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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 10, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, August 10, 1911. Vol. 5. No. 8 N ear spending some time with Misses premiums for best saddle be held the first Monday in SeptemMinnie and Mary Pounds, to attend in service are and harness stallion ber. J. C. Bowies, who is chairmaa 110. S5. and the meeting at the Christian church. the same for finest of the membership committee, hopes The meeting has been well attended to nave many new members by that and best maie or gelding, except and have had sixteen additions so far. time. If yon are not a member give that 3 instead of $2 goes to the By Democrats of Jeffer- The sermons have been excellent. tor six Meeting of Jeffersontown Com him your name and f JTj Exhibition of Jefferson County tnird. Tnese rings will also be in Started Miss Alberta Netherton was the as some of the finest horses teresting, months dues. son County. guest of relatives in Shelbyville last mercial Club. in the state are expected to show. Fair Company. week. Another mule race will take place on SEATONViLLK. Miss Mamie Frederick, of near Jef- this day $10 to first: $5 to second, and $2 to third. The last and best Committees Appointed By President of the tersontown. is visiting Miss Katie Meets at Bruce Hall and Questions of Vital Will Start Next Wednesday, Aug. 16. and Quinn. race is a free trot or pace, two times Refreshing Rain Djes Soma Good, but More Jefferson County Democratic Club Interest To Community Were Run Balance 01 Week Great MeetMiss Nell Claxon, who has been around, for which $20 will be given tieeaed Large limber Sai-- j spending some time with relatives, at to the first. $10 second and $5 third. Meeting Held Saturday. ing Promised. Discussed. -- Social New. Crestwood, is now with relatives Liberal premiums are offered for here. hogs, poultry, farm and exhibits of Mr. and Mrs. Wardin Hardin entergarden products, melons, fruits of all Seatouyille. Aug. ". We bad a line Quite an enthusiastic assemblage tained at dinner Sunday for a numThe Jeffersontown Commercial Club The eleventh exhibition of the kinds, household products, etc. rain last wfceic,wiicii was bacnt need of Democrats of the county attended ber of relatives. held its regular monthi meeting at ed, and all were tnaukiul tor .i. but Jeffersou County Fair Company will A catalogue may be obtained by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell. Jr., Bruce HaJl Monday night, the presi- we feel that a i:.- d a.. t in i show er. neld at tneir fairgrounds, eight writing to Secretary E. B. Berry, R. the regular monthly meeting of the be are noi n ady ior presiding. let the miles' trom Louisville on the Baids-tow- R. 11, Buechel, Ky., or by calling at Jefferson County Democratic Club who are building a house on the Sim- dent, W. J Semonin, held at their new headquarters, 310 coe road, will move into it about Sept. Cuite a number of enthusiastic mem- it, but 11 we m w. gel i.un unt'l WednesRoad, beginning next everyone is ready we never would tne office of The leftersouian. Fifth Street, Louisville, on Saturday. 1. bers were present and a most inter- gVt it. day. August 16. and continuing the Aug. 9th. Several new members Airs. Sailie Bdorset has sold her lum- Mr. Robert Littrell and daughter, esting meeting was held. laiance of the week. An admission PRE5T0NIA were enrolled and the President of Willie Ray, of Louisville, are visitAfter reports from the committees oer.o .Mr. Brooks, oi Lht Wood .Ma of 3") cent; will be charged for adults the Club. Capt. W. H. Able, appoint- ing Mr. B. F. Littrell and family. the members discussed the conditions sonic Liumuei to,, oi tiiuiaua, and id cents for children between the Aug. 7. Mr. W. K. Sierp and ed they are Keeping oui neighborhood of the streets and alleys rt Jeffersonthe following Campaign com5 aud 12 years. ages of Mrs. Chris. Young and daughter. Hvcij nauling ios. n quite a nice daughter, Miss Mary Siei'p, are visit- mittees: Much preparation has been made ing relatives at Viuceunes, Ind. that the time tor tint work, to a tbe roads Freda, of Louisville, spent several town, some claiming Executive Committee. the exmbition this year, in the days last week with Mrs. T. L. Eli- trustees had not kept their promise ai e solid. Mrs. ( L. CooDer and son were to keep the street-- : clean, after the Mrs. Eiiie Milter enti rtained Mr. S. S. Holiis. R. O. Dorsey, Charles wangei way of having tne fairgrounds clean- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jourdon . Mr. anil Jus, club members had gone to the mo Mrs. Ro Bryan. H. D. Robb, C C. Wheeler. ed and beautified: the track has been Mr. and .virs. jack i.iore. air. and of Louisville, this week. Air- iguinioa Ella trouble, and expense of improving the and the placed in perfect condition Campaign Committee for County Mrs. Lee Ciore, Mrs. Annie Peacock ana daughters, Kutn. Hazel and Mrs L. ,1. Stivers, Mrs. John Luhr weeds and grass cut. The grouuos and Miss Elizabeth McCullough, of at Large Moses F Jonnsou, R. W. and daughter, Miss Jessie, and Mr. conditions of the streets and alleys, Merle, Mr. anu Mrs. iiarvey Casey present a beautiful appearance. Jefferson county, visited Mrs. H. G. Herr, Dudley Vaughn, Lil Camp, Jas. Guy Clore, of Prospect, Mrs. Nina cutting weeds, and otherwise helping last Monday. Mr. k C. Jean and family, .Mr. Russell, of Goshen, Mrs. S. S. Mount, the looks of the town. Liberal uremiums are oltered for Cooper, of Buliitt county, recently. S Johnson .. The fact that the Louisville Rail- Jean and iauiu anu iuia ... ,, li ve stock, tarm and garden products, s Committee Judge Jas. ot Prospect, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Herr, Speaker Mrs. T. Bishop, of Louisville, is & way Company has not complied with ot Fail lieiu, 1. ... attenucu cuutcu at uousehold: etc. and tne oest fair guest of Mrs. William Sierp this P. Gtegory, Judge Thomas. R.Gor- ot Warwick, Mr. James Huber, ot Highland Cui is.ii ... :.ui . Sun ever held is expected. don, Hon. H. D. Newcomb, E. R At- Louisville, and Miss Ellen Kemp its contract to keep the streets iu day and dined With Mr. Jean. week. good condition along its tracks with A sale of tne privileges at the fair Mr. Jim cook and iister, oi .OliIlr. Hamilton, of Washington coun. kinson. Hon. Luther Owings, P. S. spent Sunday with Mr. J. V. Nether- in the corporate iiuiits of the town vine, AllSSeS CI J. a autl family. took place at the grounds last Satur- ty. visited his brother. Dr. S. A. Ray. Bru e, ton and day. Harry a. Short, of Louisville, Thompson, this week. Oar worthy M. D. has opened up a also brought out some discussion. Mr. Albert "speai and Miss Idalne Precinct Committees. The president named J. C. Bowles Robi was the nig nest bidder on tne priviMiddletow- n- John Powel, Dr. S. D. day nursery in addition to his drug J. T. Jackson, of Lexington, and and Frank Faneili a committee to Ada Bishop. selling relresnrneuts, tne Miss Georgie Summers, of Brooks, Wetherby, E. D. leges for m iss Lula Mills. ..l bairtield, , Waters, J. D. Coch- store and is glad to take care of ba- confer with the town trustees in re- wnu n as oeeil .i ..nil: III i SlStCI Li, . price being $20 50. J. t. carlin, of Ky., were guests of the former s sis- ran. bies, providing they don t cry too gard to these matters. ettersontowu; bought tLe rnelou ter. Mrs. J. W. Gilmore. the past r . 1. Jeaii, bluce in , o. June, re- much. e Auchorage and President Semouiu aunouueed that turned to in i Uoiue i'uesud for S3: L C. Woodward, week. us all rally to the support of privilege Let Whips. Dave Bowser, Eustace Wil iv a Lie and he had appointed a committee on Coiiipauled U Ml iuncti stand. $41 50: John Golden, colour fair candidate, Miss Elsie i Miss Rilla Rooksbv, of Louisville, liams. public school building with J. C. Mr. ciyue t.iuiiube. ger, in The J eficrsouian's conored, omuer privileges. K2. S. E. Potts, James was a guest of Mrs. J. R. Jones Mr. aioci Spcai a i. ii borne U'ed-uoBruce as chairman, uamts of those Following are a tew of the premtest. ucsday to seek upi in Com Beard, James Smith. several days this week. on the committee having been pub- vine. Mis f nenus wis i in in ,ucce..s. iums ottered: O'Bannon John W. Ward, W. S. EASTWOOD. lished last week. This committee Mr. Claud 1'yler atleuUctl services Family Reunion. Kinkead, J B. Guthrie. Thursday, Aug. 17. was appointed to take up the ques- at W oi "thing lou Cnristian citur o Jettersontowu J C. Bowles, Cal. Mr. and Mis. Peter Kaufman, of Aug. 7. Messrs. Howard Walket tion ot building the tlOUU school last bunuav and dined wiin Mr. On this day there will be over 1100 I'Aornberry is doiuK Jtiokc. Mr. j. Okolona. entertained with a family Marshall, Chat les Tyler, A. Anderson. aUd .v llllUUl DlaCKWcll 1C1 1 last ucell building in Jefferson Heights. iu premiums awarded in tbe stock The Long Run Sim Sturgeon, Wm. lui Dallas, icxas, ivucrc ihey have KOOU liiei e hi ui i'nose present were Mr. i. uura ed matter was thoroughly thrashed out a a piize reunion. snow rings. The teatures are meeting, tia nit D hi 1. t mat n. ne accepted a position. and Mrs. Tom Kaufman, Mr. and Malone, Ed. Johnson. by the members and it seemed to be sixteen acluilioiii. of $1" for the best mare or gelding ..l i duu .wis. vv . B. Crosby spent Hokes Charles Hunsinger. C. C Mrs. Will Stout and family, Mr. and the consensus of opinion that no ; Mi Tom til palled into aL Simpson Hie. under tour years old best rider or Sunday Mrs. John Kaufman, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, Lewis Catau. in.,uis. bcuu .uoftou and baby, who steps should be taken until it is de- ton ; lie fucsd ot wmch jTo goes to the rirst: driver House Wm. Talbott, have spent the auuiuicl Willi llei George Kautman. Mr. Parrot, Mrs. ibresning termined whether or not the countv mg machine. . t 5 second, and f2 tnird. same for best parents, Air. and ftus. Jas tuiskeii, will be bondeu tor school purposes. season is uv el". years old; Buzzetta and daughter, Margaret, Chas. Taibott, Henry Zimmers. marc or gelding over tour Spring-Gardeii) Car-rii- i. Henry Kleir. John uave returned to Uicii home in However, truest Carritbers, Mrs. Mrs. Irene Klump. ot Louisville, Mr. the committee will meet fastest trot, best 2 in 6. three times and Mrs. John Hemdell and tamily. Pearce. i'exarkaua, Texas. era anu sistct, Miss Gertrude Mi and .urs. W uber Blackwell en- soon and discuss the proposition. i'tiornberry, seut t'rtdaj "an Mis. around. US to the first. 13 second, and Woods Wm. Miles, Hite Stone, tertained at diuntr suuua. Covers E. R. Sprowl, secretary and treas ix. S. Milts and dauu hter. 13 third: best girl rider under s;;teen Bud Younger. Wm. T. bates Marries. weie laiu loi Ail. and Mrs. Geo. urer of the Jefferson Heights Lund Mrs. Jim Queen, ol Ml Washing-ton- , special by James Greene $20 lady s tSeckley. Mi. anu Mrs. Frank Joeck-leFairmount Joun Long, Geo. returned nome Saturday, iiir-- i Mf.and Mrs H. S. Leavitt, of San which donated the five- desk to rirst and lu book case to and tamily, Mrs. Lileu Aihoisuu, Company, Jas. H. Sous. spending several uays .win menus at Diego. Cal .. announce the marriage acre tract to the school, renm-tor- i second: best gentleman rider. 90 to mis place. Crossroads John Smyser. Jacob Miss carne iSichuisou: Messrs. Howell Heckle, Jas. iSecklcy, Jr., that the sale of the lots had netted to second and of thtir daughter, Lora, to Mr. Wm. Smyser, L. bU L. Jorgvuson is expected to fill lirst and $2 and Stivers. B. tiia.-- well. T. Bates, ot Los Angeles, Cal., which and (30 per share. Messrs John B Mc- - his appoiuiujcui ;.i third respectively. .ir Springs Mis. VV. T. Malott Peter King, Robt. Reid, .Mrs. E. R. ftprui and A mule race will also take place on occurred on the 23rd otJuly. Mr. Bucnanau, or Jcltersuiilow n, visited berran and ft.. S. Monohan having nextsunoay, Aug. wife anu Joseph Carrithers. Joseph Prising. J. K. douu.ou. agreed to donate their profits to the little this day. and it goes without saying Bates is the youngest son of Mr. and Meadow Lawn Frank Moore, Har- Mrs- Geo. tSeckleyE.last week. Li. Mrs. W. S. Bates, of Smyrna, and Wright and local school, when the business js daughter pentye Monday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. tnis will attract wide attention. ttiat Mall beard, oi Fisher-villry Applegate, W. L. Miller, Jr. daughter, Nancy Miller, oi Cexirig straightened up, it is said that ab'Jut Jos. Seliigman. ot Louisville, will his many friends wish him a long Sniveiy J. P. Shiyely, Jacob D. ton, axe kisitlug Mis. Wrights sis t'2,000 wili be iven the school for nappy lite. Miss Kemp Sweeny visited Miss equipment within three years. give $2.50 for tne best pony and rider. Moser, B. H. Keriick. ter, Mrs. Oiuer Join s, and tamily. The next meeting of the club will Mamie Bridwell last .. .... l.lack-wel- l will also be very interesting. This Misses iYlary and Blanche St. Matthews Norbon Rudy. Hugo First Thing Sold. have been the recent guests oi Tnere are a number of other rings on B. O. Herr The missionary quilt made by the SchulU, Misses Alien, of Shelbyville, tnis day. Entries must be made by Fairgrounds Tnomas Butler, Jacob Mrs. Mary Emmons has gone to 12 o ciock in order to comDete. ladies ot the Jettersontowu Baptist Spencer county to spend some time Groeble. Bryan Williams is tne superintendent, church will be the first thing sold on Robbs H. D. Robb, Spencer Minor, with Mr. and .Mrs. tsurdiue Beuuclt. Mr. and Mis. E. M. Hedges anu and J H. Alderson, L. A. Low and Saturday afternoon at the Fern J. B. McDowell. niece, Miss Esther May tsianken-bakcr- , on judges. Creek fair. Lon Jones, committee Harrod's Creek Richard Trigg. with relaspent tne week-enMote Wiiiiams is ring master. in Louisville. tives Albert Liter. Albert vViihoyte. Services at Beulah. Mrs. Jas. Buhanuon and children, Fern Creek Joseph Reid, Frank Preaching next Sunday at Beulah of Sueiby ville, and Mrs. Eugene Friday. Aug. 18. Vaudergrift. of Louisville, have been church at 11 a. m. Subject: Human Williams. Valley William Adams, Joseph visiting Mrs- Alice Beckiey. This is Louisville Day and the city Depravity:' at 8 a. m.. "Mutual Kennedy, Allen Alsop, Garney Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Jett Muiiius and Mr. is expected to turn out in large num- Fellowship.' Geo. W CHEEK, Gordon Atulhns spent Sunday with peopie of our fair Highland Park E. K. Atchison, bers. Tne good Pastor. oi Mr. and Mrs. W. T- Mullius, metropolis never fail to appreciate J. T. Adams. Shelby county. Springdale Lee Barbour, John tins compliment to them, and you Misses Sue and Mary Blackwell and may took for all your "'city cousins7' Claxton, H. A. Simcoe, Coiiis Maddox, Messrs. Max Pearce and Gordon Muilins were entertained by Mr. and at the fairgrounds on this day. John Downs. Mrs. Wj F. Taggart, ot Crestwood, About $150 in premius are offered Albermarle Harry H a r 1 a g e, last Tnursday evening-Mrs- . for the best suckling1 mules, best Fount K ramer. Nick Bibelhauser. Colgan and Misses Colgan best saddle and harness horses. and Josephine Pearcy. of Louisville, are spending some time with Mrs. roadsters, fastest pacers, mules, etc. W0HTHINGT0N. Jas Pry or. The pacing race will probably atMr. and Mrs. W. V Cowherd had Do you realize it is better to be tract the greatest attention, as $20 is safe than sorry, as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. H that it is the best Aug. 7. Miss Mattie Porter, of offered to the first, 810 to the second, and policy to lock the stable door before near Beargrass Station, arrived Sat- - W. N. Owens, ot Lakeland, Mr. Hill. The race Mrs Edw. Ragland, of Cresent and $5 to the third noise. the horse is stolen? mui lu sjjtuu sutue Lime itn .uis.s Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beckiey spent is to be run three times around the Tuesday in Louisville. Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy Anna Thomas. track and is for the best 2 and 3 heats yAT OUR Mrs. R. A. Zahn and son. of LouisA race of mares and geldings, any cured Mrs. C. C. Gokey, of a stubWestport Road News. guests of Mr. age, trot or pace, is a special by Wm. born case ot heart disease, such as ville, were week-enMrs. Bertha Jetter, Pearl Gibbs and Mrs. H. H. Simcoe. E. Meyers ft Co., real estate dealers, thousands arc now suffering with. Miss Ella Lee Black returned to and Elsie Jetter. of Louisville, spent and also promises an exciting time. Read what she says: her home near LaGrange Sunday Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fry "Before I began taking Dr. Miles' ana second premiums are $15 First Heart Remedy I nad been suffering after a pleasant visit to Mrs. Mar- er and family, of the Westport road. and $10. from heart trouble for over five garet Claxon. An enjoyable party was given Satyears. I had grown so weak that it was impossible for me to do thirty Miss Margaret Smart, of Anchor- urday night by Mrs. Elnora Dietrich, Saturday. Aug. 19. AT THE minutes work in a whole day. I Music and age, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. of the Westport road. suffered intense pains in my leftside This is called Bardstown Road Dadancing were the features of the J. C. Claxon. and under the left shoulder blade, I vit might have been better if the evening. Ail report a fine time. could nut sleep on the left side, aod Mrs. B. F. Littrell was the weekCompany had changed this to "Cenwas so short of breath that 1 thought end guest of friends in Louisville. I should never be able to take a full Fnneral of Edw. McNally. tral Lincoln Road" Day, but since it breath again. The least ex citement Mrs. Roy Gable and son, Miss Trie funeral of Edward McNally, did not. we have to take it as it is. would bring on the most distressing Frankie Littrell and Mr. Chas. Litt- sixty-fou- r palpitation. I had scarcely taken a It is the last day of the fair and years old. a resident of of the Heart Remedy berell spent Sunday in Louisville with Anchorage, and a native of Doublin, all The 'past exwill be the best of fore I could see a marked change in relatives. my condition. I began to sleep hibitions of the fair have demonstrat Ireland, whodied at his home followwell, had a good appetite, and imMisses Nettie and Emma Rotben-burge- ing an ed the fact that the people who atillness of several months was proved so rapidly that when 1 had of Lyndon, and Isabel and held tended this fair on the first three taken six bottles I was completely at 10 o'clock Thursday morning Lydia Hardy, of Middletown, spent from St. John's Roman cured. days just can't stay away on the last Catholic MRS. C. C. GOKEY, Northfield, Vt Wednesday night with Misses Rosa a success. day and it is always If you have any of the symptoms and Elsie Rothenburger, the Miss- church in Louisville The burial was A feature on this day is the ' GenMrs. Gokey mentions, it is your es Hardy remaining until after Sun in St. Louis cemetery. Mr. McNally tleman Jockey'" race, which always duty years came to this country forty-fivto protect yourself. day. furnishes great pleasure to the ago and started in business at AnchMrs. S. S. Mount, of Prospect, and orage as a florist. He was one Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy. crowd. It is charged by some that of the Mrs. O. T. Herr. of Warwick, spent and Lon Jones are is what you need. If the first botCharlie Scoggan residents of Jefferson Incorporated professionals oy this time, thty have tle fails to benefit, your money is last week with their father, Mr. J. county. Besides his wife he is surW. Netherton. ridden so often, nd will be barred, returned. Ask your druggist. vived by foui children, S- W. and Ky. and Rev. J. E. Thornberry's mother, Edward McNally, Mrs. F. W. Taylor but we shall have to wait and see. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. brother and sister, Ruth, have been and Mr9. J. W. Coleman. There are three premiums 55,83 and $1. ELEVENTH T Every Thursday at $1.00 Per The j CAMPAIGN LIVELY H t ba-bal- a es - . Gil-mor- . e, u-id- V I . a-- . -- . . - i , .1 . Lyndon--Georg- v i . Roth-enbu- L j- -- -- . c i 1 v . . v tbrestt-suppos- e Two-Mil- e v n - Car-rither- y s, 1 VV . K , ! e. -- . Friends I, - "I Suffered Intense Pains in My Left Side." 1 MAKE YOUR EADQUAHTERS -- - d EXHIBIT - JE FFERSON . halt-botil- COUNTY FAIR c r, e THE SOUTHERN SEED CO. . best-know- n - Preston Jefferson Sts., Louisville,

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