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Image 34 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 20, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, DEC. 20, 1956 THE MOUNTAIN FEW VACANCIES LEFT IN this locality to enlist together, OHIO VALLEY COMPANY train together and return home The Jenkins, Ky., Navy Re- on recruit leave together. It is cruiting Office announced today thought that by forming compathat there are still a few vacan- nies in this manner young men cies left in the Ohio Valley Com- will find the shift from civilian the "NAVY Way". Young men have every opportunity to qualify for a special school, for a special branch of the Navy, such as aviation or submrines; or to become a technician in the field to miltary life more easily ac- of electronics or nuclear power. pany which leaves for Your Navy Recruiter urges you Maryland on December complished. 28th. This special company is beThere are are great many ad to drop in and talk it over; and ing formed to enable men from vantages in entering into service also reminds you that if you desire to be a member of the Ohio Valley Company you should see him soon. Bain-bridg- e, Marlowe News H MILS tmfpB". SP7 7 'N charged from the Whitesburg Hospital after being hospitalized odd o the chorus of & over a week with pneumonia. We'd like .o good wishes coming your way ... yhSy-2-L- holiday. 0 S II Tommy Taylor was admitted to Whitesburg Memorial Hospital Sunday evening suffering with Bronichal pneumonia. After winning over Branson a respective refunder been studying the advantages Leatherwood 61- - and shooter fouled out with half and disadvantages of credit 50, Owsley Co. Dorton 76- - the game remaining to be plav- - buying, and how to get the most 73, Cordia they dropped ed. The Eagles led only one time for your money. LETCHER HIGH the first game of the season to at The Home Ec. n girls began and after that never had SPORTS NEWS Buckhorn Monday, after then defeated the lead again, but tied the making dresses Knott County and M. C.'game at two different times completing their skirts. We only The Letcher High Eagles go out Napier lost to Whitesburg and Virgie won to hand hope the dresses look as nice as for revenge after dropping two and to Virgie as they the Eagles their third defeat the skirts, and we are sure they games in a row to hold a record missed a predominant percent- - of the season. Then on Friday, will. of eight victories against three age of their field goals and December 7, they went out for The Home Ec. I girls have revenge against the Kingdom made recipe card files, along Come Wildcats in the Whites with their notebooks this six burg gym and came back with a weeks. There has been a lot of victory to hold a record at exciting talk about the new re this date of eight victories and cipes for cookies and cakes they are going to try when they go three defeats. On Tuesday December 11, home for Thanksgiving Vacation they will tangle with the Jenk The Physical Education classes ins Cavaliers and then on Sat are going to start working on urday Dec. 15 with the Dorton volleyball next week. They have whom Wildcats they have already covered softball, basketalready defeated once this sea- ball and badminton. The Health son Then they will end classes are doing routine work. their 1956 season on Dec. 18 We are all very proud of our basketball coach and team. This with Jackson. , season we have been very lucky in having five victories in a FIRST GRADE The first grade teacher, Mrs. row. To date the senior boys and Beckham Caudill, and her pupils want to thank the many the junior girls have 100 percent parents who paid them a visit membership in the Safety Club Education We are hoping to make this .during American WESTERN AUTO week. Each parent carried home year the best one yet by helping a month's work of his child in1 in the prevention of accidents STORE . the form of a book. This shows and the promotion of safety, Owen Myrtle and is! The biology class took a field ' each parent how his child progressing from the beginning trip last week and collected Billy Paul Collins of the month to the end. The seeds of many native plants. We were very fortunate in child's work was entered daily having the group from Camp and in order. na The parents liked the color- Nathaniel last Tuesday. There ful sound charts the children are were two new members, Bob making. We are happy to see the Anthony and Bill Slade. RayI parents any time they wish to mond Haddix is still with the group. They gave a program come. for the high school from 11:30 Fifth grade Mrs. Mildred Adams, Teacher until lunch. After lunch they We had some visitors who gave a program for the grades. We have a wonderful group came in to visit the fifth grade Friday afternoon. The class gave of teachers and students at Letia puppet show. Some of the stu cher High and Elementary, and dents on the program were Lois everyone is doing his utmost for Illene Back, George H. Caudill, the school. Roy E. Culp, Arthur Crase, and A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE Hannah Smith. Alan Tolle made a talk on By Rev. John T. Stewart the progress they had made in Text "For unto you is born this the fifth grade unit they were day A Saviour which is studying. There were also two Christ the Lord." other students, Barbara Camp Just when the world was in '' bell and Ted Asher, who spoke its deepest gloom and possible one" ' My yur holiday be on other projects the fifth grade despair. God sent forth His Son ' I of genuine good cheerl is beginning. .j our Lord Jesus Christ to be the TYPING I classes are now Saviour or rescuer of mankind. working on horizontal and ver- All Christians today have the tical centering of tabulated ma- "unspeakable joy and satisfacCompliments of tion because of it. But yet our terial. The typing II class is typing text doesn't stop at that point, telegrams, interoffice communi- but reaches down to the perWEST END MARKET cations and short letters. sonal statement "For Unto The bookkeeping class has You". Everyone, anyone can just completed a study of the know this Lord, this Saviour and Madge work sheet statements and class knowing Him is to know real peace on earth, good-witoward ing entries, The general business class has men. 52-3- 8, 66-5- 79-6- 2-- 0 51-6- 60-5- 1 71-6- j 65-5- 7 51-5- 2, 57-6- 5 ,$3 31 P i 0 1 defeats. Stinnett Born to Mr. and Mrs. Denver Lucas at Whitesburg Memorial Hospital another daughter Sat urday evening. This makes them; 14 children all living with three ul twins, mi. ijutaa id a machine .msn for Elkhorn and Jellico Coal Company at Sapphire mine. 0 Sunday School attendance this Sunday was 39. 76-7- 3. Pm nrppfinne iM immt mi buinuo ; m Born Thursday to Mr. and Frank Necessary at Whites burg Memorial Hospital another son, Mother and baby doing fine. Mrs. 0 Compliments of VERNON GOFF, Mgr. A&P Store Letcher High School News 64-4- 8 o By A. P. Williams 0 The Infant son of Mr. and Dixon was dis Mrs. Elijah ) EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY mm liUqBl I I mpl HEpi V''f ! ffAPPY CHRISTMAS 10 ALL TJk .. I I ! ff F Forester, 'ilQrTj and Jerald ll 1 Jet's not lose sight of the Star A Star appeared in the east, and wise men journeyed across the lands to where it hung above, and fixed their eyes on it, and it moved and led them to where He lay in a manger. Men have long used the Star as a symbol of Christmas, and in the hundreds of years that have passed since it appeared, Christmas has come to mean many things to men. It means the giving of gifts, feasting and the laughter and excitement of children. It means the caroling, the chiming of bells and the playing of pageants. It means brightly lit trees and brightly blazing hearths, and their light streaming across thresholds where doors open wide to friends and kindred. It means the fever of getting ready for this day that comes but once a year; it means crowds, and hustle and bustle. And for those who have fixed their eyes on the Star, it has a meaning rich beyond the power of words. For to these, Christ-malike the Star, has a single meaning the adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ oj Whom it is promised that if a man believe in Him, that man will never die, but will live forever. Let's not lose sight of the Star. Let's remember the message it bore that on this day, Christ the Lord was born. Let's keep Christ in Christmas, and keep Christmas- - To our 'family' cherished friends, ao wish the joys of a good old-fashion- Christmas. And along tciih our greetings, we'd like to send our sincere s, thanks for the opportunity 1 . of serving all our patron. in Christ. ELKHORN & JELLICO COAL CO. Whiiesburg, Kentucky POWER COMPANY of ,

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