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Image 3 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-03-29

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-3- F. Public Forum for Presidential Search Finalist (PSCR 1 [ While in Northem Kentucky, the committee authorized that the consultants proceed with referencing the candidates in preparation for the final selection. In addition, the committee approved a motion that faculty, staff; students, and alumni be given the opportunity to meet the candidate for the Office of President ofthe University of Kentucky at a public forum. Forum attendees’ comments may be submitted the same day on a web-based survey tool to provide infonnation to the Board of Trustees before any final action is taken on the candidate. The committee’s intent to conduct the public forum is registered officially in PSCR 1. Mr. Stuckert moved that PSCR 1 be approved by the Board. Dr. Brockman accepted a second from Ms. Curris, and PSCR 1 was passed without dissent. (See PSCR 1 at the end ofthe Minutes.) Mr. Stuckert thanked his committee, naming each member and the area of UK that they represent, for their involvement in the exhausting and grueling 3.5 days in Northem Kentucky. He also expressed his appreciation to Tom Harris and Jay Blanton for their activities as support for the meetings. He especially thanked Peggy Way for her excellent organizational skills and concem for the committee which she offered even in a time of great personal stress. Alan Saylor and Robert McPherson from the UK Division of Police provided security for the group and helped to make the interviews a success. Mr. Stuckert is confident that the ultimate result will prove the efforts of these participants invaluable. G. President’s Report (PR 1) President Todd announced to board members that he would proceed quickly through PR 1 in his President’s Report. He reviewed the following items. UK Rifle Team Wins First NCAA Championship The president reinforced Dr. Brockman’s praise for the UK rifle team and brought the PR 1 item to the Board’s attention. Heather Greathouse and Ethan Settlemires helped the team win the overall title at the 2010-11 NCAA Championships on March 12 in Columbus, Georgia. The NCAA Championship is the first in the history of the UK rifle program. Since the 1994 season, the Wildcats have finished 16 times among the top ten teams at the national championships. In claiming the 2010-11 national championship, the Wildcats have completed a historic season, including an unbeaten regular-season slate in the Great American Rifle Conference Championships. UK Opera Theatre Production Debuts New Projection Technology After its successful first run of perfonnances at the Singletary Center in January and February, the UK production collaboration on "Porgy and Bess” has now enjoyed a perfonnance with the Atlanta Opera. The Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments (Viz Center) and UK Opera Theatre have debuted new screen projection technology with UK Opera Theatre‘s production ofthe American classic folk opera. Atlanta is the first professional opera company to use the new technology. The president lauded the perfonnances and speculated that its next stop might be Gennany.

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