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Image 7 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 4, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

I'OTh JEFFEnCCIXIAN. .TiITKuSO. VJto Liza's Vctc3 , 'suburban quick iasurence sarvic. St luot To i f to fcuy or sell ot call JEFFETOII COUIITY) AIZirTUCm D:y3 Univercity cf Kcntucliy Honorary ..v,,,.,.,-- , LI3TKGS VATTTED - ( Ilcch!:::t3 ! lnnew places -l- at ! CHARLES V. BARNES ti. REALTOR 3303 rranklort Bank Bid tfalAews National IN ST. MATTHEWS J5 TEARS TA. 8564 Phonest TA. 2621 TA. 1914 Farm Bureau Insurance At ) V ... ! m. j i 1 A iteclDtenU of the Doctor of Laws honorary degree - LIFE BLUE CROSS AUTO Sht: 1' ! : Route 6. Louisville. Ky. : . . ; ed Mrs. Robert Covington to see Jimmie Sunday afternoon were Oak Grove News By Mr. M. B. Graham. Memorial Services will be held at Fair Mount Cemetery next Sunday afternoon, June 6, at 2 o'clock. Bro. John S. Tyler, minister at Oak Grove Church, will be guest speaker. You are invited to bring your lunch after church services elsewhere and have a time. All who good are interested are urged to be AT PETERSON'S YOU CAN BUY ON THE INSTALLMENT PLAN I $159.50 DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGE (Completely Installed With One Tank of Cat) $5.60 lo $10.65 CROQUET SETS er Sets) WHITE MOUNTAIN AND ALASKA $8.70 to $18.60 Sizes) (3, 4. 6 and ICE CREAM FREEZERS OIL COOK STOVES NEW PERFECTION E m I - Peterson Hardware Phone: Anchorage BE H Middleiown S : 201 Kentucky : ON OLD HIGHWAY 60 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone: Fern Creek 206 : : Route No. 2, Buechel. Ky. At Ashville Bardslown Road HERE ARE JUST A FEW ITEMS AT OUR STORE MONEY-SAVIN- G MEATS PORK SAUSAGE HAMBURGER Fresh Ground Fresh Pound 51c Pound LIVER 49c PORK PIGGIES Baby Beef 55c V, Lb. Pkg COUNTRY SAUSAGE SMOKED 29c JOWL BACON 59c Pound Pound i present. We are glad to report Jimmie Covington still on the mend, and wants his friends to know he received 40 get well cards (maybe more since last report), which have been a source of pleasure to the little fellow. "Gran" (Mrs. Tom Parris) must read them to him each day. Mrs. Charlie Parris continues I quite ill with high blood pressure. I She has been in bed for two weeks and her doctor advises her to stay there at least another week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kaufman and Irene called to see her Friday. Mrs. Belle Parris came home with them for an indefinite visit. Mr. Fred Kuntz was supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Gra ham, Wednesday. j Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Kuntz and guests children were week-en- d of his father, Mr. Fred Kuntz.'; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuntz and baby with their guest, Miss Pat Ellis of Leitchficld, joined them Sunday for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vittitow have a new grandson born to the wife of Mr. W. Hardesty, Taylors-- . ville. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hays and children, Dr. and Mrs. King of Louisville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Graham Sunrlawl afternoon. Mrs. Chester Williams is slowly improving after her operation. We do hope she will soon be well. Belle Parris and Tena Thixton were dinner guests Thursday of Mrs. Pallie Burns. Mr. and Mrs. William Parris. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Brown of Texas are due to arrive in Louisville todiiy (Monday) for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Parris. ' We Fisher's Pound extend deepest sympathy to ail tnose bereaved by the passing of Mi-- Thurston Long of Mt. Washington. Cullers in the home of Mr. and 33c Pound FRUIT COCKTAIL PEANUT BUTTER 59c No. 2V4 Can 41c 2 Pound Jar f MlrfcTiai Ska IUNE FRL AND BAT. (Saturday Continuous CIGARETTES "THE PRINCE OF THIEVES" (IN CINECOLOE) George Raft, June Havoc "INTRIGUE" JUNE -- 7SUN. MON. Tt'EB. (Sunday Continual! 1:M to 11 P.M.) Jeanett MacDonald Jane Powell "THREE DARING DAUGHTERS" Michael Duane, Lenor Aubert "RETURN OF THE WHISTLER" easy on the back easy on the pockettoci i'l Paulette Goddard Michael Wilding "AN IDEAL HUSBAND" FROSTY MIX Northern or Pinto Ice Cream Powder Hillary Brook, John Emery "LETS LIVE AGAIN" 29c 25c 3 Packages POTATO SALAD LIPTON'S TEA Lady Betty 55c Package Lb. 19c 16 oz. Jar 29c Lb. Package I Plain 25 Pounds SNOWFLAKE Self-risin- $1.70 25 Pounds low-co- ot back-breaki- FLOUR SNOWFLAKE itr-tim- e. g $1.75 We Have a Complete Line of Garden Fresfc Vegetables and Fruits in Our Produce Department $157.00 MIDDLETOWN FURNITURE STORE Phone: Anchorage 444 MIDDLETOWN, KENTUCKY 13 Everyone Welcome Rav. William Martin, pastor, will do the preaching . , . Services 8 O'clock Each Evening Jamas Haskins will be song leader. BILL CARRICO HAL HARDESTY ANNOUNCE OPENING OF BILL'S SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE FORMERLY MARTIN'S GULF STATION JEFFERSONTOWN KENTUCKY : : REPAIR WORK OF ALL KINDS YEARS EXPERIENCE IN GARAGE BUSINESS 31 Electric and Aceylelene Welding Distributor Gardenaid Tractors and Equipment AND RACK TRAILERS OTHERS MADE TO ORDER LUGGAGE m i t- - tt - ...u..i...i The Buechel Womans Club held their reeular monthly meeting in the Presbyterian Church Thursday morning, May 2 0. Thirty-eimembers were present. The business session in cluded reports from the various A nice sum was committees. realized fmm the rummage sale Mrs. R. G. White, chairman of the American Cancer Control for the Buechel area reported the drive was verv successful. Chnirmnn of the various departments were appointed for the com in 2 vpar. Mrs. W. Leatherman, legisla ture chairman, with the cooperation of the seventh and eighth rraHe puoils of Hikes Graded School presented awards to Caro line Wright and Betty Wherley for two best themes Citizen ship." After a delirious noon luncheon Mrs. L. Deibel had charge of the program. Instructive and entertaining movie pictures "A Trip o the Viking Lands' were shown by the Eastern Air Lines. A fish fry was given at the home of C. L. Moore on Buechel Bank Lane Saturday, May 15 the proceeds to finance the senior triD to Annville, Ky., for the State C. E. Convention. A group of young people attended the convention which was held May 29 to 31. Miss Florence Etta Wright is a member of the State Council. Rev. William Laws, Jr., attended a meeting of the Assembly's Committee on Evangelism in Atlanta, Ga., May 26 and 27. He will go to Henderson, N. C. June 4 and preach the baccalaureate sermon at the High School of which he was a former graduate. Dr. W. A. Benfield of Presbyterian Seminary will be the guest speaker at the Presbyterian Church Sunday morning, June 6. Mr. Harold Smyser will have charge of the evening service. Mrs. Norbert Schmidt was hostess to her circle members Tues day afternoon, May 11 at her home on Six Mile Lane. Nine present. The Bible Study was Riven by Mrs. W. R. Hoke and the survey article by Mrs. Charles refresh-member- s Richlman. Delicious and one visitor were meeting. ments were enjoyed after the meeting. Frances Weigel made her first communion Sunday May 16 at St. Bartholomew's Church. She was given a surprise dinner at f j ADULTS 27c PLUS TAX SI N. MON. TIES. JUNE Freddie Stewart June Preisser "VACATION DAYS" JUNE Gary Cooper S Walter Brennan "THE WESTERNER" Tha Bowery Boys "MR. HEX" v CARTOON CIRCUS ALSO REGULAR FEATURES JUNE -s Hedy Lamarr Louis Hayward George Sanders "THE STRANGE WOMAN" Henry Fonda Ann Drorak "THE LONG NIGHT" wed. THuas. ru "CARNEIGIE "FABULOUS JUNE HALL" JOE" I i mm zte and i A v. I . Tk. j h Ccr C:curs.. wmm ; ....... 'ft ' .y . , aoMaaMSoaS' riiiMinrtu . VoW HI IHaiiini i.n nir i : V iVaiiYfftsVihiMiHfinini III! ifcuiiuY iUm, '" - m ihimq-- k What a bargainl And the average family in the Louisville area today gets twice as much electric service for Its money as it got only 15 years ago. Listen to the Bummer Electric Hour a I v j.i v7c?c!j : , siilWlij!:! J - - ' ' ' - mW'tJX. vo ccn ' f '- I (. . iV""S ! ? J . J L s ) vice-preside- nt MATINEE ONLY SUN. MON. TUES. 1 H r ' "- --" ; i - y ht PRECISION BSRLT CARD EM TRACTC8 so-o- -o JUIlt CEDAR CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH Fork By Mrs. W. R. Hoke. A (TV easy CTrttlnir Is Wl2 th CHOREMASTER Power Tractor, you'll find Horn and the kids tghtlng for a turn. Powered with a 1 HP motor and balaaoed on an easy riding pneumatlo tire, tbe CHORKMASTER cuts regular lawns in minutes flat . . , Urge lawns a Ant with attachments, this wonderful new machine will cultivate, disc, seed, cut weeds, blow snow, traudote and do a bun dred Other jobs. Manufactured bjr the Special Product birislos, Lodge A Shipley Co., precision machine builders. Come n or coil u (or a demonstration of the teaaaUonal new CHOREMASTKB. Ernspiker and family and others. STARTS SUNDAY, REVIVAL er Buechel News (IN TECHNICOLOR) 15c DRIED BEANS ary. Dr. F. H. Riesters were guests Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooper of Dr. F. M. Kearns and family at 6 and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooper 22. o'clock dinner Saturday, May at Wyandotte spent the week-enMrs. Eurith Pounds, Billy and Cave, Ind. Eurith Harris spent last weekThe following boys and eirls end with Mrs. Mary Downes, Jefattended a birthday party last fersontown. Mr. Walter Harris and family given in Thursday afternoon honor of the fifth birthday of attended a family reunion May 23 Charlie Davis; Linda Kay Shel- - at the home of his mother in Mt Washington. burne, Rosalyn Potts, Carole were present to Twenty relatives enjoy the day. Osborne. Chambers. Marearet Dr. F. H. Riester and Mrs. Ries-tCollis Ormsby, Wanda Burgin, j spent the week end with his Mickev Oeborn. Johnny Bishop, brother in Salem, Ind. The Dorcas Class of Baptist Jackee Quick. Marsha Floore. Buddy Banholzer, Robby Slane, Church met at the home of Mrs. Sara Jane Herr and Judy Ann J. Baumgart Thursday. Spencer. Mrr and Mrs. D. S. Nantz and son. David, Jr., and daughter, Lois, Knobs of Niagara Falls, N.Y., Rev. M. By Mrs. Ida Carrilhera. May and family of B. Mav. Mrs. Miss Anna Lois Fisher and Mr. Mt. Washington and Miss May Buchanan were 6 o clock dinner John Lose were married in Saturday night, May guests Mondav of Mrs. L. K. May. 29. Congratulations and our best The W. S.C. S. of the Metho wishes for a long and happy life dist Church will meet at 1:30 together. This happy young Wednesday afternoon, June 9 at couple will go on a honeymoon the church. for about two weeks before Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith settling down at home. The writer had a bad sick spell of Crescent Hill were entertained at dinner Sunday evening in the Friday night Those who have home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert called to see her were Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Carrithers, Miss Alma Boston. and Billy Miss Mary Mason Nantz spent Thornberry,Carrithers, Bro. J. E. Mrs. week-en- d grand Misses Gertrude and Will Gentry, with her the Ruth Thorn-berrmother. Mrs. L. K. May. She reand George Ann Speer, turned Mondav to Ohio Wesleyan Miss Martha Fisher, Mrs. Fred University, where she concludes Stout, Mrs. Lee Moffett, Mr. and her third year of college work Mrs. Clyde Eldridge, Mr. and Mrs.' this week. Frank Smith and daughter-in-laNineteen boy scouts of Troup and grandson, Mrs. Lois Perrelle, spent the Mr. and Mrs. John Moore, Mr. 75 of Jeffersontown week-en- d at Boy Scout Camp at and Mrs. Kenneth Ernspiker, Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Marrango and Covered Bridge near Prospect. Miss Helen Jackson. They were accompanied by their Mr. and Mrs. James Puckett and scoutmaster, Charles Donaldson family moved to Taylorsville, last and cub scout leader, William week. We are sorry to have them move away, but feel sure we will Giffin. eighth grade and like the new neighbors. The local Mr. Fred Stout is freshman class were entertained better at this writing. somewhat with a party pivpn bv Charlotte Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Marango Martin at her home Monday eve- and Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marning. ango and Bobby and Mrs. Ida Mr. and Mrs. Edward HodaDp and little dauehter of Lawndale. mt-m Calif, are visitin" in the home of hpr father, Mr. R. J. Rurknegel. Mr. HoHann will return h"mp to . HodaDi his work Friday hit s i and baby will remain for several ' i"weeks. son called to see the writer Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Carritheri entertained Sunday, Bro. Horton and his mother, Mr. and Mrs. Roy M-s- JUNE WED. AND THL'BS. SATURDAY ONLY Y2 Va 1 CORN SOYA $1.55 8 oz. Package 2 Pound 4-- t:U to tl r.M.) Jon Hall. Patricia Morison Kplloo's All Popular Brands Per Carton S-- m0 "TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE" OUR OWN BRAND 39c $1.15 Carrithers were guests at six o'clock dinner Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Brown. Mrs. Gene Ray Brown and the two little boys and the newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Fulker- - her home by 17 friends and relatives from Louisville, Valley Station and Miami, Florida. The center piece on the table was a lovely white cake decorated with red roses, a prayer book and ros- y, HUMPHREY BOGART WALTER HUSTON TIM HOLT BRUCE BENNETT Pound Bag 3 Pound Bag 48c Tinor Glass Mr. and Mrs. Morris Hatfield and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Tyler and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. John Wonders, Bro. Walter Barron and Mrs. Barron, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruter, Mrs. Lucy Miles, Mrs. Mildred Wise and Mr. Orville Miles. We are mighty glad to report Miss Pearl Fisher at home convalescing after a very serious operation. Mrs. John Wise, Messrs. Billy Pawson and Orville Miles were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parris. Mr. Tom Parris, who is laid up with sciatica, spent his birthday vesterday, May 31, in bed grunting and groaning. Dr. Bates is due to come today (Tuesday) to give him another shot. . COFFEE DEL MONTE lwZZuKe ISS; ttee Wiley B. RjrUedw eninencment menta; Don Whitehead. Associated and Hal Price Headier. Fayette County horse breeder and phllantnroplst. at tha University ot lett to B7prcLare. Jus- Court d Jury notables which Included Paul Whiteman, Guy Klbbee, James Roche, George Slockbower and Bill Stern unanimously approved the Henry Roaenfeld dress of combed cotton ahown a bore aa pictured in the June issue of Cosmopolitan maf azine at a recent Cosmopolitan Male-TestFashion Show at the Stork Club In New York. Their approral waa based on the color, design, and material of the dress. SEHIIIIIlIIIIIIlIIIlIIlIllIIIllIIIIIlIIHIIIIIIIIllIIllIIlIllM"lllIIIllllua (4 6 and -- 25" J. LLOYD PHONEj HIGHLAND 5838 Melbourne Law Judge sirt oca 2 ROSEIIBERGER & SOU JACOB E. 'PjJS'. - FRANKIE CASUS AND HIS ORCHESTRA, Sundayo, 4 JO P. M WHAS LOUISVILLE GAG AMD ELECTRIC COMtAHV

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