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Image 1 of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.), April 23, 1901

Part of Daily public ledger (Maysville, Ky.)

V m ' i; j JL m- jE-ft- j J, i - .i & iffi"- l ,aJD PUBLIC &ei tt , &v-- 1 JMKSVLiS WEEKLY rn j fc - S- n. 1901. Wn THE ANCIENT OnDKIt. USTRay'sllalnbowReatly-mlxo- Old Neah probably started it, As ancient history shows; Fer when he went Inte the ark He Joined the Buffaloes. Chicago News. Mr. M. Merz left yosterday for New 00-I- f you linre en lUm of new. i1cn roll up The Ixslarer, Telephone 33, and let u linte It. Mr. Cbarles Daly of Cincinnati 1b Mrs. Jehn Short of East Fourth street visiting rolatlveB hore. is qulte 111. Mr. Themas Farley roturned te Hunt JSTFer the beat paint ready te use Kington yoBterday afternoon. go te Chonewoth's Drugstore. Mr. S. P. Browning has returned Thursday will be observed by the from an extenslve business trip. Catholic Churches as the feast of St. Miss Fannle Mansen of Latenla Is Mark. The Christian Church National Con'the guest of Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Har-Tevention will be held at Minneapolis in p. 2 Miss Muse of Indianapolis is the .guest of Mrs. Jehn D. Muse of West .Second. Mr. Ed Breen of Loulsvllle has been hore the past few days en a visit te relatives. Mrs. William II arris of Carlisle nc companied the remains of Mr. Harry O. McDougle te this city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. JoBeph Merford of Lex. lngten catne down yesterday te attend the funeral of Mr. Harry 'I C. McDougle. Mr. Oscar McDougle of Charleston, Va., is in the city, called by the death of his brother, Mr. Harry C. "W. Mrs. Mary Dimmltt and Mrs. Ferd Hechinger and little daughter bave re turned from a visit te relatives at Cin- cinnati. Mrs. Mary Wilsen and daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Wilsen, of East Third street are home after a sojourn in Flerida. Mrs. Themas Breen, who came te attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Elexine Filsen, has returncd te her home In Cincinnati. Mr. and Mrs. James Martin and little fflen bave returned to thelr home at Winchester after a visit te hla mother, Mrs. .Mary Martin of Ferest avenue. October. The many friends of Mrs. Kebort Ficklln will regret te learn that she is still sorleusly 111. Miss Florence Wadsworth, who has been qulte ill at her home en West Third, is somewhat lmproved. Viewed from this side of the rlver, Abordeen was in darkness last night. Did the high water invade the gasworks? s William Overby and Miis Stella of Mt. Olivet were married at the Central Hetel Sunday afternoon by Kcv. Heward T. Cree of the Christian Church. Mr. Will Klnsler, who has long been connected with J. Jas. Weed it Sen's Drugstore, yesterday started out ai traveling salesman for this well known heuso. Don't conclude a contract for your spring wall papering until you see the new and handsome patterns of Shafer fe Davis and get their rock bottom prlces. ISTSay, Pa; what de Murray it Themas mean by their "Spring Stock?" Why, Senny, that menumonts, like everything else, get out of date; but they have the latest In stock. JSTThe regular monthly meeting of the Masen County Medical Society will be held at the ofUce of Dr. A. G. Browning Wodnesday nextat'2 o'clock p. m. Essayists, Drs. Huddleson and Reed. Cel-11n- Strikes ana Spares ft Rus-soi- l, i" It' Wm ft T-W- E Maysville Cemmandery, K.T., Elects a New Set Last Evening. ? PaT: Enech Arden, the Enech Arden, has come and gene. e When the curtain reso at the last evening a large and attentlve audience of Maysville's smiling best looked upon the scene where the simple story of Philip Ray's and Enech Arden's love for Annle Lee was te be reoited. A short recital by Miss Moero and Mr. Kruger formed a prolude, Then came the moledrama. Nothing could be mere expressive or beautiful than the opening bars of Strauss music after the short declamation or giving of the themes by Miss Curtis and Mr. Kruger. Miss Curtis's reading was the very perfection of art. Toe much praise cannot be given te her clear and beautiful onunclatlen, every word being distinctly heard te the remotest corner of the building. The climax was given with true dramatic feeling. Mr. Kruger's playing was poetical and extremely beautiful and the poem found its fullest interpretation in his rendition of the accompaniment. The looked beautiful, and the boxes and the audience both combined te make an attractive sceno. Altogether the Enech Arden was an artistic social and llnanclal success. much-talkod-- Opera-hom- Opera-hous- e YESTERDAY'S te The Grim Reaper's Visit te Hemes in This and Lewis County. II Mb L.ti,. .t.W. v..' iiv I ill U...I w?i UnlTAn ' ,, j. ntwi v .. . I i ' VtfT , ym.Tj J,sa, - .- !! ,m.m,r:tAmimm m 9 v Up-te-da- te i mm iw m When! DON'T iPAPERING PAINTING. Guaranteed te be first class. DAN SHAKER, CHAS. B. DAVIS , SHAFER & DAVIS, MARKET STREET. 219 by the use of three or four dests. Fer curing Consumption, Hemorrhages, l'nuemenla, bevere Coughs, Croup, or any disease of the Threat or Luui,3, Its success Is simply wonderful, u )our druggist will tell ou flet a sample bottle free from J. Jas, Weed A Sen, Masllle, Ky. GetOrten's Prize Almanac. BALLENGER: Jeweler and Optician. WE BELIEVE te it K Or rather we knew there is only one grade of merchandise gives the expected satisfaction te the buyer and reflects credit te the teller. That grade is the best. We have always bought our Carpets and Ruga from the best mills and when you buy ingrains from us they will be all wool. Our choice patterns make cheesing easy. We have very low prices and handsome qualities toe in Brussels, Mequets and Velvets. Rugs from $1 te $5 and a large assortment of Oilcloths and Lines in 8 and 6 feet widths. Loek ever your rooms and see if you can't use something from our carpet section. Our prices will be no strain upon your purse. Upholsteries! In wool or cotton. Seme pretty conceits in denim, all colors, designs geometrical and floral, plain shades alie. At 15c, 18c and 25c a yard you can have a newcevering for box lounge, sofa or cesy corner a note of freshness that will brighten an entire room. floHandsome Weel Tapeitry 50c te $1. A rich green with ral designs in reds and brown. Same pattern with blue ground, $1. A satin finished furniture damask in blue and geld for 50c (52 inches wide.) all-ev- er A striped effect in Oriental colors 59c. Almest a down ether designs with fringes and cerdsj te match nearly v " every pattern. m. mmmmim Pi til fW .vrM 4m aaBHMaMHaaaakBaBaaaI td&lsK.v rjbsmmmwm w tv Business Methods SHOES"" large spring trade we are having, and our desire te keep new and nebby goods all the time, our Mr. M. Merz found it necessary te leave en Monday far New Yerk en his SECOND SPRING TRIP, and we kindly ask you te watch for new arrivals each davj Cordially yeuS,,i ,n l5 0fjj u f . Up-te-D&- te MEN'S and BOYS' up-te-da- E The fir it proclamation of the approaching marriage of Mr. Leuis Frleund and Miss Emma Kuble, both of the county, was announced at St. Patrick's Church Sunday morning. CLOTHING Merchandisin SHI iiH Mrs. Julian B. Leckman, wlfoef Jehn Leckman, dled of consumption Sunday at Lexington. She was 33 years of age and had two children. The remains were Interred at Elizavllle. Will always win out in competition with stock will always secure the biggest business when in competition with goods. Especially is this true Mrs. Henrietta Ware Browning, wife of clothing and shoes. It sort of narrows down te the survival of the fittest, of Dr. L. Y. Browning, died of consumption at 11 o'clock yesterday morning at the family home near Maysllck. TAILOR-MAD- E Mrs. Browning was one of Masen's Christian women, her kindly character making her a favorite wherever known. Deceased wasSOyeara of age, and besides her husband, is survived by two (The only kind v,e handle) is rapidly taking the place of the ordinary sweatin our children, Mrs. Henrietta Turner of shop stuff (the kind we don't handle.) We are essentially Every article that leaves our house is sold with the object in Kokomo, Ind., and Mr. Weed Brown-lu- merchandise. view that the purchaser has value received and that is the reason we de net of Maysllck. advertisements se many of the clothing people Mrs. Browning was a cousin of Mr. have te resort te the clap-tra- p E. P. Browning of this city, and her nowadays must avail themselves of te bring people te their stores. We claim mother and a sister, living In Kansas you cannot go away from home and de as well as with us; our best witnesses are these who try it. Don't overlook our City, are also left te mourn her death. The funeral will occur from her late home at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, with services by the Rev. F. M. Tinder, Paster of the Christian Church at Carlisle. Burial in Shannen Cometory. Every pair warranted te give satisfaction. Our W. L. Douglas $3 and $3.50 Shoes are n revelation te our customers. We want you te see them. MRS. MARGARET RASH. s Mrs. Margaret Rash, one of geed wemon, died at 7:45 o'clock THE last ovenlng at her home at that place. HOME STORE She was 78 years of age and her death was the result of an attack of pneuSnnday, May 9, will be State Mission monia. Day for colored Baptists. Deceased was the widow of W. G. A big match bowling series has been Rash. She is survived by eleven children, six daughters Mrs. Matilda arranged between star bowlers of LouisTeager, Mrs. Marian Myers, Mrs. ville and Lexington for a match series Mellie Rummans, Mrs. Susan Stewart, for 100 te f250 a side. The first gameB Misses 'Nannie and Cordie Rash and are te be bowled at Lexington April 2ti five sons Messrs. Lawsen, Henry, en the Manhattan Alleys, and a return series te be bowled at T. B. Owen's William, Archibald and Frauk Rash. The funeral will occur at Mt. Olivet Fourth Street Alleys, Lexington, April Your eyes feel tired, or Cometory at 3 o'clock this afternoon, sj. have headache from eye with services by Elder Mile Atkinson. strain, remember that our A GENTLE HINT. leading specialty is fitting do your SPRING the eye scientifically with In our style of climate, nltli Its sudiU u chance PAPERING till of temperature, rain, "Ind and sunshine often just the proper glasses no guess work te relieve you see our sam- Intermingled la a single day, It Is no wonder se friends that our you and give you perfect ples and get our frequentlychildren,from by and relatives arehalf taken ui neglected celiln. vision, and that we make prices, ah werK the deuths resulting directly from this cause. A no charge for examinabottle of ItOHChee's Oermau Sjrup kept ubeut tion and guarantee satisyour home for Immediate use will prevent serious or sickness, a large doctor's bill, and perhaps death, faction or money back. likely te be tttftff- - (.On. Mrs. W. N. Terhune sold te William Daniel Reach and Miss Anna Owsley Housten two houses and lets In Devor eloped from Paris Saturdey and were for $600. married at Joffersenvillo, Ind. antiquated methods. Mil's. HENRIETTA WAIIK IUIOWNINO. The people of Maysville, especially the ladies, when in wan.t of Stylish and Fashionable Goods always come te the Bee Hive because they knew we are in touch with the New Yerk market, and New York togoods te day is ahead of Paris. The merchant that buys all of his goods at home cannot have show, as the salesmen from all ever the country only show goods they have en hand and net the new material? that come n late. We are determined te show the latest novelties that are out and te please the most fastidious taste. Our motto shall always be "Something New' and Nobby all the Time." On account of the 4 MANUFACTURERS' AGENTS. DEAD. HIVE $BEE Up FRANK OWENS HARDWARE COMP'V , C. BARKLEY & CO 8 Entertainment at the Last Evening. D. HECHINGER & CO. Election of ofllcers by Maysville Cemmandery Ne. 10, K. T., resulted as fellows E. C. William Trouts, Jr. Generalissimo P. O. Smoot. Captain General L. M. McOarthey. S. W. W. W. Wlkeff. J. W. F. O. Barkley. Prolate F. W. Harrop. Treasurer James H. Sallee. STILL HAVE 100 PAIRS RUBBER BOOTS Rocerdor L. C. Biatterman. St. B. W. N. Stockton. SELLING FAST UNDER FLOOD AND RAIN CONDSd. B. S. P. Browning. Warder 11. B. Owens. ITIONS. PRICES NOMINAL. C. of G. Jehn 1. Winter. Custodian C. J. Cellins, Third Guard Frank Kennedy. Second Guard J. Banks Durrett. First Guard Jehn Marshall. Soveral Sir Knights from a distance, members of the Cemmandery, were present. Th6 weather tomorrow Opera-Heus- o Tolles-boro'- OFFICERS CHOSEN. show-window- give-awa- Delightful te Ht 7:30. Meaning that no such bargains have ever been seen in Shoes as are new being shown en our BARGAIN TABLES. Men' Shoes, real worth $3 and $2, sale price $1.25. Women's Shoes in variety of styles, geed values at $1 7te $1.50, new 50c. A table of Women's, Misses' and Beys' Shoes of many .attractive styles and best qualities, regular at $1.25 te $2, closing-ou- t price 75c s will convince a An examination of our skeptic that they contain bargains before unseen in Men's Dress Shoes, elegant and stylish, old prices $3.50, $4 y price new $3. fld $5 Up-e-Da- It contains no water, no harytes, no chemicals. Only pure materials used in its manufacture, and an absolutely Pure Linseed Oil Paint is guaranteed. Fer brushing, covering, body, durability, finish and strength of color it will give the best of satisfaction. g The Original Rubes Themas M. Judge O. D. Newell, W. B. Pecer, J. B. Russell and Themas A. Davis challenge Captain Rosenham's Reserves for a match, two best In three, at the Maysville Club Alleys Friday evening The Proof is by Investigation ?t Paint The State Fodoratien of Wemon's Clubs will be held in Bowling Groen In June. Colenol James W. Fltzgerald Is able te be out, after belng housed for some tlme with an attack of grip. Colonel I). W. McClure of Cincinnati will dollver the Memerial Address for Joseph Helser Pest of this city. Rev. W. E. Cave, D. D., of Paducah has been called te the Pastorate of a Presbyterian Church at Petersburg, Va., at a salary of $2,000 per annum. According to The LoxingteU Leader, Mr. Harry C. McDougle carried a $3,000 Insurance policy In the Ledge of Maccabees, of which he was a member, $5,000 In the National Insurance Cenpany and $3,000 in the Fidelity Mutual, aggregating $11,000 The Civil Service Commission announces that the examination advertised for April 23d, 1901, for the position of Department Assistant in the Philippine service has been postponed te June 3d and 4th and that this examination will be held in any city In the United States where postal free dellvery has been established. The funeral of Mr. Harry C. Mceouglo took place at 10 o'clock this morning from the Christian Church, with services by the Rev. Heward T. Cree and Dr. Jehn C. Molley of this city and Dr. Henry M. Scudder of Carlisle, after which the remains wcre laid te rest in the Maysville Cemetery. The pallbearers were Messrs. J. E, Parker, Clarence Mathews, Harry H. Barkley, Robert B. Owens, H. C. Curran and Harry B. Owens. 4 W v d is guaranteed at Postefllco Drugstore. Tferk. n' PRICE ONE CENT, ENOCH ARDEN. answe ring adi ertlsements appearing in the columns of f All paper, or when buying goods from a merchant wheie advertisement appears tn thtspaper, our readers are especially requested te state that they saw the adiertisement in TlIK PUBLIC I.KDaEIi. This will cost you nothing, and it will be gratefully appreciated by both the advertiser and the Editor. WVIf you have friendt visiting you, or if you art tgeing en a visit, plecue drop us a note te that effect. e Is a Paint In AH Respects. High-Gratl- fjpeclal Request : If. S. PMNT. REPVBL1CAK. r i LEDG M .'?AH lit MAYSVILLE, KY., TUJ2SDAY, APRIL 23, RKPtfBLtCAlf-u- n. aAiyruxziex.DQER-i$- - --v t. HA D. HUNT & SON. H ' t 'JfrWiJrfi inn limit ii uAift&&& i bJtfcL v

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