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Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 22, 1920

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Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ATHLETICS FOOTBALL College TRACK Men By Gerald Griffin and Garry Roosma ITORIOUS IN SHE w BATTLE WITH WILDCATS LEXINGTON'S NEW MEN'S SHOP STQLL FIELD Kentucky and University of the South Are Evenly Extends To You a Cordial Crippled Backficld. Matched. CATS BEST FIRST HALF Welcome EXPECT LARGE CROWD In one of the hardest fought games ever staged on Miami Field the blue clad warriors of old Kentucky went down down to defeat before the strong Miami team last Saturday by the score of 14 to 0. From the kickoff to (he final whistle the two teams battled ferociously for supremacy and it was not until the final moment that victory for the Ohloans was assured. During the first period the Wildcats had things their way, making first down six times Fuller received the Prlbble was a consistent ground ball, on the initial kickoff and was gainer In last Saturday's contest. yon e for a touchdown when he was downed by a Miami player. Then the Kentucky backfield carried the ball down to the very shadow of the goal Gridiron Menu posts where they lost it on attempting a place kick. During1 this quarter the KENTUCKY 60 S. P. U. 0. Oxford boys showed a .tendancy to " 31 MARYVILLE 0 kick as soon as they received the 0 MIAMI 14. apparently afraid to run with it. ball, " vs. SEWANEE Oct. This was Kentucky's banner period 25 at Lexington. and they threatened to score time and " vs. VANOERBI LT again but costly fumbles deprived Oct. 30 at Nashthem of the chance to tally. ville. The second period was a duplicavs. CINCINNATI tion of the first with the exception Nov. 6 at Lexthat Miami held the upper hand and ington. made seven first downs, but were un" vs. CENTRE Nov. able to cross the line so gallantly de13 at Lexington. fended by the men In blue. " vs. TENNESSEE In the third quarter Davis and Nov. 25 at Knox- splendid interference, carWolf, with ville. ried the pigskin to Kentucky's three yard line by a series of cross bucks. At this point the Miami "Wolf" broke TRACK TEAM TO BE through center and made a touchdown. IN TURKEY DAY MEET Munns kicked goal making the score 7 to 0. Coach Buchheit is rapidly whipping At the beginning of the final period Kentucky kicked off from the twenty the candidates for the Blue and White yard line. McGInnis received the oval team into shape and expects Kenand skirted sixty yards for a touch- tucky to be well defended on the field the longest and cinder path this year. The fall down. This was one r:ns ever seen on Miami Field and workouts are developing some promwas the second and final touchdown ising athletes and the competition on of .the game. Munns again kicked goal the squad is bringing out the best from every man. and the score stood 14 to 0. A meet has been scheduled The entire Kentucky team fought for hard and played real football but was Thanksgiving day at Louisville and unable to get ahead of the fast Miami the men who show up the best in bunch which is unusually strong this practice will be taken to compete with s strong rivals in upholding the colors year and has one of the best in Ohio. Prlbble wa3 the most of old Kentucky . s consistent ground gainer for the The following men make up the lads, making the spectators gasp sauad: Hayden. Shrieves, Snider. as he plowed thru the Big Red line Sturges, Funkhouser, Bryant, Wolf Sharkey, White, Mulloy. of the Miami team. Lavin guided the Stal'ard, team brilliantly and showed the Buck- Nantz, Moore, Coleman, Porter eye rooters Just why he is rated by Smith. Splllman. Tyldes, Maranoy, one of the Cincinnati papers as one 'Clark, Clar, Baible of the greatest open field runners of the South. While unable to get away fighting for the honor of old Kentucky for any long runs he made several and the glory of the team. : The good gains and played until he dropMiami Pos. ped from sheer exhaustion. Shanklln Kentucky Essig L.E and Fuller played good ball but were Zerfoss Angle L.'r injured during the early part of the Server L.G game and this kept them from playing Baugh Orth C Pest Halo their usual game. It.G McNelley The work of Kentucky's line was Colpitts It.T Grouse of the highest order and they played Murphree Hober R.E Wire their opponents to la standstill. Q.n was more than a match for the Lnvin Davis It.H McGInnis guard who played against him. The Fuller LII Wolf Miami guard outweighed him 50 Shanklln F.B Munns pounds. Fest, at center was too much Prlbble Score: for the Miami lad who played opposite 0 0 7 7 14 him. Captain Murphree and "Big Miami 0000 0 Jim" Server, the incomparable pair Kentucky s Substitutions Miami: Hawk for of tackl03, outplayed the opposing from every angle of the game. Falo; McDiarmld for Wire; Predmore Server outpunted the Miami bootor for Grouse; Hawaii for Wolf; Wire for but the wearers of the crimson were MoDIormid; Work for Wiro; Sombahl expert at running back punts and gain- for Work; Fox for Davis; Devoss for r McGInnis; Wright for Itagan; ed quite a bit of ground this way. for Predmore; Ewlng for Anglo. It was "Home Coming Day" for the for Shanklln; nlumnl of Miami and an enormous Kentucky Wilhelm crowd turned out to see Kentucky go Cameron for Heber; Rico for Zerfoss; down to defeat for the first time this Wiley for Fuller; Thornton for Lavin. Marty, Referee; IteBs, Umplro; season. They saw the Wildcats meet defeat with colors flying, each man King, Headlinesman. -- i TIGERS TO INVADE Kentucky Holds Big Red Team to Small Score With It's not the price you pay it's the shoe you buy that determines value. i Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock the Vlldcat3 will meet in battlo the purple clad warrlorj from the mountains of Tennessee. Sewaneo has an excellent team and lins not lost a game this season. Two weeks ago Georgetown was humbled by the Tennesseeans by the scoro of 55 to 0, but tomorrow Kentucky will wreak vengance on the Southerners not only fo rour poor lowntrodden neighbor but also for the last defeat, which was handed her in 191G by the boys from the Mount. For the last several years there has been the keenest rivalry between and the University of the South. In the last four games the honors have been evenly divided, the Wildcats winning one, losing one and tying two. Last year when Sewanee was 'eaten by Kentucky it was the first 'me in all the history of the school Miat. victory had not crowned the efforts of the mountain lads on their home field. The blue clad pigskin artists are all in good shape and are eager to meet Sawanee. They are not at all disheartened over last week's defeat but on the contrary have the utmost confidence in their ability. The slight victory of Miami over the Wildcats served merely to bring to light the defects of the team which will be remedied before tomorrow's game. Several new plays will be used to insure a victory for the Blue and White. Stoll Field will be the scene of one of the hardest fought games of the season when Kentucky brings Sewanee to her knees tomorrow. Every one is expected to turn out and make the air resound with mighty yells to strike terror into the hearts of the mountaineers and to cheer the Wildcats on to victory. 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