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Image 125 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ln g ` 122 UNIVERSITY or KENTUCKY K with the Comptroller of the University the sum of $50.00, this amount ‘ to be returned if the printed copies are received within the time T specified. The University does not obligate itself to publish the ii 5* thesis, but if in the judgment of the Graduate Committee the thesis F'; { or an abstract of same should be published, the University reserves · the privilege of so doing. . Or ` V The candidate may have the dissertation printed at his own 1 . expense, in which case he must present one hundred copies to the ji 1 University before the degree is granted. If the candidate has the § _ dissertation printed at his own expense, he will be expected to use i i good substantial paper and sightly typography. A page four by six . inches with outside margin of at least one inch is recommended. 2 The dissertation must have a cover and title page and the latter, in Q ' addition to the title and the name of the author, must bear the 2 following inscription: · gg, i ~ _ "A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the re- I ·g quirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Uni- 1 versity of Kentucky." ` lf the dissertation is published in a technical journal or other i _ recognized educational publication, the reprints will be accepted if i presented with special printed covers and proper title page. Final Examination. After the acceptance of the dissertation I g by the special committee and the Dean of the Graduate School, { i the candidate shall be given final oral examination by a com- g { mittee of five members which shall include the head of the major Y it ‘ department or his delegate presiding, one additional professor se- i ‘, l lected by the major department, one professor selected by each J . of the minor departments and additional members (to make the total of nve) selected by thc Dean of the Graduate School. The President of the University and the Dean of the'Graduate School L ' ‘ are ex officio members of all examining committees. T. The final examination shall not be held until at least one year g has been spent in residence after the student has been accepted as a candidate for the degree. i . I The completion of three years of residence work confers no right upon the student to be so examined. ? l Recommendations. After the final examination has been passed, i i the name of the candidate will be presented to the University Faculty I for recommendation to the Board of Trustees for the degree of Doctor 2 of Philosophy in course. V il . · ii , . s l B

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