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Image 138 of KYIAN 1975

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

by WESLEY BREWER W hen the joy of studying faded to a dull glow in the back of one's mind and he found him self in need of unwinding, the UK student probably had a decided advantage over many other students. The recreational facilities provided by the Seaton Center, as well as the Memorial Coliseum pool and the various tennis and basketball courts scattered across campus, compared favorably with the finest facilties in the nation, according to Bernard "Skeeter" Johnson, Diriector of Campus Recreation. Seaton Center appeared to provide everything one could want, including a large gymnasium containing four basketball courts, eight badminton courts and five volleyball courts. Other features included a conditioning-exercise room, gymnastics room and four squash-handball courts. Only the first phase of the Center was complete. Existing plans called for at least three more expansions over six year intervals. The next phase would include construction of an outdoor swimming pool. Seaton Center housed the Campus Recreation Department which was responsible for the intramural program as well as the competitive and exhibition branches of the club program. It was estimated that at least 50 percent of the students were involved in these programs at some stime. Besides organized activity, Seaton Center was open approximately 50 hours each week on a variable schedule. They also operated a checkout program through which students could borrow any type of sports equipment— everything from frisbees to golf clubs and horseshoes. ::::: There was no rent charged on equipment. The only requirement was the temporary deposit of the student's ID. The lack of "red tape" was one of the most popular features of the loan program. Items such as basketballs were checked out as many as 2500 times in one year while others were rarely used. The Center also provided lighted fields for softball, football, soccer and other team sports. These fields were open for free use unless previously reserved. Also available for student and facutly use was a picnic area directly behind the Center. A swimming pool appeared to be the one facility lacking at the Seaton Center. However, a year-round indoor pool was located in Memorial Coliseum. These facilities, located on opposite sides of campus, offered year-round activity, placing some type of rectional facility close to everyone. "We've got a helluva' building here, really," said Johnson. fT TOP: Students with tree time play basketball in the Seaton Center. RIGHT: Handball courts are a popular sport at the center. 134

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