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Image 126 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

· · I I . GRADUATE SCHOOL 123 .t FELLOWSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS 9 _; The University of Kentucky offers the following graduate fel- 9 ¤\ lowships and scholarships for the encouragement of research and S advanced study: S The Margaret Voorhies Haggin Trust W ° Fellowships and Scholarships in [ memory of her father, George Voorhies. n if Two fellowships with a stipend of $500.00 each. e Ten fellowships with a stipend of $400.00 each. ‘ Q Fifteen scholarships with a stipend of $200.00 each. » E i The primary object of these appointments is to stimulate re- [ Q search and not to give pecuniary aid. Scholars and fellows are ex- ` pected to devote their entire time to graduate work, and no teach- il ing or other departmental work may be required of them. The award E " is paid in ten equal monthly installments and does not include a [ r remission of tuition or other University fees. The appointments ` - I are made for one year only but may be renewed if it can be shown - that the prosecution of research should continue. f These fellowships and scholarships are open to any student who Y holds a bachelor’s degree from a college or university in good f standing, provided the student has shown some special aptitude ;. for the line of work he desires to pursue. No student should apply i for the award who does not cherish a real and earnest desire to do I 1 2 research work. y i Forms for making application may be secured from the Dean _ _ of the Graduate School and must be submitted not later than March Y 25. Q GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS IN THE RESIDENCE h ~ HALLS FOR WOMEN , There are available Hve graduate assistantships in the residence A 1 halls for women for which the compensation is room and board in ,_ . the halls. These assistants aid the regular staff in the supervision OI the halls and in the varied program which the halls maintain for l` residents. Information and application form may be obtained from · 5 the Director of Residence Halls for Women. Applications must ¥_ he submitted not later than July 1. t it GRADUATE STUDENTS NOT CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES · ;? Graduate students who are not candidates for advanced degrees J '. are not required to designate major or minor subjects but may elect r I their work with a view to the special purpose for which they are in . attendance at the University. 'i

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