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Image 1 of The Hartford republican, August 2, 1907

Part of The Hartford republican

Y 9 ttzrtf k i Fine Job Work r HARTFORD OHIO COUNTY < XXVOL rulings oh objections by counsel for NOT the defense were interspersed with sarcastic remarks showing his bhts and hostility He charges that when GUILTY SAYS JURY he was on the witness stand testifying In his own behalf that the court In Interfered with him In a captlouscrlt teal manner Eleven Weeks Trial Ends Fa He charges that the court gave the vorably to the Defendant Commonwealth almost unrestricted every way pos moneyand restricted in latitude In tho Introduction of test On First Ballot Eight Jurors Vot ¬ siblo the introdnctlcu of testimony fa ¬ for Acquittal and Four vorable to the defendant He further charges that during tho progress of Guilty tho trial and while the jury was delib ¬ erating on tine case Judgo Robbins an early hour last Sunday morn = went Iuto the jury room on two different occasions closed time door and was sccretedly closeted with the mom ¬ hems of the Jury He says that on August 16 1103 during the progress of the trial Judge city for 21 hours returned a vor Robbins went personally to the house ithat diet that custody MOD JUDGE ROBBINS VACATES BENCH i I Caleb Powers Filed Affidavit Which Proves Effective 6 5 Contained Startling Revellations Concerning Beckham ani Ied IVoted Bobbins On the calling of tho case of Com ¬ monwealth of Kentucky against Caleb Powers a Georgetown Monday James Sims of Bowling Green in behalf We of the prisoner arose and said desire to offer this affidavit from the defendant asking that you vacate the bench With this ho handed to James E Robins of Maytiold the special Judge appointed by Gov Ueckham and the man who presided at the third trial Judge of Powers a lengthy vapor In order to expedite Robins said matters tho court will road the affi ¬ davit and pass upon It1 now After a half hour in which time Judge Robbins glommed hur iedly over the document ho passed ft over to Attorney Robert Commonwealths Franklin and asked his pleasure At ¬ torney Franklin only looked In the di ¬ rection of where the paper had been on tail table and smiled Ho looked at his coattorneys Victor Bradley and Ben Williams and then they nil smiled They were then joined in the smiles by Arthur Goebcl who was seated just behind Mr Franklin and then they looked across the room toward the attorneys for tho defense and the defendant himself There were no smiles on that side of the court room but there was an air of confidence which forbode earnestness and Common ¬ wealths Attorney Franklin after the embarrassing pause said without ris- ¬ ing from the chair uWe would like to have some time to examine the pa ¬ per your honor Judge Robbins adjourned Court un ¬ til ruesday morning to give the at- ¬ torneys on the side of the Common ¬ wealth time to examine the affidavit When the court convened next morn ing Commonwealths Attorney Robert Franklin stated that time State had In preparation a response to the affidav- ¬ it filed by the defense on Monday to have Special Judge Robbins remov- ¬ ed and that his side desired more time to consider it He said that there was much matter In tine affi ¬ davit that should be replied to and that the prosecution desired to fully prepare a response Major Owens of counsel for Powers answered to the effect that a counter affidavit or a reply could not accord Ing to time law be entered upon the records of the court Ho said his side had no objection to some further reasonable time bo given if tho pros ¬ ecution wanted It Court then adjourn ed until 2 oclock The attorneys for the defense say that Mrs Youtsey testified in her deposition taken a few days ago and filed In court Monday that her hus ¬ band told her that his treatment in the penitentiary before his confession was cruel and Inhuman but after he testified ho was treated much better and was given an easy job She tes ¬ tifies that she heard her husband say in the Georgetown jail he knew noth ¬ Jng incriminating against Powersand that form all her husband said and did she believed Powers is Innocent Powers affidavit upon which he re ¬ lies to Induce Judge Robbins to va ¬ cate and not sit in this trial was giv- ¬ en out to tho press Tuesday night It begins by setting out the bitter campaign waged bewteen Democrats and Republicans in the fall of 1S9D when tho tickets were headed re- ¬ spectively by William Goebel and W Taylor It states that tho tragic murder of Goebel by ah unknown assassin further inflamed the passion and anger of the followers of Goebel almost to riot and revolution and that from time day Goo bel was shot down In the Statehouse yard at Frankfort the leaders of thq Democratic party and the followers of Goebel including Gov Beckham and Judge Robbins have valiantly sought hanged and to have him Powers haver proclaimed on the stump in po ¬ litical speeches that ho was guilty and deserved to pay the death penalty Ho further charges In his affidavit that during tho progress ot the third trial the rulings ot tho court were flagrantly unfair tohlmj that the court was Irritable In dealing with the defendant and his counsel and his S = 0f Ij r + > lsI oft trialGeorgetown Ky Aug Commonwealth will 1C dismiss j D revealed some of the ele decisionSamuel the be won over to defense Finley McIIean who voted consistent- ¬ ly for acquittal from the first de- ¬ clared that tho judges Instructions seemed to settle all doubt as to the course he should take Juror James Robertson the good natured Scotchman at whose house here in Boise Gov Steunenberg board ¬ ed for more than two years said rI ual DRUNKEN arguI1Hmt v- t i j I polsIIon + + i A I fik 1 j it < TILFORD VILE declared murdollWilUnm 2 IJaJ No3 Saunders who runs a restaurant on Market Street has been handling a drink called Wivo at first labeled Vivo It is put up at Paducah in bottles resembling the ordinary beet bottle In fact in looks until opened it can scarcely be told from the genu ¬ ine article so we have been told The taste however Is disappointing Still because the deception Is so good and the drink always cold it sold well Several times the members of grand Juries have been Impartuncd by local option people to Indict the sell ¬ er under the Idea that the drink con- ¬ tained alcohol limit after they had been all wed too drink of it they al- ¬ ways pronounced it a soft drink A fow days ago an agent of Uncle Sam appeared on the scene mind compelled Mr Saunders to pay back taxes to the government for what he hud sold and informed him that if he continu- ¬ ed to sell he must take out license as an analysis of the drink made at Washington Lowul it contained 211 per cent alcohol Mr Saunders de- ¬ clined to take out license for further sales and sent his stuck on had back to the house FORDS HURT IN WRECK that a majority of tho men seemed convinced that the general tone of His Engineer was Attempting to the courts Instructions indicated that the defendant should be freed Make a Flying SON SHOOTS tomorrow as yet close the strotigestcase It has willing to wear If needs be and goes TO DEATH AGED FATHER uleh Powers on to quote made out Dorah back to Denver It came from the lips of twelve Ida ¬ ho farmers plain blunt tmcttlturad No Excuse for Crime Except Fath ¬ so well put togethdr and presented men representatives of tho sturdy to the jury of Bourbon county citizens stock er Protested Against Sons that is the backbone of this that tho general expressed opinion of country who simply were not conDriving Tired Mule those who have heard It is that all vinced that time State hind connected probabiliiy of acquittal or hung jury Haywood by his own nets and de ¬ has been dispelled and the jury will clarations to use the language of OvvensLoro Ky July 2SCrazwdbyonly consider the extent of punishment the court with the murder of Frank rink Loan McDaniols a young man Steunenborg thats all ibom thirty years old shot and kill That was the verdict mid the how od his fathom this morning at his I find the why and house in this county His father Wil penalty as a fit ending to this third and after eighteen the wherefore of It ¬ months of Impris liana McDaniels sixty years of are trial of the man its officers have al ¬ onment closing with eleven nerve moiiHtrated with his son toe driv ¬ ways considered the leading spirit in racking wicks of legal inquisition ing a mull which was very tired The tie murder conspiracy Haywood walked out ¬ Judge Robbins surprised everybody room free lighthearted of the court win told his father he would kill him lightfooted if he spoke to him again Tho aged Wednesday mofning by announc ¬ with a bounding ¬ man made a remark of reproof to his heart lug that ho would decline to sit ous satisfaction in his tears of joy eyes and 11 fcon and the young Ulan pulled a re- ¬ Judge in the Pow ¬ laminating gladness as trial on his face it volver from his pocket and fired ers ease He ordered the fact certi ¬ meant to him victory not merely pei The bullet entered McDanlels lung fled to Governor Bockham who will sonal but In his view for organized and he died in a few hours The slayer represent- ¬ appoint another Attorneys labpr over the hated capitalist oppress me to Owensboro on the train and ing the defendant submitted aHBt of ors of scores of years Not only the surrendered to the Sheriff He was in thirty leading attorneys of the State manbut the cause has also triumphed a drunken stupor but hud Sense most of whom were Democrats any It was a stern heart that could not enough to realize that it would be saf ¬ of whom would be satisfacory toPow ¬ meet his in that exciting moment of or for him In jail than to remain at ers but attorneys representing the liberation and sympathize with the house prosecution rfeused to agree to any of emotion that filled him to the brim them Dr M H Du Bose Lectures It was after being out for twenty r Last Sunday was a day long to one hours that the jury which at ANOTHER VICTIM OF first had been divided S to 4 and then be remembered by the members of seemed deadlocked at 10 to 2 finally Hartford Epworth League and their NIGHT RIDERS came to an agreement shortly after Irlends The occasion was an address the first faint streaks of the coming or lecture by Dr H M Du Bose Ed- ¬ day showed gray above the giant hills itor of the Epwortli Era and General Burnett Humphreys Wheat Must which wall Boise to the north and Secretary of tlw League of Nashville snowbearded old TennThe Ruin Because Threshermen cast The wem services were held at the court bailiff who had ktpt an allnight vig- ¬ Warned not to Thresh Crop il before the door of time jury room house in order to give room for the was startled Into action by an Im ¬ large audience A large representa ¬ tion front the league at Beaver Dam Ky July 27Burn perative knock from within Hopkinsville was present by special Invitation The Events moved rapidly enough after Montgomery neighborhood in Trigg ¬ in Trigs this and when at last the participants musical program which was well renMontgoemry neighborhood In the trial had gathered in the court dered and enjoyed by everyone was county is the latest farmer In this section to fall under tho ban of the room at a few minutes before 8 oclock arranged by Miss Carrie Lewis Dr night riders Humphreys Is a poor the white envelope handed by tho foe Du Bose was introduced by Rev J man and had found It necessary to man to the judge was torn open and A Lewis und for more than an hour have his wife and children to work in the verdict read It camo as an elec- be held the close attention of the large the fields In order to quake a living tric thrill to the prisoner to his coun ¬ audience as he portrayed In beauti ¬ his principal crop this year consisted sel to the attorneys for the State ful and eloquent manner the objects of wheat and on this he expected to and to the small group of heavyeyed and alms of the Epworth League He time newspaper men and court officials also preached In the evening support his family during the year being tho trial and crucifixion Humphreys Yesterday made ar ¬ who had been summoned from beds theme rangements with James L Galneswho but lately sought or from offices whOle of Christ These who failed to hear operates a threshing machine In that sleepless waiting had marked time this charming sermon missed a rare treat The visit of Dr DuBose who to thresh his wheat nightThe neighborhood rumors which spread so rap- ¬ Is not only one of time greatest pulpit Gaines was pre ¬ This morning when paring to pull tho machine into Hum ¬ idly and frequently throughout the orators of the Southbut a man of phreys field he found a notice tack- ¬ night and which were as unreliable God who gets into close touch with ed on the machine warning him that as such rumors always are were gen- ¬ all whom he meets has been of vast If he threshed Humphreys crop not erally to the effect that a majority benefit to the local leagues and a only would his thresher and engine of tho jurors had voted for conviction blessing to Hartford We hope lie be blown up but that he would be Some were even so radical as to say can come to see us again soon liable to personal injury In cases that tho only difference of opinion ex ¬ Death of Mrs Maples of this kind there Is always the pos ¬ isting in the jury was as to the de ¬ gree of guilt The apprehension of Mrs Tom Naples died quite sud ¬ sibility of hlddpn danger by dynamite concealed in time wheat or in some disagreement spread even to mem ¬ then and unexpectedly at her home in Gaines declined to bers of the defendants counsel East Hartford at 915 oclock Monday other fashion crop and moved his ma ¬ and when to this feeling were ad ¬ night Mrs Maples had boon ill for thresh the ded the rumors of an adverse decis ¬ about three weeks of malaria fever chine to another farm Humphreys has spent all of today ion continually beat about their ears but her condition was not considered In an effort to secure some other durIng the night there could be found serious during the time and was thought to be Improving She called thresher operator to thresh his wheat their joy as the verdict was read Clarence Darrow of Chicago who for a drink of watts and her mother but he has failed and the wheat will had mad a plea describing the case a gave It to her When she lay back rot in the field Issue as a struggle of class against l trot a sitting position to which she JacksonRowe class who had defiantly told the jut was raised to receive the water she Mr J C Jackson and Miss Nettle rors that they were hostile to his gasped and died In a few minutes without uttering a word Rowe both young people of Center She Is survived by a husband and town were quietly married at the home of Rev L W Tichenor at had entered tho court room with the four small boys the youngest being Mrftanzas last Sunday night Only a mood of his speech still upon him not more than four or five years old few were present to witness the cere ¬ but as Haywood was freed and as the After funeral services conducted by mony which was solemnized by Rev jury was passing out ho vied with Rev Baker of Beaver Dam at Tichenor In labs usual pleasant but the other members Of counsel and Beulah church Beda Tuesday at 3 Mr Jackson Is with the prisoner himself In thank- oclock her remains were Interred In Impressive manner one of Ohio countys best teachers ing with many evidences of sincerity Beulah cemetery while the bride Is the popular milliner tho twelve citizens of Idaho who had For Sale for Rowe and Mortpn at Centortbyrn hoard the evidence and rendered1 theIr sow and six shoats Call on The many friends of thlspopular cou unalterable opinion Fine Inquiry among the jurors after their Dr Wm Forman Hartford Ky plo join in extending congratulations Time per Year 1 FRIDAY AUGUST 2 1907 ions from the first and I think that under the law and tho evidence there v as nothing else for UK to do The last fellow who lucid out against ac ¬ quittal belongs to the same fraternal released front Win organization that I do Then was Haywcod Secretary and Treasurer s me talk tf a compromise on a sec ¬ mud degree verdict btu we wouldnt and for thatIt either had to bo ac or I would have stayed thqff r vtr secre ¬ FOderaItlon 190P IY whichI vetII Laboli 10sIei IAt where tho Jury was confined and pre- ¬ sented them with a copy of time Couri ¬ erJournal then ajid now the leading Democratic paper of time Statewhleu contained the following article of tho previous days proceedings in the Subscription TO THE INTERESTS OF ALL TilE PEOPLE OF 01110 COUNTY DEVOTED I I Uqtnblican rZi t Switch passenger train between ir and Fords vllle tsar in a wreck while trying to niako a switch at Fordsvllle Thursday night of last week One car was also wreck dmmd Conductor 11 Tllford was Injurleil The line is a branch of the Header ¬ son route and makes connection with the IC at Fordsville The train had arrived at Fordnville and while trying to make a flying switch the line of cars humped into the unglue Injuring Tllford and de- ¬ stroyed time car The flying switch is considered ono of the boat dangerous features in railroading nIl a mo ¬ ments hesitation is liable to cause The vlncton troubleThe engine started down the truck had time ears attached Tllfonl on the first ear and at a signal to i ull the pin nUll let the engine ahead and take the switch and on to the spur track leading u the turn table The hrakeman was to throw the swltchlotting the cars pass and go on down the mule track Tu Lnglne was to lie turned on the turn ¬ table and get in front of the ears anti proceed hack to Irvlngtoti The conductor pulled the coupling pin but tho curs were going at aucii a mate of speed the switch couldnt h thrown In time and whey ran into tlv engine tearing up the car completely and wounding Tllford who had run to time middle of the car when he uaw it had failed to take the main track Til ford tens in juried about the head and shoulders and it is thought toot internal injuries will develop The car was demolished but the engine timid tender were not in juried to any and was was run puss extent Land for Sale Iiflyfour acres good farming land for sale one milt front Hartford on pike Will go fit a burgnii F M WESTERFIELD > r ARG1S AT LAST QUITS- DEMOCRATIC COM Says he has Been Vindicated and Desires to Retire to Private Life Newspapers Scored Frankfort Ky July 30 Prewwd a majority of the Democratic newspapers of the State Jamea liar gia member of the Democratic State Central Committee from the Tenth Congressional district has at haft 11 rigned hits position fn a letter ad ¬ dressed to Chairman McQuown from by Owenboro Inquirer FOR THE BUSY READER An enemy of George Astrlke a farmer near Jasper Ind placed a screw driver in a bundle of wheat and when it passed through the separator the machine was wrecked it is said that labor mutt throughout the county since the acquittal of Haywood at Boise have become more incensed than ever against President Roosevelt for his undesirable citizens letter A baggageman in the union depot in St Louis gave a trunk its usual thing It was full of dynamite and the handler and another man woo se- ¬ riously In juried in tho explosion which followed The unknown man recently arrest ¬ at Paris has been Identified as Xewton Mirlcle who shot and fatally wounded his wife at Middlesboro Jli rlcle was talOn Into custody because of his queer actions i Lexington today For over a year the newspapers and prominent members of the party have been demanding that Margie re- ¬ sign However the resignation of Hargta came as a surprise hero as ho attend ¬ ed the meeting of the committee to ¬ day for tho flat time in a great while and while hero gave no Intimation that such action was contemplated Hargls left Frankfort for his home in Brcathitt county tonight and while in Lexington addressed the letter of resignation In which he says that since his character has been vindi ¬ cated by an acquittal of all the crim ¬ inal charges against him he feels that he can resign with credit to himself and to the party Hargis says that during his service of nine years on tin committee no objection has been raised by any Democrat who has never bolted ed IfI j Sentence against Company for violating the interstate commerce law by using illegal rail road rates will bo pronounced in t hII United States District Court at Chlc a- ¬ go Saturday by Judge Landis Tallow Dick lien Combs who has an important witness for the common ¬ wealth In the cases growing out of tho killing of Goebel was killed by a train near Georgetown Wednesday S funeral of the lato United States Senator Edmund W Pettus took place at Selma Ala from his resi ¬ dence Interment was in Live Oak cemetery where less than two months ago his late colleague Senator John The T Morgan was laid to rest Its a Womans Own Fault Not her misfortune if the continues to suffer in ilence with anyof the ailments peculiar to women when II The United States Government began suit against the socalled Powder Trust l In the United States Circuit Court at j Washington D C The Government asks that tho Du Pont Company of Delaware be restrained from exercis ¬ ing control over tho subsidiary com ¬ panies S The bill making the entire State of Georgia prohibition was passed by the House Wednesday with two slight amendments which will bo concurred in by the Senate and tho Governor Is certain io sign the measure when It reaches him Tho new bill is drastic In its regulations and prohibits the sale of liquor In tho State Wivo Outof Business For about slit i months Mr B J > r LESPERANCE Prompt y relieves sad permanently ewes ¬ womanly till incident to Puberty hood and Change of Life no matter of how long standing Rexall Leiperance general tonic for Ia dimmers strengthening and correcting It re- ¬ of the uterus and pelvic organs moves the nervous and hysterics eymp beginning of pregnancy and tomsif in young women the When taken dormg pregnancy It his without labor undergo WUIIltll unnecessary pain and exhaustion It Is purely vtgetable iir composition contains no trace of any narcotic drug or dangerous chemical run any otter mgrc dleut to induce a drug hati Full treatment for 9100 i- James The it J Williams tegaff Store F 8rix r r < > I r t < Yr r I r t y n 10

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