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Image 327 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

‘ l . ll I . n l 324 I UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ; Haines, Ruth, M.A., Instructor in Public School Art and Elementary . , · Education { I I · Hall, Ellery Lewis, M.A., Assistant Professor of History . Q * Hamann, Cecil B., M.S., Ph.D., Instructor in Bacteriology ._ i - ’ Hamilton, William Brooks, M.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor of ` · · d Hygiene, Bacteriologist for_ University Health Service it is Hammonds, Carsie, M.A. in Ed., Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural I . = Education; Head of the Department of Agricultural Education ‘ ,· Hankins, Thomas L., M.S., Assistant Professor of Education; Acting I _ I Head of the Department of Industrial Education I Hardison, John Robert, M.S., Ph.D., Assistant in Forage Crops · . Investigations, Experiment Station ` _ ""Harelson, Katherine C., B.S. in C.E., Science, University School _ Harris, Charles Edgar, B.S. in Agr., Field Agent in Poultry, Agri- ~· cultural Extension Division _ I· _ · ‘“Harris, George Moreland, M.S. in Dairying; Field Agent in Dairy- . ., ing, Agricultural Extension Division Harrison, Lura Claude, A.B., M.T. (A.S.C.P.), Part-time In- l ; ‘ structor in Medical Technology l y ‘“`Hartford, Ellis Ford, M.A., Ed.D., Associate Professor of Educa- / V · , tion; Director, University School ‘ Haselden, Jane, M.A., Ph.D., Part-time Assistant Professor of I _ I Romance Languages; Assistant Dean of Women ; “"Haun, Robert Dee, M.A., J.D., C.P.A., Professor of Accounting T Hawkins, Robert Dawson, M.E., M.S., Professor of Theoretical and I I · Applied Mechanics 1 Hegcman, Daniel V., Ph.D., Associate Professor of German Heinz, Wilber August, M.S.P.H., Associate Professor of Hygiene i , Helton, Stella Elizabeth, M.S., Instructor in Home Economics l Henry, Amanda Harms, B.S., Assistant in Animal Nutrition, Exper- ,_ iment Station "'Henson, Lawrence, M.S. in Agr., Assistant Agronomist in Forage , Crops Investigations, Department of Agronomy, Experiment V Station _ "Henson, Rhea Beard, M.S., Fourth Grade, University School ‘ ‘“Hernandez, J. Eduardo, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of R0- ‘ ` mance Languages ‘ ' Himes, Ralph E., Sgt., U. S. Army, Instructor in Military Science _ { - Holmes, Henry Bert, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Romancc I Languages i Holmes, Sarah Bennett, M.A., Assistant Professor of Sociology; Dean of Women , *"‘Resigne

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