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Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 22, 1920

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Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 10 DEPARTMENTAL By Arthur i L. CLUBS Hodei Shaler Geological Society The Shnlor Geologlcnl Society held its first meeting Monday, October 11. The following officers were elected for this semester: president, iHownrd V. Tygrott; vice president, Lee Kay G. Greene; secretary, treasurer, C. C. Anderson. The program committee appointed consisted of Leo Oldham, Lafayette Herring, and Old-ha- M. K. Cooke. Interesting talks were made by C. E. Perry, Lafayette Herring and Ray Greenej Perry, who has been associated for the last several months with the Tennessee Geological Survey spoke on the structural conditions of Tennessee. Herring gave an account of the subsurface conditions affecting "beaver" sand in the the various parts of Warren county where he did some work this summer. Greene, who was employed by the Standard Oil Company in the oil field gave nn interesting account of the condition causing the acThe cumulation of oil in Kansas. next meeting will be held Monday night, October 25 a 7:00 o'clock. Henry Clay Law Society The meeting of the Henry Clay Law Soolety hold on Thursday, October 14, was attended by a majority of the law students who seem to be taking more interest in the society. The Constitution, which was evidently lost during the war, had to be replaced, so (another Constitution (was adopted. Following this, a short but very interesting program was held, as follows: Burchett addressed the society on the subject: "The benefits of a good law society," in which he portrayed the prospects for the year and told of some of his past experiences in different societies with which he has been connected. The gist of his speech was that everybody in the society must work together towards accomplishing some ideal. Boyd gave a worthy discussion of the "Absent voters law," in which he told pf the proceedings to go through In case students are away from their flegal domicile. Contrary to every speech that has beep made in regard to the coming election he made appeal. a real The last number on the program was an essay on "Law versus Mob Violence," in which the lawless outbreaks in the United States during the last two years were portrayed and an appeal was made to the American people to obey the law. The society meets in the Science Building every other week at 7:30 on Thursday even- n ft' d in&- - SOCIETY Society met MonThe day night in the Science Building and organized for the yeao Doctor Pryor nmde a short talk to the society and read an interesting letter from Virginia Helm Mllner, president of the society last year, who is now at John Hopkins University. Miss Milner was very popular on tho campus an her many friends were glad to hear that she liked her work. Sho said that her HISTORY OF SMITH HALL respect for the course hero was Increasing daily. W. G. Wlalker, vice president of the society last year NEW WOMENS DORMITORY presided at .the meeting tinjtll )the election of the president. Tho following officers were elected: W. It. Wil- Formally a School for Girls Mary Gibson, son, president; With Many Famous Esther Fertlg, secretary; J. O. Nail, treasurer; iC. V. Watson, Graduates publicity secretary; Ted Griffin, Walter Coleman and Mary Sweeney were The old Gordon property, now Smith named as program committee. Hall, Harrison Avenue, recently purchased by the University of Kentucky Y. W. C. A. for an additional woman's dormitory The Y. W. C. A. met at Patterson is a beautiful home over a half a cenSunday, October 17, to discuss tury old. For years this property was Hall Membership Basis." Christ Church Seminary the "Personal for girls. Fannie Holler, Edna Snapp, Lulu Later, it was converted into Gordon's Illakey and Bornlce Young each gave School for Boys. a short discussion of the different In an Interview Miss McCauley said: phases of this new membership basis. "This home, one of the oldest and According to Its requirements a girl finest in Lexington, was built by my does not need to be a church member father, John McCaulay, years before Y. W. C. A. to become a member of tho the Civil War, when houses were conShe must, however, take the followstructed in the right way. It stood ing pledge: "It Is my purpose to live on six acres of the best land and suras a true follower of the Lord Jesus rounded by one, of the finest orchards. Christ." The meeting closed with a The foundation of the house was left reading by Lucille Yungblut. to settle for months, and throughout was flni!ied with handsome wood-ork. For years this property was Christ Church Seminary with Doctor Silas Lotten at its head. Many prominent persons were educated there. Her devotions to her former teachers, the University Woman's Club Lottens, lasted through life. The first autumn meeting of the Professor Gordon later bought this University was property ,Womans Club of the and used It as a school for held at Patterson Hall Friday after-- boys. noon. The hostesses were ithe mem-- i This property, now Smith Hall, is bers of the executive board, Mrs. Shel- under the direction of Miss Berkley, by T. Harbison, Mrs. Charles Judson who as tle supervision of twenty Smith and Mrs. A JM. Harrison, girls. Miss Adealalde Crane, who has returned to Patterson Hall as director Seven Ages of Man. after spending a year In Asia Minor First age See the earth. with the .Commission for Relief in the Second age Wants it. Near Bast, gave a vivid account of her Third age Starts to get it. thrilling experiences in being besieged Fourth age Decides to be satisfied and shelled by the Turks, and a de- with half of It. scription of the work which is being Fifth age Becomes still more moddone among the starving people by erate. Americans. Sixth age Now content to get a After her interesting address tea strip six feet by two. and cakes were served by the hosSeventh age Gets the strip. tesses. There was a large attendance old and new members, and the of It may be that England can't carry prospects for work and enjoyment this out her policy in Ireland because she year are very bright for the club. is kept too busy carrying out cont; SOCIETY 1 Identification. A neighbor, seeing the daughter of a geologist playing with a badraggled but. cherished kitten, asked her what her pet was called. replied the precocious "Well." youngster, "that depends. Father calls her a segregation from an Intrusive magma of doubtful genesis; mother refers to her as the basement complex; Sister 'Helen insists that she is a typical example of secondary impoverishment, but I just call her my dear little kitty." Exchange stables. Davidsonian. PATT HALL PERSONALS Military News By Katherlne Conroy West Point Appointments Senator A. O. Stanley has two appointments open for entrance to tho U. S. Military Academy, at West Point, and Hon. King Swopo, of the eighth District and John W. Langloy, of tho tenth District each have one open. University men from either the eighth or tho tenth Districts who are Interested In getting nn appointment may to Senator Stanloy. np-pl- y "Morale" is the subject on which Dr. John J. Tlgert of tho Psychology Department of the University will leci ture to the Freshmen men In chapel, Monday, October 25. This is a subject of interest to everyone and all who wish to hear the address are urged to come. d d y GIVEN CHAPEL SEATS Seating arrangements for the cadets in chapel have been completed and a diagram of the numbered seats will be found on the bulletin board in the Alumni building. According to the arrangement, formation will not be held on the campus, but instead each cadet will attend individually and be checked by the number of the seat he CADETS l ' d MODEL HIGH WINS; The University High School, known Get Your Discharge as Model High opened the season last Saturday by overwhelming the CarMiss Graddy requests all lisle High School team 61 to 0. As the men who sent their discharges to the score indicates the lads from Carlisle Registrar to call for them at once. were no match for the fast Lexington aggregation coached by George Some Tight. Buchheit. Model High expects to have, Late Arrival: "What's the score?" the most successful season it has ever Early Arrival : "Nothing to nothing." had and they will be a serious conL. A.: "Must be a good game, huh?" tender for the State High School E. A.: "Dunno. Ain't started yet." Championship. seven-year-ol- d Burma University, of Ragoon, Is building a new plant, and the governf of the cost of ment will pay The Baptist Church, construction. which controls the institution, is paying the remainder of the cost. one-hal- MECHANICAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERS t GET YOUR DRAWING INSTRUMENTS 1 1 "T" Squares, Protractors, French Curves, Triangles, Pens, Compasses, Art Gum, Tacks, Field Books, Cloth, Paper, Ink, etc., from VEACH 120 North Upper Street Between Main and Short COLLEGE YOUTH!! J During your absence we have opened a firft class place of recreation. means is employed to make our Parlor comfortable and home-lik- e. J , d The following cadet captains have been tentatively selected: Company A. Silas Wilson; Company B, J. J. Gibson; Company C, Gerald Griffin; D, Wm. R. Hutchinson; and Company E, Harold Enlow The selection of these officers is subject to change, and the final list of officers will bo announced later, after giving the men a trial and determining their merit in each grade. Corn-pan- Thompson . Van Doren, Alleen Lemons, Katherlne Meglbbon and Mary and Mlnnio Peterson spent tho week-enat their homes in Cynthlana. Louise Mayer of LouIbvIHo was the week-enguest of Anglo Hill. Mary .Colvin and Louise Stuart spent the week-enat their homes in Frankfort. Anna Laura Atwood and Anna Mao Covington of Danville spent the weekend with Lorraine West. Lucilo Blatz of Louisville spont the week-enwith her sister, Dorothy Blatz. Zerelda Noland, who Is teaching at Athens, spent the week-enwith Elizabeth Brown. (Mrs. Fred Kraft, Virginia Kraft and Louise Will of Louisville were the week-enguests of Elizabeth Kraft. Lucy Dean, who is teaching in the Richmond schools, spent the week- end with Bernice Young. Mrs. S. R. James of Louisville was guest of her daughter, the week-enMary Elizabeth James. Margaret Short spent the week-enwith Miss Allender of Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. Wells and Geneva Wells, of Frankfort, spent the weekend with Laurine Wells. Margaret Ford spent the week-enat her home in Qhelbyville. Gertrude iWallingford, and Margaret Jameson spent a few days at their homes in Cynthlana. Mrs J. G. Peak and Miss Mildred Reese spent the week-enwith Jessie Fry Moore. Mrs. N. L. Weakley, enroute to Philadelphia, stopped with her daugh- i or JW atViaflno WooWow frr n fanr days. Fannie Heller spent the week-enat her home In Paris. Fvery Get your bunch together and play the best indoor sport known at the best tables in the newest and most sanitary place in town. Tell your friends to "meet you at the Academy." THE BILLIARD ACADEMY GEO. E. JOHNSON, Manager. Entrance on Limestone Over United Cigar Store !

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