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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 30, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

Nt 1 7 < POST OFFICEDIREotORY J PETE CONOVER Office tIt N I DEPUTY hears week days 730 L m to 810 pm ++ ++ + e e tit COURT DIRECTORY N N ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY NN + o4 tIt + i N I o e tit C Three session a yew Thlrd Monday in January third Monday in May and third Monday in September C Baker Circuit Commonwealths Attorney A A Huddlerto SherlflI W Muter CIRCUIT COURT JudpB Circuit CIerkll Neat CoUNTr CoD TFirrt Monday In each month 000 Rufus Pulliam sold one span of Todd for 295 WL Grady has burchased the premium Peacock colt of L M Wilmore Gradyville for 100 cash 000 Coffey Bros Young sold to W B Burton 6 heod of mules at oqo prices ranging from 100 to 165 Flowers Bros sold one sorrel gelding to Pemberton Sons of and two cotton mules to Pember ¬ ton Bros for 85 each Horse Cave for 135 CoronerC1I Russell Girt I twoyearold mules to Dolphus Judge T A MurrelL County AttorD8YJU Garaatt Clerk T R Stolta Jailer J K P Conoree AMeMor J F Pelly Surveyor R T McCaffree School SuptW D Jones Regular court second Monday in COUET Land Stock and Crops f each month JudgeJas G Eubank Attorney Gordon Montgomery 000- 000 Carold Flowers Bros sold a fouryear pernter for 250 MarshalW A Myers A Hunn sold a sixyearold combined horse to Pemberton Bros for 200 000P- 000 CHURCH DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN Q JhJRHBmiUB SraEBTKev WC Clemens pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in every Sab each month SundaySchool at 9 m Prayenneetto every Wednesday night a bath METHODIST pastor BtrRWSVnxB STRKBTRev F E Lewis month Services first and third Sundays in each SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayer meetinz Thursday night BAPTIST STREETRev J P ScruBS pastor Sunday First sad third Sundays in each month every Sabbath at 9 a m PrayenneetinBr School Tuesday night GRMNSBURQ CHRISTIAN pastor CAMPWIA3VIUB PntBEld A L Oder and Fourth Sundays in Services each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 Prayermeetin Wednesday night second emberton Emerson bought Curt Yarberry sold a Peacock about 20 head of southern horses colt to Judge W R Cress for 85 andmules from various parties 000 ranging in price from 75 to 160 Lisle Atkins sold a sixmonth 000 old calf to J C Beck for 25 Coffey Bros Young have 000 bought about 60 head of mules in Norman Christie sold a span of the last 30 days paying from 65 mules to Joe Perry for 400 to 200 each 000 000- Q Flowers Bros sold a span of D S Wade of Hatcher Taylor fouryearold mules to J B Kyle county is experimenting with a for 400 crop of Alfalfa He innroculated 000his land with bacteria and is con ¬ ran of fident of success in the growing H A Walker sold a s fouryearold mules to C L Pile of this valuable crop for 009 375 000- James Sapp sold 2 twoyearold am C M Herriford sold 3 mules mules to E P Peterson for 225 LODGES to H B Burton of Lancaster 000 for 21750 TheLand Stock and Crop col-¬ MASONIC umn will be a regular feature of 00096 F and A M Regular We want A Hunn sold a gelding to the News hereafter on or before the full moon in each month 175 publish everything of news to Pemberton Bros for Gordon Montgomery W M pertaining to the above head and G Atkins Secretary E will be very grateful if the farm- ¬ Massie Cosold a mule to COUNCIL U D meets 2nd Friday COLMBIA notify us and full moon in each month night after Jim Sanders for 10250 They erseverystockmen will GARNOTT T LM JAS sale made also sold the old livery horse of T R STULTSRfCOBDER 000Frank to Emerson Co of Al ¬ COLUMBIA CHATTER R A M No 7 meets Friday abama for 85 IfY u have anything to sell in T R Stults H P night after full moon Secretary the nature of land stock and Horace Jeffries 000¬ We ad JD Todd bought a span of 2 crops give us an2200 people cir950 yearold mare mules the blue culate it before county ribbon ones at the fair from of them in Adair 000 Rufus Pulliam for 295 and sold DENTIST pair of 5yearolds for 307 Get the habit of reading our a Land Stock and Crop column KENTUCKY COLUMBIA o00 C C Henson bought a part of Marcum Calvin Claycombs farm for 3500 OFFICE Corner Room Woodruff Flowers sold 3 hogs Mr Hen to C M Herriford at 5 cent per This is the same land Hotel son sold to Mr Claycomb a short pound time ago and it comes back at an 1 nightn 000I JKMUREELLJR 000I w UESTR E W Preaching next Sunday- advanced price tin SI onnlu LOCAL NEWS POSTMASTER RUSSELL 1C bait 8COLUMBIA VOLUME < d bt v 4 4 Y Ii 0 j F 1 WEDNESDAY AUGUST 301905 The exhibit of cattle snowed Adair county has the stuff that NUMBER 41 openeddress ECHOES FROM THE FAIR With the exception of a few who Hughes Coffeys store Jo Perry of Greensburg won with tanked up better conduct could not large experience and will do workat his three year old mare mule be expected at a religious gathering of low prices 2t like numbers A W Pedigo of Glasgow was on TO My Customers 000 hands with plenty of speed and action I have a new Spring wagon my own Deputy Sheriff Bram Vaughn nev ¬ Mrs Tim Bradshaws Jersey cow er flinched and in the entire history of make pronounced firstclass for sale went after two premiums and got them fairs at Columbia there was never I am prepared to do all rubber tire both better order Only two or three were work on buggiesS F EUBANK taken from the grounds Born to the wife of M L Grissom Mr R T Dowdy of Green county 000 ef Bliss a daughter Sunday morning recently sold a farm in Russell county The marshals did their duty and all August 27th 1905 off which he has been receiving good the slipins were shot out revenue for a good price He now Henry Wilkerson of Campbellsville 000 wants to buy a good river bottom farm had two good young horses that carried The Field Marshal Tom Montgomery in Adair or some of the adjoining coun off a portion of the money is the Oyama of Adair he routed the ties pounds Granulated Sugar for WALKER 100 sash 16 invaders from Manchuria SaleY Columbia andthere outbuildings tOOO for There was a great deal of balling at the baby rack A farm containing white girl with good recom ¬ mendations for nurse Bed boardand WANTED good pay ApplytoProf gotlow P D Neilson rentW Poi ow in Food mans ¬ due to poisons money back foodor The sorrel mare of Coffey Bros did 000 such fine work that Pemberton Bros not leave with ¬ D S Carpenter graduated his stock of Elizabethtowncould FOR SALE AT ONCE A GREAT out her so they passed over 500 and and left for Somerset Friday forenoon led her BARGAIN 000 A Larport buggy as The music pleased every body and the good as new only been in use LOST Between Columbia and the Fair President of the association wore a eight months and new harness ground last day of the Fair a gray smile New Vulcan Turning Plow left coat about 38 iuches in size Finder 000 please return to the News office and hand No 14 Good milk The first day was good the second pay for same receive two two years old and one one fine the third was a crowder and the year old heifers on stack of fourth in line O Mr J B Coffeys herd of IC hay corn crop hogs took two blues and were nearly 000 all sold at fancy prices before they Capt Stanley the high diver was an Trabue Wickliffe were removed from the grounds Mrs attractive feature when on his plat¬ The sale of real estate in Columbia Coffeys Jersey cow took the blue in form and vicinity still continues with a her class 000 steady advance in price which shows That show of Peacock colts ecliPsed that the people from other sections as I hate educed the prices on all all colt shows ever seen on the Colum ¬ well as our own are realizing the real Clothing a3d Pants have cut bia Fair grounds worth of a location in a progressive them to the bottom Now is town Last week Prof Ballard of 000 your time to buy at WALKERS W E Hillis has two Peacocks but Russell county bought property here several blue ribbons His yearling and will soon be a citizen of the town In some way or other the advertise beat the band so to speak Dr Miller and family will leave the ment of the Farmers Insurance ComPa-¬ country in a short while and make 000 ny of Junction City was dropped from The Fancy turnout ring was unusu- ¬ their home in Columbia occupying the our columns for two three months but residence bought by Mrs Miller last it appears in this issue stating facts as ally attractive and all deserved a blue Saturday They come for the purpose tie the company presents them of educating their children awayi cowr 000 Insure in The Farmers Home Insur ¬ No Adair county man felt ashamed of ance Company of Junction City Ky Adair county stockthey swept the The only company in the State that deck makes any claim of paying their losses ooo in full Jo Coffey Jr the winner in the gen¬ S BLAIR Agt tlemans riding ring did it better than ¬ a year ago Miss Dollie Vannoy who was acci dentally killed here last Monday wasa 000 room mate in college of Miss Pearl The brown gelding Fox owned by Montgomery who lost her life in the R F Paull caught the eye of every same way while visiting in Barren bodyhes a saddle horse allover county a few months ago i I 000 ¬ 000 000 JAMES TRIPLETT Several good citizens of other sect- ions informed us while at the fair last week of their desire to secure a good farm in this county Some manifested a desire to come to Columbia Good schools progress in methods on the farms and the general moral standing becomingknown estate is yet far below its real value in everythingis if it proves correct Mr S C Pemberton of Horse Cave the wellknown stock dealer took an occasion while at the Fair to say com¬ plimentary words about the Adair coun ¬ ty News a paper that he has been a subscriber fora number of years and who called to renew Said he It is the best paper I take and I am a subscriber for many At this juncture one of his friends who resides in Cum ¬ berland county came up Do you take the News said Mr Pemberton No I would like to have it but I am taking so many papers Put him down for a year said Mr Pemberton and if he dont pay for it I will A statement like the above coming from gentleman of Mr Pembertons stand ing is highly appreciated by this publi ¬ cation FEELING LIVERISH hats This Morning TAME DENTIST 000 Stone Stone t 000 Hollad- ay stampsW l < WBBurton i < < > J ijL 1J dt 1 4 r 1 J And Appetizer t 4n j t- J A GeatIe > r e j4 < V oI T2XJ I Vffr C 1It It 111Mq 1i ii = t r f < trk lgit1 4 a 7 tfg tt7 ii j rfI II i fl i I z foodr Trythem 000 JP Iam addressG Perhaps you dont realize that A M Allen of Cumberland connty Mr Jo N Conovsr Road commis ¬ showed his Peacock colt to good advan ¬ sioner informs us that the Milltown tage and took the blue over all other T Shearer Farm for bridge was painted under his supervis ¬ horse colts but in the Peacock colt ion and paid foroutof the county funds show the first premium went to 000Luther He also stated that a contract had been Wilmores beautiful mare colt KENTUCKY KENDALL H A Walker bought from W let for painting the bridge at Plum 000 E Hillis of Cumberland connty Point The consolation ring was one of the 150 a 5yearold mare mule for prepared to fix Pumps best and really more interesting than Allen Pile has a nice residence prop any o0o other of the Fair erty for sale House of 6 rooms well Tinwork Woodwork and all of good water garden and young L W Bennett bought of a 000 kinds of repairing a specialty Valuable Home for Saleorchard with fences and buildings almost Cumberland county man a span The show of Mules was as goodas Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing I will sell my house and lot at a bar ¬ new make it a good and convenient any county in the State ever had of 3yearold mare mules for 230 1m gain It is one of the best dwellings home for the price 1650 I am prepared to do your buggy 000 town a twostory frame eight in the repairing on short notice Clide Crenshaws pig was fine enough rooms with porches plenty of good wa ¬ Mr Frank Coffey of Monticelto has Thomas Wheat sold a mare WATER STREET LOCATION ter fresh and sulphur and the lot con- ¬ rented the Russell Springs Hotel prop- to take both blue ribbons for which it mule colt a tip top one for 80 tains 2 J acres with plenty of fruit The erty and is now ready for business showed one for the best sow under WADE H EUBANKS L location is all that any one could desire Mr Coffey is an experienced hotel man one year old the other for any age G W ROBERTSON and all who visit the Russell Springs She was a sweeper Soloman Royse sold a mule colt may rest assured that they will receive Nell for 75 This is Eld Tobias Huffaker of this county firstclass treatment to Smith 500 yds Lawn and Dimitie 5c yd is the Prohibition nominee for Senator the highest price reporte4 this 500 yds Dress Gingham 5c per yd season for a horse mule colt but in this Senatorial district Mr Huffa ¬ Mr Zach Samuels who was nom- ¬ 500 yds Callico 4 cents per yard ker is a gentleman who has the capac ¬ inated by the Democratic Committee it is an extra fine one Readytowear ity for a useful member of that body of Adair County for Coroner respect ¬ Ladies KENTUCKY COLUMBIA WALKER and a man whose heart is in the work fully declines to accept the nomination 59 and 79c ffirOFFICE IN JEFFRIES BLOCK andcause he erpresents He requests as he is a Prohibitionist Lucian Moore sold his farm of The Overland Limited us to state to his Democratic friends We have received the announcement 70 acres on Sulphur to Geo that he is very much obliged for the Leaves Chicago daily at 800 Pm via Smith of Columbia for 1000 of the marriage of Mr Anderson Hol good opinion they entertain r him the Chicago Union Pacific and North laday to Miss Stella Elizabeth Ayres Mr Moore will locate in Kansas which occurred at Augusta Kansas r Western Line Electric lighted Less AttorneysAtLaw Mr W R Myers informs us that he than three days en route over the only Thursday August KENTUCKY JAMESTOWN thee elec ¬ double track railway between Chicago is a native of Adair county and will put in a larger engine in light plant and wnilaHtKis is being and the Missouri River The best of Coffey Bros sold their sorrel was one of her best citizens The News tric Will practice in the done Columbia will swing back to dark- ¬ everything Booklets maps hotel road mare to Pemberton Bros of extends congratulations and courts in ness but it will not last long His ex¬ lists and full information about Califor ¬ 500 an J to Sherman Tobin Coffey Bros trainer perience with present facilities Elizabethtown for adjoining counties convinof Lancaster a was successful in a numberofhis shows ces him that such a s epis necessary 0 I and lifted his hat in a polite manner Specialattention given collections harness gelding for 145 and this will be ihade at an early day Ry Chicago I DENTIST acres of goo ¬ The best mile ever made over the Columbia track was run by Bird in 1 cure minute and 48 seconds He is owned by of undigested Judge W R Cress of Monticello Columbia Ky 216 ¬ The Columbia Band continues to im ¬ prove and the members hope to make 000 Henry Clay Loy an old coloredman some music on the square in a few is the greatest pumper in Adair He kept days 10000 people watered ber SALESMEN WANTED to look after our 000 interest in Adair and adjacent counties The refreshhment stands refreshed Salary or Commission Address Lincoln more people than you could shake a Oil Co Cleveland O J L Adkins Hopewell A L Gder Cane Valley Scruggs ColumbiaE N Eearly AntiochZ T Williams Smiths Chapel W H C Sandidge Union JFi Barger Beech GroveF E Lewis Columbia J H Nicholson Pickets Chapel 000 a er She has yi i- h y 4ii e Y e l i t i t l 1 r

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