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Image 2 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), April 23, 1901

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

I . t J lD)fl1WTlHIMESS. PUBecjiiER gaptain Ripley's Acquittal I XXCX1T SUNDAY, JULY TOtJRTH, TUANKMIYJHO AMD CBKISTMAS. & J&0 ffitn r , i SVB3CRirTI0XS-I- Ml Tmt Kats . AVVAXCJC X .. ............ . . DELIVERED BY CARRIES. X 50 75 for veracity te the prosecution. The IN SENTIMENT. trial would furnish anethor opportu- Vi CHANGES L. AND N. CHEAP RATES. nity te revive the dying animosities of the past sad years and give new strength The L. and N. Railroad will sell tickets te New Orleans, La., te the gang into heso hands the prose- round-triat 121.49. April 22d, 23d and 24th; return cution has fallen. limit May 3d. Account General MisPolitical Bitterness is Giving M. E. Church. Conference The indictment and prosecution had sionary Alse en May 7th. 8th and 0th at Way te Reason. Thore has been Seuth. rate, limited te May 20th. Acthe opposite effect. same growing a most healthy reaction count Seuthorn Baptist Association against the passion, foreclty and in- meeting. On account of the Louisville Races justice of these prosecutions. The vast the L. and N. Railroad will soil round-triYET majority of the Democrats desire that THERE'S HUH HOPE FOR JUSTICE tickets as follews: April 2Sth and no innocent man be punished as in- May 11th, incluslve, at $5.80; return morning limit tensely as they dasire the punlshment April May 13th. Fer and 11th trains of at $4.31; 2flth, May Oth guilty. They are tired of politi- return limit two days from date of sal. of the ttatngten Morning Jltrnlit. cal prosecutions and Judicial politics. We congratulate Kentucky, and eswas CHEAP RATES VIA THE C. AND 0. RAILWAY. party, en the The belief of Ripley's innocenco pecially the Democratic and there was a rovelt Goneral Conference M. E. Church, D. universal, prompt acquittal of Captain Garnett New Orleans, La., April against this prosecution. His friends by the verdict of a Jury of among the, Goebel Democrats and he Seuth,Fer the above occasion the C. and Ripley tickets Maysville Democrats, selected by a Democratic had many rallied te his support, and O.wlll soil round-triof Sheriff, according te the most approved many who cared nothing for him per- to New Orleans at rate 22d,eno fare, J21.50.; 23d and 24th April en methods in vogue in the Franklin Cir- sonally took pains te show their sym- Ticketslimitsale 2d, 1901. May return cuit Court. Of couree, we de most pathy and confidence. We take much Southern Baptist Association, New 1901. Fer heartily congratulate our friend en his pleasure in making this statoment, Orleans, La., May C. O. will acquittal, and still mere warmly de we and we state it from personal knowl- the abevo occasion the rateandeno fare. of tickets at sell round-triour congratulations te his heroic edge We knew of many kindly, gen- $21.50. Tickets en sale May 7th, 8th and send Oth; return limit May 10th and 20th. and superb wife, whose loyalty, courage erous, manly acts done by Goneral Assembly Cumberland Presand uncommon Intelligence have been friends of Mr. Geebol because byterian Church, West Point, Miss., Yet this prosecu-tlose helpful and noble. Fer the above occasion of their disapprobation of this prosecu- May has presented in a most striking tion. Such citlzens leek with as the C. and O.wlll sell round-tritickets manner the unfortunate condition of much disapproval as we de upon any at rate of eno fare, $17. Tickets en sale May 14th, 15th, 10th and 17th; return affairs In our state. attempt te punish an innocent man. limit May 27th, 1901. Captain Klpley has been Judicially Goneral Assemhly of the Presbyterian h. dclared innocent. His innecenco was This acquittal of Captain Ripley and Church, Llttle Reck, Ark., May Fer the above occasion the C. and as well known te these who had the recent Judgment of the Court of Just tickets Maysville O.wlll sell round-trihim indicted and tried before that Appeals In the Claude Chlnn case are te Llttle Reck, Ark., at rate of eno fare, as it is new. These elnclals of untold benellt te Kentucky and of $18.45; return limit June 1st, 1001. knew exactly what was the truth and Incalculable advantage te the Demothey knew he was guiltless. They also cratic party. Announcements. knew hew much false testimony was at Announcements for city offices, fJ, their command, and every lawyer There is a most unpleasant report (J; tlate offices, t JO. Cash in adi ance. county etHces, among thorn knew that the whole truth that a conspiracy has been formed te CO vxxr OFFICES. and all the false testimony did nt t postpeno any trial of Powers or Hewmake out a case of legal guilt; and ard until there is another Appellate COt'TV Jl'IKIK. these who procured the indictment election in the hope that Judge Gully Wenrenntlierlzwl te announce C. D. SEWELL te the utile el County positn a candidate for abused and prostituted theiretlicial may be defeated and a "reliable" suc- J mice, subject te ttic action of the Democratic tions and criminally exercrclsed their cessor be elected. What, If any, foun- party. eillcial authority for improper purposes. dation there be for this we knew net. COUNTY ATTORNEY. Someone misjudged Cap. Ripley. He is But certain dispatches from Frankfort We are aiitherUed te announce FIIANK P. candidate for reelection as a brave man and a gentleman. He does In The Courier-Journand Times are O'DONXKI.I. ns asubject te tne action of the County Attorney, net belong te the class of Culton, Mat- significant. These are the dispatches Dunecratlc party, thews, Golden, et id omne genus. in which it is announced that perhaps COUNTY CI KKK. When arrested and Imprisoned without it will be impossible te try Mr. I'ow-er- s We are authoring toauneunce CLARENCE L. te the etlice u candidate for ball he offered te make no trade; he until a special term in the summer WOOD us Clerk, subject te the action of the of County no confession; he deigned no of 1902. made Democratic jiurtj. He bore his imprisonment proffer. The successors te Judges Paynter and without unmanly complaint and pre- Guffy must be elected in the fall of We are'. te announce THOMAS L. 11K8T candidate for bherlhTuf Masen County, served his manly dignity, and his hono- 190!; and if the trial be postponed un- subjectas athe action of the Democratic party. te rable silence. When he took the stand til the summer of 1902 the rocerd might We are antherli'ed te announce JAMES H. under oath, he told the truth as a gentU-man- , fall into the hands of the Court after KellKltaON as a candidate ferhherll! of Masen County, subject te the action of the DemccratlC and the fabrications of Fergorsen January, 1903. part. Matthews, and the forced and maliand But neither Juries nor Judges areas AHNrWsOH. cious misconstructions of mendacious "reliable" as they enco were. We are authorized te announce W. II. IIAW.ES reporters and less scrupulous prosecuof Minerva as a candidate for County Assessor, subject te the action of the Democratic Primary. tor proved unavailing. The verdict who comWhen Captain Ripley, We are authorized te announce DOUGLASS has net added one whit te the universal manded a company under Dan Cellier, MtDOWKLL na a candidate for County Assessor, as a contrary subject te the action of the Democratic party. belief in his innocence, is acquitted by a Democratic Jury; and verdict would net have changed the a Democratic Appellate Judge unites HUrKHINTKHDKNT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Judgment of any honest man. in a Judgment in favor of Claude OEOHGE V. ULATTEItMAN announces himYet this citizen, confessedly innocent, Chlnn; and Judge Tarvln and Theodere self a candidate for the etljce of Superintendent subject any action the Demois indicted for complicity in the assassi- Hallam enter into a truce and the pro- of Public schools. adept. te cratic party may in his ceedings te disbar are dismissed; we We are authorized te announce Professer E. nation of Mr. Goebel; is arrested as a candidate for the eOlce of Superinhome; put in irons; Immured in Jail could net be surprieed te see the Deve SWIFT of Public Schools of Matren County, subtendent confined there for months; of Peace carrying messages of levo ject te the action of the Democratic party. without ball; put te enormous expense; heralded all and esteem between Governer Brown 1IAUIHTJIATK. ever the world as a suspected and In- and Judge Cantrill. We are authorized te anneuce Mr. BELDON W. dicted assassin, and is remediless. as a candidate for Marlttrate In the ItUAMKL I2TA11 kinds Shingles cheap. District at the November Who Is responsible at the bar of public election, 1501. D. G. Wilsen, Orangeburg, Ky. outrages? It is due te opinion for these Colonel Campbell te say that he Is net. CITY OFFICES. He had no let or part in this indictSECRET SOCIETIES. rOLICX JUDOK ment and prosecution. He has publicly We are authorized te announce JOHN L. WH1TAKBH as a candidate for Police Judge of denied any responsibility for this te be held Masvllle prosecution. Whoever is responsible Members and Visiting Brethren Ara tlie Cltv of 5th, JU01. at tlie election November deserves the severest condemnation. We are authorized te announce W. HENRY Invited te Attend. p Cente Pe MBtta TeyatU te Coltttter at tnd of UentK Mayer HiNKtE of Columbus, 0., has fired the entire Civil Service Commission el that city en the charge of President McKinlky incempetency. might de the same thing with the Commission at Washington, for it's a shot that there isn't a member of it who would make a geed Mud Clerk en a canal-bea- u ten-to-e- t. 24th-30t- h. p 9th-10- th, p report of the closing day's proceedings in the Ripley trial says "The speeches el today were as the case has been throughout in direct contrast with these of the preceding trials of the Goebel murder cases." Which means that Themas Court- The Courier-Journal- 's ultra-Democra- ts n 10th-21- lGth-28t- p testimony of Bradley is especially damaging te testiRipley. . . . The mony was fully corroborated by Judge W. II. Yest, and is substantially confirmed by Ripley himself. If the Jury believes the testimony of Bradley and Judge Yest, then Garnett Ripley will be convicted of a guilty knowledge, before the act. of the assassination of Gov erner Goebel. The evidence of his guilt iB complete, and te acquit him of the crime is te discredit the evidence of both Bradley and Yest Will an attempt be made to discredit their statements? It will certainly fail. There is no escape from the force of their testimony, which fully confirms every contention made by the counsel for the Commonwealth, and clearly substantiates the statements of ether witnesses for the prosecution who have testified in ether cases. Paris Democrat. The e ?r Ugh-ho- el The estate of the late State Senater Chris L. Magee of Pittsburgh has received a bill from Dr. Walter Browning of Philadelphia for & C. $190,-00- 0 for professional services during illness of Senater Magee. the Dr. Browning was in attendance en months Senater Magee for twenty-on- e previous to his death, and accompanied him te several places for the recovery of his health. The bill is understood te be itemized, covers twenty-on- e months treatment and is charged at the rate of $80 per treatment hour. One charge is $17,000 for last summer's treatment at Atlantic City and another $12,000 for accompanying the deceased te Het Springs, Va. The fee is believed te be one of the largest of its kind ever charged in Pennsylvania or the United States, and has produced widespread comment in professional circles. It is safe te say that the Editor who boosted Mr. Magee into the Senate get no such sum as thn Docter claims for putting him under the sod. Sea notice olsewhoro i We never believed that this prosecution was aimed principally against Captain Ripley. We feared his conviction. The Franklin county machine is a wondrously efficient machine te DEKALB LODQK, I. O. O. P. Regular meeting this evening at 7:30 produce convictions. But if he was convicted, we believed It would be a o'clock of DeKalb Ledge Ne. 12, 1. O. O. step In a plot against ethers. Thore F. All members requested te be present. Ripley were several possibilities. C&2 might belong te the class, and trade testimony for release. Inculpate some eno te exculpate himself, and if se the Indictment could be The A. O. U. W. will meet this eveheld ever his head and his statement ning at 7 o'clock at thelr hall in Glasused against these ethers. cock Building, corner Socend and SutOn the trial under eon streets. he or ethers might reveal something W.F. Themas, M.W. damaging. These failed. His convicR. II. Wallace, Recorder. tion might be worth $5,000 te some eno besides wltnesB fees and pickings for COMMON PROPERTY. underlings. Te introduce Governer Bradley and Judge Yest as witnesses for the prosecution would lend an air of respectability and give a character Public Praise Is Public Property. Mays- vllle People May Profit by Lecal W Water Company. James Sullivan, Ira Ynrnell and Geerge Spencer were before Judge Wadsworth yesterday afternoon, charged with disorderly conduct. On Sunday night they had "rocked" Geerge Hrad-forThe Judge "rocked" them te the tune of $15.40 each, for which they will assist in "rocking" the city canals for the next week or ae. n d. Experience. THE HANDSOMEST STORE IN THE CITY! THE LARGEST AND HANDSOMEST STOCK OF In Rings, Studs, Pen- - Diamonds! Geld Watches in all sizes and thegreatestwatchbargalns dants, Ear Dreps, Cuff Buttens and Scarf Pins. at all .prices;enareeyerjng gyer.fereJ'----rJlne-l!-?g-9-S-- Ferks Knives; hi fact, everything made in, s line and bargains. The most exquisite cuttings in Cut Glass Jireje be found in our stocks; every piece is cut; no pressed glass in our ffppftjy.6 aresh-eynEa .yeryAs.pji5.?, China in Plates, Salad and Chop pishes; also Mayonnaise Bowls and Cake Plates.. .Seeeur Hne of Leving Cups; Vases, fine Lace Bisque Figuers, Bronzes of the finest. Call and see pur stock; no trouble te show you through. take no substitute. ' Everything new, prices low. quality'the best. Remember, we have moved te, pur new store in First Na- J. D. DAVIS, tlegal Bank Building, opposite Oddfellews Hall. FOBTBR-MlLBOn- . v & ' iviuiwri .' C tM. X--V m w ut tr ' tJA THE. L JEWELER tm f WJ's. Pnducnh, Ky., April 23. Great was created at Lament, 20 miles from hire, Sundny, when the family of The mas Hall, aged 73, who died lust week, thought he had been buried alive. Fer many years the well te de lnrmer lived in abject ter-lfearing he would be buried alive. Last 'Wednesday he died and was buried. Explicit Instructions ghen en numerous occasions were enrried out. They were that n shaft should he placed from the open nir into Ids co Hi n and v string run through the shaft te be attached te the flag at the top. The string was wrnpped nreund his hand, in order that he could pull down the cloth in case he came buck te life, nnd thereby inform bin family. Sundny morning the watchman who had been constantly beside the grave returned after several hours' absence, and discovered the ling down. The family wns immediately notified, and became greatly excited. Several hundred neighbors assembled, nnd the grave wns opened, but the corpse lay cold and stiff. Kxhnustie Examinations were made by physicians, who finally convinced the sons that their father was dead beyond hope. The body wns then reinterred. They concluded that the flag blew down during the high wind, although it was strongly supported. Mr. Hall was wealthy, and very superstitious. STOCK DROWNED. nt er rnrmiTM tn tlie A'lclnity f Lnmttin Arc I.iirKv I.tiHiTN en Account of ii Kleuil. M. D., GENERAU PRACTITIONER i- DAUI.-TO- house-cleanin- THE RACKET SEED v & ernment. A press Emilie Agulnnldo-Mendanfternoen en Solnnen Btreet whither he was removed from nnd found hint iu it large-rooupstairs, furnished with a tabic a typewriting machine, three settees nnd 20 chairs. His wife, who wns entertaining a number of Filipine women friends, sat at one end of the room while Aguinaltle, smoking n clgar and chatting with Nenito Legarde, occupied the opposite corner. Agulnnlde, whose henring was. courteous nnd dignified, was dressed in white, looked well nnd altogether made .in excellent impression. He. was rather reluctant 'te talk for publication, nnd considered every question carefully before answering, he wits doing nil he could te assist in the pnciflcntien of the nnd expressed himself as surprised nt what the Americans Mnniln, April visited 23. repre-sentnti- ve y lle-sai- d I'hil-ippin- es, When he was first captured, en te snv. lie was trrentlv ns- tenished te find that a majority of 'Hii VilinimiR iMitertnliHMl the onlnleil, that American sovereignty wns preferable te independence, but. new he wns inclined te believe that way hinW self. He explained that since the dissolution of the insurgent congress nnd the declaration of guerilla war- fnre the chiefs had operated te alt intents nnd purposes independently. They recegnteed hltn ns commander- sending him reports ecca- siennlly, and he issued some orders. "I am new urging in the atrengest possible manner," said Aguinnlde,"' that all insurgents should surrender nnd swear alleginnce te the United Staten." He expresses the opinion that Tinte Lusban, Malvnr and ether representative insurgents will surrender as seen ns they come te understand tlie nature of the amnesty offered them,. He said he hoped that when the work of pacification wns complete nnd conditions were settled the prisoners i Gunm would be released. Ilecelies Courteous Trentmcnt. j J. ' ' I ' ' f, I I I J After referring in gntteful terms te the courteous treatment accorded him by the military authnrkii k. hi' declared his comictien that tlit civii j , ' government which would folte pjn would realize the highest hope of the Filipine people. When questioned regarding the report that he would visit thu Unlti'd Stntps, he ruplied that he would like? te de se, but had made no plans ur yet, placing himself entirely nt the? disposition of the United States gev- eminent. In concluding the interview he ob- served: "Every word in my nddres? te my countrymen, the Filipine? came from my heart. I hope the Americans believe me thoroughly in my efforts te secure peace-anunder American auspices te promote the welfare and prosperity eC the Philippines." ', ' 1 Bin-ce- re d PROF. SIDNEY C. ' NEWS0M; Ileen Appointed iih Supcrlntenclcnr In One of the Schoel Division In the Philippines. Indianapolis, Ind., April 23. Sidney Newsom, teacher of English encl Latin nt 'tlie manual training high school, has accepted the situation of superintendent in one of the school divisions of the Philippine islands. The islands have been divided into-nin-e school divisions, only part of which, however, are under subjection-apresent. Mr. Nowsem will have-onof the districts nlready pacified,, nnd will lenve te nssume his new duties in n few weeks. He will be by Mrs. Newsom. IIe recommended for the situation by both Prerfdent Eliet, of Harvard-nnDr. J. M. Manly, of Chicnge university. Ilattle of San Jacinto Anniversary. Housten, Tex., April 23. The anniversary of the battle of San Jnclrrtc-wn- s celebrated throughout Texua Monday. The most notable observance was at Austin, where the veterans of the Texas war of independence-nrin annual reunion with of (the Republic. At Austin nnd Brenhnm the celebrations were-en an extensive scale Called en the President. Quarantine liaised. Washington, April 23. The dowGuthrie, Ky., April 23. The smnll-oe- x quarantine between Clnrksville ager duchess of Manchester and her sister, Lady Lester Kaye, who and Guthrie has been raised. of Washington friends, called-- ' en the Kentucky and Tennes-ic- e nt the white house Monday, nccem , side will be removed this week. panied by Adelbcrt S. Hay, United! Sunday Closing Test Cases. States consul nt Pretoria. They Louisville, Ky., April 23. Sundny in the green parlor by the losing of saloons in Louisville will be president, the ladies belpg presented3 Icclded in a number of cases te be te the chief executive by Mr. Hay. here Tuesday. tried Montgomery, Ala., April 23. rts SnerrlBsT ' JLtvingsteB, from ithe country surrdunding- Livingston, Ky., April 23. 'A Jienvy fcrcafc. mew hu ben raging1 bore Montgomery indicate that a by. thi. jpwi, still snewinf deal ei cotton has been killed UTnnrlav. wltb a enW north wind. f'"su wiu ivtv ipeit. C. t e was-highl- e suc-:eed- cd Pest-hous- es are-guest- were-recclve- He-po- , BRO.'.4iFrWRy rW iUrket Btrtet. MayiTllle. Kr. - Desires te Visit America, But Ham at Mnilc Ne IMuns as Yet, Being the Disposal of the Gov - And everything for the Garden. Try the Stringless Bunch Bean; it leads i , i Ta-tha- m SWEET POTATOES C.P. He il 1 Women's DlteMM, Threat, Kan and Nes Hpe-- f ciaiuvu umce next auer 10 ArauireDii urei. Iemt, Fifth Ward; room at V. C. Hutchisen's Grocery .amii WM, r,ijnt cn atteaaM te, Sti-ucl- n all for earliness. Thinks the Civil Government That. Would Fellow Pacification Would Realize the Filipinos' Hopes. t, Londen, Ky., April 23. The snow which commenced fnllinp Inst Friday 11 WELL PLEASED WITH HIS TREATMENT Favers Sovereignty. g N lift. uiulntitleti .Mudr. THE RACKET Grateful people will talk. Tell thelr experience for the public geed. Maysville citizens praise Dean's Kidney Pills. Kidney sufferers approclate this. Thy find relief for ever kidney ill. Read what this citizen says: Mr. O. B. Owens of Owens fe Bland, 228 Market street, says: "In the winter of 1809 I preenred a box of iDean's Kldney Pills from J. Jas. Weed & Sen's Drugstore, corner of West Second and Market streets, for a friend residing out of town. In dne ceurso of time the receipt of same was acknowledged, with the remark that their use had proven very beneficial and that they were a kidney remedy of great value." Fer sale by all dealers; prlce 50 cents HbOX. Ce., Buffalo, N. Y., Sele Agents for the United States. Remember the name DOAN'S and Agninalde Says Filipinos Should Surrender and Swear Allegiance te Uncle Sam. The Family of Themns Ilnll TheiiKht lie 1 1 rid Deen Btirned Alive Ex- - has never censed for one moment. The waters arc higher than they have been since 18S3. Great damage is being done by the drowning of small stock, calves, hogs nnd sheep. The farmers along the streams ure heavy losers by having all the soil washed off their freshly plowed fields. Tlie bridges crossing nil streams line been washed away. People living in the country have been unable te rench town for several days en account of the high water. The damage sustained by the farmers throughout the mountain section can net bs estimated nnd it catches most of them as nil the farming lands lie In the bottoms along the strenms. Se fur no less of life hns been heard of. Frank Ots Dcnd. Lexington, Ky., April 23. Frank Ots, prominent owner and trainer of thoroughbreds, died at his home here Monday night. He owned nnd trnin-e- d Uannster, a Brooklyn handicap winner; Atmore, a candidate for the American Derby; Turtle I)eve, Aueora and ether geed ones. ClftH 1.1 f - IinprUetiiiiPiit. Bnrhnursville, Ky., .r.pril 23. .Jehn Hemlrieksen, who killed Galloway Carnes nt Bed Tep, Clay county, wns Monday found guilty and sentenced te life imprisonment in the penitentiary. WADSWOIITII as a candidate ter Judtje of the Tne ii ml ml 31 liters Police Court of the City of Maysville. Ky.,at me November election, irei, subject te the action of Central City, Ky., April 23. Twe the voters of said city. hundred miners nt the Central Ceal We ere authorized te nnneunce JOHN L. CHAMIIEKLAIN as a candidate for Judge of the and Iren Ce.'s mines here struck MotiPolice Court of the City of Maysville at the Nolity, leaving but four at work, who, it vember election, 1001. is charged, refused te pay strike asCHIEF OK POL1CK. sessments. Te the Voters of the city of Maysville, Ky.: At the solicitation of many frlcndi 1 bei; te announce .Sluiitfleuiit Decision. myself as a candidate for the etlice of Chief of Police of tbeclty of Majsvllle at the election te he Frankfort, Ky., April 23. Judge held In November, 1'JUl. Your support Is respect-.- ease Vinten held in the Brewn-IIuullly solicited. It. P. D. THOMPSON. We are authorized te announce M.J. DONOVAN that etidenee intending te show the as Chief of Police of as n candidate for the City of Maysville at the November election, pasting or counting of illegal votes 1W1. is competent. This opens the way te in estimations. CITY CI.KRK. We are authorized te announce Mr. J. L. Tim ii UnuVr 'Water. as a candidate for te the eQIce of Lnwrencehurg, Ky., April 23. The City Cleric nt the November election, 1901. We are authorized te nnneunce JOHN J. O'DON little town of Tyrene, en the KenNKI.L asa candidate for City Clerk at the Ne- - tucky rier, is almost submerged in ember election, ivui. ivnter. Tlie inhabitants have desertAKSEBSmt. ed their homes. The river hns reach We are authorized te announce WILLIAM M. ever known. DAUOHKHTY as a candidate for City Assessor at ed the highest point me xevemDer election, ivui. One Wouldn't fie. We are authorized te announce JAME3 STEWas City AssesIrvine, Ky., April 23. Sim Deharn, ART as a candidate for sor at the November election, 1K01. Jee Spivey, Jim Lynch nnd Victer Gray dug through the wall of tlie jail and escaped. Jee McDowell, charged with defaulting as cashier of the Ks-tcounty deposit bank, refused te je. Is the place te buy the many little necessities you must have with the adIncreased Salnrlcs. vent of iprlBft and its round of Our line embraces everything Louisville, Ky., April 23. The salaIn the nay of ries of 53 pest office empleyes here NOTIONS, OILCLOTH, WINDOW SnADES.OAItDEN HOES, HAKES, have been increased from $100 te $300 Telescopes, Tin and Granite Ware, i year. Postmaster Baker's salary is Men's and women 'sHprlng and Summer increnscd $1,000. Underwear at prices that are sure te win your trade. Get our prices and we will Attempted Suicide. get your trade. Come and be convinced. L. II. YOUNU A CO., Preps., Taylersvillc, Ky., April 23. Will la 48 West Second Street, Maysville. K. Jenkins, of Tntham Springs, tried te commit suicide by eating lye soap. rhysi-:inn- s A love affair wns the cause, saved him. I'nlsnned With Greens. Taylersvllle, Ky., April 23. The family of Geerge Blacketer, of Springs, were seriously poison-- d by cntlng greens. Physicians In saving- them. Helena-Leulsbur- of meeting of JEWELRY st. p house Campbell of Cincinnati-Ne- w Yerk was net engaged in the Ripley trial. CHIEF. DEAD BEYOND RECALLED. . p Zetger RutUUng, Xe. 10 East OFFICE- - PMic Btrtct, Maysvtllt, Ay. . . . TMrd THE COMMONWEALTH. INSURGENT i &$&&& xA b,Jy&&ikiSr EHsntTr"auzi3i; ' s d 'S 1 -- m

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