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Image 122 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 20 (1943-1944)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

. • i _ GRADUATE SCHOOL 119 i It must contain some original thought and be the product of the · individual submitting it. Quotations and references with the gg proper credit may be used. In general, the thesis should be of such a nature that it will be of value to the engineering profession. The candidate holding a bachelor’s degree in one Held of engi- —5g neering may apply for the professional degree in another Held of engineering if- he has attained unusual prominence and success in · that Held. I` Fees. Except for part·time work, the fees for a resident . E student who is a candidate for a master’s degree in engineering are V Q the same as for undergraduates. The fees for a professional _ `E degree are $15.00 for registration and $15.00 for graduation. _ REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY X` The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred upon a candi- [ »‘ date who, after completing not less than three years of graduate work devoted to the study of a special Held of knowledge, passes - the required examinations in the subjects, presents a satisfactory dissertation, and is deemed worthy of recognition as a scholar of high attainments in his chosen- province. `V The Doctor’s degree is intended to represent not a special amount of work covering a special time, but the attainment, through long study, of independent and comprehensive scholarship ' V in a special Held. Such scholarship should be shown by a thorough i acquaintance with present knowledge in his special Held of learn- ° ing 'and a marked capacity for research. REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICANT Admission. Admission to the Graduate School and acceptance °‘ of advanced credits from other institutions must Hrst be approved by the Registrar. V ; In order to be accepted as an applicant for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, the student must present evidence that he has com- V pleted an undergraduate course and has received his baccalaureate ;` degree from a college of recognized standing. The Graduate Committee reserves the right to decide in each i T case of applicaney for a degree whether the prerequisite training ` { . has been satisfactory and, if any of the years of advanced work ` F have been passed in another institution, whether they may be properly regarded as having been spent under suitable guidance ‘ . and favorable conditions. Private study is not considered as equiva- T 4 1GHt to university work. In any case the student must pass the ’ qualifying 'examinations of the University of Kentucky and spend . i ihe last year of the residence requirement at this institution.

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