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Image 124 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l i t I GRADUATE SCHOOL 121 y Work done in other institutions of learning may be accepted 2 ?` toward the doctorate at the University of Kentucky, but no work is i ` credited which has not been done in a college or university of - i recognized standing or in a research laboratory. f Language Requirements. The applicant must give evidence of ` having a good reading knowledge of, and of being able to translate S · at sight, at least two modern foreign languages. This proficiency e " is determined by examinations conducted by the respective language `; departments. Ordinarily French and German are expected to be ~ _ X Y offered, but other languages may he substituted on recommendation 2 D', of the special committee if it is considered that such languages are i _ i Q of greater importance in the special field of work. The language i requirements must be satisfied before the applicant can be admitted t to the qualifying examination. i· ij Qualifying Examination. Applicants for the degree of Doctor - of Philosophy are required to pass a qualifying examination. This [ 3 examination shall be taken during the third•quarter of the second l` i year of residence. The examination shall be both oral and written and shall cover both major and minor subjects. It shall be prepared ;_ g and given to the applicant by a committee of Hve to be appointed by ; the Dean of the Graduate School. The language requirements must 1 " have been met before the qualifying examination is taken. N0 3 applicant may proceed to his final examination until one year of Q work has been completed in residence after he has passed the quali- 2 · fying examination. lf the applicant fails to pass the qualifying l 1 _· examination, no re-examination shall be allowed except upon the 2 " recommendation of the special committee and the approval of the ,, Graduate Committee. If the applicant passes the qualifying exami- » nation he is then considered as a candidate for the degree and ·- may make formal application for this rating. Dissertation. Each candidate must present a dissertation cover- L ing his thesis work. This dissertation must give evidence of the * t _ candidates ability to carry on independent investigation and must 1 T be satisfactory in style and composition. It must represent a definite j contribution to the knowledge of his subject, must be the result of S j independent work, must include original research, and must in some - · way add to or otherwise modify what was previously known on the ‘ Q subject. Two bound typewritten copies of the thesis and an abstract J · of not less than l,200 nor more than 3,000 words must be formally 9 presented to the Dean of the Graduate School at least three weeks I TQ before the final examination. l· V Printing of Dissertation. One hundred printed copies of the I. _ dissertation must be presented to the University within one year I . from the time when the degree is conferred. Not later than one jg week before the conferring of the degree the candidate must deposit

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