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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, November 22, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

7 NlJMS. AlII. 2 s f ; . . , - i . 1. rX- . - lS A" T It. 0N .July 8. 'Ji, confidently aflertihat V'V, Joseph L I O N D sir BanVs, lor exploring the interior, parts of Africa, arid that mroper affiftani 5 are immediately to embarkaor that purpole. J. The. annual profits arising from the African flav'e trade to Great Britain- have been computed at , 270,000. July 10 It is said the dey of Algiers ha declared "war against the emprels ofRuflia, and that alloat sleet had lately sailed' from that port, manncJ w.thcrewsof delperate fellows. ' Itisaifofaid'tlr the even. ng before the armament weiuhed anchor, the dey sent for the chief dEfcadre;with the'cl of the principal officers, when he pt'omifed a regard of 2000 Tequins to the rtrft that fhpuld brint; nd lay at his feet the head of the English rebel . Paul-sore- .' s . litc1 b-- i e f.-e,.:- '. An Aennerqve 1 ot,2o- -' f f&jfty pTafeto 'tfaW from AfbgrSve Mr.iThantifon f Wj 03. 21.' t788 in- - m.jftljrA .Sfcwtx, wheie , - .'u .), fijji 30V. , Then come-- ; thy Glory in the Sumraer. Month's, Wuh jgh snd heat refulgent : then riv Sin, .Shoot-- fnll perfefi.on, 'hio' the fiVellii)" Years And oft thy voire in dreadful tMiiHer freaks, And oft d Gici-ein holow'u'hifp'rjig'Galet. tay, Bounty iA!idfpeadista ' in A'Hiimifswcofiri'i x for all ; Hat lnvWifte'" awful ,THau' w'th Glouds and storms, oon feafl .pert o'er Teinpeftroll'd wing i! adoie, vi'h thy norther?l blast. '.Jtonii'tliee-tkur- Udfejiai3hi9fs'.-c.Riding futk'inm T:iO' she 4JI, i JltA htAiWelSiaftii-'- iM . Naii't i- he fincc god is nRtitfe everxrefent everjfeh feL Wfc$?i$m& ma ' . 1 'he-woil- tft-O attend! tv'rf trnng Soul .iiSvip.';. tc.Jjile. cf.ttie.fky . .'rden: raiie . .i'i' ck'?hj to niM'ye voca.1 gales . 1 j. ::; Cuts, ;;?-'- . i -v .;oi'.M-'piri- inyoutfrelhncfs breathes f unjuff'nS -- ''oj'1.yet.jyiiliaiii)eji, - -- -- - ; TORK, y3t. tridaytl:i2S, was appointed by the inhabitants "is this place as a day of tu'bUc rejoicing Jor'the hap pyprogrefs of .the NEW CONSTITUTION; Put .from the appearance of the .weather on Thurjdy e vening, the meeting was poflpcned uniill - Mondfa - The day was opened by an alarm gunthe 'mornitg being very and the weather continuing bad until twelve o'clock, attendance at church, which hid been part of the plan, was necejfarily bmitte'd't- - At half pajl .12, a figwl was given for repairing'to the place of rendezvous by a dicharge from the artillery. . On the pfoceffion being formed; a signal wa7- given byaflmfrom the artillery, when the trwnaetrfottni ed. a march on their ceajinzthe " :Jlrvckmp-,tiiV- y werer?lfeVed Ifi hautboys ' On enteimg the tewn, the bells' began'trifiWari .a. number of gentlemn who had formed )!emfehh into a band, gave an elegant: march on violins. ami flutes. - - On thearrival of the proceffion at Feii-rat Green, a gun was sired from the artillerpand a Volley by the infantry. The company then proaeH- .ed to the choice of a president and vice prefideift, when Thomas Hartley, Esq; was appointed prefn denti and William Scott, Esq ; vice president. " An Oration suitable to the occasion, was deliver ed by Mr. Charles W. Hartley. X Dinner Was then fined up in the utnioft crd'frt W, s n, t " . Ye chief far 'tli whole creation smiles At once the head the- - hear: and tongue of all vWhcn difene-- frti t:ofe puK W tuits, WhichrteccfTarily call for 'our Gtienti-o- jCrowii .the grtat Hfihn. Ye different fftlaries) . Wh j thio' the L;md on one, great er ralid lent, when eed from'fcare or anxiety, J fubtnit to ih v.iriows places meet, difPring in part, thejuperior irfiprejjitni of Religion CrfRilofophy, thnfowe, ; w, ;n coflly y find such moments the happiefl of any.- Jr Is E0entijls ' , Sir, I view the Common employments of Suirlptuous Editices, or lowly cots, 'tft:n. recluse in' the WoodlanJ'i grateful Miles, " 0' mslse life as beneath the cbriftant drudge of an intellecYou the'itbreft echo to your Song's ; tual Being my milid expands Affeflion Warms-- 'Devotion- captivates my fotll, and the vho!e fy. Lec all icfound the great jv.uovah's pkaiseI And as each swelling sound, increajes fa7? ' 'ftcm beats inunifoii. In one united ardor u!e to Heaven some There it in, tlvs Weflcm Country which gives'truth todevout afTenions;- For ne should 1 forget the The beauty, - the fertility, theleating Wood-"tund- s Whether the blojfmn blows, darling theme, .n meis- Sun a piefent decoraied in its golden" hue, tRullets the pia.iis, mrteleamtf with the abundance of for Or Winter darkens m the -- .aik?,ed hast; she food of man to fuppo-- t his Eemjr, And to jBcmy tongue mute, nay fancy paint no'more, " . cheer his mindr allW.fpiie to raii'e his Anpehc And dead to joy, forget my hed.t to bcat -Matin e, and toaddrefs the Bevficcnt Father of Should tate command me to the fartheiVvetgc 'tth&Univerfe who 'bellows on us every blejfmgvc OT the green earth; to uiftani baib'rous dimes enjoy. Is sir, ihevarie'y of fuojcts,Afchich lo R,ve s unknown to .Song, where fiift theSun employ your Press you wink the following Hymn Gilds Jjncs Mountain,, or his letting beams Cvery-neceffa- " - Or. Kvniticb&Gasettl. 'a ry nVarmsnaiSiflBxflrfanrriex:. ' . i. V. . Mt'.i - &c. for this, paper,, are tiankfull$ md-bette- s - "1 . From-feetnin- i- am-df- ( ! - V- ft ' 'A. U. - i my" mind is V. , V-- SR,' ' When e'en at last the solemn hour fliaifcomc, Which xvings my tnyftic slight to fuune WoriaSi J chearful will obey ; I cannot go f tilefe, rTHESE as they WheieAeNivESAL love, not smiles pr'nmd; 1 Aicbut rha varying god1, (he rolWng year' ' Sustaining all your Orbs and all tIie'iStiiit,. Is full o( thz-- . i'onh 1)1 the pleaftag' spring s evil, Hill adducing good,, ;Thy beauty w.iltsrtlry tenderness and Love; And better Jlill, r iherce a'gqti, .Wide iiu;r lelds", the foftng air is'talm, In INFINITE PROGRESSION, butl lo'fe , ' My self .Echo the W j'ands r6und alhNtturs fmilcsj ' IN MIM ! IN LIGHT INEFFABLE ! And every enje, and heart is Joy. 'Come then exp'reffive silence muse his rjtAiSE. ) . uaster a feveie and bloody co .c!1 ' o :. Sr7; : c.t tucke's Clitts the Cedars wave , jifft'.:- 5 allon board ieHfhcd. --kc e oryn iftaJe with religious .awe 7 ,u,uij the infidels to the lauVthac thcr r.a;if . n 5u-,yvvliofe boer Mates aie lieard.afar bn(k and alm6li inc'effa'nt fiie with fniM! :idsqc Wno lhae. th iljpnifh1 World list high to hea'vn of the tops, 'and. from different parts of therihip, I'iC impetnem Song and say 'from ivkom ye rage ' the man of war, as they were sinking, which into 'Sitled and above tweniyt, men; mofj of Hit praijc ye brooks attune, ye tiembling rills, Arid-leme catch it, as J muse alonp. the latter dieJ'the riextdSy, owiriguo the Balls Y 'e Jtecdl ong torrepti, lapid and profound( .whicji .the.p.irato.tiied beint; all chewed-yjQf'ter Jloedst that lead the humid maze . T!ic courtof Spain ha come to a rcfolhtion.tif ' .Ajpng, the vajeand thou majejlic Main, a .certain decree, every ChiifrianifciV, that admits o the mystery of the Holy Trinity and fA tecret, world of wonders in thy self Sound his Jlupendous Praise: whose greater voice comajn-fed.inth- e Ihe incarnation ofour blelted Saviour,-acreed of the Apoitles; and it was cxp'e-e- d Or bids you roai, or bids your toaring fall. that oi) ihe 25th of July, being- the festival of Soft roll your inceufc, lid bs, and fruits, and fiow'rs, 3t. James, .a. pragmatic ffanftionoMhe purpose In jnmgled t clouds to HIM, whose Sun exalts, Whose bioathierTnpx)'odndwhofepcncil paiiitr. .would be itRiedoiit at the caftlc of lfifcfonfo- Official tYe iorells beit&, ye harxefts wave to HIM. werooTTmonday lartreceivtl from he duke of Doifeun Pat ir. They ftatc.that Grea? sources Day belt image here below " Of thy cp. hATOR ee. poiuing wide d;l't)atehesfrom India mentioned an exthe pedition which .he Governor ol Pondichciry vas J' roni ' oi Id, 16 World, the vital ocean round t pYiderpaking againlt Tnncomajc in, conlequenctj'of .With Ndiuie write, on ev ry beam HISPRAISE. aQoop that was dupatched in ovembcr.Ialt, wuh The Tkwxder-- os ! Qchvihtytsprojiratc World, .the mfomiauonjof the probablcMtijiture betweeii Wn !tt Cuit to Cioad icurns ihzJolem:i.Hyn;n : -1'. ante nd tst:'y. and authonfin the Govec.-Jio- i juelh ye Hiils, ye mojj'y rocks, of thci-- . ctjch leitlcments in thca(l.Jnd,c tp Liu-'. 'Reti ti t lie, jound ipt; broad jejpi.itive low ;3im; that, this: aimament was in comeuencc pi "V tallies ralfe : to. tfie great siiefheud reigns, of-th- e ' . . s Last iii'n 'iy'sHajjne Gazette contains the fen Van Weflerveld, aiid I. H. Van enccs of ' Dyck, of H.ticn ind Elbotira. One's tlie abov-is aburgomafte- j'lhe are botrbiniihcd for U:c, 3& well as iojo m.niftcVI of the !?p!'pel, a colonel, and many morpj "'mc Jtneis oniv j cx 'ed for a particular term dfears. The hnjg j j- nnfter RauivcnhofF- was ifennced to h hesd lopped off on the public 'caffiokl, . hai-(taies of i,t ft ed and 'condemned hirri' to p.etLi1 Pino, ' wuh the pain of, death "f '"v G'.e'-'crlan- . mu iinworlhir ?dur rtoffts, 1 .lS!222i!r x is H NOVEMBER as, ;i78l iyJ'QHN BRADFQjRp'flt his Orjicr tMain Sifreffr .yhfce Subfcripfionf, Advertisements, ";i..''"v"'('i aF PR'ntiNo itijitfdifFyent brarchesde whhfiare and Expedition. .v -- " '. . i 'lEKiSfGT ON ..Printed t - SRfi.Dt.A' U - dymdjpfki. '' Aster dinner the following teafts were'given by the Flag carriers of the refpettive trades and clafles. 1. United States Fag. May our Prows-exph- r every inlet of the habitable Globe oW Flag ride Triumphant on every Ocean ... May Im. partiality wield the Sword of Jtiftice; ana hnpeth. afity the Sword of War. . II. Flag bf the State is pennfylvaa iTh& State of Pennfyhania, May foe hold the Fedekl Balance and become the AtbitreSs of the Contii&h : 11. Magistrates Flag. May Juflice by her Sword protect her Scales May nothing but RighteoufjiWf :iurti the Beam, and may fbe write What convulsed Beltafbazzar, " Thou art wcigWti '.11 the Balance and art sound wanting." IV. Farmers Flag. Perpetual Laurels to- - tU ' beaten 'the Sword of CMl Dt tnen who have sent hn into a Plow Share'- '- 4fha have sown thefefli of good Government ; mayitfpring up without Tare-an- - fi:?rlj may each revolving ITarvefl witness it) ttcfeajf Bricklayers. My the comP6-ne- nt parts of the Federal Edifice be Squared by tha Plummet of impartial Jufiice inseparably attMei by the centent of Citizenjhip A - VI. Clock and Watch makers Flag'- -. virtilt May be the Miinfpring of our new Government - PA. ' trxnijm keep its works in order. May the popular1 vt tce wind up, its chaiii, and' may its hand pjfofit the public good . n.lSakers.Flag. May an Oven 'seven timet heated be' the sate of him whose only obietls at ,t he "Loaves and Flfhes." Ylll. Stocking Weavers Flag. May he who fifo broached the formation of a new Government, havs a wreath of Laurels iwifted round his brtnv, anfa garland ofiha&riryjlow'ertniirovfi for-hireward .V. Majons and 1 s IX Tailors Flag May Fate with hetfhear't cut the thread of that mans life Fame difb-,ot- ir him with the name of Gonje, aidfociety bale him, vno enaeavours to Cabbage from his Country.

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