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Image 3 of The Adair County news., August 30, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

> THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS DIDNT KNOW FORMER WIFE DECAPITATED KENTUCKYS BIG STATE FA t I crf PREMIUMS Allractions1Maniticeot T1 Famous W I Kvr j 0e i LIFE NSUR I I COMPANY i Mutual Its Ifer has It It theI APPLY TO 1 I J i Xi I TWDKINQWiTh I Go i NOTIONS CLOAKS ETC A LOUISVILLE KY ¬ CURE FOR LEPROSY wasteful weakening drains dreadful backache headache nervousness dizziness irritability tired feeling inability to walk loss of appetite color and beauty The cure is I causeIn Elm street which is one of the fashionable thoroughfares several fine trees are dead Entomologist Smith of the state agricultural station a- t New Brunswick says the trouble may be due to the severe winter of 1S03 and 1904 followed by the intense heat last July which has exhausted the vitality of the trees But the opinion has been advanced that a leakage in the gas mains running through the streets is responsible Several years ago a large number of elm trees on South street and Ridgedale avenue died from that cause J 1 oj the womb up into place It is a sure and permanent cure for all female complaints WRITE US iiI A LETTER L- jm > SUFFERED AWFUL PAIN 1frsNaomi Put aside all timidity and write us freely and frankly in strictest confi ¬ dence telling us all your symptoms and troubles We will send free advice how to in plain sealed envelope also in my right and left sides and a AdvisoryDept andirregular I It I I tis Stone Stone WE ARE NOW READY TO DO ANY RIND¬ horseshoeing and wood of Blacksmithing work all kinds of Buggy Carriage and Wagon Repairing We are also prepared to apply all kinds of new AttorneysAtLaw JA8ESTOWK KENTUCKY w RUBBER TIRE Will practice in the courts in this and adjoining counties > I 0 I Special attention given collections 1 i L 4rvN i fitc i TT- i I i I lifeSavers Record Keeper Bear e or the Xauset life saving station wio has resigned the place he has held was honor for nearly 20 years has a rare record having saved 17 persons in surf boat 17 In the breeches buoy and 38 from the surf with ropes and snail boats never losing a life within the province of his station tr cropi AnjersLegrand was not very docile and tho escort took him to a saloon and filled him with drink The result was that all three arrived at the asylum in such a state of intoxication that the director was unable to tell which was the lunatic so he telegraphed to the mayor of Cholet asking which was the crazy man The mayor replied Legrand but the maIdngI Plans for a 250room hotel have been approved and building will begin forth with Beds mattresses and furniture are arriving at the isthmus In quantities Arrangements are being made establish restaurants at various Ito f Odd Metals Produced The trio were then meas- ¬ The production of spiegeleisen ter ured and the tallest who was one of the romanganese and similar metal for escorts was placed in a straitjacket After eight days the victims wife complained of desertion She received a of 1904 and 104510 in the first half of the tall one ¬ Goats an horses are the principal sufferers i the dumb creation and from them th infection may be transmitted to man I I foursS fected with the disease 78 per cent die and the remainder have a chronic tendency to relapse I 1904 e mad and that he himself had taken him to the asylum The whole affair thus came to light But the truly farcical conclusion of the affair is that the sane mans reason was so unhinged by his confinement that he could only be provisionally released un ¬ der strict medical surveillance while the lunatic Legrand was declared no to be sufficiently insane to be placed II an asylum i- RAISING MONEY ORDERS Agonizing Burns are instantly relieved and perfectly healed by Bucklens Arnica Salve C Rivenbark Jr of Norfolk Va I burnt my knee dreadfully writes that it blistered all over Bucklens andt Also heals healed it without a scar all wonnds and sores 25c at T E Paulls druggist f The Adroit System of Counterfeiters JNMUPiRELLJR Working in the Atlantic Coast States DENTIST months there has been operating mainly in th eastern and South Atlantic states gang of money order raisers who have an adroit system of changing the value 18 KENTUCKYa OFFICECOrner Room e payment spection to detect The passing of raised money orders is almost invariably done by indorsing them in partial payment gf store and of- ¬ I E LtESTER DENTIST i fice a batch of orders KENTUCKY K EN DA LL a on is a pearl barnacle and worth 500 F aUI I VADE p inletca1ght a d creatures back 100 years old Old French Guards Passing A reminder of the rapid flight of time comes In the fact that only five survivors remain of the famous Gard National or its successor the Garde Republicain which disappeared body during the commune after the fall of the empire Their united ages exceed 400 years Each of the sur- ¬ vivors Is more than 80 years of age- 0 t JAMES TRIPLET asa DENTIST 1 KENTUCKY ir- COLUMBIA S OFFICE IN JEFFRIES BLOCK J i er I i2f r 1 If4J r F T s > F I Hotel operatingI W banks that send in to the paying Marcum ¬ Turtled Jamaican gitis as are human beings i- Lk Crop Beerbohm says of the Australian Blacksmlthiugs but th general public probably does not that Trocadero museum some animals are as liable to menin- iJ I > Cholet A certain M Legrand a mem ¬ ber of Cholets town Qouncil having bushels is considered to be certain become Insane was placed by the mayor against 75000000 bushels last year in charge of two citizens who were or ¬ Model Hotel Being Built dered to take him to a madhouse at J 2 Z 4 to Meningitis ILiablesurgeons know Veterinary I aof We keep a stock of the best material and re- ¬ pairs Work done at our shcplis guaranteed in workmanship and prices Shop located on dep street near Main Give us a callCLARK PARSON Can pbeltsville Ky MarO ly t courseI crossI The life of a money order being 12 months some time elapses before the punk sand s re p a ed o fi Gcaa3 ysmsone raised order is detected That comes a when the account of the paying office is balanced in the audit for the post governments for a cure for leprosy office department in Washington For the last five years the auditors Honors Franklin s for the post office department have recommended that the life of a money H I am prepared to do your buggy Harjes the donor of the fine statue in order be changed from 12 months to repairing on short notice Philadelphia has offered p duplicate 60 or 90 days This change it is con WATER STREET of this to Paris and it has been ac ¬ tended would limit the chances of LOCATION cepted It will be placed at the corner the counterfeiters H EUBRNKS itt the foe seyI i NOTICE I I pocketbook and burned up the money and yet De Blastos hands were no even scorched There was about 200 rY3 r ParisThere are all the elements ot a three act farce in a true story from throughn I i feel like new woman and do not suffer as did is tho best medi ¬ cine ever had in my house Chattanooga Tenn Icftr Australias Wheat nearlyIIeParis barovas l Marriage as a Cure says all the dis An English eas0 that human flesh is heir to can be cured by marriage if there is a i in In¬ sane Asylum When Escorts Got Drunk WashingtonFor Many Cases Healed in the Philippinesby Treatment of AmericanSurg ons Manila P I American surgeons connected with the board of health o Manila declare that they have discov ¬ ered a positive cure for leprosy Of 25 cases treated all have improved six cases being absolutely cured Several patients portions of whose bodies were gone have recovered All of the cases have been under ob- ¬ servation for at least six months and it is absolutely impossible to discover a trace of the germs of the disease i the blood of the patients The method n town N Y lately Louis De Blasto used is a system of X rays v The surgeons do not desire their was sitting on his piazza counting his money preparatory to a trip to Italy names to be mentioned at present They will not ask for the rewards pjmenses MoneyI hat marvelous curative extract or natural wine of herbs which exerts such a wonderful strengthening influence on w A I THE FEMALE REGULATORt- pull How the Wrong Man Landed thtofiicf DRAGGING IWJ CARDUI I several times and it has always been returned to him FRENCH FARCE IN REAL LIFE Ymg gone I I 631 633 West Main St learned of the whereabouts of his As life had been made little pet miserable to him because of the cries of the other cub Mr Fields sought out his pet but the new owner would not consent even TO show the animal Then Mr Fields hurried ever to Cari bou and got a writ of replevin Corn ing back to Washburn he telegraphed to Huson to come to his assistance telling him of his writ of replevin Huson was on hand at the appoint- ¬ ed time and together they went to the mans house where Mr Fields re ¬ covered his missing pet without a struggle The sheriff thinks it is the only case on record of replevining a bear grandn grosse I GraiinianHeiiGliBOGross a UilfortunaelyIthe Exhibitions DUSS BAND of 40 Pv es THE CONNECTiCUT susI 14397I t wasIItI ThaI DagIgett INSURE IN I t I ing several properties in Montana ROMANCE IN HUNGARY The widow came to Helena and rec ¬ II I 1T ognized her former husband at a hotel e reaoeeee se ° costesoea eoososooaasras aes oe ieseoCeu She was a stranger to him She en = Young Nobleman in Lobe with Poor s Girl Finds Himself in gaged him to examine her properties Prison The friendship thus established led to love After the ceremony she told him BerlinA romantic story with ail her secret and de declared he was the details of a medieval taleimpris ¬ doubly delighted onment in a tower opposition of obdur- ¬ THE MONEY ORDER HABIT ate parents rescue and abduction cul ¬ O ANCEminating in marriage comes from r Chicago Postmaster Says People Pre Grosiewarthen in HungaryA policyholders Company Purely In olden days the miaden was impris ¬ Government Checks to oned but today it is the sweetheart a Bank Draftse always been the Its Expense Account e young nobleman madly in love with a ChicagoChicagoans have acquired poor girl who finds himself in prison lowest the post office morey order habit ac ¬ The parents of the nobleman did cording to Postmaster Coyne His re- everything to break the engagement earns and pays the large annual dividends j cent monthly statement shows a re- ¬ but without avail The preparations for markable increase in the money order the marriage were in progress PERFECT PROTECTION at furnishes business since he took charge of the when the young baron disappeared office in 1901 Under the pretext of viewing LOWEST COST Thereh as been an increase of nearly some repairs on one of the fam- ¬ 23000000 a year in the money order ily estates he was lured into the For further information e business both foreign and domestic tower of the building and imprisoned since 1901 and each month shows new His rooms were luxuriously furnished gains in that branch of the business and an old retainer served him The W L SMITHOr The postmaster said he could explain servant was induced to forward a let-¬ the growth by the fact that the people ter to the girl who with her father se- ¬ GENERAL AGENT E MURRELL of Chicago were using the post office cured the release of the baron They money order system in preference to bribed the keeper of the tower and be ¬ Columbia Ky Louisville Ky the banks fore the nobles parents could interfere The people of Chicago are now in a the marriage had taken place position to appreciate large the amount of business which is transact- ¬ COLT KILLED BY MOOSE ed by the Chicago post office said Mr Coyne They have acquired the Wild Animal Creates Consternationmoney order habit and the wonderful in the Pastures of Maine growth in that branch shows it Farmers Within a short time I shall have compiled statistics showing the in ¬ Bangor MeAt Fort Fairfield one crease since I took my office in 1901 day lately a commotion was heard i Every branch of the post office busi a pasture where B S Smith had a INCORPORATED ness has gained young colt and its mother and AND JOBBERS OF IMPORTERS uponI The money order business for last investigation it was found 11931 661 which is Dry Goods Dress Goods Ladies and Alans furnishings month was 2730303 or 21 per an in- moose had visited the pasture and had crease of cent Killed the colt The same animal cre ¬ lover the business July last year In ated considerable consternation amon 1904 there were 550385 money order some of the other farmers in th transactions in July and in 1905 there town He put it an appearance in the were 622610 an increase of 72225 or field of Harry Kenny on the east side 13 per cenof the river Frightened from there NEW YORK OFFICE 43 LEONARD STREET he visited the field of Leonard Kenny to see Mr King will call the Exchange at Columbia tMORRISTOWNS ELMS DIE Merchants who may want When driven from there he rushed to the Slipp farm and began racing New Jersey Towns Beautiful Trees through the field where men were cul ¬ Killed It Is Thought by tivating potatoes Leaking Gas As the moose appeared from behind a large pile of rocks the horses at ¬ Morristown N JBeautiful old elm to the cultivator became fright ¬ trees in many streets in this city are tached ened and went on the run through the dying The attractiveness of the town field tearing up potatoes Leaving the is being seriously affected thereby e down pains are a symptom of the most serious trouble which residents in many sections have sen can attack a woman viz falling of the womb With this leaves to foresters and government ex perts for analysis as to the probable generally come irregular painful scanty or profuse periods FIND + Fieldsj ° i For Catalogue or Further Information Address Lexington Ao BAIN Secretary GEO i I THE GREATEST DISPLAY OF LIVE SIOCl AND AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS EVER g 9 ATTEMPTED IN THE SOUTH Novel I i pickingberries 6 131Q DA S 25090 ODD JOB j September 1825 IN DEPUTY SHERIFFS i + AT LEXINGTON iNPREMIUMS AGED SNAKE Fight One Anothers Battles Paris possesses a curious organiza ¬ Man Marries Woman Whom He Fails New York State Woman Pins Reptile- Maine Official Is Called Upon to Serve tion with an odd purpose It is a band to Earth and Uses PocketWrit for the Recoveryto Recognize as His First of prosperous tradesmen who agree Knife of a Bear Helpmeet to trade with one another to the ut most extent possible and when neces ¬ Bath N YA large rattlesnake is on Bangor Me Deputy Sheriff Helena Mont Remarried 20 years MarkI sary to help one another with loans after they had been divorced the man exhibition in this village which was Huson of Presque Isle had without not knowing when the marriage cere ¬ killed by the wife of Marcellus Rice a usual piece of professional work the self Theinterest The clique calls its Tranquil Fathers farmer of this town who resides on other day A mau coming in from mony was performed that the woman at his side was his former wife was Mount Washington in a region noted Portage Lake early iast spring caught Killed in Train Accidents the matrimonial experience of a west- ¬ for rattlesnakes Instead of killing the a pair of young boar cubs which he The number of persons killed In ern couple now enjoying a second snake with a stick she adopted the sold to William L Fields who lives novel method of decapitating it with a on the north bank of the Aroostook train accidents during the months of honeymoon in the east January February and March 1905 river about two miles above Wash as The woman however knew the se pocketknife shown in reports just made by the They soon become burn village cret but found enjoyment in not re ¬ various railroad companies to the Instrongly attached to Mr vealing it to the man until after he heard a strange noise and told his One afternoon in June Mr Fields left terstate commerce commission was was again her husband 232 and of injured 3713 Accidents James Hurlbutt and Ruth Emery mother She accompanied her son back home shutting the cubs in the house ¬ to the place where she recognized in the They became restless and the female were married when he had not arrived andat mans estate She was 18 Less sound the rattle of the snake She se succeeded in climbing through an by passengers in than a month before the marriage they cured a forked stick with which she be open window She saw a man at work cars etc bring getting on or off the the total number of had met for the first time at the home gan prodding in the grass andwas re- on the opposite side of the river and warded by the snake striking at her swam across of a friend in Quebec After a brief The man saw the cub honeymoon he set out alone for the While the snake was yet uncoiled and coming and caught her as she came before it could prepare for a second at from the water The little animal apstates to seek a fortune in the west Found a Buried Church A misunderstanding arose not long tack she jammed the forked stick over peared so friendly that the man startafter he left Angry letters passed its head The snake thus imprisoned ed to his home in Mapleton bearing between them and soon she wrote him made a violent commotion coiling its the cub in his arms A week later he came to Presque Further investigation showed that it was her wish that their correspon ¬ body about the stick However she was clear nerve She Isle looking for Judge George H was attached to a steeple and later a dence should cease and he consented He was in Chicago when her letter searched with her other hand in her Smith whose reputation as a lover of wellpreserved church of the thir came but at once left there and trav- ¬ apron pocket until she found a pocket eled farther west Relenting the wife knife and this she handed to her son hurried to Chicago but found no trace and told him to open its largest blade then tried to sell ale cub to CharlesHe did so and returned the knife to his F Daggett as an allround useful ani- ¬ Does It Rain in Italy of HurlbuttSome mother She took the knife and delib mal to protect his lawn from young A Kansas man traveling in Italy later she secured a finds that the Italians are more honest divorce on the grounds of desertion erately cut off the snakes head The In one respect than Americans and married Rufii1 Beresford a mine snake measured 39 inches in length and He In the meantime Mr Fields had has lost his umbrella in public places owner He died in New Mexico leav ¬ had nine rattlesI < Aug 30 1905 COLUMBIA KY I lJ k + yy 44

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