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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 22, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

i 4 v THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS VOLUME RURBELL POSTMASTER HT BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER Office houre week days 100 a m to 90 pm DIRECTORY COURT Three sessions a yearTblrMonday In January third Monday In May and bird Monday In September Circuit JudgeW W Jones Ctscoir COURT AttorneyNH W Aaron Oommonwealth SheriffP W Muter Circuit Clerk JBOotiey Cooar First Monday In eacbmontti J Judge T A Mnrrelt COCHTT tttorneyJaaOircettJr KT B Stint JailerJ K P Conover County 31 << f AssessorE W Burton Jurreyor RT McCaffree School SuptW D Jones Coroner Monday It L tTTOOUHTRagelarcourtaecond each month JudgeT Attorney f I O Davidson Gordon MOt tllOtlrF MarahalGT Flowera IMKECTOK CHURCH PRESBYTERIAN Rer second and fourth Sunday Snndayt chool at 9 a m eyes y Prayer meeting every Wedneidax BUKESVILXB STKBBT Star Service Leach month bath ght r MKTHODI8TBB ReT URKSTIIXB STKBBT M Metcolfr pastor Services drat Sunday In each month Sundayschool every Sabbath t 9 a m Prayer mooting Thursday night BAPTIST neettng Tuesday night CHRISTIANCllrBBLLSVIUB PlKB Rid W K Albil Pastor Services PInt Sunday in each Sabbath at 9 au Sundayschool month Prayer meeting Wednesday nlahtI MASONIC No 98 P and A MRegn lar meeting In their hall over bank on Fri day night on or before the full moon In each COLUMBIA LOOOB month WACoffey WM W D Jones Secretary A R COLUMBIA OHAPTBB M No7 mee THE IDEAL HOME A writer in the Farm Journal who evidently speaks from experience says Tne surest way to retain your bus bauds love is to make home happy Pull up your shades and let Gods sun shine into your homes and into your hearts If you are not your husbands equal study and improve your mind until you can converse with him on youto far more tban It you spend jour whole life toiling and drudging in the kitchW Vf BBADBBAW Secretary en until there isnt cneerfullness enough about you to even smile at his YETINERY SURGEON coming I know it is said tbe surest way of reaching a mans affections is by the way of his stomach but I be lieve that plain living and high think ing are better tban high living and low thinking Theres a why for every wherefore and tbe why for family jars consists in not knowing how to manage Now FIstulo Poll evil splints spavin or we have got the best husband in tbe any surgical work done at fair prices 1world and Ill wager ten to one that if any other woman undertook to draw guarantee satisfaction J am fixed to the matrimonial reins they wouldo take care of stock drive forty rods before he would ktek 8 D OBENSHAW over the traces smash up the whiffleX mile from Columbia on Disappointment trees and raise Ned in general They dont understand the science of man agement You must lead not drive f NEATWITH The only way is to look humble and be desperately cunning bait them with submission then throw the noose over WHOLESALE their will walk round the bump of anGROCERS and COMMISSION tagonism and pat the back of selfcon eit It is a great mistaKe to contend with the lords of creation Louisville Kentucky what can1t be had by force must be won by stratagem Make a silken rein of love and lead them whew you will but under no consideration must you attempt to drive or they will at once canter off to the farthest limit of the matrimo nial pasture e Then let us have homes in which S work there shall be no searching blasts of t 0FFICE over Russell passion no polar storms of coldness Murrells Store Columbia Ky and hate homes refined by books and gladdened by song homey in which wife and mother shall not loose all her attracting charms by unremitting toil and drudgery nor the husband and father starve his brain and dwarf his I am ready to do Black Smith soul by hours of overwork homes in which happy children shall ever see shoe ing of any kind from Friday night alter full moon J EJMOEBE1L HP SC OTTER COt ¬ ¬ MERCHANTSc I C Sa GRADY IDENTIST ¬ i 0 Scientific Shoeing ¬ horse arv parchase workJ COFFEY Wilmore Hotel w TttL WILMORE Prop OradyvilleKentuc the building will have to be paid in Installments within the next six months and unless people who have subscribed pay up their subscriptions at once we will have to burrow money and pledge their notes to secure same If you are loyal to the cause pay up your subscription at once and dont wait for the settlements to become nowy N M TUTT Treasurer place to stop is no THERE at the better named hotel aboved t Post 6AIEI desire to sell my rest Good sample rooms and a firstcu ass deuce and ground attached lying near irtable Rate very reasonable Feed Fair Grounds j siableattached 7onett- NEWS ITEMS The Tillman murder cas at road valued L nl s on HIGHLAND VIEW STOCK FARM tria SC PRODUCED at Gazettrx207 216 Onnita i 8 Norvidine 218 Beauty Spot 214f King Alvaro year old219J Conqu rer 216 t US SEASONRVIN W- Full Brother to Norvardioe218half in 108 GEQ WILES and ELECTIONER Three of Norvin Ws colts colts sold on the Lebanon market for 1800 and 1400 has been refused for two other owned in Marion county 2500 to insure Due when mare proves m foal traded or 815000 Capt W N Crewdson one ofLo gan county oldest citizens died after partedwith only a few hours illness Bnghaiu Young president of tbe CMiuCl of Twelve Apostles of the Out of the dam of Aileen 207 and by the Great Gambetta Merman church is dead at Salt Lake Wilkes 1500 to insure Due when mare proves in foal 219 Andrew Carnegie predicts that the tradedor parted pelpltlIr the United States Canada aid Great Britain will be united in one couti ry Bay Stallion 15f hands sired by Chester Dare The Chester In Kansas Supreme Court has con- Dares have sold from 1000 to 8000 Chester Prince is a model firmed the power of the Topeka school horse 1500 to insure due when mare proves in foal traded or hoard to compel Negroes Ito attend parted with GAMBIAN w- ithCHESTER Negro schools f Perhaps the most genial candidate nation But Bosworth feared not and when Caleb Powers and Davis had eluded the authorities at Frankfort and were fleeing to the mountain fast nesses Bosworth at the head of his deputies marched into the car and in what seemed the face of certain death dragged out Powers and Davis and landed them in the Fayette County jail A shout of approval and joy went up all over the Statefor this man had arrested tbe instigator of the darkest and most damnable plot in tbe history of tbe world Then he was offered fit¬ quaintance of a number of Democrats teen hundred dollars reward by Goe allot whom were very favorably im bels brothers like a true Kentuckian pressed with the manner in which he he refused it and said I only regret is conducting his canvass In this I havenot done more to avenge the write up we deem it not out of place cowardly assassinator of my friend and to glue a short history of Mr Bosworth the friend of the Great Common Pea Men especially the brave men and his fidelity to the Democratic par- ¬ ple ty He is a resident of Fayette coun- of Kentucky cannot and do not wis ty and has always been a worker to forget such deedsdeeds that make with the boys in the trenches He men heroes was sheriff of his county when GovernMr Boswortb is a man of education or Goebel was assassinated The shock He is a cultivated gentleman and has to him was like a thunderbolt from a a heart that beats tenderly toward all cloudless sky He was stricken by the He asks only that his claims be consid ¬ loss of our leader and then with a de- ¬ ered on his record as a Democrat antermination born of revenge for the a man vilest of all crimes he swore that he If true merit unquestioned ability would do all in his power track down and unswerving loyaltyto Democratic the assassin of the dead principles count for any thing then now going over tbe state is Mr HenryM Boswortb whose picture appears at the head of this article He is not on- ¬ ly a companionable gentleman but a Democrat whom the people of Ken- ¬ tucky should love to honor Mr Bos worth is before the Democratic prima- ¬ ry May 0 1903 asking that be be nom ¬ mated for the office of State Treasur- ¬ er That he is making friends where ever he goes there can be no doubt He was in Adair county a few days ago his first visit forming tbe ac- ¬ ¬ only ¬ In those days to be an active ag¬ Henry M Bosworth should receive an gressive Democrat around Frankfort overwhelming majority at the prIma was to be in constant peril of assassi ry perteddisposition proves in foal traded or parted with Poxr a A fine blaok jack with whito points 16 hands high a first class breeder comes of the Imported blood of Banghmans Hobbles and comes mare traded or parted with DIXIE Known as the John Woods Jack black with white points recommended by Messrs Robert E Young Silas Graham Rufus Helm and others as a first elves breeder Colts large fine and good sellers 800 to insure Due when colt comes mare traded or parted with Will not be Responsible Mares Kept at Seasonable Rates ACCIDENTS OR ESCAPES For extended pedigrees and farther Your patronage solicited particulars address le BJOHN TELEPHONE KY LEBftNON B WflTHEN MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN ¬ ed guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to eight years imprison v mentA of men were wounded No 720 Jefferson St f South SideBet Seventh and Fi LOUISVILLE KY k L HUGHES E ft 60 nitn Appeah All Kinds of Building Material JOHASBOEKE BROS r CO Goodsd WHOLESALE LOUISVILLE KY Mail orders solicited and promptly attended to You are cordially invited to call in and see our line when in the city To Los Angeles- SanFrnncisco l Portland Ores VTd 1 Anbt tbei arNI ngeleoand LINE followingLeaving j Portland Ore reaching Portland on Sunday afternoon following Every attention given to passengers en route G1lEEhlEL rllegLllttlS I Jf = ¬ SASH DOORS BLINDS sheriffrs Y gs f the intention of fight BOOTS and SHOES MADE to ORDER on SHORT NOTICE ing as soon as they landee Over 200 men took part A Washington newspaper explains President Boosevelts change of fronton the tariff question by saying he nt It 7Ji7fIqJo was threatened with defeat for the nomination by the American Protec tive tariff League It he boomed tariff AND revision on his Western trip Anew libel law which is being railroaded through the Pennsylvania WRITE FOR ESTIMATES Legislature is causing a bitter fight 123 125E Main St It is claimed that politicians who LOUISVILLE KY desire vto be protected from newspaper and to muzzle the press are respon- ¬ sible for the bill which is a drastis operak J r BOOTS SHOES AND GAITERS two of them seriously in a fight be¬ tween Canadian strikers and non¬ reprE mineJo > 33 EDWARD DUERR ELECTION OFFICERS Now that the Dedication Ceremo ¬ The following are the election 011- ¬ nies of the Louisiana Purchase Expo 1cers for Adair county who will serve at sition the Worlds Fair are so close tbe Democratic primary to beheld Saturday May 9 1903 at hand the public is commencing to West ColumbiaJ F Triplett and wonder what St Louis has to offer in Jack Stotts Judges L C Hurt the way of entertainment to out orIclerk G W Robertson sheriff town visitors East Columbia Hudson Conover Tbe Henderson Route which Is The H B Garnett Judges Gordon Mont- ¬ one Worlds Fair Line has gotten out a gomery clerk W O Pile sheriff e¬ very neat booklet vestpocket size MilltownColeman Finn and W Judges J H Slinker clerk which contains the complete official Johnston ask tbe people not to use coal Iro Al Thomas sheriff program of these ceremonies It is a modern piece of work in everpKeitncrSpudges Sullivan and t¬ judges Manna Kemp tier respect printed in green and red withITaylor Parsons sheriff ors contend that unions should organ ¬ gray antlqne cover and high grade en- ¬ Gradyville Tom Dowell and J T ize the Hopkins county district on ameled book stock inside Hamilton judges W M Wilmore this account Copies will be gladly furnished onI clerk H 0 Walker sheriff is applicationElroyJ M Campbell and Ja he Simpson L J IRWIN judges James Government in the Northern Securi ¬ clerk X W Scott sheriff ties case The Judges were unani Harmony A Loy and 01 McCli GEO L GARRETT ter judges John Will Burbrld gemousdn deciding that tbe Securities Traveling Passenger AgentCompanies Is a combination in re ¬ clerk Hesbel McClister sheriff Iienders6n RouteGlenvllle B B Willis and H K straint of interstate commerce and Louhvtlle Ky Walkup Judges M F Dudley clerk illegal under the Sherman act The BK Taylor Sheriff Kecuritle Company is enjoined from It you have friends or relatives liv White OdlCGO Powell and Sol acquiring any more of the stock of login other parts of the state or the Boyse Judges Ben Jeffries clerk the I Great Nrtnernand Northern United Strtes drop us a postal with Milton Powell sheriff Pacific roads and from voting Micritnck their names and addresses and we Little CakeBurtah Neat and shall have much pleasure in sending C llarman Judges W U Williams enjoined from permitting the Securi them several copies of The Hews clerk J B AbrtII sheriff ties Company to vote their stock They will be glad to learn wbafis PdrytonJO Pelly and J H exercise control The Securities orI going on in Adair and some of them Pelly Judges John Campbell clerk pany is ordered dissolved and the t are sine to become regular subscribBoley Geo Walker and Ru JudgebfCreed T Brand clerk t et New York man has married Tucker woman with whom he went to Richard F ese sheriff L have a thoroughbred hull calf the j Cane Valley O B Banks and JV ready for service for sale law overs piece of real estate EEubank Judges A A Judd clerk PovviiIB one our thee lawyers This BueiHeudricksonfsheriff ye f A NEAT PROGRAM M JR ¬ tood v Cabells Lexington Jno W Farley a Maysvllle under ¬ taker died of smallpox contracted while attending the funeral of a person who died of smallpoxF Drake of near Madisonville was shot and seriously wounded by atherinlaw Scott as the result o o quarrel over a few fet ce rails On preliminary trial at Maysvllle Charles J Winkler was held to arswe in bond of 311000 on the charge of blga my He wan remanded to jail Hillary Bell one of the best known musical critics in New York died suddenly of heart failure A tornado passed through the district around Altamont Kan Thurs ¬ day afternoon The extent of the damage is not known The main building of Edward Col ¬ lege at Austin Texas was destroyed by fire with loss of 175000 Two hundred students escaped uninjured Maj Robert L Howze commanding the Porto Rican regiment and chars ed in the report of Gen Miles with cruelties to the FlHplnss has demand ed a court of Inquiry He is now in Woshingtou Harry Slmrotb Pennsylvania unlrn miner wno shot and killed Winston a nonunion man during th pleadh ¬ ¬ PRINCE SAMPSONt Candidate for State Treasurer li i < i A Columbia NUMBER 24 ati 7 a APRIL 22 1903 Henry W Beach died Confed- ¬ erate Home making seven i iths Speed Gatliffd 82000 residence at Williamsburg watt struck by lightning andburned Mist Mantle Lm Smith audI Nick Butler were drowned In St Johns rlv tor at JacKi o ivilIe Fla Fire at Portland Me destroyed the hoc shops lit the Maine Central rail- hometAgente s ng to the repairing of the finesvehicles 1 will make a specialty The deed to of shoeing horses with diseased LindseyWilson the land on which th Training School will hoofs and guarantee satisfaction ¬ e My shop is located back of livery e Gi ask Barbee Robertson be let at once The contract price of me your l RUNNER A HENRY BOSWORTHoFayette Countv GznBHsnttaa STBBBTReT tsstor Services third Sunday tneacb month landayschol every Sabbath at II a m Prayet- LODGES KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY ¬ Bussell OM HE IS THE COMING PROHIBITION CONVENTION The Kentucky State Prohibition Convention t lil ionveiIein Louisville at2 p w Tuesday Mar C and con tioue through May Gib It will be a Muss Convention every voting Prohibitionist present a dele ¬ gate and all members of tbe W C T U or of the families of voting Prohibitionist present will be Fraternal delegates One and one third rate fur tbe roundtrip on tbe Certificate plan will be charged delegates young or fraternal by alt railroads m the State with priv liege to remain in Louisville three days after Convention adjourns But a delegates Certificate must be obtained from depot agent where the going ticket is purchased and presented at tbe Convention lit order to get the re ¬ duction on return MuKct Every Prubibitiouit iu tar Suiie tu eiuer with their taut tie > auutv cry member of tuo W U T Uwho can possibly attend arc earnestly re ¬ quested to be present and tbe ruby atiuw their appreciation of the cause of 1ru bibitiou And all who in auy way dt src to see tbe beverage liquor traffic x killed or crippled are cordially invited to attendLater program for tbe meeting will be printed and all who desire a copy prior to tbe Convention are requested to notify these headquarters J D SMITH State Chairman Miss BKTTIB SMITH Secretary DIRECTOR r POST OFFICE rJ M ADAIR COUNTY COLUMBIA f 1 IA tiJ- R d y t bJR > R ± ati K t 1 i< c r = J Lt >

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