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Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 22, 1920

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Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL LEXINGTON CLUB Drama The ALUMNAE HOLDS MEETING Resolutions Are Adopted on the Death of Elizabeth Waddy, Class of 14. In Selecting a University For a college education, there arc five things to be taken into consideration: The men at the head of the Institu- 1. tion. By Fred K. Augsburg At tho bottom of the heart of every comedian Is the melancholy ambition lock; Mansfield insisted on playing to bo a tragedian. Nat Goodwin practically ended his career with David Warfield has long cnerisneu mo nope 01 oeing buuh m "Tho Merchant of "Venice" and oven Lauretto Taylor less than 18 months ago undortook to show the critics how Shakespenre should bo 'interpreted. And now comes Louis Mann and appears In "Tho Unwritten Chapter," a revolutionary costume play, in which ho discards his dialect and slips off his artistic past as easily as though It were a coat. William Kavanaugh Doty, former student of Transylvania College, was a visitor on tho campus recently. Doty Is tho author of a playlet entitled: "One Night in a Garden," which is adapted from James Lane Allen's "The Mettle of tho Pasture." lowed tho visit to Ilnltlmoro in June, 101C, of Miss Constance D'Arcy Mackoy, who camo to direct tho tercentenary Shakespeare pagent. Mrs. Jnmes Nathan and Carol Sax, who were also on tho board, beenmo Inspired by Miss Mackay's enthusiasm and, ably seconded by tho late Charles O. Kerr and Mrs. Clement Penrose, worked to such good purposes that tho first performance of tho Vagabond Players took place in November 191G. "Tho Incorporation of tho players, was successfully undertaken last spring. There are now 75 voting members." Do You Know That For the first time since Its premiere twenty-onyears ago, there will be no production of "Ben Hur" on tour this season. This Is probably a result of tho dissolution of partnership between Klaw and Erflanger, who Jointly hold the rights of the play. e Briefs From Broadway. Frances Starr has made her season's bow ito New York at the Belasco Theatre as the heroine in a dual role In a new play, "One," by Edward Itnobldck. t Y 'iDear Me," Grace LaRue and Hale Hamilton at the Opera House last week was one of the most delightful plays seen here in recent years. The optimistic comedy is the work of Luther Reed and Hale Hamilton and is typical of John Golden, proNo less than five new productions ducer of .the successes: "Lightnin,"' are scheduled to open in New York "Three Wise Fools" and "Turn to the week, which shows that October Right." this is a month of great activity in the theatre. Initial scenes in "Fine Feathers," Eugene "Walter's ploturlzation of his successful stage play of the same name were screened recently at the Comedy Theatre In West Forty-firs- t .street, New York. The scenes show a typical theatre crowd watching a successful Broadway play. Rehearsals of George V. Hobart's new play, "Sonny," which the Selwyns are shortly to produce, have begun with Emma Dunn and Lillian Lorraine In the leading roles. Among plays, under the consideration of the committee for 1921 production of the Strollers are: "The Prince Chap," "Daddy Long Legs," The Ideal Husband," "The Admirable Creigh-ton,- " "Lady Windermere's Fan," and "The Girl with the Green Eyes." Seldom has a Bluegrass audience seen an artist who could get her personality across the footlights as well as Geraldlne Farrar did Friday night 'in her delightful concert at the Woodland Park Auditorium. Miss Farrar was so gracious in giving encores that after one number she responded six times. The concert was a success both artistically and financially, and Miss Goff is to be congratulated for so successfully promoting the venture in a city of this size. Eugene Walter's new comedy drama, "The Toy Girl," will be produced in New York during election week. It 'is also reported that Walter has just completed a new piece for David Belasco and that ''Under the Northern TO BE OR NOT TO BE Light," another of his writings, will soon reach Broadway. I'd rather be a Could Be, If I could not be an Are. William De Mille will film "What For a Could Be Is a Maybe Every Woman Knows," Sir James M. With a chance of touching par Barrie's noted play 'in which Maude I'd rather be a Has Been Adams starred on the speaking stage. Than a Might Have Been by far For a Might Have Been has never been, AMATEUR NIGHT. Applications are being received But a Has was once an Are. Stanford Chaparral. daily from ithoso desiring to strate their histrionic ability on AmaPOINTERS TO FRE8HMEN. teur Night. All acts must be ready to "go on" by next Monday, and apWhen you first get here, get everyplications will bo received up to Mon- thing straightened up. day noon. Write home often. Join a literary society. Norma Rachel, known as "Cookie" Take an active part in the Y. M. C. to the members of last year's cast, A. University re(Subscribe to the "Reflector." was a visitor at the cently. Miss Rachel was also in tho Keep up with the activities of the cast of tho 1918 production, "Mice and Student Association. Men." Learn your songs and yells. Go to the Campus Sunday School. Walker Whiteside was seen at the Learn the names of all tho football Lexington Opera House last night in players. Carol Mason's dramatization of RobGo out for some form of athletics. ert Louis Stevenson's story of romance Keep off of the military report. and adventure, "Tho iMastor of Do all this and you will not have that curious feeling that some of you have been worrying about. Davidsonian. Tho following article taken from Tho Billboard, gives an interesting Andy McCoy of Wichita, a Freshaccount of Mr. Sax work in estab- llshlng tho Vagabond Theatre, Balti- man in tho college of Emporia, Kansas ' Is paralyzed below tho waist as a remore: "The Vagabond Players are among sult of hazing by upper classmen. He the two or three oldest little theatres was struck with a paddle. The Malno In the country. Its establishment fol Campus. Tho Lexington Alumnao Club held tho first mooting of the year, with Mrs. C. J. Smith nt her home, Wednesday afternoon, October 13, and plans woro started for tho club's work this year. Margaret McClure, '20, was elected secretary-treasure- r to succeed Margaret Tuttlo, 19, who resides now In New York City. An afternoon tea, Tuesday, October 26, at Patterson Hall wilf open tho social meetings of tho club. Tho next plan to bo developed Is tho bonoflt for the student loan fund. Tho tentative date for tho benefit Is Saturday, November 6. The following resolutions on the death of Elizabeth Waddy of the class of '14, were adopted by .he Alumnae Club: "The Alumnae Club of the University of Kentucky was organized many years ago by a group of women, graduates of tho University, for the purpose of association and the strength and influence that come of unity. Annually the club becomes more valuable because of the addition of members from the senior class. Many times the club has been called upon to give up members who went ito other fields of Interest and endeavor and always by the the parting was brightened hope of a doming back again.' 'When the members convened for the first meeting of the season 1920-2it was with saddened hearts they realized the absence of one for whom the hope of 'a coming back again' must be denied. In the beautiful month of July, when love and life and beauty make all akin, Elizabeth Waddy, of the class of '14, a truly loyal member of the Alumnae Club answered the call of her Creator and the Designer of all that is beautiful gathered her lovely soul to His own. "A lull in the first meeting, a silent prayer for her, for those she loved, for ourselves and this expression, Is our tribute to her memory. "Be it resolved therefore that we extend our sympathy to her father, Dr. R. B. Waddy, and that we publish these resolutions in the columns or The Kernel, the official organ of the Aluronaie Association of which the Alumnae Club is a part. "Marguerite McLaughlin, "Edith Isaacs Nell, "Margaret McClure." The scholastic standing and ability of 2. the Teaching Staff. The location and advantages of 3. en- vironment. 4. buildings, Equipment, and libraries. 5. laboratories Cost. In all these respects the University of. Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky 1 Tucker who was Miss Catherine graduated from the University last year Is now teaching in Maysville High School. Miss Tucker was one of the most popular women In the University and the following article which was taken from the "Maysville High School Advocate," proves that she has been both popular and successful as a teacher: Miss Catherine Olivia Tucker came from Lexington. She was graduated from Hamilton and from the University of Kentucky, where she held a high place in all student activities and in the hearts of all who knew her. She entered bravely Into M. H. S. and started Very her work with vim. thoroughly prepared she now leads us int otho mysteries of Caesar and Virgil making our heavy burdens as Sight as possible. Not only do the Freshmen say unhesitatingly, "Miss Tucker est but tho higher classmen have been wearing broad smiles and loud neckties as well. In fact we are all beginning to fear that she will take away our hearts (as well as our chowing gum). Do bo careful, Miss Tucker. This Is her first year as a teacher and since she had made the right start with us wo are all going to try and repay her In every way wo can. "Miss Tucker, we are oxteudlng our hardiest welcome to you and wo are really very glad that you belong to M. H. S. Maysville H. S. Advocate. Co-operati- Drug Company ve (Incorporated) Main and Limestone Streets Drugs, Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. Articles at Lowest Cut Prices ' BLOCK'S, PAGE'S AND SHAW'S AND MULLANE'S CANDIES The (Lafayette A Modern Fire Proof Hotel With Every Convenience. 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