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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 1, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

yi 4 tit 1 t4t T- r1 q 4 I v > 1 eJ f C J W i NtbJ muwlamltii 0- fM i Ie VOLUME < t f w i r I t >u > 4 iFj I I tC ip J Jf Ij COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY APRIL WEDNESDAY 1 j c > d< w j 1908 NUMBER 21 r Arwed the Great German Coach year old Victor E A QUIET WEDDING GROWING IN INTEREST son of Mr Kepler an eleven Kepler of horse is advertised in this issue and and Mrs all that is said of him can be shown to Hatcher Taylor county who was re ¬ be tr a horse of fine makeup ported dangerously hurt nour last Todd and Miss Mont and is proving himself a great sire issue by our Campbellsville correspond Mr The NewMftfit Contest To Four The gentlemen who own him paid a ent died Friday night of last week He tWalford Married in the Pres ¬ Young p es in Adair County fancy price not so much to make mon ¬ his head was thrown from a horse ence of a Few Friends eyas to increase the size and worth striking a hard substance He was of horse stock in this part of the coun ¬ said to have been a bright little boy a First prize jtstdies Gold Watch great favorite He was not known to THEY WILL RESIDE OUT OF TOWN try Their experience so far is highly Second pizeI Gold Bracelet encouraging and the popularity of Ar¬ us neither are we acquainted with the Third prize Gold Set Ring wed is growing as fast as his colts are to ex breaved parents but we desire Fourth prize Gold Brooch Pin seen Mr Browning who has charge tend our sympathy to theminthis their Mr WETodd a prominent young Contest closes Wednesday April IStfi great sorrow him isa gentleman who will giye farmer son of Mr and Mrs J D of 12 JM 1908 Below is given the every one a fair square deal and any Todd who reside two miles from Co vote up to 1130 this Tuesday Mr Leonard Wilson who was one of business entrusted to his care will prove ¬ Jennie McBarland Columbia 27377 the players of the Russell Springs lumbia and Miss Mont Walford a pop correct Read the advertisement 21390 Academy team got badly hurt during ular young lady of this city were Mollie Gaidwell Portland f interested in stock of this kind 14806 the progress of the game last Saturday ried atthe home of the brides Pearl Breeding Vester 14481 and was compelled to quite the dia ¬ inlaw Mr E G Atkins last Wednes Nina Marcum Columbia If you want to breed for stamina if cer¬ you want to build up the breed of your 10295 mond One of the Lindsey Wilson day evening at 830 oclo Nora Bradshaw Montpelier Mary Feese Cane Valley 8370 team was running to make a base and emony was beautiful and pronounced in horse stock you cant go back of the 7756 having long spikes in his shoes he ac ¬ a very solemn mariner by Eld- s ZT thoroughbred He is the foundation to Lula Connpr Glensfork Mary Hule Columbia 5230 cidentally stepped on Mr Wilsons Williams Only relatives and a few which all the great families trace and Ruby Jeffkes Ozark 2925 foot a spike penetrating it to a con ¬ intimate friends were present wherever a high per cent of his blood After receiving congratulations from exist you find the most desirable fea ¬ Alice Walpr Columbia 2535 siderable depth The woundwas much Cora 1750 better Sunday morning and Mr Wilson those present the couple left for their tures shown up Read Smiths it Columbia home a farm which had been provided advertisement in another column and left for his home by the young husband situated on especially the great thoroughbred SEVERE ACCIDENT In this issue appears the advertise Russells creek three miles from Co ¬ whose services are offered Mr Smithment of Young and Coffeys stockbe ¬ lumbia As they took their departure thei s strictly reliable a stock man of good wellwishes of the company were ex ¬ reputation and is trying to build up the Mr Charts Henry who is one of the ing a fancy saddle horse a trotter of pressed in the throwing of showers of stock of Southern Kentucky He has high breeding and a jack of merit firm ofthePlaning Mill Co met with This firm does not handle inferior stock rice etcsome good ones and will give yon fair a severe accident last Wednesday morn ¬ a fact well established and in offering There is no better young man ins treatment ing In a tew minutes after the ma ¬ the stock advertised they believe that Adair county than Will Todd His wffi started he noticed a loose habits are correctis not only an in ¬ tap andiIan attempt to tighten it merit and value is behind every indi dustrious farmer but looks after other If you are indebted to The News as much as a dollar and dont want it dis- ¬ in stock of this his hand sipped striking a saw One vidual If interested kind read their advertisement which business being one of the directors of continued then call next Monday county finger wastut so badly it had to be am the Citizens ourt day and adjust the same If putated first joint Dr W F Cart will give the information desired The bride has many friends in this you dont want the paper its your duty wright A dwelling house on the farm of Mr place where she was principally reared to pay for what you have received and other fingirs were injured Mr HenScott Montgomery and occupied by Mr and educated all of whom rejoice in your privilege to have it discontinued ry came ere about six months ago Willis Bailey and family was consumed her selection of a husband a gentle ¬ Next Tuesday is the last day we have from Wdt Virginia and has made by fire last Thursday about the noon man who will be a loving companion under the new ruling and if your many friads in Columbia all of whom hour Mr Bailey and family wOre at as long as the two are permitted to arrearage is as much as a dollar are S9rry hat he met with such a se dinner when the house was discovered live we will be compelled to discontinue eut We are glad however to be on fire It burned rapidly and but in every instant he will be ready for dutythat few of the household goods were saved In another part of this paper will be t time A defective flue was the origin of the found the advertisement of Mr W L The Lindsey Wilson team and the fire Gradys stock Mr Grady is so well Cane Valley High School boys crossed CONTRACT AWARDED and so favorably known throughout bats on the grounds of the latter last Last Thursday as two drummers were this State as to need no introduction Friday afternoon The game was easi- ¬ leaving Columbia driving a team be- ¬ ernon Holt son of Mr A H longing to Mr Owen Gaines Camp from any one and likewise the reputa- ¬ ly won by the LindseyWilson the score amestown has been awarded bellsville an accident occurred near the tion of his stock is known throughout standing 12 to 24 in favor of the Lindsey ract for carrying the mail be roller mill Something frightened the the country As to Mr Grady he is a Wilson A large crowd witnessed the olumbia and Campbellsville to team and the animals started at a man of experience and has devoted game many years to the stock business his ect the first day of July We rapid gait One of the men was thrown success being almost phenomirial The fifth Sunday Mission meeting at rmed thafMr Holt will put on from buggy and slightly bruised Within this part of the country he is Big Creek church was largely attended oitilis an fwm hi4agoclit- Jb other damage of consequence iwo e probably the best advertised of any There were many interesting talks and ring of horses and will endeavor to and cer¬ a subscription fund rased not too large man in Southern Kentucky make quick time Mr Holts bid was A letter from a private source to a tainly there is not a sire of fancy horses rather too small for those working in something over 400 less than Mr J B gentleman in this place says that Presi- ¬ within the State that surpasses Jordan foreign fields Those who attended Barbees as we understand dent Allen is now negotiating to build a Peacock By reading the advertise- were hospitably entained by the good railroad from Greensburg to Scottsville ment you will readily understand the people of the neighborhood TO THE LADIES With the roads from Danville Stan ¬ great worth Jordan Peacock has been ford and McKinney tg Scottsville Presi ¬ to this part of the State and while he The position taken by Rev A R dent Allen will have something to keep stands at the head of his owners fan ¬ Kasey in his sermon last Sunday even Mrs Sallie Bradshaw the wellknown him busy cy yet he believes he has a close sec- ¬ ing is well understood by the best peo- ¬ milliner has secured the services of ond in Kentucky King Read his ad-¬ ple of Columbia and the News endorses Miss Flavella Butler of Cincinnati a Remember that the merit contest vertisement his utterances young lady of rare taste for this sea closes with the paper dated April 15 son She has been here for the past There are only two more issues of the PAID LIST week trimming in a most artistic man ¬ News before the winner will be TUE MATCH BALL GAME nero Many hats of the latest designs announced Hurry up with your votes will be on exhibition next Thursday Much work can be accumplished before The following subscriber lave paid A cordial invitation is extended to the the final count The lindsey = WiIson Team and The since last issueCadres to calk jIt is understood that A J F Hines M E Corbin W Mrs W BJSncock continnes with the Mr Robert Hudson has enlarged his Academy Boys of Russell Mrs Sallie Bradshaw business bakery establishment in order to meet Brockman Myrtie Gentry Hattie Acre Springs Cross Bats the demands of his growing trade Mr J W Moran J C Royse Wm A Hudson is enjoying a splendid patron ¬ Feese Mrs Harriet A Walker W 0 TO BE MARRIED age and truly he merits it as he is giv ¬ Pile S H Absher T J Campbell F ing as good service as possible fora J Barger C Gowen Mrs S E VICTORY IN FAVOR OF THE LATTER Squires A 6 Baker Dr C M Rus ¬ Miss Pearl Lovelace of Boston Ky bakery sell Mrs Belle Snow N A McKinley who visited Miss Cary Hughes in her T F Bennett S L Hartfield D P According to agreement the Lindsey life time being a school mate and also Quite a number of pupils and several of the teachers of the Lindsey Wilson Rice John Bryant R A Corbin B C Wilson base ball team and a team from a school mate of Miss Fannie Jones and having a number of other acquatyt went to Cane Valley last Friday after White Hiram J Conover Henry Wool the Russell Springs Academy met on ances in Columbia will be married at noon and witnessed match game of dridge Miss Bercia Simpson Squire the campus of the former last Saturday her home on April 22 The intended base ball between L W T S team John Eubank P W Pickett R L afternoon Notwithstanding the weath ¬ S team The result Davis Mrs S D Caldwell Mrs Hat groom is Mr Quinn Harned who is and the C er was unfavorable raining constantly of the game is published elsewhere in tie Rowe G W Cape James Suddarth the game was called at 3 oclock and cashier of the bank at East Bearnstadt Rogers Bros C E Rogers J A Par ¬ proceeded uninterruptably this paper Ky until the son Dave Miller A J Clark George close of the ninth inning Young and Coffey sold two geldings Herriford J W Parish Chas Ham Up to the sixth inning the Academy About four weeks ago Dr R H in the Hustonville sale last week that Del Cravens Anderson boys were not in the game and it was Perryman of this county was called brought them 652 This would appear mons David Harden C H Bryant Mrs Mat Ind to see one of his the judgment of the spectators that to Franklin a fancy price but were strictly fancy tie H Bennett I Burchett Curt would be badly defeated as the children who was reported sick Mr horses the kind that bring good money Hunter W E Willis G A McKinley they score at that stage of the play showed Sam Snigget married a daughter of anywhere and at any time Fred Coffeg Ida Reynolds P J Coop- ¬ 10 to 2 in favor of the LindseYWilson Dr Perryman and the couple have four er A C Snow Stanton Wboldridge However it was demonstrated that or five children A short time aftei Fruit has been damaged but little Long Wiley LOnS J Long J you can not at all times tell just what Dr Perryman reached Franklin the and at this writing the prospect for ap¬ L P A Vaunhan J R McFarland J C The Springs boys saw will happen whole family was striken with small ¬ plea peaches cherries plums is flat ¬ Sublett J D Sharp Mrs Etta Cald ¬ that something had to be doing the pox hence the doctor remains to ad ¬ tering If onehalf the peaches should T Fletcher J T Burton J manager announcing that the time had minister into the afflicted It is also be killed in the future the remainder well J M Hendrickson C E Moore E G arrived to play and the boys went stated that there are about thirty cases would supply the county Hardwick Henry Gr ntMrs Ellen in the town of Franklinafter the game in dead earnest keeping Smith M T Field 0 C Vaughan A perfectly cool They gained rapidly Mr Warner Blair who lived in Adair Breeding J R Bell K Robertson writing to the county near Glenville died last Tues- ¬ G Wilmore MrJ from the sixth inning and when the from Elida New Mixico says day and buried in Russell county Thurs ¬ Wellington Redmon J S Grissom C game closed the score card showdjll News English W E Toddi that the Adair county people are well- day He was about 70 years olda R Payne for the LindseyWilson team and 12 for Dr ULTaylorMrs Ellie G Scott the Academy pleased witty that sunny clime He says victim of dropsy Creed Haskins D A Grady J T preparations are being made for a The Lindsey Wilson boys are not hundred large crop and that he has one The walk along the pike fronting the Stone J Ai Gheatham J Albert satisfied and the two teams will again acres ready for planting G W Robert¬ cemetery will probably be completed Cravens Mrs W G Smith come togetheratanearJyday W Flowers J Howard son and EM Staples have 175 acres this week It will be a very necessary Re Quite a number of people witnessed ready He says an effort will be made improvement and for it thanksare due Dr Strater AAHall Uriah Eeltner the game v Curt Blades J 1C Rodgers WPGi1 for a large cotton crop and eveiry thing the Municipal Board pin Upton Lowe WM Blank nship A letter from Mr Creed Haskins is looking fine Lots of people are Pendleton returned from Chester Perkins Humphrey Bros Allen conveys the information that he im- ¬ coming into the county a Mr Smith While in the Walker J W Walker proves veryjvsl6wly and son of Russell county Kyj land- Louisville last Thursday ing a few days ago There is oom for city he sold 19 hogsheads of Burley a few more good people The Govern ¬ tobacco aft fr m10 00 to 13 75x pet All put for the millinery opening of Born to the wife of Geq r v< hundred the 26thirisfc adaughter the Misses Euba k nextSaturday merit land wIll soon be all taken > MK > riv < A r << t T S 5 Huddleston of Cumberland County Shot and killed by Ills Son Miss Mabel Conoyer is in school ter an absence of several weeks TilE SLAYER MADE Mrs visitor HIS ESCAPE ¬ at ¬ mari ¬ kThe JH S ¬ ¬ Bankc ¬ SeveralI ¬ I i 1 ¬ VH UG t RP c JA teamI 1frJE ¬ r S < IJ tto oZi 4J 7rXfrpi 1r 1 < fI0 i 1 rfi > i- r r i JfA > A r< V V yltJ l 511t 04 1fYt r 1 f Ai if 1jI if i jf > r cnf iA 5 b j j < s it X J t lt liJ itf M 5 J t f1 i< CY 4 r Sitif i j t i> Monday t f Miss Mary D Patteson is in school again after an absence of sever weeks l Miss Mildred Walker entered school last week Miss Mary Williams spent Thursday night with Miss Mary MillerMr James Shirley accompanied his mother home Friday afternoon Miss Mary Lucy Lowe spent Satur ¬ day with her friend Miss Helen Upton near Glenville statedImmediately after the shooting the Mr Reed Shelton went to Louisville boy made his escape Monday morning He heard Paderew The dead man is said to have been a promiment farmer and the manner of ski the evening at Macaulays Mrs Charles Russell accompanied Miss his passing has created great excite- ¬ ment in the neighborhood Frances ones to Louisville They ex ¬ pected to hear Paderewski L W T Sit NOTES Miss Cecil Pile spent the week with Rev A R Kasey who was absent Miss Leonora Lowe Miss Nellie Follis last week on account of his mothers and Miss Susan Miller before leaving illness has charge of his classes again for her home in Oklahoma We are sorry to loose Cecil from school Mr Walter Taylor visited at his home Prof Ohlenmacher left on a business near Montpelier Saturday and Sunday and pleasure trip Friday He will be On Friday afternoon the Lindsey in Louisville and probably meet some Wilson and Cane Valley base ball his pupils in Louisville and hear teams played at Cane Valley The of Paderewski game resulted ina victory for the The class in complete Geography has LindseyWilsons boys with a score of 24 to 12 They were very much elated in the last week been making some over their victory but on Saturday af ¬ maps of Africa They were handed in ternoon the Russell Springs Academy the last of the week and showed consid ¬ team defeated the L W T S boys by erable talent They were beautifully a score of 12 to 11 Our boys expect to done in ink and also the colors as represented on the model maps play them again soon Base Ball is now the game of the On Saturday April the 4th the St Marys and Lindsey Wilson tsams will season The boys seem to be very cross bats at the L WT R Park and much enthused and have excellent practice every afternoon an interesting game is expected American Literature Class was New pupils are still entering the normal and the regular attendance is IThe busy Wednesday of last week making charts on the lives and works splendidProf of American authors during the Colon ¬ Elam Harris emjoyed a visit ial and Revolutionary Periods The from his father and mother the last of new books in our library will be well used this week in a study of Twice weekMr and Mr Charles Mitchell Told Tales and I Bryants Poems both of Green county were visitors at For the especial benefit of the class the Lindsey Wilson last week in Greek History the pupils in Prof Darnalls room were given a short AT THE RINK sketch of the principles of Greek Archi tecture We had on the black board very fine drawings representing the The attendance increasing three orders with an entablature also Agreat rush for skates This was supplemented by pictures of Now somebody has got thy num- ¬ Greek temples and public buildings and ber awakened an appreciative interest in Mary MillerIn another week a person will have all Ella Todd to be here at 4 oclock in the afternoon to get skates for the evening Mr U G Anderson contractor of What timeis Manager Staples the wood work in the new brick build ¬ Great heavens Do ing at Russell Springs informs us that Seven forty have to stay here until 10 I he has completed the two store buildings Now you boys get off the floor and and within a short time will have the Bank trimmed to a Queens taste These make room for the ladies buildings are uptodate in every particu ¬ Jo tap the bell TRem girls have lar and stand to the credit of that been on the flbor long enough for this thrifty little cityan exemple worthy time of following by others Not only should the town feel proud over the enterprise Did you find a pair of skates of the men who lead out in such sub ¬ somebody has got my number No stantial improvments but for the men What is your number Oh well there are plenty of whose skill laid the brick and put the Sixty am going finishing touch with carpenters tools themuNo there to buy me a pair then 1 will be given The store buildings are owned and will be occupied at an early date by F L an opportunity to show whatl can do Wilson and D Wilson and Sonmer ¬ Cant you skate without knocking a chants whose interprise bespeaks much person down You are too clumbsy to for Russell Springs and that section be on the floor generally Here boy buckle on these skates If you are indebted to this office and Dont stand there like you was asleep will be in town next Monday County get a move on you Court call and make payment and vote George will the rink floor be ex-¬ for your favorite in the merit contest tended about thirty feet I guess says he will have the so Jim Page The sheriff of Adair county closed work done Mont Brockmans store at Sano last I If we run through the Summer we week attachments having been gotten Said Mat ¬ out by Louisville firms will put in electric fans ager Staples < Mrs Allen Walker entertained quite Xv a number of young people at dinner last MILLINERY OPENING Sunday The repast was most elegant ly prepared and very much enjoyed The Misses Eubank having just re ¬ turned from market wH have their Mr C C Holt and family are now opening next Saturday They have se ¬ residents of Columbia and are occupy cured the servic sofMiss Parks of ing the frame part of the old hotel Nashville an experienced milliner and building on the public square they are satisfied they can please the ladies All those who admire beautiful Mont W Brockman of Sano filed a trimmed in the latest style are re-¬ voluntary petition in bankruptcy last hats quested to be atSneir place of business Monday He is represented jiy Mr H S Robinson of CampbelUviile j next Saturday r >v O > it I aintI I I S l S S rt > i 1 < ii L ir L1rV 1 2 i ttj < tik f iC i J Ot1 4Si 4 tiY > ik JI l1xc > c 5- r > was a afternoon Miss Rosa Conover spent several days with her parents from Thursday till News reached here last Saturday afternoon that Mr S T Huddleston who lived in the Marrowbone country Cumberland county had been shot and instantly killed by his son We nave endeavored to learn the praticulars from the scene of the trou ¬ ble but have failed dispatched from Glosgow to the SundayCourierJournal makes this statement The son asked the fathers consent to have a party at his home The request was refused and a quarrel ensued the son shooting the father with the result as above F t af¬ of Milltown Shirley at the school Friday > w SS JSS till 1ZJ LE J < tl 1 f EL It eJ F HIGH SCHOOL NOTES Mrs John Conover and Mrs Holla day visited the Art Studio Friday- v v M Miss Mary Miller was absent from school Thursday eHeis WE ¬ AFFAIR HORRIBLE JW THE i N < i r

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