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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 2, 1916

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. NOV. 2, 1916. VOL IX JACK, THE CAMPUS D06 ENTRIES COMING FAST HAS LONG, LONG TALE FOR AMATEUR CONTEST After Being Picked Up By Strollers Offer Prizes For a Jilted Brother, He Best Acts Presented Adopted Campus A CYCLE. Autumn and sob winds and frost, Scarlet and gold turned brown; Memories of love and of sweetness lost Drab leaves twisting down. In Competition NOW A LAW STUDENT NOVEMBER The campus boasts of no more im- portant personage than Jack. Neither the Commandant nor the President 'holds a higher head. The Seniors in all their glory, with mustaches and derbies, corduroys and canes, are "small skimpshun" compared to him. Like George Washington, the collector of subscriptions to turkey-buyin- g funds, Jack has the prerogative of going where he "listeth," and making himself at home anywhere from Judge Barker's sanctum sanctorum to the lowly furnace room. He is welcome everywhere everywhere except in. Dean Mulecher's German class. The D. of M. has given up the idea of making a dachshund out of him, and recently, when Jack showed sentiment by barking in the midst of a German recitation, the professor expelled him. Branded as a "flunk-outin the Arts and Science Department, Jack has now entered the College of Law. He sleeps peacefully thru Judge Chalkley's lectures and recently showed his contempt for Judge Lafferty's moot court. The only course now left open to him r "Ag." is well-know- n 10 IS DATE With a list of entries which Includes a number of old students and Freshmen who have already demonstrated their dramatic ability or who seem to have marked talent, it looks as if the Strollers will have an "Amateur Night" performance this year which will surpass any they have ever presented. All students who are not already members of the organization are eligible to compete for the prizes and many with dramatic aspirations are taking advantage of this opportunity to prove their ability to win a prize. Two prizes of $5.00 are offered, one for the best act presented by a single person, and the other for the best act presented by more than one person. Comedians, readers,- "vodvil" stars, actors of all kinds, musical artists or artistes, as the case may be, should bestir themselves and get into the competition. As yet, the number of musical acts entered is small, and those who have ability in this line should not pass up the golden opportunity. Acts of all kinds are acceptable, provided they can be passed by the Board of Censorship. Originality Mystery enshrouds the coming of always counts heavily in an act. Jack. He just came. Ask any of the Those who desire to enter should "wise guys" of the dorm whence Jack see the stage manager of the Strollers, came and they will grin and advise John It. Marsih, at once and turn in you not to ask such impertinent ques- their names. Entries will not be actions or you'll find yourself laying cepted after midnight Wednesday, Noyour weight on the cannon while some vember 8. It is advised that all enSenior beats "Hail Kentucky!" with tries be turned in as soon as possible, his cane on your west end going east. as the time is getting late. In case Tradition tells one tale as to his there is a large number entered an humble origin. In the wee sma' elimination contest will be held Thurshours of a cool spring morning, day, November 9, and "Amateur after burning low the midnight elec- Night" will be held on the following tricity, one of the Jilted Brethren night in the chapel. went to town for a chicken pot pie. On the way back the Jilted Brother BARKER TOADDRESS waB stopped by a dog, running wildly UNION LIT. SOCIETY down Maxwell Street and barking as did Cerberus before Pluto had to muzPresident Barker will address the zle him so he wouldn't keep him and of the Union Literary SociProserpina and the rest of the base- members ety in their society room Saturday ment dwellers awake all night, with night at 7:30 o'clock. Judge Barker, his shrieks and barks and sounds unone of the charter holy. The J. B being a believer in who is himself members of the society, is a great bepreparedness, picked up a brick. But liever in literary society work. He the dog came up, wagging an amicanot only lends his influence but makes ble tail, and rubbed up against his money contributions to all the new acquaintance. They were friends annual societies. All members of the society immediately. and students in tho University are Enters University. urged to bo present Saturday night to Jack followed his friend to the campus and up to the lane that hear tho address. goes by the "Old Dorm." In the paleCLUB MEETS IN ness of the moonlight ho could drink CHAPEL AT NOON TODAY. in the beauty of the Bcene. The green benches were just tall enough to sorve meet in Club will Tho as flea removers; 'the old maple tree was fixed just rjght for him to curl chapel toduy at noon. All men who up against; the spring zephyrs breath- - are six feet, one inch in height or above are requested to attend. (Continued on Page Five) pro-all- " two-yea- new-foun- d 1 Slx-On- o TAU BETA PI HOLD PLEOGING EXERCISES WILDCATS RUN OVER CINCINNATI'S PLAYERS Six New Men Become Mem- 32 to 0 Score Due to Good bers of Honorary Work By the Team Fraternity As a Whole Winter and under the snows Green blades lie warm in the mold. Springtime and sunshine soon shall disclose New loves for the old. The pledging exercises of the Tau Beta Pi, the honorary fraternity of the engineering colleges, were held in chapel Tuesday morning. This fraternity has an excellent national standing and to be chosen a member '20. is an unusual honor, as the best students are always selected. The men pledged were: Robert M. Davis, Junior honor man; C. F. Lee, H. C. KENTUCKY MAGAZINE Smlser, W. S. Moore, E. R. Burnley and K. C. Frye, member of the organiMAKES APPEARANCE zation. Speeches were made at the exercises by Dean F. Paul Anderson, Dean Miss Marguerite McLaugh- C. F. Wood and President Emeritus lin, Journalism InstrucThe new men James K. Patterson. tor, Is Contributor were seated among the students and each old man went down from the SUBJECT IS JUBILEE platform and pedged a new member. The members from last year are: A. The first issue of The Kentucky L. Eimer, M. M. Montgomery, W. f. Magazine, the publication which is to Adams, E. W. Davies, J. N. Waters present what Is best in Kentucky, and B. S. Springer. made its appearance this week. The magazine, which bears the imprint of Lexington and Louisville, treats of the CHESS PLAYERS HOLD resources, institutions, material, morMEETING AT Y. M. C. A. al and educational progress, the character and achievements of Kentucky The same frost that ripens the men and women, and tho great possi- green persimmons and drives the bilities of the State's future develop- grizzly to his snooze awakens the ment. chess playing instincts of the devoThe feature story which leads the tees of that game. So with the first list of contributions is on "The Golden cold wave of the season the few stuJubilee of the University of Ken- dents and professors who had heard tucky," written by Miss Marguerite the first call of tho knights and pawns McLaughlin, assistant professor in gathered Monday at the Y. M. C. A. the Department of Journalism. Miss rooms for an evening of play. ProMcLaughlin's story not only shows re- fessor Miller was faced by three playmarkable research .work, but it is writ- ers simultaneously and was kept busy ten in clear, characteristic style. walking from board to board for the The story contains a history of the entire evening. institution, pictures of President BarIn discussing the prospects of orJames K. ganizing a Chess Club at the Univerker, President Emeritus Patterson, of prominent alumni and a sity, Professor Miller said that a club birdseye view of the University. organized here could secure players of Miss McLaughlin has achieved an note thruout the State botih for blindenviable reputation as a Journalist, fold and simultaneous play. He also having been a member of The Lex- pointed out that match play could be ington Herald staff for several years arranged with tho players of other and also having contributed to maga- colleges. The fact that she zines frequently. Next Monday evening at 7:30 was chosen a contributor to The Ken- o'clock Professor Pence and Professor tucky Magazine is an unusual honor Miller will meet all comers in simuland an evidence of her ability. taneous play at the Y. M. C. A. reading room. Those wishing to participate should bring board and men. STUDENTS, NOTICE! In connection with the revival at ALPHA ZETA PLEDGING the Hill Street Methodist Church, a EXERCISES TOMORROW young peoples' meeting is hold every evening from 7 o'clock to 7:30 o'clock. Pledging exercises of tho Alpha Friday night has been sot aside as Zeta fraternity, tho honorary organiUniversity of Kontucky night. zation or tho College of Agriculture, will bo hold in chapel tomorrow morning. Short talks, setting forth tho purpose of this fraternity, will be The Homo Economics Club will made by Dean George Roberts, Promeet this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. fessor E. S. Good, and Professor T. P. Evory member is urged to bo present, Bryant. Tho entire chapel hour will as important business will come up. bo given for this purpose NOTICE! No. 7 ''HICK" LOSES A TOOTH Grabfelder, Kinne, Haydon, Crutcher and Brit-tai- n Star The Wildcats made the Black and Red collection look like a black and blue distribution last Saturday. Cincinnati hasn't scored this year and from present indications she won't. The game was only of interest in the performance of the Wildcats. The sons of Cincinnatus were beaten from the start. Earl Grabfelder started things when he hopped thru tackle and sped for a touchdown on the first formation before the crowd had finished yelling for Rodes, who had carried the ball to the middle of the field. Then it Cortright Coach was easy money. used a multitude of substitutes. Every boy in the school who had a football suit and an "afternoon off" apparently got into the game. After every play a troup of substitutes would go out and then after the period was up the regular, who was well rested up would go back into the game. 'Doc" Rodes was star extraordinary. He danced thru the Cincinnati defenders like he was on roller skates and had his pants greased. He gained steadily thru the line. He broke loose, one wonderful run for ninety yards and a supposed touchdown, but Referee Hamm got the impression that his foot touched tho outside line and the play did not count. His passing was excellent. The long throws failed at first but were successful enough to let Kentucky get long gains, three for about thirty yards, and a short gain or two. "Doc's" punting was also excellent. Then there was Brlttain at smashing half on the defense. He is the "smashingest" smashing half in tho business. He broke thru the lino nearly every play and thru the CIncy runners before got started more than once or twice. Brittain is a bear. He has outplayed every man he has played against this year. He had his face banged up by Mr. Koohler during tho first half, but got back In the game later and did valiant work. Kinne was last year's Kinne. Tho little fellow with tho angelic cast or countenance was the most sensational player of last year. This year ho has played a steady gamo, but until tho Cincinnati clash ho had not pulled any of those unexpected breath-takinwonderful stunts that made tho big sport scribes of the great East write Dr. Tigert for his gridiron biography last yeur. But he Is in his old shoes now and pulled one sensation after another at Cincinnati. Ho dove on fumbles, caught an unexpected for- -

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