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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), June 4, 1948

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

l:;cd aa accent! THE OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY -- "THE CIXY COUNTY WIDE ICUTSID" LOUISV'LLE) r . i NEWSPAPER . i:zz ItlZlZZ tout cli s j Tie addreasoCso rou won't t peytr. single copy of LZ-T- T J-- "" J. Ji? 11 .. 3 1 ESTABLISHED JUNE 1207 ."wL JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1948 42 No. 3 SIIOKE Valley Station flews By Mrs. F. B. Smith r nniGS Greenwood School had 33 to finish the grades this year and a nice program was arranged at the school Friday morning at 9:30. The platform was prettily decorCierllefeirinar ated with roses, columbine and other flowers. Mr. Williams, one of the teachers, introduced the speaker, Rev. R. F. Doll, to the graduates and the class sang "Ah, Smoke Rineer's compliments Lovely Meadows". Some of the to that up and coming teen age teachers delivered the certificates quartette composed of Co rw in to the graduates. I locket t and his buddies. The P.T.A. entertained the This quartette is rapidly gain-- n class, parents and teachers aftering prominence all over the city ward with a reception. Church attendance was good and county. At their last appearance before the Business Wo- as usual Sunday at Beechland, men's Club at the Seelbach they but the Sunday School attendance fell literally "Slew the ladies dead." holiday. down some due to the A salute to Richard Van Hoose Mrs. S. S. Foss is still faithful who takes over his duties as cur- in teaching her class of adults at riculum director of the Jefferson Beechland, although no better County Board of Education on apparently. June 22nd. Glad to report Mrs. Nannie Memorial Day celebrations at Wilkerson of Shively considerhigh-lightby a pre- ably improved Valley was and able to be up to quite a sentation of a chaise-loung- e bit Valley principal as a the former Mr. and Mrs. going-awa- v present from the Louisville are the Paul Miller of happy parents Valley P.-A. of a fine 9Vz pound son that came This came on the heels of a to join the family circle Saturgift to Van Hoose by the student day at 12:15 noon at SS Mary body of Valley this was a Conand Elizabeth Hospital. tiful Benrus wrist watch. gratulations are extended the Out in Fairdale things are at a parents, also to Mr. and Mrs. high peak of interest at the play Harry L. Smith, maternal grandfield. Tennis courts are being parents, and to Mrs. Nathan built as an added improvement Miller, paternal grandmother. to begin the summer program. Little Miss Butty Lou and Best information reaching Wanda Lee Miller spent the Smoke Ringer is to the effect that week end holidays at the home Nelson Hornback, president of the of their grandparents, Mr. and Fairdale Community Club, is Mrs. H. L. Smith, Greenwood ready to submit his plans for the Road. new recreation building to the Jefferson County Playground and entertained the class of graduRecreation Board for approval. ates of Greenwood School at their Been out to U. B. Seller's home, Cane Run and Greenwood rtompin' grounds lately Go on Road, Tuesday. out and see what U. B. and his Ted Heineken of New Albany, Okolona Recreation Committee nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Henry with the help of the Huflage, are doing also Mr. and Mrs. Edwin county recreation board. Huflage of Louisville, were guests A beautifully remodelled play- Saturday evening at the home of ground is being effected where Mr. and Mrs. Henry Huflage you can bring your family for and daughter, .where Mrs. Fred picnics and outings Boehne and daughter, Miss Meta, Out-doo- re fireplaces, horse shoe also an aunt, Miss Anna Heldt of pits, a fishing spot and every- Evansville, were there spending thing you and your friends will the week end. Mrs. D. Huflage, enjoy are being placed there a Carl and Anna Huflage were ding job by your ner guests with them Sunday. $4,000 Jefferson County Playground and The folks from Evansville went Recreation Board. home Monday. Ole Smokie hears that Sick Rev." George Leathers and Oberlin of Oberlin's Observations family of Illinois, former pastor honored by has been singularly Beechland, visited among receiving a national award for at expert and efficient news report- some of the members over the week-enThey were overnight ing. guests Sunday and 6pent the day Take this from Smoke Ringer straight if you haven't been Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry tuning Dick in at 7:30 A.M. over Raggard and family. They came W H A S then you've missed to attend graduation of their son, where George at Georgetown starting the day off right. personable fel- they remained overnight MonThis handsome low, a winner of Smokie's honor day. Tuesday they came to the pipe many weeks ago, is going home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter who never Wiser and mother, Mrs. Lawrence places a live-wimisses a trick in news coverage, Wiser, where they spent the day Dickie Oberlin, with a tremend- and were overnight guests, leavfor ous listening audience over Ken- ing Wedensday morning tucky already, is picking up hun- home. Quite a number of friends visited them in both homes. dreds more every day. There's a reason for this first (Delayed) he's "on the ball"; next, he has vacation Bible A the courage to stand on his convictions of what's right and last school at Beechland will start he gives you something different Monday, June 7 at 9:30 a.m. and and a whale of a lot more inter- continue until 11 a.m. each day. esting than you get from most The Juniors will be divided in two classes, the smaller 6ize in announcers. One thing ole Smokie can tell the basement and the young ya truthfully every teen ager in people in the annex. The school Jefferson County is Dick's friend bus will be on hand for transand he's for the kids you're a portation. There will be plenty of teachers for all classes. lucky gal, Mrs. Oberlin. A little over 300 attended SunRosenberger gets a Addie "Plug" this week for being the day School Sunday. Mr. James G. Probst, of Valley in the county best laugh-gette- r baker north Station, who passed away at 1:15 the best dough-nline Mrs. p.m. Sunday, May 23, in his 69th of the Mason-Dixo- n Addie is the "Life of the Party." year, is survived by his wife, Another chap, Bill Kroeckel, Mrs. Luella Probst (nee Vernon), deserves something for his track daughters, Mrs. Harlan Thompability already flirting with that son, and Miss Betty Lou Probst; ripe old age of forty Bill was sons, Walter and Elmer Probst, seen working out on the Dixie step children, Miss Christina and Monday paced by Max Sander's Shuford, Emmett and Arthell car maybe he's training for the George; a brother, Robert Probst He also leaves seven grandchilOlympics. Wish there was more tobaccer dren and two great grandchildren. Funeral service was held Wedin the ole briar but there ain't So look up your playground su- nesday, May 26, at 9 a.m.. at St. Paul's Catholic Church, Pleasure pervisor, he'll tell ya more. ed - AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER face-liftin- Ridge Park. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Bennett and son, David, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Smith took lunch, spent the afternoon and had supper e, Sunday at Lincoln Farm, Ky. Mrs. Chester Swearingen, accompanied by her dinner guest, Mrs. Lanson BeahL, and also Mrs. Charlie McGloshen, drove to Elizabeth, Ind., Sunday and 6pent the afternoon with Mrs. L. Wayne. Mrs. Wra. T. Craig and daughter entertained at dinner Monday evening Mrs. Marguerite Wilson, formerly of Fern Creek now of Tennessee, who is here visiting By Mrs. Joe Baetr Hodg-ensvill- relatives. r ... '' ly"i-V( r i '" - k d 40 YEARS AGO ., Misses Julia Hunsinger and Lula Driscoe, senior members of the Gills' High School, Buechei, took part in the play, "Sylvia," given at the Masonic Theater, Louisville, Friday night. . . The Preston Street road was being repaired from Prestonia to Louisville. . . "Favorite Mothers of the Bible," was the topic of at the Union prayer meeting, Wednesday evening at the Jeffersontown Methodist Church. J. O. Nutter was to be leader. . . The Prestonia School, District 36, taught by Miss Ella Yeager, will close June 5, 1908, "with appropriate exercises." The Jeffersonian office force was treated to a big basket cf strawberries brought in by Mr. J. T. Gunn. Some of the berries were as large as a hen egg all of prime variety. House ball The Eight-Milteam defeated the Ben Poll team 8 to 3 at Martin Ochsner's ball grounds Sunday. . . L. L. Dorsey, enclosing a check for advertising in The Jeffersonian, wrote in a letter, "It has paid me well. We have long needed a weekly paper in the county and it should beJ appreciated. ' Many sidewalk contracts were being awarded and new sidewalks were being constructed in Jeffersontown, as per the town board' request . . Dr. Chas. L Groves, coroner of Jefferson County, has toe rn e - Vi fX Jr v,. ) .ft ...?. jc There it do doubt about bead It, then a oaan takes It Into ber going to fight for ber boae to have a rough grind. mi front sidewalk, ber opponenta la bole excavated by a telephone Here, in Altadena, Calif., in coapany, stands Mrs. Rose Crock, stern and unyielding. She didn't ant anybody planting telephone poles in front of her boose. Other Altadena bouseilTes Joined the protest and clalned that the poles would depreciate property values by at least PQfALE OP THE SPECIES AND ALL THAT.. $L000 a boae. Shepherdsville Rd. By Mary Owen FUher had us nu'.'sts recently Mr. and T.n;mv and Maikwell jMrs. daughter of Carrolton and Mr. ana wi s. vwJiium Lee. s. Hullie Gentry submitted to an operatiun last week at the Baptist hospital. Mrs. Mary Holloway visited Mrs. Clarence Omer at the Baplast week. tist i T J we. art giaa io repun HIT mis. Mae Uwens wno has been taking a rest cure for T.B. since last August very much improved. She has gained weight, is able to walk up to the mail box and go for T 1. A 1 drives. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harris have moved from Mt Washington to the home of her mother, Mrs. Sarah Price Moore. Mrs. Russell Hall had a birthday last'Sunday, but her family gave her a surprise on Friday; bringing a nice lunch, and lovely gifts. The following made for her a very pleasant day: Mesdames Mayme Harris, Earl Potts, Ar- liut-pita- Clark News By Mrs. J. A. Lashbrook (Too late for last week) Mr. and Mi s. C. B. Graham and daughter, Miss Virginia' had for their guest May 23, Bro. J. A. Cuny and Mrs. Curry and their daughter, Nancy of Louisville, thur Staten and Master Arthur country Staten, Jr., of Louisville; Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Yager and purchased the attractive son, Norman and Mr. and Mrs. home "Kenilworth", Wylmer Jones, Mrs. Norval Shermile from the Louisville city man and Lana Sherman of Bards- Gene Yager. Mr. and Mrs. E. C Lashbrook limits, on the Bardstown road. town; Mrs. Vernon Motherhead, one-quart- er The price paid was supposed to be close to $10,000. The property had belonged to a realty company and the sale was made through Joseph Hieatt, the real estate man. . . Misses Olivia and Louise Owings entertained at the country home of their father, L. C. Owings, near Jeffersontown, Saturday evening in honor of Miss Beatrice Shaw of Augusta, Me., and Addie Sheffer of Louisville. Mrs. E. R. Sprowl helped to make Miss Sherry Motherhead, and Miss Charlotte Wade Miss Wilhelmania Mueller and other friends from Louisville were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Klotz. Mr. and Mrs. Burr Gentry entertained with an ice cream supper Sunday for Mrs. Gentry's two nieces, Mrs. Marvin Carey and Mrs. Claud Alcorn, with their ks ut white-haire- n Interest Brent-linge- ar-r- ea tt oon-ttl- - se re rrj n Km - suf- fering with inward broken veri-coveins and is confined to her bed. We hope she may soon husbands and children. Mesdames Ann Bohlin and the evening all the more pleasant Mary Fisher were luncheon fruit punch- guests Tuesday of Mrs. Herman Presiding over the bowl. . . W. V. Hall, remodeling Schweckendieck. his residence in Jeffersontown, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher and at the same time is having were all day guests Thursday in torn down the oldest house in the the home of Mrs. Smith Terry on community a log house, said to Seatonsville Road. They quilted be more than 300 years old. It until they learned of the sudden was once used as a school. L. B. death of a neighbor, Mr. E. C. Proctor, 80, one of the county's Mclntyre, when they called in most prominent citizens, died of that home. pneumonia at his home near Mrs. Ann Bohlin of Louisville Beard's Station, May 20, 1908. He was house guest of .Mrs. Erwin was born and reared in this coun- Klotz part of last week. ty and amassed a fortune. He was Little Miss Mary Louise Cox is a brother of Ben Proctor of Jef- visiting her aunt, Mrs. John Wilfersontown. . . liam Moore while her mother, Elvira Sydor Miller contributed Mrs. Herbert Cox is recuperating a bright column in this issue of from an operation. The Jeffersonian, forty years ago, Master Don Hill Proctor is under the heading of "The Tat- planning to start taking music tler". If you want to 6ee "old lessons on the cornet from Mrs. fashioned flowers in all their H. C. McGee at Mt Washington. glory, come out to JeffersonMr. J. R. Taylor was in Louistown," she writes. "All along the ville Friday to see his physician, way they grow, and as you look Dr. Petty. from the car windows you can Mrs. Harvey Hubbard and litfancy yourself back in the quaint tle girl, Brenda are ill with colds. gardens of other days where grandmothers gathd ered the roses for their big China Brenflinger Lane rose jars, said jars being covered By Mrs. J. D. Holloway with huge gilded dragons and imMr. and Mrs. H. EL Thacker possible birds and flowers from had as their guests Sunday Mr. the East. It's a good thing to take a day and Mrs. John Stevens and Rev off, and go to the country just erend and Mrs. Philip J. Born- as you would go to church. . . For wasser. Mrs. J. D. Holloway entertain all about Jeffersontown is the poet's country, where you are ed Tuesday evening for 6 o'clock never asked to pay taxes upon diner Reverend and Mr.s Lloyd your dreams, where the loves of L. Roach. Mrs. Elizabeth Haae old smile on you from the flowers, and daughter, Carolyn Sue. and memory, like an angel, takes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hrubik had you by the hand, leads you softly as their guests Saturday for dinin the Gardens of Long Ago and ner Mr. and Mrs. Bill Siequist, says, "Come, walk with me'." Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robertson, Mr. Then, in another mood, Elvira Charles Robertson and Mrs. Mary contributes, Holloway. She wasn't fair, she wasn't gay, Mr. Charles Robertson has re great research, She claimed no turned home from Harvard col- And yet she turned all heads, lege. they say, Our deepest sympathy is exWhen she came late to church" tended to the family of Mrs. EL C. Mclntire in the sudden death of her husband. In Your Mrs. Mary Holloway and Carolyn Sue Haag spent Thursday JOHN GUNTHER, stoted with Mrs. Holloway's sister, Mrs. author r the book, "be- Steve Hrubik. side C. 8. A." r Several children from across A traveler Lane started to Bible America cannot helo but be impressed with its greatness. A School Monday morning. Mrs. J. D. Holloway had as her country becomes great through the fZ3 KA:ZS .Picrrrr.i . . To aaa vita the aottl cf a pioneer hard work and thriruness of its citi- guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Fred there is cnly on thing to do pioneer. Kear Pasoo, lash., way for zens. I know of no better Embry and Mr. Cyril Schmitt,1 Clifford and his lfe. Audrey, vie their spacious, albeit the encouragement of thrift than to Elizabeth and Carolyn Sue. ?tr, fields, as the bureau reclamation bepan operating the by suggest continued investment plant f u pingThtj areto bring the Cliffords tbelr first Irrigation rs everyone in U. S. Savings Bonds, Mrs. Henry Sewell entertained the first aettlera on the Pasco unit which trter. her mother, Mrs. L D. Gellhaus wkech. after all, aepresent the 84 fstlly-sit- e feras and Is the first privately owned greatness f our country." recently. It-- i im the entire lllloa.acra project to be opened for S. Tfatty DtfrtmnU V. Mr. and Mrs. Lee llarkwell two-wee- The Daily Vacation Bible School will start June 1 and continue through two weeks at the High View Church of Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hermanson, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Coins, Mrs.j Edith Roby and Mr. John Clarx: were after church dinner guests! of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roby, Sr. In the afternoon they all visited the cemeteries for memorial serv- - t ices, some going to Penn Run and others to Mt Washington Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boehler, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boston and Billy Ray, Garnett and Carolyn Baete, spent an enjoyable time last Sunday at a camp on Salt River. j y7v Mr. William Yocom has been feeling real poorly lately. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wright with and son spent the week-enher parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. . Sherlock of Helck Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright Ufk. , ' i Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wright and i Ronnie, Mr. and Mrs. William Downing motored to Indiana Sunday, May 23 and called on the Carl Hermanson's and Mrs. Edith Roby. The home of Mr. Roy Roby, j Mel kotTArsltn A II0US8 IN THE TOP OP A Jr. on Fegenbush Lane is going I GIVE HIV Orange, N.J., who likes TREE...A the race oflea (Inset) aeo go by to eat Vest along nicely. They are very anx- - j of froa bis treetop residence, says: 'It's hose to ae sod I Ilk fight any eviction to the highest court, if neceslous for its completion. affair 100 feet ahove the ground sary.' He built the one-roFolk,' don't forget the fish fry 16 years ato as a 'protest against civilization.' Oraer of the at High View School, June 5. property on which the tree stands now wants to use the sits for Everybody come. aust go. an anusesent park and be says the tr-sWell, strawberry time is about I over and I'm not sorry. Sehoiffel. Kdith Dietrich, Elsie I was very sorry to hear about Springdale News Kate Stutzenberger. little Jimmy Covincton having to Tin copal Church which is By Mrs. Annie Hahn be operated on for appendicitis.! ii i;i(j built on Highway 42 and Fur the ;.nnual birthday party Barbour Lane is uoir.g up at a but hope that he is doing nicely of the Ladies Auxiliary rapid rate. by this time. Services are being Mr. and Mrs. Mike Murphy motoi id to the home of Misses heid in part; of the unday e and some other friends of Louis-- ! Louise Newton and Georgia School building. ler near Sellerfburg. Ind., Thurs-Mrstopped in to see Mr. and Mrs. William Herdt is at the mem-e- d William Downing who start- - day, May 20. Twenty-tw- o opbers enjoyed the day. Mrs. Bay-the- Baptist Hospital having an today (Monday) to remodel eration performed. home. Mr. Joe Baete and ' less Brenner, vice president called Master Philip Curd has ben Mr. Rodgers are helping them. the meeting to order; Mrs. Albert at Baptist Hospital for treatment pave an interesting acKlein count of the Assembly's Training of encephalitis. N. The annual Orphan's Picnic Goodwill Truck to School at Richmond, Va., Mrs. County Area June 10 Annie Hahn gave an interesting will be held on Thursday, June The home is description of work done at Mon- - 10 at Anchorage. asking of donation of soap. The Goodwill Industries of treat School at Montreat, North Kentucky will make its annual Carolina. Offering was taken towels, pillowcases, sheets or spring drive lor discarded ma- and $17.00 was collected, to be anytning mat can De used, fcvery-on- e is invited to attend. terials in Brownsboro, Prospect, used for the work of Home MisWorthington Homemakers Club Goshen and Skylight on Thurs- sions. meet on Tuesday, June 8, at day, June 10. Corporal Will Lewellyn and will Residents of this area who have Mrs. Lewellyn and Mr. and Mrs. the home of Miss Minnie Pound. Mrs. William Freibert and sons, materials to be picked up by the Attilla Roederer have returned Goodwill truck are requested to David and George, Mrs. Fred motor trip to Georgia. contact one of the following per- from a Stutzenberger and Freddie J. atMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Claxon tended the Ballards School Fair sons: Mrs. E. H. King and Mrs. Freeman King, Brownsboro; Mrs. will motor to Cincinnati to at- last week. Bobby Cooper won H. H- - McWilliams, Mrs. D. G. tend the National Stockmen's As the silver cup for being the best Skaggs, Mrs- - John Leet Mrs. S. sociation on Thursday and Fri- pony rider and Mary Simpson, S. Mount and Albert Bottorff, day, June 3 and 4. with her pet duck won red ribProspect; and Mrs. John Bottorff, The annual Bible School will bon for best pet. Goshen, Ky. be held at Springdale Church, Goodwill is dependent on a Monday through Friday for two discontinuous flow of donated weeks, beginning June 7 and cards to keep the handicapped ending with commencement exdisabled workers employed in In and at 7 o'clock Sunday evethe repair and renovation of ercisesJune 20. ning, DOROTHY DIX, ated these materials. newspaper calwnaist aad Rev. Thomas Henderson has Over 175 handicapped persons cMint? lor U mllliea ef are on the Goodwill waiting list given his resignation to Spring-seekin- g Americans, says: employment in this in- - j dae Church which will take "The best adrlce I By contributing your un- - fect june 1. However he will ever given in my long life is for haveadvice I give Americans now; wanted materials on Thursday remain in the community you can help pay their wages in three weeks to assist in the Bible; the keep buying and holding-a program mai gives noi ciiauiy School program. Dr. Thomas U. S. Savings Bonds because they future but a chance. Terhune, former pastor of the will insure your Savings happiness. Bonds is Hutchinson Memorial Church of Any homea with certainly better home than one "MAKE SAFETY OUR NO. 1 Abanv Ind wj 6uppy without Savings Bonds. I can truly . Crop." Thats the 1948 slogan; a few Sundays. write about the merits of Savings Club boys and girls of Bonds in the family relationship, bethroughout the nation to help1 The Silent Club met on cause bonds are really very perthe annual toll of 18,000 nesday at the home of Miss Katie sonal in their nature. Savings Bonds Those present eventually become the Jiings we million injured Stutzenberger. deaths and hope for. whether it is marriage, a were: Mesdames Charles Kramer, on farms, due to accidents. new borne, children's education or Nachand, John Lausman, Charles plain leisure." V. S. T rtur) Drtirimnt Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gottbrath, Ed Nachand, Charles Maddox, Edward Roederer, Carl Kramer, a 210 Iola Road, are spending A NEWS ITEM: Phone few days at the Prince George Annie Hahn, Fred Stutzenberger, Thi Jeffeironian. ril4's. Peter Nachand: Misses Alyddia York. Hotel in New ( . Mrs. Nannie Wilkerson is 7 High View News d of Lyndon have bought the home of Mrs. Roberts and Gaddie in Fisherville. Mr. and Mrs. Will Gaddie and family have moved up on the Taylorsville Road. Mr. and Mrs. Lashbrook moved last week. Miss Maude Zettwock spent Sunday at home, but returned to Louisville Monday. She seems to be getting along very nicely but is still taking treatments. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wise-har- t, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wisehart and little son were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt Robison of Jeffersontown. Mrs. Aurelia Wisehart of Middletown was also a guest in this home. le Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of spent a few days recently with Mr. and Mrs. James Lashbrook. While there they spent one day with Mrs. Aurelia Wisehart of Middletown and also one day with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bland and daughter, Patricia. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bryant spent Sunday in Louisville with relatives. Mr. Bryant's brother, Roy. still is very ill. He seems to be growing weaker and can't retain any food. We hope the doctor may soon find something that will give him relief. Mrs. Henry Smith is spending some time with her daughter in Henderson. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Broadus Casey on the arrival of a fine baby boy. Have not heard his name yet Simp-sonvil- J 0 it,. .I'll oa NV-harif- J Mil-vill- s. j ir ' Your Interest n . 4-- H li Uncle Sam Says : ""Minssi V L .iMiiatMin o o J0III1 DBSilE Grain Dicici of a grain binder is determined by the kind of boodles tt makes and by its field dependability. John Deer gives von both. It's efficient binding unit, noted tor its remarkable tying At "harvest time, the Croc value grain-saviability, turns out neat, well-tie- d bundles which are easier to shock or feed to tbt thresher. Users claim it seldom misses a bundle. Year after year, in standing, down, or angled grain, the) perJohn Deere cuts deanly . . . gives you the kind of expense . . . lime time formance that means low operating out for servicing and upkeep. Let us show you why it wul you to own a John Deere, aee us soon. accuracy and Seeding Urn M the (ana caUe fee te tM M wtreng, aire weed ableand aaeet wreaiher aad attacks hartUI erne thrragh with a vest United Ktaiea Sartor Bn4i are reliable seed. They grew a Ue rep which cm be lent toll, rich saalarity In tea years at the rate M M far every U invested. Take a ti frees the wise fanser whe Is storing ap erep ef ceenrity by Investing new In Saving BmIi. Be as erewing mere aener, seearitr himaelf and hie fanUly and seearitr hie eeantry. Tear aecarity la America's eeemritr. Che rd mill 1 an id S J ng r jy fA .m i n binders and suSTest very limited stock of tractor aad thai you cm us at one if you arc interested in a binder for this year. We have horse-draw- si HALL SEED CO., MC tt 210-22- 3 EAST JEFFnrc:i.lT. LCUwVILLn, 1 .

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