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Image 4 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 1, 1858

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

ELEGANT STOCK THE PUBLIC. TO WHEELER COMPA XY'S ALSO lor me WlLLIMAXriC I" FINISH 1'UKKAM. A ftlire.'l LIXE.N COMPA- is I'T mi i iiu'ivl l.y tlwwt .vuo liuve usuii lo be superior lo C0..1' i'ur hunil tewing. For Machines tuio Ibread istiio best and only tiiroad give samuc ll lliaU-a- ion- We nave also lor sale a supply of Hewing V.Machine VVHklil.EK v t Ivi,l b, Hardware Store, .Iain street, Lexington, Ky. rr" Orders for Machines will bo received by Mrs. LYONS, at lier Fancy store, St. Clair street, Frankt'ort, Ky. Also instruction given in Uioir use to those who purchase. Sktii Wheeler. Puilo L. Ives. Ch. Obs. S( Rep. Aug. 31, If. O.tice over T. iiradle) &Co.-- 1857. CHASLES s B. lu tii nziixs ok j 4?v: GROCERY AND COMMISSION Brown's Building, opposite the and FurnisMng Goods, CASH CAPITAL?jS;$1.00(),000 ABSOLUTE WITH THE PRESTIGE OF $422,162 38 Years' SUCCESS Ol AM NOW RECEIVING A CHOICE SUPPLY Groceries, OiC, consisting of 11. DANGERS Of flue Fancy Articles of every kind: Soaps, Brushes, Combs, Pomades, Extracts, Colognes, Perfumery, at Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. Oct. 7, 1K7 tf. LANDS, FOU FOUFEITLHE. The following lands will be forfeited to the State of Kentucky , uu uie luin day ol February, ltO-- s if the tax-interest and cust due thereon is not paid ou or Llie dule uluresaid, viz: No. 4lJu benoLit ftweariner, (part of 66 acres,) 243 acres, Lr re uu county, Cast Purk ol Little Barren; taxu3. es, lor l.".i4-0-aiiioum, iSo. 4yj w iu. Kubeuson, acres, Christian coiuity, Highland crook, surveyed, Wm. Koberisou; auiout I, $4 73. laxes, 104-0-o. joo wm. iiobeiiaon, acres, Christian OF FRENCH, ENGLISH AND DRESDEN CHINA. cunt;, Hiliiud creek, surveyed, Win. liobertson Tea, Breakfast, and Toilet Sets; Bohemian, taxus, ieu4-j-- u; amount, $5 UK. DINING, Belgian, and American Glass Ware; Iron m. Kobenun, liib;, acres, Christian; No. aui Stone, China, and Common Earthenware; Britania count.-- , iradovater, surveyed, Vv m. Kobertsou; taxes, ia04-j-- 0; Ware, Lamps, Girandoles, Waitersand Trays. auiouiiL, 51 17. No. a,o W in. liubei tson, iioU acres, Henderson counIVORY & COMMON CUTLERY, ty, Highland creek, surveyed, W iu. Kobertsou; taxes, amount, $1 4. Castors, Forks, Spoons, Baskets, ltiJ4-j-- u; Double Silvar-plateNo. ti'iM vV m. liobertson, 200 acres, Henderson counWaiters, Salts, Tea Seta, Ate. &c. will be sold at ty, Highland creek, surveed, Win. Kobertsou; taxes, EASTERX COST PRICK, lti4-j-- t; amount, 1 4'. Asownersare willing to make change in business. No. ocu vV ni. Kobertson, iuu acres. Highland creek, All the above mentioned goods are of the newest and surveed, Win. Robertson; taxes, leo4-6-- b; amount, latest Styles aud Patterns, manufactured expresslyfor $1 4.1. them. No. ftKt Wm. Robertson, 00 acres, Henderson counhouse-keepeBy calling respectfully the attention of ty, Highland creek, surveyed, Wm. Robertson; taxes, lr04-j-- b; and merchants, we aresurethatwe will give perfectsat-isi'actioamount, 4. No. tnl Wm. Robertson, acres, Henderson counP Ordersfrom thecountry punctuallyandcorrectly ty, Highland creek, surveyed, U ni. Robertson; Laxes, lco4-j-- 0; attended to. amount .11 4- -. A. JAEGER & CO., No. br'i Wm. Robertson, 200 acres. Henderson counNos. lin and 121, fourth street, Mozart Hall, Louisville, ty, Highland creek, surveyed, Win. Robertson; taxes, 16o4-j-- (j; Ky.,aud No. 231), hake Street, Chicago. 111. amount, 4il 4 Jan. a, 183(i tf. Win. Robertson, 15lj acres, Hendersoucoun-ty- , No. H.ghland and patented, T- John Ourisiian; creek, entered, surveyed $1 (J'J. taxes, lrtj4-o-amount i;uu acres, Henderson counNo. two Robertson, ty, Highland creek, enLered, surveyed and patented by amount $14. John Christian; taxes, 104-0-- 0; No. ecu" Wm. Robertson, i;uo acres, Henderson county, Highland creek, entered, surveyed and patented by JohuChrtstian; taxes, ldj4-a-- u; amount $1 42. No. Wm. Robertson, acres, Henderson county, Highland creek, entered, surveyed and patented by John Christian; laxes, Io54-5-- 0; amount $1 4. No. to Wm. Robertson, l7uacres, Hender:ou county, Highland creek, entered, surveyed aud patented by Pinleiuou Richards; taxes lb54-5-4-j"; amount, $1 '0. No. te69 W in. Robertson, XIUU acres, Henderson county, Highland creek, entered, surveyed and patented by W. Robertson, assignee; taxes, 104-5-- 0; aiu'i, $1 42. No. Wm. Robertson, liy acres, Henderson counHEMIIfG & QUIN, ty, Highland creek, entered by H. Rodes; taxes, lc54-- 5 constantly on hand a fine assortmentof -- 0; amou t,o3 cents. KEEP any kind of Carriage made to order and of No. Jo. Wutkins1 heirs, 500 acres, Livingston he best material- - We have purchased the sole right of (now C ittendenj cotiniy, Paroquet creek, entered by U. Cook; laxes, l54-5-- u; b5. amount, Everett's Patent Coupling, No. 15fW Kohl. ii. 700 acres, Logan county, for the counties of Franklin, Anderson, Lincoln and Tradew,,,';r, entered, Starke, surveyed and patented by W. Garrard. Lindsey; taxes, 1654-5-- 0; amount, $10 t'5. N. li. We would call the attention of purchasers to No. i;93 W in. Lock wood, 000 acres, Christian counour Spring assortment of Carriages ty, Cumberland river; taxes, lc54-5-- 0; amount, 19 tio. us warranted for one year. All work made by No. JiitO W. W. Dickinson, 000 acres Livingston April2, 16.5 tf. county, Paroquet or Hurricane creek, entered by C. Cook; taxes, 1654-5-- 0; amount, $3 42. No. 2142 Philip Maughier, 1,000 acres, Military, DENTAL SURGERY, Clark's Run, entered, surveyed and patented by A. amount, '2 b5. Pucker; taxes, lo54-5-- 0; BY E. G..HAMBLET0N, M. D, 1333 acres, HenNo. iidol Alexander derson county, Highland creek, entered, surveyed aud amount, patented by John Vunineter; laxes, 1654-5-- 0; LOOK HERE! STOOBL FACTOTf- COACH Teeth will bedirected by asc nlSoperationsonthe both of Surgery and Medicine; this being the only safe guideto uniform success . From this he is enabled to operate with far less pain tothe patient .void of danger. All work warranted; the workmanship will show for itself. Calls will bethankfully received. TT'Otlice, at his resilience on Main street. Frankfort, May 27, 1833 BOOK BINDING. . Keenon informs his A. friends and former customers, that having regained his health, he has purchased back irom A. G.Hodges the Bindery sold to him in November last, and will eive his whole attention to its management. He respectfully solicits a continuance ol the patronage heretofore extended to the establishment. JXJ CLERKS will be furnished with RECORD BOOKS ruled to any pattern, and of the very bestquali ty of paper. FP BLANK BOOKS of every description, manufactured at short notice, to order, on reasonable terms. TPP Bindery at the old stana, over Harlan's La Office Frauklort,July31,lH47-773-t- . LOCUST f. HILL A C A D E II Y. FEMALE circumstances will prevent the UNAVOIDABLE exercises of this Institution before Monday, October 2Cth. Onthat day the NINTH ANNUAL SESSION will commence, aud continue withoutintermission till the first of JUOwiii".to this delay the Principal will be unable to teach a mil session oV forty weeks, but charges for board and tuition mill be made at those rates. So deduction for absence, except in cases or protracted illness. It is requested thatall pupils will provide themselves with dark worsted dresses lor Winter wear. TERMS. For board and tuition, per sessioD of forty S140 00 weeks 25(1(1 Formusic'persession of forty lessons, 5 00 per session of forty weeks, For use of pianos, B. W.TWYM AN, Principal. 21 3m. Sep. Widest quality of MADEIRA, SHERRY, PORT, ST. JULIAN, CHAMPAGNE, and MALAGA WINES, cheaper than at any other establishment in (lie city. GEO. A. ROBERTSON. May 15, 1657. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, VINES, SHRUBS, &C, AND FOR SALE CULTIVATED By & J. W. Walker, AT THE EVERGREEN NCKSERIES Ed. D. Hobbs Tivelvemiles East of Louisville, Ky., immediately on the Louisville ana tranajori naiiroaa. 'VI NKVTLY printed Catalogue of jr-Vv i ; ;"V.)?the Fruits, Ornaments, Trees, iji. jfcjt 1 Vines, Shrubs, oic, at the aDove i named Nursery, may be had by f. witafcw. &tktm. application to A. G. Hodoes, Franklort, Ky. TTOrders mav beaddressed to HOBBS A: WALKER Williamson Post'Oflice, Jefferson county, Ky.,orto A. G. HODGES. Frankfort, Ky. Frantfort,Oct.l7 ,1854 . Insurance of Dwellings, Farm Properand Contents. ty, Such insured for periods of 3 to 5 years on the most fa- vorable terms. ters. signs. Collars, Sleeves and Bunds separately. WOOLEN GOODS. Cloths, Cassimeres, AND ITALIA AJlEHICAiV PAID, $10,437,312 84. & SHAWLS. Velvet Cloaks aud Mantles. Embrohlereil ;:nJ Plain. Cloth and Woolen Cloaks and Mantle?; Chenelle. Broeba and Woolen Shawls & Scarfs; Cut- : FOE GEE CONVICTED. JOHN S. DYE IS THE AUTHOR, ears experience as ruoiisnei, uml Author ot Iio has had It) j purchased Marble M o n u in e u La, 'Tombs, etc., w ill continue to liui-sl- to order Akouuiueuia. tablets. 1 oiiibs, ileud touea, Ceiiteier l'oni, la '1'(t" Counter jV';''11 eveoihing in ihe iv '0' '' ?iMarule line, at shorL ai.r ;r'nutice au in the very r best 1 SU ie. hav r ij.oecureu tne servicesol uue Ol Lhe best oi de- $.rs!rj ana carversm '' V;"';;1', fyf'tJ" - y;r- fTrE! FIRE!! AND INSURED AGAINST vr. LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE. Losses Liberally Adjusted aud Promptly Paid. . Cuii aud see. Iron Kailing, Verandahs, &c. nave a great variety ol designs at tne sliop, and willi uruish me work at an uiaclurers price . 1 Veoman copy JAMES R. WATSON, S3U0,000 pany, capital portion of the business of Frankfort and vicinity respectiully solicited. Policies issued at reasonable Sept. 9, 1857 tf. rates. "t 1 Jan. j, Inod. At the Auditors Office, is Agent for tlie following Companies, fully authorized by State License, having complied with the law in relation lo Insurance Offices, viz: The Quaker City Insurance Company of Philadelphia, capital 30,000 State Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Penna. lvania, capital $380,000 The Farmers Union Insurance Company $200,000 of Pennsylvania, capital Peoria Marine and Fire Insurance Com- elsewhere :.' . u lUi.iM CKAla. ttAMUtiL'b ME Ekjl'ALioliJjrksslr, E vV It S AMU EL n1 py to niiorui liis IS JN T. akd flAiR is hap . nends and l n public tliatheis again bailed ucouilortaUieaiid com mouio us rooms, anu reau) 10 atteuu to an wno ma givenim a cal 1 . Hie new establish men is in the building o iCol. Hodges, on SL. Clair street lie solicits nublic oatronage, an u nones hathisoldi neud sand customers especially , whopatron- ueu 111m oeiore uie late th e , will no w nnd the lr way oaeiL to uis anop. darch , Iojj by Y , ci ARu ICR Fox Sale Cheap. FARM coniaiuing ACRE.S, situated on the IX. Ohio river, I riaiulo county, nearly opposite A K LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. h,., Hanover College, ind. Said larm comprises hill and bottom land ol' the best quality, about J.O' Ablths clear, is well calculated lor stock raising; has a good hewn log house with out buildings. its eligible situation with Regard logood marketsand one ol' tne best schools in tne vv eat, makes it one ol' the most desirable larms on the Ohio river. Koriurther particularsaddress the owner JOHN MULVEY, Madison, Ind. A CAPITAL HOTEL, MAiYSllh,' NEW YORK, I FliAMFORT TOBACCO May 15, 1857. GRAY & TODD. always to be found at GEO. A. ROBERTSON'S. in vt iy F. SMITH, AND SEGAHS JB A NEW VO CHEESE New York Cheese, ft fine article at GEO. A. ROBERTSON'S. May 15,1857. (li.'iice arc a 1m)oi.- - viz: W M. 1;. S. SA.NFOl.D. SAM TEL M. SHOEMAKER, DiNMuliE. EJWA;DS IU . Voik, Plula.iulpliia, Pa. lialtiuiore. Md Pii'.u rg, Pa. JA.MES M. i HOAIPSON. .pringlield, Mass. SPOUNEIJ, lirnlgepori. Conn. JOHNSTON LIVINGSTON', New York, N. Y. JOHN BINGHAM. Philadelphia, Pa. KUFUS ii. KINsLEY, Newport, K. 1. ;'The persons as cesti i ye trust are the stockholders of said Coin pan; , who change irom da lo to make an aecurale da , and of v iioni it is in latellleIlt, owing to the frequency ol audi changeu. 'The animiiiLof Capital Linplu)ed in the business oi said Company , in llie Siaic "1 Kentucky is, as nearly a the sum can be ascertained, en lliou?unti dollars. above named, 'Ami w e. the subscribers, tiie nianaL-'ordo hereby agree lhat legal process served upon any uu tliorizeu: ol said Company, in said county, Miah be deemed and taken as good service iijon said Company and ourseUe In Witness whereoi. we ha e hereto suhcribed our hands this 11th dav ol April, A. GhoKGE W. CAS, IKjIi. E.S. S. M. L. S. " SaNKORD, Shoemaker. L. S.J IU f.i s i; KiNsi.fcY, TliOMl'SON, Jas.M. ki Geo. W. Cass, J.LlVINfJSTON. ''S'ate of Pennsylvania. ' Clafi Sfooner, John Bingham, ' 'iie il remeinoered, that on the eleventh day of April-lf5i)- , before me came George Cass, President ol the Adams FApress t:oniiany, and made; oath Unit the foregoing statement, signed U him, otrue according to the best of his knowledge and belief. ";. V . CASS, PreU. , , L.S. "City of Pittshcro, ' Count ij of Urate of Penns ijlrama: Be it remembered, lhat on liie eleveiilh da ol April, A.J). before me, C)i. Mc( 'lure Ilays,aconnniss)oner iii tlie SLile of'Punnsv lvania for the Stale of Kentucky, dulv authorizedand com miss'oncd bythe Governor ol Keutm kj.and under the laws thereof, as such to take acknowledgments of deeds, Aic, to he Used or recorded thereon, personal!; came Oeorge '. Las, who being duly sworn according to law, says thai llie foregoing statement w i;liin is true to l lie best o! his know ledge and belief, and assuch sworn and subhcribetl before me. uIn testimony whereof. 1 have hreiihio scl in; hand and aUixed mj ollicial seal llie dav ;md enr aloresaid. CH. Ali'ci.l'JxE HAYS, Com. for Kentucky in fennx itvania.'' Kenti-- i ky, SS. Static ok J, Alexander II. Kcnnick, clerk of the Franklin Coun ty Court in the Slate aioresaid, do testify Unit the forgoing is a true and complete copy lake roin t he original, this day filed in myoiiice, and that G. W. Owen is the ag 'lit of said company. In witness whereof, 1 have hereto set my name as clerk, this loth day April, ljti. A. H. KENN1CK. April IH, lH.jii tf. v ' 10, LOUISVILLE & FRAiNKFOiiT AU LtiXi;GTO. ArYO Fit AAR FORT R A 1 L 11 O A D c5 i . successive nights, over .Winter Arrangement for 1857-- 8. THREE PASSENGER TWAINS DAILY MJNDAVt EXCfcKJ EU. an dafier Monday, Nov. Dili, 1H."7, Trains will run as The Bank Note Engravers all say thai he is ON Judge of raper Money living FIKST 'J'KAIN li;;ivesL.ui5vilk-at7:25o'cloik.M- . ni. sUrppm u all refxulartitlioiis and arrives at Lexinglor. 1 REATFST DISCOVKtt Y ot The at l:la p. in., cuiiiiccliiifi; aLEininciicc Willi .uiaj;i.: for Nuwcastk-- ; at Franklort with slaves for Lawrt'in.-e'tur;rreseut Century lor VJT Sulvisa, Hardinsvillb', u. iTaailles; Uanvillo, and J.u.xiiifrion Detecting; Counterfeit Bank Notes. f'ayne's witli siajrt-s- j for Guoruiuwij; and at lJaris. with Covington and LexintiMi Kadroad.for Covinjrlon and iMaville, and willi ttagcb for Describing Every Genuine Bill in Existence WinMifster, Ml. SUrling, Owing-jvilluliulilnond, lr and Exhibiting at a glance every Countervhiu.V icliol;iivilIf4 JJaiiville, l.ancasler. Crab Orchard, feit in Circulation!:. V Suinhl, Jjonduii, IJarUomsville, and all points Suiilh. Arranged so admirably, tlu.t i . in., Koturniny, this train leaves Lexington at sUMiping ai allrejrular stations, and arrive.- at Louisville EASYaud DETECTION l.NSTANTA.NEOUS. at 7 :3't o'clock, p. in., connecting by Hai:e at Fajne's Index to examine! No pages at Einineme 'PPo so siinplilied and arranged, thattothehunt lor OeKrynaow n, ainl Louiville with lor Newcastle and Merup! But Shelbyviile, and at Jetlersonville and chant, liunker and business Man can see all New Albany and Nalein Railroads for St. Louis, Cairo, at a Glunce. and all )oinls North, West and South. bECoN U TRAIN leae Louisvillti at 'Z :30 o'clock, in., stopping at Hobb's and Smith's Stations, Lagraiijfu, and all stations east of Lagrange, and arrives at LexingEnglish, French and German. ton at o'clock, p. m.; connecting at Eminence by Kei uruiug, this Newcastle. ThusEacli may read the same iu his own stage lor Shelbyviile and 5:j0 clock, a. in., slopping train leaves Lexington at Native Ijougue, at all stations east of Lagrange and at Smith'?- and Lagrange, arriving at .Uosi i'iTi'a'1 biiiiiv Noie List i'uuiish. d. llobb's Stations only, west oim.; Louisville at 10:3-- o'clock, a. in close conneciioi by Juliersonville and New Alban and Salem Railroad Also a Listof with Indianapolis, Terre Haute. Vincennes, Kvansville Keokuk . Unrlinglon, All the i'rivute Bankers in America. Chicago, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and all the principal Rock Island, Galena, Dubuque, tow ns Wta'.d South. A Complete Sumiflu'ry of lhe Finance of IN THIRIt xcroM modatiov Leaves & America will be published in each edi-0at 4 o'clock, p. m., slopjiii2 at all stations, and arrivtion. togetherwith all the Important NEWS OF ing at Lagrange al5:4U o'clock, p. m. Returning leaves Lagrange at 7:0nt'cloek, a. in., stopping at all stations THE DAY. Also A SERIES OF TALES and arrives at LoulviUo at 9 o'clock, a. m. From an Old Manuscript found in the East. Freighyrainsleavt Louisville and Lexington ever Itltrnishesthe Most Complete History of morning, daily, Sumifvs excepted. Fare is about cent? per mile, and a discount of nearORIENTAL, LIFE. ly ?j per cent, isallowed for tickets. The Kentucky Stage Company's line of splendid Describing the Most Perplexing Positions in which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that Country coaches connect oa:ly (Miudays excepted) with this have been so often loumk These Stones will con- - road. Tickets are sold at Louisville to all of tlie interior J'eur5 and' will prove tinue throughout the wh the Most Entertaining evtir ottered to tno ruo- - towns of the St;ftu, and tickets from those places are sold to Louisville aud all Western aud Northwestern o t cities. rr- - Furnished Weekly to Subscribers only, at either Omnibus lines will be in waiting 4 " line to convey passengers and theiratbaggage. end of 1 letters must be addressed to $1 a year. J any further information, please call at the For Depot, in Louisville, corner of Jefferson and Brook JOHN S. DYE,' Broker, streets; and in Lexington, at tlie of; ice of thp Kentucky Pabjisherund Proprietor, 70 Wail Slreet.New Stage Companv, apposite Phoenix Hotel. T. W. hPILLMAN, York.l.' w 1y. General Ticket Agent, Louisville. AI :i 111 h , 1857 FRANK WEAVER, Ticket Agent. Lexington. the greatest , .'goodascanoenmsn-'x- ."".- Banker and Greeted him with Hounds of Applause, while he exhibited the manner in which Oouulerleiters execute their Frauds, and the Surest and Shortest Means oi Ueleclmg them! ever been iiuished 111 FranK. lort, and as MERCHANDIZE LOUIll,.N. KKNTliKV, ri'.Hicji-imthe aiiairs ot the Aams Ex. l prt'.s company, maoo pursuanl t" an act ot the art concerning of IVcnliicky, ciilitled. , Oeclahiig said k.tprens Coin pi in es, and iiuinbereo carrtor. ;uid providing lor Ciiipjuiu's loinio tuesaieiyol artidrs cuiriu-li-- d ' iiie business o ii toinpanj is comliit td by nine Managers, .vhuf lull hiimicm alul proper plares of rtisi- - "50,000 People iJL?V'''Puiludelphia, and 1 ' pledge mvaell to get up Octter work than lias 1' a meeting of the Board of Dnectors, at Frankfort lot he New York Life Insurance Company, on Saturday, the 1st day of March, 18.lj, tne following resoLu tion was unanimously adopted: "The undersigned, President and Directors of the Ow Aug. 31, Company, have examined the report and exhibits oi the New V'ork Life Insurance Company for the last 77. -J R. F. HARRISON No. 272 James Dougherty, 353 acres, South side of year, embracing a full statement of iis affairs, assets, &c. H. F. SMITH. tothe 1st of January, 185(3, and being satisfied with the amount, S2. Green river; taxes, 1cj4-j-- 0; No. 2870 Wm. Wells, 201 acres, South side Greeu perfect sound condition of the Company, cordially recommend it to the encouragement and support of the amount, isl 4d. river; taxes, 18o4-5-- o; whole community. No. 3078 Moes Hunter's heirs. 1,000 acres, Marshall COKNEK PUUKfH AND JEPFEKSO.N, "It commenced its operationstweive years ago, with county, Tennessee river, near Haydoek'a Ferry; taxes, 1654-5$50,000, which has accumulated to 1,059,008 65, princiamount, SU 40. LOt'lsVILLE, KY. pally invested in state stocks, and in bonds and mortNo. 3173 James Brown, of Indiana, 400 acres, Union couutv. Cypress creek; taxes, 16j4- -j tr, amount, su 64, gages, believed to be undoubtedly good. Proprietor. H. Wo know of no mode of investing money more profNo. 3174 James Brown, of Indiana, 200 acres, Un ion countv. Cypress creek; taxes, 16o4 o; ain't, S3 42. itably. The profits are mutual for the insured, and J. W. REYNOLDS, j have averaged not less than thirty per cent, annually E. O'BANaN'ON, j No. 3175 James Brown, of Indiana, 270 acres, Union county, Cypress creek; taxes, 16j4-5-- 0; amount, $4 0, on the premium paid." April 15, 185T tf. C. S. MOREHEAD, President. No. 3212 C. H. Matthews, N. J. M. Smith, and W. R. C. WINTEKSM ITH, Corprew, 1,200 acres, Uuiou county, Ohio river; laxes, EMD. H. TAYLOR, ltNi4-o-- o; amount, si THOS.S. PAGE, No. 3214 Albert Russell, 50 acres, part of 1,000 acres, A. G. HODGES, 1 radewater, entered, Uuion county, surveyed and paFRANKKORT, KY. CHARLES G. PHYTHIA.N. amount, 65 cents. tented, Josia'h Marks; laxes, 1654-5Directors. DAVID MERIWETHER, Proprietor. No. 3247 Sarah J. Mitchell, one lot in Scottsville, amount, jio u. Allen county, lo. 0j; taxes, 16j,i-4-j- -j; ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. No. 3246 D. B. Cargil, 100 acres. Graves county, s. e. e; taxes, 1655-- 0; amount, $34 98. Amountfas3etslstJanuary,1855, qr. of sec. 8, t. 5, $90,062 70 HAVINGtakenthis well known HOTEL the traveling the patronage of the No. 3249 Samuel Arnold, 100 acres, Graves county, Amount of receipts for premiums, interpublic, especially the custom of his old friends while s. w.qr. sec. 7, t. 2, r. l,e; taxes, lc39 to 1650; amount est, &c, to 1st Januaproprietor of the Frankfort Hotel. He hopes from his S42 75. $378,186 14 ry, 1856, long experience in the business of his No. 3250 Samuel Arnold, 100 acres. Graves county, DISBURSEMENTS. well known reputation as a caterer to the tastes of his s. w. qr. sec. t.2. r. 2, e; taxes, 1639 to 18ob; amount, Paid losses by death, interest on dividends, guests, a sincere desire to please and accommodate, and $P2 lo. and all other expenses - al,i.'40 19 No. 3252 John While, 500 acres, Ohio county, patent156,945 95 by close application Lo business to nieritand receive the patronage of visitors to the Seat of Government. ed 17th June, 1794, adjoinsan 8,000 acre survey of TurFrankfort, May 15, 157 if. I650, inclusive; am't, $UU 60 Accumulated undto 1st January, 1856, ner Dixon; taxes, 1792 to $1,059,008 65 fhe Louisville Journal and Democrat publish one No. 524 Dan'l Floweree, 700 acres, Lincoln county, month daily and three months weekly, and the ObserPiliuian s creek, entered, surveyed and patented, Dan'l Floweree; taxes, 1644 to 1850; amount, $02 15. It will beseen by the above statement hat this Com- ver and Keporter publish three month- and send bills to il. MEKlWfcl'HEK. No. 525 DanT Floweree, 1,000 acres, Christian coun pany isina flourishing condition. Those desiring inty, Cumberland river, entered, surveyed and patented, formation in regard to insurance, will make applicaluo. Rausdaie; taxes, 1640 to 160; amount, $ 4 60. tion to the undersigned. iToTJSJ No. 2509 Joseph Janey, 833i acres, part of 1,00673 H. WINGATE, Agent. acres, Warran county, entered, surveyed and patented, Frankfort Branch Bank. Corner of .Uaiu and St. Clair Streets W. C.SNEED, Medical Examiner. Ren. Rust; taxes, lM9io 16j0: amount, 531 Bj. No. 044 Albert Russell, OjO acres, Union county, Aug. 14, 1857. FRANKFORT, KY. Iradewater; taxes, 1654-5-- 0; amount, $10 24. undersigned would notify his friends and the Given under my hand this loth day 01 .September, has purchased 1657. generally, that HOME INSURANCE COMPANY IlHE T. Luckett in this oldheestablished and the interest THO. S. PAGE, well known J. of OP Auditor Public Accounts. Hotel, and will continue to entertain the public in the 50 per cent interest is due on '.lie first year's taxes, manner that the markets, &c, will allow. He has best Wm. K.Taylor, lOh per cent on the second year's tax; aud engaged the services of his who is well known to a larsre por'.ion of the traveling 100 per cent on the third year's tax. iVo. 4. WALL STKKKT. OFFICE coramiyiity, as a man of business, and who will have Costs for advertising. 25 cents on each tractor lot. charge of the office. He asks the patronage of the pub-- c Sept. 10, 1657 w&lw2am3m. CASH CAPITAL, 300.000 00 and will endeavor to deserve it. HEN. May 23, 1K5. LUCKETT. AM'T OF ASbKTS June 30, '58, 747,97 44 Farm and Negroes for Sale. 53.677 OH WISH to sell my farm in Franklin county, on the AMOL.M' OF LIABILITIES, waters of main Elkhorn, about 1 miles from its HOTEL, mouth, containing 100 acres; about hall of it bottom land This Company continues to Insure Buildings, Merchan Ann Coroer of Broadway and KY- - Streets, and the balance hill land well timbered. The bottom dise, Ships in Port and their cargoes, Household FurFRANKFURT, land is in a high state of cultivation. There are on the niture and personal property generally, against undersigned havingtaken this well known house land a good hewed Log House containing four rooms, Damage by rire, on lavorable terms. loss or IlHE occupied by Mr. D. Meriwether) respectfully andall necessary out buildings, and au abundant supply Losses Equitably Adjusted aud Promptly solicits a'share of the public patronnge, and by close atof water for all purposes. Paid. Also, two negro women, good cooks and washers-wo- men tention to business, aud keeping such a house as this H. WINGATE, Agent, between 35 and 40 yearsold. Heretofore has been, will endeavorto merittheconfidence Frankfort, Ky. Aug. 14, 1857. BEN. F. GRAHAM. Dec. 8, 1850 tf. of the traveling community. J- - B. WASSON. June 18,le05 tf. AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, BY THE Proclamation by the Governor. FOREIGN" Draft We have id store a full assortment Bacon! Bacon!! Bacon!!! TTTHEREASit bas been made known to me, in the of fine V mode prescribed by law, that the amount of stock BRANDIES, POUNDS BACON SIDES, forsale for cash. required byllie act incorporating the DKl'OSIT BAIMi 1000 WINES, W. A. GAINES. Oct 2, 18.37. AND GIN; OF COVI.V'liTON has boen paid in according to law. a Also, 10 barrels Whisdy 4 year old; 50 barrels2 year old; Said Bank is thereforo authorized to commencebusi-nessasAND APPLE BRANDY Banking Institutionaccording to the provisions A PURE article of PEACHby in store and for sale by in store and forsale Iaw ol' the act of incorporation. GRAY & TODD. July 1, 1657. GEO. A. KOBEKTSON. Alav 15, 18..7. JJV TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have 1OAP hereunto set my band, and caused the seal of ) L. S. the Commonwealth to be hereunto altixed, boxes LD j 25 bovies No. 1 Rosin Soap; German Soap; 10 WHISKY bythasrallon or bottle, ) this Hth day of October, A. U., 1H57, and iu WHISKY-O( 10 boxes Variegated Hand Soap; for sale bv the Olith year of the Commonwealth. Fancy So;ip perfumed of every style; GEO. A. ROBERTSON. May 15,'lBST. C. S. MOKEHEAD. Governor: Bythe 2 boxes Casleel Soao; in store and for sale by Mason Brown, Secretaryof State, Nov. 23, 1857. When, for 14 ATE, Agent, Frankfort, Ky. a . HAKLiWAlli-.M'OKh- SlATKUK A series of Lectures at the Broadway labernacle, Ol KiMolli' tii OL.AKK their entire stock ol AND A BLE COKPOKA 'HON, THROUGH Ait OR, THE Post-offic- i jHAVl.NG . y St. Clair tstreei, Opposilethe FRANKFORT, KY , FIRST CLASS INDEMNITY MAY BE EFFECTED WITHOUT DELAY, WITH THIS BUILDINGS DINING PARTY AND GOODS. o O ;. o lo WIT i u o o o : ii N WILLIAM CRAIK, CHOICE 3m. Cassinetts; CLOAKS, MANTLES MARBLE W011KLS, VVIA'Ci and Vesting OWh.VS 1A At V. 0WEK, Agent. V'm. li. THnsmore. pieces Richardson's Irih Linen?, our own importation, cheap and warranted all linen. Table Linen, Sheetings, Towels and Napkins. 100 G. ". LINEN GOODS. 30 Patterns of White and Colore Silks. Flounced: Embroidered At Slripsd for Weddinis & Parlies. Hamborough Wheat Fans. 15 Palterns White and Colored Tule, Crape and .MuGarrett Xt Cotinan's Steel Stubble Plows, Nos. 5,ti, slin. and T. I do not always keep in store Heapers, Mowers and DRESSES VERY HANDSOME & CHEAP, Threshers, but ain Agent tor several manufacturing W ith a very largo assortment of all kinds of STAPLE establishments and can get them for any person want- AND KA.Ni V (.rOODX, and we pledge our friends mid ing them on short notice, and will sell them here at customers to sell them m above and cheaper llian ever t'aclory prices with the freight added. sold in the Western countiy. Nov. 'J, tiw. Aug. 14, lf.j7. If wealth, witli a steady and prompt attention to a legitimate Insurance business, and the execution of contracts in good faith, have inducements with the public in selecting their underwriter we refer them for test of quality and our claims to their pat ronage, to records of past services, tendering their continuance with increasing ability and facilities in future. Oct. 12, 1857 35 Munn & Co's Straw Cutlers and Corn Shellers. Paid. H. EMBROIDERIES. Valencien and English Thread Laces, rew and beautiful. Setts Cambric and Swiss Embroideries, new de- 30 Setts WEDDING, Co's Cutting Boxes and Corn 6c tresses; Palterns Plaid, Striped and Plain Silk Dresses; Chintz Calicoes, Ginghams and other Dress Goods. 125 AGRICULTURAL. Losses Equitably Adjusted and Promptly LOSSES Or to their regular customers on account, to the first ol January next, consisting in part of the follow ing Goods: 75 Patterns Flounvd Bayadere and Side Slriped Silk OF Cayenne Pepper, Pepper Sauce; Pine Apple Vinegar; Tomatoe and Mushroom Catchup; Soda, Cream 'Tartar, and Yeast Powders; Pickles, Fresh Peaches and Pine Apples; Nails, nil kinds and sizes; Buckets, Tubs and ('hums; Olive oil, Lamp and Linseed Oil; Turpentine and White Lead. Miller, Wingute CO., & AND STAPLE GOODS AT COST FOB, CASH! bols Salt; 4 hhds N. O. Suar; 6 ouls Crushed Sugar; 6 bids Granulated Sugar; 4 bbls Pulverized Sugar; Kio, Java, and Laguira Coffee; Virginia, Missouri and Kentucky Tobacco; Molus?es and Syrups, in bbls., ;4 5t J bbls; Mackerel, Nos. 1, 2 and 3; Starch in IK', i!U and 4U ft, boxes; German, hossin and Toilet Soap; leira, a.' I Champagne Wine; Port, French iiranily,and Old Bourbon Wbisky; Stone Jugs, Milk Crocks and Jars; Glass Fruit Jars, piutsand quarts; Siarand Summer Mould Tallow Candles; Nutmegs, and Ground Cinnamon; SpLe, Pepper, Ginger, race and ground; FIRE, OF ELLIOTT ! FANCY 1U0 EXPERIENCE. ST Owiny: to Uie limitation of their partnership to lhe Urst ua ot January next, will oiler llieir entire stoek of Terms Four Months. All accounts due on the lat January, im May, and lat .September. AND UNIMPAIRED! SURPLUS, U f liU A il LEXINGTON, KY. ky. FRANKFOlT, Charter Perpetual. Incorporated 1819. PER The Best Assortment J31EC CRAIG, STORE, I'ost-Oflic- i ' AT P il ADAMS EXPiiESS COMPANY. OKKH'K Mm uviHTEr. UUtiUZ. FALL AT HOilES l'EAD FOR $10. $20,000 u lit os, AGRICl LTUiiAL IMPLEMENTS, DIRECTORS. partment. An examination of my stock is respectfully solicited, T. L BRACK. SR. H. Z. PRATT, as I am confident that any one in want of Dress Coat, ROOT. BUELL, D. HILLYKR, A Punts. Overcoats. Vests, Shirts, Drawyers, and every B. A. BULKKLEY, JOSEPH CHURCH I'HIRll DIVISION. E- FLOWER, kind of wearin apparel, cannot fail of" tinding the arti- B. S. WARD, O. F. DAVIS, E. O. RIP LEY, $310,000 Worth of Farms and Euiidin j cle to suit among my stock. CHARLES B. GETZ, A. DUNHAM, SM'L TUDOR, region of Culpepper i....iity, in tha Corner Main & St. Clair $ts., Frankfort. M. K. TUTTLE, T. - ALEXANDER LOIS to ooliold divided ainongn M.2ou subscribers, on Oct. 10, 1857-t- f. R. MATHKR, W. KEENEY, tlio Till of December, 1H37. Subscriplioln onh Ten DolC. H. BRAIN AR D lars down, or Fifteen Dollars, one hall down, U'O rest ong OFFICERS. delrvery ol the Dekd. Kvery subscriber will get a Kuil-dinF ii A N G I F A N iN , T. A. ALEXANDER, E. G. RIPLEY, Lot or a Farm, ranging in value froinSlo to Vice President. President. Tliese Farms and l.otn are sold so cheap to induce OR THE THOS. K. RRACE, Jr., Sec'y. a sultlcieut number being reserved, the settlements, tlie value of which will compensate for the J. B. BENNETT, Gen'l Agent. apparent low price now asked. Upwards of 1330 lois E T E 11 N A L F LI M E are alrea.U sold anil a company of settlers, called Association," is now forming and Can be obtained in all its variety at kappahauock Pioneer INSURES AGAINST THE Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. will soon commence a settlement. Ample security will be given focthe laithful performance of contracts and promises. Nearly 43,0011 acres of land, in dure re lit parts Frangipanni Pomade. of Virginia, now a' command and will be sold tosetilers A beautiful article for the hair, at AND at from .51 up to 53.111 per acre. Unquestionable titles Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. coopers, farwill in all cases begiven. Wood-cutterPERILS OF INLAND NAVIGATION. mers, &c, are wanted; and 5(10 agents to obtain subscribFrangipanni Sachels, ers, to whom the most liberal inducements will be givAT AS LIBERAL RULES AMD RATES AS RISKS en. Some agents write that they are making 3 J00 per To lay in drawers and perfume clothing, at ASSUMED PERMIT OF FOR SOLVENCY Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. full parueulars, subscriptions, agencies, month. For AND FAIR PROFIT. & E. BAUDEK. Apply to Toilet Mirrors, Port Royal, Caroline co., Va Of fine Plate Glass and Mahogany frames, at ESPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO Sept 14 td. Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. PATENT GRAIN SEPARATOR OF WO.RTH : 500 Agents Wanted! rnHEiiihscrioer wouldrespeetfulhealUheattenlioiiof J. the Millersand earraersof Kentucky to witnestan operation of CHILD'S PATF..YT GRAIN SEPARATOR, Now on exhibition a. It he Frankfort Hotel . By its combined action o f U last, Screen, a nd Suction ,U effectually cleanses wheati'rom smut, (without bursting the ball.) cheat, cockle, chaff, dirt, Ac. , and thus rendering: the wheatcleau and pure. Orders are solicited for both h Mill and harm Machines W. B. SMITH. Jan tf SUPPLY U 0 E LL 1 E b , AND St SH1KTS, HOSIKKY, U.NDKti liAKMli.Vr.S, GLOVKS, CKAVATS, &c. &c, Ever exhibited in ibis ciiv. My Goods have been selected with great care, and at prices wbicli will enable nits to sell affain as cheap, or cheaper than any oilier house in the city. My sioek ol KOYS CLOTHING was never excelled, and invite the special attention of parents to this de CHILD'S It all or and vicinity wilj, id at my eilaOlisliiuent, Die in ot st'luclion of Men and iiuvj' lashiuiiublo Clothing U GETZ'S, Comer of Mitn aim St. Cloir Frankfort, Ky. Fu.wivi-ijir- CHOICE AiJiLi i 80,000" 1857. A WINTER CLUTIiKsU k FALL would reapectlully invite tin- l.udie.i of U'XilijCluli anl uljuiumg wwm, lo Ball al oaroilice an.1 ovum-- i no Uli u vc 11:1. lied ..l.icUiuea, Mr .vliiBa we are tlie sole ;i;'oiiUo!' iv :nL.ieky, .v i' !i the evccjniuii u! NY" Tills ENLARGED CAPITAL OK WILSON Jc MANUFACTURING INSURANCE M. S ? TQ.WN LOTS 'FOR SALE. SAMUEL GILL. Nov C, 1857. MELBOURNE, Karnes county, l exas, IX the tcrmi of aftw town site, recently laid oil', on the Gov- Short Line Eoute to the Noftii. herebvgiven.that afterlhe publication of thisnotice will be made to the Com- GF.ilKGK .MARTIN. KVALINK BUCKLEY. Dec. 15,1857-wC- UNIVERSITY. TRANSYLVANIA Medical Department. on the First Monday THE 4lstSession willcommence and will continue lour nnur.hs under the direction of the same Facility as tothe full course 1U5. '.iatriculauon and Library Fee Graduation FeeSJ.'i. Demonstrator? Ticket S10. "All in advnnkt. Good Hoarding, Willi tin:! and lights, from S3 IHHoS-- OH per week. KOBKR f PKTEK. M. D.. Dean, i:im Lexington, July 'U, If 57 WISCONSIN, IOWA, MISMICHIGAN, SOURI, KANSAS, SiC, &c. ILLINOIS, Fare as Low as by any other Railroad or Steam lloat lloute. Freight dcUhu'Wr places in any of the above States forwarded with Ucspttleli and at low rates. ,j ark care E. O. NORTON, Louisville. ITT-- For ihrnL'h tickets and rates of freight applyat 'SHORT LINE" Railroad otlice 005, Main street, Louisville, Ky. Aug. 31, l7 tfA li. O. AOUTOX, Agent. OFFICE KY. CENTRAL RAILROAD, . Covington, Ky., Oct. 3u, lt57. ) 2 Ktll'OitTAXT TO TUAVEI.KKS. KENTUCKY OPEN CENTIUL R. R. TO NICHOLASVILLE. Two Daily Trnins each way (Sundays fpHE EXPRESS TRAIN leaves Lexington at 11:55 at 2 ;. p. m. J. a. in.. anl arrives at Nidi'da-rill- e Passengers by inorninir train from Lotiisvitle can make c!o-- e with the train at Lexington and arconnet'hon rive at Danville at 'J:3if p. m., three hours in advance of the old Stoe Up. THE ACCOAJMODAl ikai. leaver Lexington and arrives ai Nichohivi he at 7:."i.ip. m. train from Lnui'ville an llie aiternoi-mm at wuli 'mm traiu and m;il;e rlo.' cm o'clocii p. in. saute evening, arrive at DanvilK- at thus saving tune and money. C. A. tt l!Ei:S, Snp't. !iiT:-Jip- . in. ARK RI'NNING FIRST CLASS PASSENGER to Danvilia incon- COACHES tr trn Niclioia-'villy h'ailroa.l 'I'raim. tion u i!h Hi- K''titu McCAMHEi.L .Nov. n, HOMUNS. "in. y-- E i i . CANDIES from New York twenty varieties of rn BUSHELS BLUE GRA e)U sale bv FRENCH PREMIUM CANDIES. April 1, 1657. May 15,1857. GEO. A. ROBERTSON. West. Connections made with all Western Roada for , any part of U. missioner of Pensions for the issue of a duplicate ol and 2.1 h Warrent, No. 7S.0.'0. act of lllh February. Mav, 1S41", issued lo George .Martin, brother, and hyaline Amos J. Martin, deBucklev, sisler.and heirs at law of ceased,' late a private in Captain l.illard's coinpain , 1st Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, in the War with Mexico, the same having been lost, and a caveat against its location entered iu the General Land Office. & Through to Chicago in IS hours. Through to St. Louis in 11 hours. Through to Cairo iu '20 hours. Notice ISfor six'weeks, application L. K. R. Railroad. Eunaway Committed. ' A; NEW ALBANY AUD SALEM ernment nWd leading irom Indiaiiola to San Antonio, via Yorktown; wheie said road crosses tlio main Cleto, 22 miles from Yorktown and 45 miles from San Antonio, and where the Gonzales and Sequin roads intersect and cross to Helena; also near where the San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Kailroad, now being constructed, passes (as surveved. J It is one of the most desirable locations for an inland town, in Western Texas. The soil adjacent is good, wa75 feet front, 151) ter excellent. Lots on mainF street, DOLI.AKS pur lot; FT Y feet back, are now offered at DOLLARS per back lots, same size, at TWE.M lot. in a new town, Those who wish to commence business or to double or treble heir money, would do well by e will earlv, before the price ol lots is raised. also sell the'Tavern, known as the Gillock House, inK stands. cluding the w hole block upon which Emigrants will find this to bo as healthy and fertile a section of country as there is in almost any or lhe Stales. For further particulars call on us at our residence in Post or address us by letter, MELBOURNE, Office, Karnes counlv, Texas." H. P. SCAXLAXD & CO. O. Nov. 9, 157 tf. The Galveston News and N. O. Picavune publish the above threo times, (weekly) and send billto O. H. P. Scanland & Co. Teian Advocate. j HAKLAN COUKT HOUSE, j November aih, WAS committed to the jail of Harlan THEPE Kv.,on the 41 h inst., a negro man as a , ;. runawav.'who'calls himself ALEXANDER P1NN; ,ji he is about Ave feet five inches high, copper color, about nineteen or twenty years old. has an open countenance, quick spoken, an. has a small scar above his lefteve. Theowner of said negro is notilied to come orw ard, prove property, pay the charges aud take him fawav, or he will be dealt with according to law. THOMAS FARLER, Jailer ol Harlan County. Dec. 1, 1857 wGm. Supt. L. & F. and F. t For Rent 1? K to rent the properly laii'ty o en pied i by .lafii'"S R. Page, deceased, on he Cemc-ter- y -- vv Hill. The dwelling house eleven Possesrooms, tozeilier with k ile lien and out nouses. SEED, in store and of sion given immedialely. Forparticulars inquire of YAAjto NOV. "0, 1C7 T . N. & J. U. W. A. GAINES.

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