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Image 40 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 20, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THE MOUNTAIN Letters To Santa wall-pape- DEC. 20, 1956 by the announced State disclosed revenue collections 47 million dollars for the day travel on those dates. for the state's generar fund first five months of this fiscal "Due to this anticipated traf- Revenue Department. Commissioner J. E. Luckett were up 15.8 per cent nearly year than last year. fic volume, the State Police will have every available man, including office personnel, on the highways," the Commissioner t CHORDATAi added. He said State Trooper will be especially watchful for motorists on trips who try to travel too far, too fast, and emphasized that "if all persons operating vehicles on Kentucky highways during the holidays will obey all traffic laws, we will be able to keep the accident and death rate under control." where he works. Santa don't forget Bettie Poe, bring her something real nice for her home she is going to be married sso'n Santa please remember my cousin DARI SUE, she lives in Dayton, Ky., bring her a Bike. Santa please remember my Uncle Kennie he is 12 years old bring him a watch. Bring my mother a new coat. Now Santa please remember all the little children that don't have no daddy or mother. Your little girl, TERRI LEE SEXTON. Newport, Ky. Star Route Isom, Ky. They have all been good girls December 17, 1956 and boys, and Santa, please try to bring Dwight Pigman a little Dear Santa Claus: We are the Buttrey Children white dog with black ears befrom Isom and thought we'd bet- cause he has been sick a long ter write and tell you we'd been time and Santa please remember real good and expecting you on Tommy Ray and Jeffery Short Christmas Eve. Now Santa, I'm they have been good boys too. Freida Sue, age 10 years, and Now please leave my cousin am in the 6th grade, like my Candy Levine in Walnut Hills a teacher very much and have big doll. Please remember my made pretty good grades. I mother, bring her a new Stove would like for you to bring me now goodbye Santa. From your litle girl, some real pretty clothes, lots of Suzanne Barnett. games, sleigh, doll and some Letjewelry. Santa, I'm James Newport, Ky. cher, age 4 yrs. Have been Star Route pretty good, although my mother and daddy think I'm Dear Santa Claus: pretty bad sometimes. I would I am a little girl years old. like for you to bring me a bicy- Go to Sunday School every Suncle with a horn on it, some guns day. Please bring me a doll, a with holsters, top, ball and bed- stove, a set of dishes, a new red room shoes. Santa, I'm Estella coat, a new dress. Bring my couJo and and have been good ex- sin Kathy Pigman a red car cept the few times I got in moth- coat, bring Dwight and Timothy er's makeup and got lipstick all Lee Pigman, a little white dog over me, and marked on the Santa please remember Rose I'm two yrs. old and Ann Collins at Isom and bring want a tricycle, baby doll with her a set of dishes. Also remembottle, tea set, bedroom shoes, ber her sister Amy, bring her a and pajamas. Don't forget moth- new red dress and Santa reer and daddy and be sure and member my daddy he needs don't forget Eliza. Please don't some new shoes. You will find forget, David and Doug, they live him at Hasco in Cincinnati in Jackson and also Becky and Cordelia, they live in Whites-burand Santa try to bring Charlene something to put on her thumb. We'll be looking for you Santa so don't disappoint us and we hope it snows so the sleigh will get over the road fast. THURSDAY, Christmas Thoughts Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl 5 years old, Did you ever think of the Wise-me- n will be six in Jan. I go to Sunday School every Sunday at Alex- Who traveled that clear cold night, andria, Ky. Now please bring me a doll and a buggy, some With their cloaks drawn tightly dishes and a new table and about them chairs, a new pair of slippers, And a Star as their only light? some new dresses, to wear to school next year. Santa please Haye you thought of their feet shod in sandels bring my two grandma's something nice. They both work at As on their camels they rode the National Band and Tag Co. Have you thought of the roads ' jjwjljjjllj my they traveled. and please remember daddy's friend Emil A. Adams, To reach that Humble abode? he is getting married soon, bring Have you thought of our modern living him something nice for his home he has bought. Santa I have a With all the comforts we share little girl friend her name is How easy our mode of travel mini ' ' Vicky Cuthrell, She lives at To get to "His House of Prayer?" Melbourne, Ky., bring her a doll and remember my cousin JohnMrs. Albert Haselbrook fornie Trapp bring him two guns merly of Sergent, Ky., now livplease remember my cousins in and ing at 3529 Karl Road, Columbus Isom Whitesburg and als'o bring Jane Cox a big doll. Ohio. She is a friend of my cousin Pictured is Mrs. Jeri Gray, Kathy Pigman. Please bring COLLECTION DIM student at Cumberland as she CHANCE FOR TAX Suzanne Barnett and her girl works in the Zoology laboratory 'CUT IN KENTUCKY friend Sandy Thomas both a Mrs. Gray is taking the p new purse. technician course at Cum Frankfort, Ky. Chances of a possible tax cut for Kentuck-ian- s berland College, one of the sevYour little girl, courses of dimmed somewhat yester- eral DENNA K. SEXTON. day on the basis of collections fered at the Williamsburg jMiFT'i re-l- a school. The demand for science Botany, has increased at Cumberland until at the present five people are employed in that field, four and one Science courses offered include Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, full-tim- e part-tim- Biology for teachers. Physical Science" for teachers, Geology, Health and Sanitation, Physiology and Bacteriology. Approximately seventy per cent of the 531 students in the college are from Southeastern Ky. DRIVE WITH CARE DURING HOLIDAYS motorists today Kentucky were urged to drive with extra care during the holidays. Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Don St. Sturgill pointed out that, "Friday and Saturday. Dec 21 and 22, will be two of the most dangerous driving days in the history of the Commonwealth." He said many persons will begin Christmas holi 1 Tfte greatest invention since the needle I NECCHI g, HM JSjj FREIDA SUE BUTTREY, JAMES LETCHER BUTTREY. ESTELLA JO BUTTREY. Cincinnati, Ohio 3461 Vine St. Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy 10 yrs. old in the 5th grade, I go to Schill School. I have 6 teachers, please remember them all They have been nice to me. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Beckman. She is my home room teacher. Bring her something real nice. Now Santa, I don't need no toys or a Bike, I need a new Television for my room and I'll give my sister Suzanne my old one, then mother can watch anything she wants to in the living room Now, Santa, please bring my Grandpa a new top coat, he1 will be leaving for Calif, the 5th of. Jan. He needs some shirts. Now my Santa please remember friends in Letcher County at Whiteseburg and Isom. Bring Atwood of Isom a new bike. He is Ronald Collins boy, and bring my cousin Andrea Collins a paratrooper gun. You will find him at Dave Collins in the Bates Apt. BIdg. Please bring Aunt San Collins some nice aprons. She works in the lunch room at "Whitesburg, don't forget my mother, andtwo grandma's. Your little boy, VJ.;i May all your dreams ) and happy Christmas vp S coma, true for you 7 JJ Nsnnh? TOMMY BARNETT. Cincinnati, Ohio 3461 Vine St. Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl, 8 yrs. old. go to Shields School. I am in I the 3rd grade. Please bring me a car coupe, a dress and gloves I have a new Bike and plenty of toys and dolls. You brought me last year. Please remember my grandma Ollie. She works at the National Band and Tag Co. in Newport, Ky. also remember my little cousins in Letcher Co., Kathy and Dwight and Dee Lee Pigman and Randy Breeding at Isom, and Ronita Jane and Amy Collins at Isom, Ky. and remember Rebeeca Ann Collins and Cordelia at Whitesburg. Push-Butto- n means modern, simple and faster sewing 200,000 embroidery designs with variations in length you ONLY NECCHI offersdarning, blindstitching and monogramming. automatic Necchi sews on buttons and makes buttonholes without turning the fabric- -it modern design many tacks automatically. Exclusive to Necchi is the .two-ton- e different cabinets beautifully styled for your home. All Necchi sewing machines carry a lifetime guarantee bond. SEASON'S GREETINGS ZZZZ I - dealer for a free home demonstration of this amazing Ask your Necchi-EIn- a push-butto- n ease. machine that sews automatically-wi- th NECCHI MIRACLE CONSOLES START AT WHITESBURG INSURANCE AGENCY WHITESBURG, KY. NECCHi SEWING CIRCLE Pigman Brothers Dry Cleaners PHONE 2537 WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY $895

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