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Image 123 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

it { 120 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY · I ’ · l Classification. A student wishing to become an applicant for , t the Doctor’s degree must first regularly register in the Graduate * t I School of the University of Kentucky and must then classify with It the Dean of the Graduate School who will appoint a special com- I mittee for that student. This special committee, the chairman of . which shall be his major professor, will consist of members of the A departments in which the applicant elects to do his major and minor i I work and this committee will supervise his work throughout his 1 V period of study. V . ` _ Not every applicant for the Doctor’s degree is a candidate. A j student is not a candidate for the degree until he has passed the V qualifying examinations, satisfied the language requirements, and é t ’ ' made formal application to be so enrolled. l Courses of Study. Every applicant for the degree must select Q one major and at least one and not more than two minor subjects. The major subject should be one on which he intends to con- ij .1 centrate his eiforts; the minor subjects should be closely allied to { the major field or be subjects which will be of value in the major A; Q l work and should be approved by the major department. __ E The applieant’s principal work must be in the major subject. l Although no absolute regulations are laid down in respect to the ‘ time to be devoted to the major and minor subjects it may be stated in general that the major subject should represent two—thirds of the ; student’s entire time. ' t Any regular graduate course may be assigned as part of the ` I applicant’s work by his special committee. Only courses numbered 1 above 100 in the University catalog are considered as of graduate V , status. The number and extent of such courses is determined by ` i the special committee. " REQUIREMENTS FOR CANDIDATES Residence. A minimum of three collegiate years of resident I graduate work, of which at least the last year must be spent at { l _ the University of Kentucky, is required for the doctorate. The full _ . time of each of these years must be spent in study. Part-time students ` ‘I _ and those holding assistantships or engaging in other outside activi- 1 ties will of course be required to take a proportionately longer time. ‘¤ S While it is expected that a well—prepared student of good ability _Q I » may secure the degree upon the completion of three years of study, it should be understood that this time requirement is a minimum Y? t and is wholly secondary to the matter ot scholarship. Neither time . lj spent in study, however long, nor the accumulation of facts, however Q great in amount, nor the completion of advanced courses, however ` ` numerous, can be substituted for independent thinking and original K research, @4 , A . {

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