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Image 2 of The Kentucke gazette, November 22, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

X Copperjmlths end sounders Flag.'-- ' May we U brazedSogether by a love for our Country, as byborax end Jpelter, ' and riveted by an energetic Government. Xt Potters Flag, .Asoften.asthewjieeloftime ievilves this day, let gratitude tell of the heroes ,vho are proven as by sire, and may a tear' of remembrance fall for such as were cracked. Xll. Rough "Carpenters Flag. May his head be divorced from hit body by the broad Ax of 'Jufi-icwho does not square his conduct by the Rule . of Right. JCllI. House Carpenters Flag. Tlie new Poli-y- may its apartments be commodious- -' tical Mansion May three rafters be added to the ten which already support its roof, and may its lights be great and many. XIV. Blacksmiths Flag May the thirteen States ' is' welded into one united Empire, by the hammer of conciliation, on theAivil of peace, and may the "nan who attempts to blow the coal ofdifcord be burned by the sparks XV. Nailors slag. May our Government b: Hell pointed and have a good head. Tlie new Conflitution in XVI. Painters Flag. its true colours neither caricatured or flattened end may the brufb of investigation correct the glare of light given by its friends, and the profunits enemies. on it di of bade thrown Flag. byMay the paine remain ' XVlI. Glaziers for ever ur.cracked; that threw light on the J'ubjeSs ' of our late war, and may the rays of truth be drawn on a'focus by the glass of Genius. XVIII. SaddlersFlag. A Curb bit and a Traverse .tetn to the importation of foreign luxuries, and may the man who denies his encouragement to home ma- nuf allure, be ftirrupped round the world. Fiag. May he who twangs the t XiX. Hatters iow of tumult bejlripped to the pelt, then dipped into a kettle of blacking may his head be brought to their Union constitute hischaraUer. , the block and May we wax XX. Shoe and Boot makers Flag a great and happy nation, be bound by principles of mutual regard, actuated as by one Soul, and may cur prosperity as a people laji until the end of time. XXI. Breeches makers and skimers Flag. May he be fbom against. the grain, smoked and welted who has not braijtsto know that the bands of the old e, ' Government were too Joofe. . XXl. TobacconiJlsFlag. XXXVI. Coopers Fdg. May the fitv Coretn-meprove a binding hoop "Jo the different states, and never suffer them to go to fiaves. s XXXVII. Flag. The materials May they fuf which compose ournew Conflitution tain the heat of party rage without a crack, and come out more perfect from the kiln of faction. XXXVIII. Flag. May the proh duction of our trade be'the of him who attempts to untwW the political rope of our' Union. XXXIX', Mathematical injlrument MakersFlag. The political compass-A- s it has been graduated by the singer of accuracy, may it prove our guide in the wilds of legiftation, and preserve its equipoise, however fbaken by the Jlorms of foreign imajion or donuftic broil. XL. Joiners Flag. Tlie unanimity which augurs that the hatchet fball soon be buried. XLI. Surveyors rlag. Mov the needle of the new Government, be magnetized by an honeft love of same, and make the applauje of the people its pole, may the sights be taken by the prevailing eye of genius, the courses Ibaped by integrity, and may there be no variation from natio-ia- l honor, XLII. Mercliants. The new conflitution ; may it prove 100 per cent, better than the old; may , mercy and wijdom be sound in the invoice of its excellencies .and may its nett proceeds be good order at home and refpett in the councils of Europe. XLlIIr Lawyers. A mild judge, a believing jury, a blundering opponent a good cause, a handrome see, and a federal client to every advocate of our in fant Conflitution. The political'Phyficianswho XUIV. Physicians. in place of mending have made a Conflitution ; may it retain its health and vigour without the aid of medicine, and may the quack undergo at the same time the double operation of cathartic and emetic nt Brick-maker- Rope-Maker- neck-clot- who prescribes bleeding. XLV. Infantry Company. May the man who attempts to sap the foundations of our new government have a mine fprtlhg upon him, is he lights unhurt from this, may he be drummed out of society to the tune of the rogues march. Each Toast was announced by trumpets sounding, and followed by a roll from the drums which was signal to the artillery Mder the command of capt. Johnston, and to the infantry under the command of capt. Morris to sire. Ajter the several toasts were drank, a federal Jong composed by Mr. Eli Lewis, and set' to music by Mr. Edward Tyler, was sung, accompanied by May the Leaves of an twijled together and fajlened by -- thorns, or be rolled into tubes And end in a. puff. Flag. Three more J pokes XXIII. Waggon-Maker- s hautboys. to our new wheel, a federal band for its tire, a x At six o'clock the drums and trumpets gave no forits axis, political wisdom to set it in and may its progxefs never be retarded by the tice to form proceffnn again A gun was then sired as a signal for marching. The prcceffion retur .JLock chain of opposition. Flag . A: we arc chips-.o- f 7ied to town in the same orrfer in which they went JTXlV. , the same block, branches from the same tree, may we out, and aster three cheers they difmiffed in high. ,be glued together by a general efficient Government, Jlreet. The entertainment began and ended with s '. and Stampers Flag. May the utmost ha.mony, to which the attention' and ar.XXV. same flamp immortality on their names who havedy-,- d rangements of the managers greatly contributed. The proceffion was Jplendid. The mimb'r of people pre-fofor their country. could not have been less than 1 500, with between XXVi. Tannerst and Curriers Flag. May every limb of that man be backed- - -- May he be leathered forty and fifty flags interperfed; containing theprin-pa- l 'through Society, and have his hide completely tanned toils and implements of each trade ; these made a beautoful appearance, and dijeovcred at once the nho is mean enough to curry savor , XXV II- - Weavers Flag. For ever honored be the head of ingenuity and the hand of a master. The x1iames ofthofe who rejecting even the thrums of the exhibition certainly exceeded any yet made in the have tut it out of the loom, and Jiave wive inland towns of the continent. Cheerfulness and . old web, another to clothe the political nakedness of their good order were discovered throughout the company, and though the hammer of industry has for a while country. XXVIII. Tinplate workersYlag. May the fhsars been J'ujpended by the proceffion, it must certainly . afford pleqjurc to even honest man, to see so rej ef liberality and extended policy cut away local prea bodyof petpie convened to testify their approjudices, and may the late heat of politicall difqui-ijitio- n bation of a government which is generally regarded only serve to melt the cement that is to. Solder as. the political Jalvation of our country. together. . Flag. May the XXIX. Scythe and 'Sickle-maker- s ijpekie of industry be filled yith heavy harvests until h his fcithe flail movt down Empires and ages. time-w- it XXX Butchhers b lag'. As the marrow is , From the INDEPENDENT GAZETTEER. with the bone, or one Joint with another, so let be united, anfl may no cleaver disjoin us. Philadelphia, Sept. 1. V tag. When the implements :XXXl. "df war are requisite to defend our country's rights, A corrtfpondent queries, Whether it would net bt coclnejs take the sight ver.y advisable, in the prcfent junilure of public afjar tefent her wrongs---M- ay 'and courage draw the trigger. fairs, in 'Congref,,to get rid of all their back lands XXXII. lbe Jo potsnt Printers Flag.the May no ofGovernment at such prices as they can obtain, while it is yet in the Prejs, liberty as to refirain their povitr? Licenti-"oufnef.erfo impotent as not to be able to check its Tlat country, continues our correspondent, cannbt from the (attire of things, remain iongfubjttttb the old ' XXXIII. Brewers Flag. May he be cheaked state?. Their interest, remote fituatiou, and many the grains, or drowned in hot ale wliofe buft-ef- s other weighty and important conftderations, conspire i i'i to brew mischief. againfi it. Is the navig ition of the MiJJifjippi be XXXI V. Barbers Flag. Hot curling irons and ceded by the States to Spain, this event will be fao diill razor to the enemies of our new fyflem, and cilitated,' But an immediate sate of ' all "the weft-enotwithstanding the wig they once took upon them, lands, will dtfeharge great part of the national vtay they remain as they now are in the Juds. debt,md slop an accumulating interest- - and the ' XXXV." Turners Flag. May the antient fede-talifJooner the bettar. be " turned from the evil of their ways," Jf Congrejs were to.. devotesame of their time fa Kand"bt held no longer bf ihtiist of gronndlejf oppo- -. this important bufmejs, instead ofvJaftingitinfruit-lej- s and trifling debates, whirs theycritomsetc be mo-i'io- n, Saddle-Tree-Make- ftf they would render their Country same feritce the expence they incur. . The moment they attempt to give up the trada of the Miffiffippi, the weftem Country, with all their territorial claims and pretensions, yUl be lost) The Court of London, through' Lard Dorchefter, will aid the new settlements against Old Spain- and the natives of South America, will unite with the Americans of Kentucke. Ludicrous as this may appear, let it be remembered that ftran'ger things have come to pass. It may be said Congress, by an army, &c. may prevent this event. The"premises cannot be have now about fioo men - illy paid and Supplied--- . It would require an army of 20,000 men an expence that cannot be supported, and tfieobjeS ' will not repay the expence. admit-ted-'-th- 808080808080808080808080808080 8080808080 TO BE LEASED For three lives at December Court in Fayette County. A quantity of Land in one hundred acre Lotts which layer near Lexington be ing the property of the Tranfylvana Seminary. ' EDUCATION the fubferiber being appointed by npHk trustees of Salem the seminary of learning at Bairds Town, to superintend and! conduct the education of ftudent3 there, ia dedred toinform the Public that the Latin, Greek, and English Languages, w ith the ieveral Arts and Sciences commonl) ftudj-e- d at Academics and Colleges in thiscoun-r- v, will be taught from th- - twentieth in-sl- ant JAMES PRIESTLY. by $. ayear, sqf in. cattle and country products N. B. Tlie prise of tuition will be in money, and at money price. the-res- t fff November 17, 13 Db. Jtt PRESENTS f8- - eat ty his relpe&fulcomplimenta who have done him employ him in his profeffi-on- al the honor to line, and requests them to come in and fettie their accompts as he intends to leave the D ftridt the last of this montht 10 Lexington November 14 A 1788. Blue-dyer- nt pec-tab- le Gun-Smith- s s. ts NOTICE TS hereby given the field Officers and Captains of Fayette county, to meet at. the courHioufe in Lexengton, on the first monday in December next at nine a clock in the mornings to firtilh the1 bufir ness of the court of enquiry, The are also notified to attend November 14, 1788, R.PATTERSON P.C.E. The Primer hereof gratefully returns his sine erf thanks to those gentlemen who gave incouragement to his publishing a newspaper in this diftriU. Hi hath $ade it his study to rtnder the Same asiifeftil end entertaining, as his situation and the naturp thereof would admit; but as a work of this kind not only requires the mol punSual payments but a far greater number of fubferibers to enable hin to procure the necejjary fupplics; and supporting hands, begs leave ro inform such of his as have paid no part of their fubferiptiont cither for the past or present year, that is they do not intend immediately ti settle up their refpetliva balances, to give him notice thereof, as it will be impofr fibleSor him otherwiSe to continue their papersany logger'. It is with the utmost reluSance he is constrain-e- d to give this information, but as no attention r!as paid to his publication ofAuguft last, conceive! it absolutely neceffary. The following Ankles will be taken in payment at their selling price in LexBar-leington, viz.- - Bees Pork, Flour Wheat Rye, Oats, Indian, Com, Cotton, Wool, Hackled I las or Hemp, Linen or good Whiskey. ry y, ALEXANDER AND JAMES PARKER Will open, a large and general Afjortmtnt of Mirchandize, at thw Stort in isxingttn in ohoW ' " ' " Eight Days.

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