jane Moore, daughter or Jan. Moore. it now seems certain that an impor-- ! Louisa and The s. .... .w At ta toatlwaioa of Rev. B IT taken to his old home in sIIa vn Ke surveyor, known as "Happy Jim nt oil pool has been round at the Mrs. Cbaa. Freeman. Ashland. Ky.; burial. -- r th Rev. Dr. C. H. tllllaasn. Mrs. O. A. Xash. Ashland, Ky.; Mr. tn visil tbem too line on Lawrence county for a widower and is this county. She ieft here Boyd and of Mr. af Mempriis. Teaav The deceased was be the UOOd Harry Hatcher. Ashland. Ky.: Mr. Burns, paid by six children, who are livof th mist striking P. Rifle survivedthe homes af various relatives Burns. Caiiett burg Ky.: Mrs. ing at and tourhlng tributea that could be Clyde Wileoa. Portsmouth. Ohn.; Miss obeyed the Divine Injunction to honor; first visit to Kentucky since leaving. i l a pajuig vra. ana io. on in now scattered over the section, and uttered. He recounted la a saost ha-- Cora Mr. father aad mother. u much better. These wells Maud Wilson. Pnrtsmoutn. visilin her dajurhter Sk. CordiaL imiv way tbe remarkably Jevnut and Mrs. Walter Hatcher. Ohio: are in the Berea. The Glenwood Oil by one brother. an. employe of KenPikeville. who is accompjfr; ins her home. Cordial was chrtctiaa Bf of Mr. Saraa. th beae-tif- Ky.; Mr. Walker Mam. Brandy Krg. AFTER 30 YEARS ABSENCE. rv. to the roun - company will drill only few He tsai life, th wonderful influence Ky.; Judge R-- E. Stanley. Tram, ivy.: Mrs. Cora Drennan Witeoa. and try for a visitthev drove Neiswendrsi. Taylor's farm soon. on Sheriff Win tucky Solvay. being lived by the atrain. Mrs. to tat wteided ia In real avvvJopment of the minutes after Ky.: daughter. Maud, wer here to Mrs. W. S. Harkins. I Nearly every Wall at Walbridg. brother. Orson Moore, of Rich Creek. j body was bone in his Bx Sandy valley th development of SL Harkins. I'rcstoinburg. Ky.; tb funeral of Mr. R-- T. Burns. Mrs j thw. lhrT wiu On Mrs. Masaie Stumn'S farm at broken. tb,ir 'V Its manhood, of Its religion acd Its Mr. W. Mrs. H. H. Fitsna.rick. Mr. and Wilson lived in Louisa when a be guests of Mrs. Uda Lackey wiin Walbridg 3 miles south of Louisa, the anorak. p ilir fe.,a lb fUD whom Mrs. Neiswender mad her home Ken-P- a Ky.; Mrs. C. V. Lsgoa. Pres- k.. company baa drilled into the AWAY NINE YEARS. Th people who beard these master I thirty years ago. ' M fe, years .before going to Kansas Berea sand away Ky.: Mr. and Mrs. A. and a fine showing is the j Jim Ekers, I who moved frtro this ful addresses wer visibly impressed tonsburg.rVrnonstsirg. Ky.; Mrs.J.Julia ily moved hm about . . . . in ponnMiiiiL v mm ta V"fim Win ' and waay expression tow been heard jSpradlin. Bowling tlreen. Ky.; Mrs T. !SnI turned home Wednesday enin aonut them since. .--.t . ... " - rtor nnlshin be" welL It iting relative Sere, tie lives in t'tll- . u. Cntle:tminr : i W. Mnort. Cliffe. Ky.; Rev. C. A. Pcw-rc,eThe ntiikts wer totersperf-- with 7. hom .here be has been a railroad "XCV. tVlhTweek-end- . L Ky.; Mr. Jar aoane of Mr. Itmnu favorite old timw era. ieatonaenrr. A. M. ch-n-r of good ris. Preatosbur;. Ky : Mrs. Mr. and sung by leaatlfully .Campbell. Hantington. W. Va; .m """" another ia Colorado. He U a steel in pttlm Thev are relatives of Mrs. . 01 Jonu ri- - r.Kers, 01 raiisourg. nta company. R. T Berry and T. S. Thompson, of M. G. .7 followed Mrs. U S. Johnson and son. Vance-bun- r; expert for a British MRS STEWART HONORED. A king line of visit to thia place was about nin Sam C Mrs, vora tvttson tvewarT. frwii- - yea rs ago. tha hams to Piaa HiH temnery.wher Frankfort; and Mrs. Johnson. Johnson. DOLLAR DAY AT HUNTINGTON. L-H. Mr. tort, has accepted an Invitation to be- l.Se resting plac ftr the weary body Ugoa; Lexington: com a patron of the Fifteenth Inter - ! was ready, banked with beautiful flow- Mr. and Mrs. Mason Faya. Horton. Rd tn numingioo me.v raitanuuni COUNTY S. S. CONVENTION lira. Rowland iX. Knasell Jtrothers. Paramount Play- - .tj,,,,., Congre Against Alcoholism. er placed there by loving hand. With Javkec W. Vs.; John B. Horton. Haz- verUse in th NEWS extend a specul The Lawrence County Sunday School , Washington, at th Invi- - jusociauon all next week w invitation to Bui my the rwumi nM 'BV th concluding cerera hold Its annual session at beginning Monday evening, under their f ard, and Missea Sallt and Carol. a their store on next Wednesday. of the United State- - Govern- - ,k. m.,i i mere I'Trntfy placed alongside Ik uv.inM. These player. ; mMlt September 21 to 27. Th. Inter- - day of thls wwk. The lar Day." Read their adaln V offered, canvas tent re. wife, who jrecedjd htm Burns. Catlettsburg. ti' brKv4 sion was of con,,. hu;hly recommended, and theater j .uimU congreaa has been In existence hort duration on tccr-un- t A Tribut From Judo Hagn. and get an Me of th bargain nearly tour rears of the fuAndetson-NewcomIVsrdnrff- - prrs will doubtleas enjoy their com- - . tcF more than thirty years and this ' As a concluding chapter to thia ar se TtL eJr. Mr. rturna was In hi r R. T Rum, th ftrst McMirtcn- - 4c. Se their announcement on page j,,.- - gathertng will be th first ever ,r,i never rvlmm In body, he had Ucl ww are glad of th opportunity to president r the association. txrn acttv In all affairs of life until us th following mKcr "Wd history. Delht jheld outaid of lirope, j All officers wore PASSES AWAY IN BIS OTH YEAR A PURCHASED BY a- -j IS NOW eai.iiK 2 LLSHANNON; SUPT. 1 artT an ' ky-W- llliam 1 1 j n: twin Interests the a-i- fri-n- d u. LATEST OIL b-i-ng ns rd : i3.v. Pike-count- , utl Jk-he-r. w. s of -- Year For na 1 -- Train out-buii- ds e. of ing at ve o. i lded ar '"IMl'J-i- - ar: arr-imo- -,- . ii. aoa-ia-ls- w ere isi ZtZ?" IJTye roug-may-th- T t. b. pi mi tri-sta- to D. rr.taslmr. ' mmm ul ' "f ... .t , "! ""S T. - ist auta-noblle- s ruiitsa ""'" ' av r" h,.h h, -- Silr. 1 lenner-Bradsha- trh ti

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