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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 128 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944).

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Image 128 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. V ’ E tes enc : [mi DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION wk LOUIS CLIFTON, M. A., Director 2 a i_ for Q It is believed that the University of Kentucky should be in close for relationship with the homes of the state to the end that any citizen may feel free to call upon the University For any assistance which Ed -3 the institution can render. To that end, the Department of University ` my Extension has been organized. Citizens anywhere in the state should ~ feel free to call on the University through this department for any · , service which it might be practicable for it to perform off the campus. » The Department of University Extension operates through six , bureaus as follows: *1. A Bureau of Correspondence and Class Study.——Oi’fering I { courses in Botany, Economics, Education, English, French, l German, Greek, Latin, Hygiene, Mathematics, Mining, `i¥ Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and I Spanish and courses in high school subjects. _ ‘. 2. A Bureau of Lectures.——Offering single lectures or a series . of lectures; speakers for teachers’ meetings, commencement — addresses, memorial and dedication exercises, civic and -3 women’s clubs, etc. Q *3. A Bureau of School Relations.—Providing assistance in de- l ;_ hating and other forensics activities to the schools, and encouragement of vocal and instrumental music. This service lg is given chieiiy through the Kentucky High School Forensic ‘· League and the Kentucky High School Music Festival. L. 4. A Bureau of General Information and Welfare.-—Acting as a clearing house for inquiries oi` the people of the state in general matters. , 5. A Bureau of Club and Community Scrvice.—Furnishing club ‘ programs and package library materials as well as helps for il organizations and individuals. _: *6. A Bureau of Visual Aids.—Furnishing educational motion ` I picture Elms and other visual aids service to schools and _ i clubs. Separate bulletins for each of these bureaus are available.

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