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Image 1 of The Paducah evening sun, April 6, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

r t r ErVOL L a ritttllUtuiu I PADUCAH KY TUESDAY EVENING APRIL 6 1909 XXV NO 82 I Women of America Win Their Fight Against Higher Tariff on Glt> iM and Stockings in Both Committees GALLOWAY COUNTY t SBBKING TEN CENTS PER WEEK > REPUBLICANS IN 1 uti OFFICE Marion Ill is Swept by Cyclone SHERIFF BISHOP CAPTURES DAVI- i f Will lie Late Friday Night KELLOGG DEMANDS Caidldat6fer Sheriff As It er Satarday MoraiHg Before aenicwi HiSwlf This PEOPLES RELEASE Final Vote is TakeR OB the Week k ALL PRINCIPALS That Levels Hundred Houses and WILL BE ELECTED l Kills Two People This Morning SABUIBRRyoRBW I BY SCHOOL BOARD I Oao I 1 Payae i L i- y > t No Changes Probable in Stall Has Thetas Arrested IB Illinois Town of Pittsliurfi Nearby THOMPSON CHOSEN is Visited by Same Storm of Superintendent Car OR Charge el Cossplracy ROAD SUPERVISOR Heavy Rain With ItAd AgaiiatOfllcor nagoy j a tant General is Dead FROM OPPRESSION BY FISCAL COURT Teachers Will be Elected at Tells Story efy Hfs Trip on Marion IlL April tiTWQ persona May MeetiBg Good Skip Liberty Bill- J I Jadge Patterson May be Cetm ty Judge Washington April GWomen of America iiavo won a victory dtatct 1 teen surrendered the proposed high 6t Louis April GTho govern tariff on omens and childrens ment probably will finish its part of Tho Standard 011 gloves and stockings In rcfiponto to lh6 case today JIlTS OP NRWS FJtOSl MUllUAY an Indignant wave or protest sweep then will bo given an opportunity to ONE IS ACCUSED OP SHOOTING Ing over the country The senate open argunivnts The Standard expects to file its committee on finance voted o substl tuto the moderato rate under the brief of tew today replying on Murray Ky April G8peclalSheriff W D Bishop of LIvIng- Tho house leaders also technicalities rather than facts The ston county today accomplished tho A rea livecandidate for tbo Re Dingley act d doeumeat has bees carefully guarded county agreed Wilson of Illinois house publican acnnlaatloa IMojre 61zgtdC4rpet constltuto o arrest of Captain Harry Davis ot the office is the latest innovation In Cal leader said today ho 4s satisfied with mo op4lylhpugh It Involves the ex excursion boat Liberty for posses tho outlook sion of whom he bad a fight for more county politics Charles Tho countervailing proviso in the plutlve Control unless the control fa than anr hour on the steamer Satur Jordan A prominent cklzcn and for ho result of a conspiracy Ir a cowC mer merchant of Drowns Grove JalI lumber schedule struck from the blnaatlon in restraint trade The ay night and this time besides the being tho flKt ateIPayne bill this afternoon by tho house brief says No trust can exist under charge of celling liquor Captain tho distinction ot Davis will have to taco a charge of publlcaa to announce himself a atnIIcommittee or the whole eordilotu Congress will concludo Its labors applicatioD tticU n the govcrirr n s conspiracy against an office Captain dldato tor the partyp nomination bav > noC Tio Sherman act has leg Actively entered the recd torII the tariff 1 bill May 15 or at the force Tho Standard has been owned Davis father of Cairo Pilot WIMiam said Senator Barrett sheriff end will oppose Walter 1MIlatest Juno group since 1879 Somo Brlwo of Evansville Engineer Salde by at the white house today Ho Is not of the same these companies by tho same Amlel of Cairo Charles Elmore of I in favor of looping an Inheritance tax the crow and Mate John Roark also 1872A meeting of the eubcomralltec owners since will race the charge ot conspiracy to can nomination an Mr Jordan Combinations will continue ItIIrelease a prisoner fohlle Amid la nouncement has caused something of committee on ways and means was pot wo do not atop them la time andc a stir as ho has a wide acquaintance held today to consider the proposes American citizens will bo excluded ccharged with shooting with intent to 110Iamendments to the Payne bill No from engaging In any enterprises Ikill and bears a splendid reputation They were arrested at Brookport will prove a formidable factor in tboIIaction was taken It will be lato Frl Children will become wage earners day night or Saturday before tin flnM Captain Dane was Just about to boardrace should he be nominated and more employee corporations on the bill In the a train The others excepting Besides Mr Jordan being In too vole will be taken said Kellogg today Tho truthless were captured on the boat Roark Roark race for slier Iff Judge Thomas W buuFA power of jf was destructive oppressive arrested hero yesterday Patterson who was appointed to fill fairs In this country under the Sher Arizona Governor Sheriff Bishop said he has fifty Judge WelU unexpired term as coun Washington April C President man law Is unlawful It Intends to witnesses to prove < hat Amlel shot ty judge will probably make the race deprive the public of tho advantaged at Deputy Ben Champion as for the office at tho general election Taft today decided to appoint Rich of he boat was mttlng off at Smith ard Sloan governor ot Arizona and Kellogg sharply criticised tho de t land Saturday night George U Young secretary Of state The sheriffs cision ot the United States court of story is more thrilling than tko ori I rot the territory Quarterly court Is In swoon lhflI appeals which overturned the Landls ginal version gathered from tko riverweek Judge Patterson presiding Tho twentynine million fine Tho secret front reports f Castro Cant Land prlnclpal butlncu Monday was the tariff was maintained by tho railroads A correction Washington April state for the benefit of tho Standard he original opinion also Is made in the arbitration of differences betweeof Armour Gardner department Is notified by the London Bald This Is a violation of ndluatMed horse awappen the law United States ceraraUsloncr lie was Collet Fool hat resigned the peal foreign office that at the request of regardless of ar y opinion to the con t told that the steer ft had boarded the tion ot street supervisor The vacancy Knox the British government re trary t boat tor the purpose of making an will probably not be filled and tho fuses to permit Castro to land at He chargot a secret rate WM given arrest and tried te execute kin per b It is understood li issued company by railroad from Whiting toIIVOIle In nilnolB Sheriff Bishop ex work will again be looked after t j Trinidad orders to prevent Castro landing at the city marshal fad his deputies ptelse the BMttiTTtohlm whcnha R T KeUf iw resigned as consul Caeloa L Kolloff flhbjBCd his argument be got ashore r commander of MurraY caajp W 0 fore noon today Charles dMorrlr The Sheriffs Story pen continued his argument for the W aid Frank Tool selected to nil Famous Artless Dine According to the sheriffs story the vacancy prosecution Boston April 5Mrs Martha I Underhand methods for undersell Davis was arrested Saturday on the Drluo tho noted actress of the old charge of soiling liquor on the boat Persona l Under the lug Independents was described by school Is dead aged 78 Davis Hearing was today The Standard in dry territory Mm Carr Turner has returned toIname of Martha A Pennoyor she Morrison 1 her parents played with Edwin Booth Julia Mar crushes competitors at will ho said postponed until this coming Saturday Paducah afer visiting I He asked to be allowed to go aboard Mr and Mrs A J Davis lowe and Rollln Reed She was born A statistical bureau vivre It keeps t a record n every barrel or oil shipped tho boat and make arrangements for Mrs E W Wear of PaJucab vla i St Louis In by an Independent the roost Import his bond The sheriff consented and Itcd relatives hero last week Tho railroad com he and Deputy Don Champion went tant department Hughes of Denton was hero TL Wilson Dies panies oil inspectors furnish Informa alongIt Special Mayflold Ky April C MondayH was all fixed up said the KeeJy tashlef or tho Dank of Charles Wilson who shot himself lion and can trace to the consumer sheriff Tho boat was free of the Hazel attended court here Monday Saturday Afternoon died yesterday si oil produced and sold landing and when Elmore made a and Mrs S II Walker visited afternoon from tho effects of the Paris April GFrench people be signal by raising iris hands as wit Yesterday at Mayfield Sunday wound In tho stomach nesses observed Amtd shot at I morning it was thought that Wilson llevo the republic is facing the Champion and tbo ropes were Ben cut May Split good chance to recover but ho gravest peril In years as the result The shots came fast then bad a and as our break sank steadily until death yesterday of the growing of trades unions A i Winnipeg Man April backs were turned we did not know between the Canadian Miners Union afternoon Wilson was prominent demonstration of unions is planned wo were tho ant ttnMal M but Work en IU threaten- farmer tasty over domestic trou May 1 aId n psrayznSiZlrilt Is went right targets though the shots In the direction of the ed today M t> o result of Lewis inten bles Is assigned as tho cause looked forward tocrowd on the bank We ran tip to Won to take a hand In qio strike in t the British Columbia fields Miners are threatening to withdraw thelrafll and as ho fell the crowd thought it llolton wkh the United Mine Workers POSTMASTER AT LITTLE CYPRESS IS was Den Champion falling from the wound ho had received et the first HAKItY ANDfcRSOV GOING PADDING HIS ACCOUNTS and Pilot Billy Bruce was In there TOO FAST POL1CK THINK CHARGED WITH I told him to put back to shore Harry Anderson colored owner lie said he was no river pilot We and operator of Paducaha only taxi argued and ho called me a vile name cab was summoned In police court I knocked him down and ho declared this morning on a charge of exceed I padding his reports missed tqla morning by Armour je could do nothing for the tiller ing tho speedllraX pf eight rallpsau In Charged with salary Oa tateseommisslosr lines were cut I grabbed the wheel order to receive a larger hour Jail Saturday night Patrelmfca Postmaster EdM Sergeant of LlUIe on Ib charrotaestroytng United and found everything was loose DoyJe aHil Morris awcTO out tho 111111 i was held to tho federal Suit 1roerty It was alleged by Then wo rushed taibe lower mous against Anderson The patrol Cypress morning by Armour John Nlehola of Caldwoll county deck where a freeforall fight took running down viand Jury this men taw the machine Gardner United States commissioner tthat Rice destroyed a rural route box Third street Saturday night about 10 It Is alleged that Sergeant padded out but no evidence was secured against it wo oclock Anderson said no was going his report neatly UoO In order to Rice had not acted so promptly and coot about 12 miles an hour when ho met got an increase In salary Sergeant gctlcally in the start we would have the police and that he was In a hurry was cited to appear In court by EJ Rants Slot Maclunca The crew wanted been overpowered to get to the how ground Tho CliO wood San Francisco April GUnd mar deputy United States was continued ap pressyro of the civic league ant other prepared to go with them shah Sorgeant gave bond for his t< When wo good government organizations the pearanco in federal court did reach shore wo wished to send a FIFTY DAVrf IV COUNTY board of supervisors today passed an farmer a passenger te Padwcah CorJames Wee Dismissed JAIL FOR HIS LMPUDENCE James Rice of Princeton was dls fcrdlnance banishing slot machines a federal officer He vas unarmed effective July Land they drew revelvwaand forced Will Colby a negro with only one him back They seetya man to Paleg was arrested last night by Pa WEATHHR ducah who spread the first stories trolnran Liajitcm ajid GlUlam on a Sampson Jury and saw Mr Gardner charge of disorderly conduct Ho was We tried to couldnt Lyons N Y April Jury was given flUy days In iho county Jail f morning secured with Mrs Georgia Sampson and finally returned tot Kentucky CoK y created excite tbd loftsjtaerboat at any murder case and they expect a verdict Wo could bavo meat near Tenth aid JOBCS streets Mrao I suppose butffwie unwitting the lat of next week test night by demanding a kiss of a Mrs Frank P Allyn mother of to without our prisoner white girl Mrs William Aday 1017 Mrs SampeoB Critically 111 and heJones street and her daughter were made Tbe pHsoacrs were depth l s expected Mrs Sampson col- have been Metropolis en route home when the negro stop today7 taken to lapsed Strong sedatives was nece lied them and made the MulUng re < The scream of Mrs Aday mark 1 EngDnd 3ayglsiertem5r I attracted a large crowd but the po CoDstantinople Apttttei = afeglaniJ > ltI lice bad Colby dn the JaU before any L1 1 r today made InrorlHalI repreeHtatlons violence was donto Turkey that unless stw swcceeds AntiSaloon League tho putting down the rebellioa In I l Asiatic Turkey n5laRtI will inter eMayfield Crusade o y fere Mayflpld Ky April GOIl3 iiun the executive committee ot the Me Joshua dred men led by ministers and coun ty officers marched to a blind tiger Mr Joshua Ilusf1 es arsold R 8 Barnott district No I here and after breakImp down the Crit dIed ycterday afterneyan al 5oeiock at fellterefltWflla door confiscated 30 quarts of whisky Jones district No 2The Rev J R ant his home Followfng a prayer by the Rev Mr Clark district No4 W E Downey Mr Uust had been lit only ta mootht Nowlin they loaded tho whisky In a Local thunder showers this after district No 6J J S iRagedale dMrlct Ho Is survived by Mw4raa l sev hack and notified another blind sees and tonight followed by clear No 6 8 J Bllllngton district No 7 daughters tad two eons Tie funeral tiger suspect ae roust cease bis bad Ing and cooler Wednesday Highest Brassfleld district No 8 The was held this afteraope at Owens conduct TSe were tMtailseed withItemperature yesterday Tat lowest to halnnan for district No3kas not chapel at S 0 clock p iq t he Owen day M been famed I C fora Joy 1I were killed and many Injured in a tornado in this section early todayi One hundred houses in Marlon were wrecked The damage is estimated at fCQOOOO The persons killed re sided at Pittsburgh III There was a heavy rain when tho storm struck hero A father and son named Smith are the pOTIOns killed rat PIttsbUrg this morning I dtuald7t 0Quarterly I I competitiont 1 I nUonI J I f I IIJIIRlIII GA II k tIt 4 l keptt wereer I I I f I J pot nielbut GA > wetS Caponr I j i slipeaahlrlal 1 C maglaterladistricts t e COLDER aerI I JIB ffi leagueThe t < Itt Re j elf kit aaburlw1 as CMPIILY oJ leliIoat I I eel c ct x arrlyetluf I I r No changes wit be made in the election of principals of the public school btiildtagB tonight by the school board Last night the committee coBeietfng ot Trustees KeHy Fergu son jand Clements and President HHtt and Superintendent Caraagey met and decided to recommend all the present principals for reelection the principals are W H Sugg High J T Rose Jefferson school M E Llgtm FranWte school Her map Donbvaa Wblltter school Mil vlai Ragedale LoagteJlew school J M CalvlRi Lee school pad Mleci Em Dhe ma Morgan McKinley school principals of the colored schools are George Jackson Lincoln school TD Hlbbs Garfield school Election of Teachers Tho election of teachers wl1tlbe taken up at the regular meeting next per MdeDt Carnagey month says that no retrignatton lIne been handed to him and all teachers are considered appikaets unless written notice is ghrea Him Kathryn Keyer of tho High school faculty will not bo an appMcaat reoect5on land Mise Late Cochran of the Longfel low school will HOC apply It is the uperlateadcnts desire to secure a man to till the vacancy in Oho High school faculty as an assistant la seeded l1 Professor Silgg te see after the loys properly + I Roarkwont nerVd TINa a I q 1F1 recerd I l A tax rate was fixed at 4td Dead CC cents Which is two cents lower Springfield 111 April GThomas than last year In addition to the W Scott adjutant general of the 1111 tax rate 20 cents moreis added as nola national guard dropped dead this is a special tax for schools in- this morning at Fairfield Tho cause cluding the county High school The poll tax also Is placed to the was heart diseaseIncline credit of the schools County Judge Lightfoot and County Attorney Bark Accident Pittsburgh April GTwo boys ejt looked up the law thoroughly ana woro killed and several badlyi hurt In found that the fiscal court had to as an accident on the South Twenty less the additional levy for tho school property owners outside Tho dead are tax To the second street Incline tho city the tax rate will be 86 cents Arthur Miller 16 and Albert Kink on the lao Tho tax is prorated as enbcrgor 16 The cable broke and follows Roads and bridges 24 cents the oar slid down tho incline Tha county levy 18 cents pauper 8 Injured are expected to recover Dents sinking fund 16 cents schools 20 cents Increase for Judge Rent Lamoore in Jail Magistrate Emory made a motion Pat Lamoore Is held In Jail on ft that beginning next year the circuit warrant charging him with willful Judges salary bo Increased 1200 a murder The warrant was Issued by year which would mako the office Police Judge D A Cross and wae pay U200a year A discussion was iworni out by County Attornf y Albon brought on and some of the members Barley No ball is allowed objected to making tho change now but preferred to wait until the sal aries of all the officers were fixed A motion of Magistrate Gboteba to CHANGE OF RULE defer the matter was carried During his present term Judge b Rood naked that his salary fl o In Roosevelt at Messina FOR creased frea 3eO aad > Xi9itecal Mepe4earAprl 6 + ThieQerf4osee t court allowed 1t but the court of ap peals decided that the salary of a IS AGREED UPON circuit judge could not ft Increased CJupen of Italy Roosevelt declared during his term of office Now 4t ia the ruins were greater than he exproposed to Increase the salary for pected tho next termMagistrate Broadfqot was made Record For Steamers By resolution of the Democratic chatrmaq of the Jail committee Incommittee of the Second senatorial hr Jii urhundredand twentyfour Magistrate Blelch stead of district tho rules governing the rep Resolutions of respect were or resent tloD intho Democratic sena tiered drawn by the court to the Power Cumberland rua Richardson l tonal comventron here April 2i7 were memory of the late James Wilcox Hjman and Buttortt1rsorthe with tho county boats making one of the fastest ruse changed so that the wisest politician who was connected re- business in various ways Out of t between Nashville and raduaab In tho district could not figure outIIspect to his memory court adjourned provides I the result The resolution at noon until 4 oclock this after that each precinct In the district willI noon and tho members attended the way down both arriving at Paducah be represented by one delegate whojjfuneral in a body ea schedule time and both docking shall cast tho entire Democratic vote at Nashville a few minutes apart the of bis precinct for his candidate The Police Make Many Arrests Richardson pushing her nose up at vote for each precinct is to be based April GPollee are mak St Louis shortly on the vote cast for William JenIIng many arrests today charging the wharf first being followed nings Bryan in 1908 Under the ruloIfraudulent registration at the elecJ by the BuUorff On account of the McCracken county delegates will castttUon here The entire force Is on duty feat schedule under which the boats j 4127 as compared with Bollards There I6 an officer at every voting are operating many shippers IbaVo to their advantage iti hIp 2117 That seems big odds for 11 r reiib VIa water and w a Wbult Cracker county but It is considered l19L1 i t ulminating the ratecuUlug tdttsW c more equitable than the original far Governor Ullcy Dying pfable Duane s now going bY boat each pre plan for a delegate from Hartford Conn April 8 HSorj duct for every 200 votes cast forIernQr Lllley is crltlfly ill and fate t hat formerly went byt rail although tha Bryan or fraction of 100 over ByIIdeath Is expected any moment The the railroad offlclala claim that the the the railroad officials claim rule McCracken county would cause is Brights disease that Jsashvillo Banner ba bustncts have had 36 delegates Ballard and Marshall 15 each and CarllQ 0 Mc Police Court Crackpn would halo needed only two Breach of ordinance Harry Ant more votes to conjroV theconremtloo- doreen continued to April 7 Breach CITIES VOTE WET By this means the other three coun of peace Wilt Colley geateseed to ties will have a majority of tho yates 60 days In the county Jail Wl Bobbe I and Alfred McUee fined Seech AND COUNTIES DRY 2B Murder Pal Bon Boyd fined Lamooro continued to April 7 More CHECKS STOLEN witnesses will be summoned for both ON LOCAL OPTION tho prosecution aad the defense today with be the last case FROM MAILS SENT and the trial court tomorrow morn tried in police i Ing Ashland Ky April 6SpcclaIl BANK BY PADUGAH Catlettsburg and Ashland voted Marriage LI censes F O Schoe of Chicago and Mrs wet and Boyd county and Ashland county drySue Mayes NewmanJ Jacksea and Sallie Glenn ot Detroit Mich April 6Itefinko The theft of J5000 in checks from Marlon III mce in returns show that 20 couattes which the matt has caused the I spectors to got busy and It is said voted on the question of abolishing tho sale pr manutecture pfilryuor they arc on a clew that will lead to tees Gets 8 More bad gone dry aad seven bad gone the arrest of the guilty person About Special PraiJclfert KyA1Irl1 6 ten days ago an envelope containing Judge Dose pleaded guilty to two Allegan Bensle Dry Alcona J5000 in checks was mailed by the more charges connection with his First Natlopal bank of Paducah toIembeeclemttat la the auditors office Branch Calhoun Glare Eaton Urn ta Hlltodale tho First National bank of Nashville wrf was sentenced to eight years ads mot Gennessee Ionia En route tho package was stolen raaklrigthlfteea years In all losco Isabella Kalkaska Living Severail of tho checks for small aW6nal stone Newajsto SaB ac Taseola him amounts have turned up at banks in for Charlovolx Jackson j Union CffyTTenn and Mounds III Wet Borrien Huron Moatcahn but all tho bonks within a short Mccosta Ottawa Wa htonawt Mon Allie Young Out of it radius of Paducah and Nashvllld have Special roeThat Frankfort Ky Aprit 6 been notified of the cancelling of the makes 31 dry counties in this In an interview Allto Young denies slate out 83 This is the first time that a checks Ho governor package of checks has been missed he laa candJat for from tho Paducah office although says Democrats must not mention every bank In the city Mails checks prohibition fa tttlr pUtform Denver April eirPTohaitloatets every day Yor collection l Lacked by the Amihlo9a J eaguei by the per Wilcox Funeral About J 70 was secured are making a stros sght ia moat Tore funeral of Mr James Gaines sons who presented the chocks at the Duplicates for WUcox was held this afternoon at clUes of the tate HmtfTde Denver banks for payment whore the munc1tlal eleesiona are about twothirds of the checks have 23tyocloc at the Grace EplKopal held today The Is ColRev David Cody Wright The hanks church The been received already ww atIorado Spring effort to jK rent drug that cashed the checks wilt ka>e to pastor officiated The burial stores aetMngllgaotM the Oak stand tho loss MOTION Kaaantiloi 4Mr HOLDS 8 0The t COMMITTEE tool < CoHrtC treasurerTho Scott I 1 Fiscal court this morning elected Magistrate John Thompson county road supervisor to succeed Bert John son who has held tho office several years Deputy Sheriff Clark Fortson and M B Tapp were applicants Tho court went into secret session and Thompson was selected as tho nomi neo and was elected unanimously J C Utorbacto was reeiecteJ county F OrovetemelefTI i 1

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