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Image 5 of The Big Sandy news., August 16, 1907

Part of The Big Sandy news.

Sandy.. News l', August i.iitHse I "roll fruit Helm W Co Hlllil Mr. O va the DEMOCRAT I.KSrt lived In IeSoth J lil fin team for a m ah. til forelioded. alio e thing exploded tlic ttV party Wallace, with etc Ham Office nar on to Flckle- - Pickle- - N of cht'in- - T. S. McClure, of McClure, county, waa here Saturday. a bualneaa vUllur Tribune NOW GOING ON. Si Full and complete line of Murtln a C. F. Oborne. 5 r waa a 1 Jennie and Myrtle Calnea, Mlna Iteba Mnmond. of Potior, and of Fallaburg hav Ix'en vlaitlia Iulsa V of Fort r.av. rail I'enry Hragga, of Vane, were mar- - friend. a of lire and aubw rlbed a offbe haie i!ed In the County Cb-rMr and Mr. C. W. Caatle and prr WednrdaT. Ist TlmriKlav. Ceorne Mang'T have Kone to here over iln( mrf1 Hlvct.r T Hu'hina and Mla Lena ! HuiidaJ. It tamo down the W Mlaaea HTtle and Lydla BtirKeR, Wlleoti. ImkIi of Walie i and left Mrm.Ut morning man lid In Cut Creek, were in of a, lat Suturdny. ti- nlnii, a rolorl rlilld 4t TiKedai. Ht eaten off ty a larue r! Wllllum CummliiK. of Charleaton, lth Aft-month a vUit of wvt-rn- l driven rorientcould aeveral baa Iwen in w. Wrot.n .Mr lr. and Mra. j Wroten returned to Sa unite alck. C T.' I' Will Uiwt with Mr ire Wallace Saturday Aug 17th vannah W'ednvaday. H. H. lleall and Clara MlddniiRh. of M. Member are urged ti at ralntavllle, aere at the Brunswick Mlia Mary Kltk. who will take her Minnuy, piker a one of the teacher In ibe inal Monday, licit ('. Corna went to Cincinnati Uula public w'hool Mr. M. F. Elkln and children, of Ahhlund, were recent gueat of Mr. inlav. to mert her hualiand aaa hrre lant Saturday from lint II. J. CbiUliii. mlug fioui Teiaa for atatloo Tueedav evening the K.tern Ma-Mr. S. J. Justice and the loy Star degree a a ronferrel by tae nlr lodue In Fort tlay ilMn Mr are spending a few daa with friend rotf Snider, of lick No i Palntsvllle. i ili'tor In the date t'lty )ea- - Imn Hlanketiblp and Mr EC. Jenk of Ixmlra. Trttitine Mra. F. L. Stewart and daughter We hope Jeff it not mad gave a tacky Mvlan have gone to Pence Sprlnga Mlaa Virginia Scagg iwrty Wednea1ay evening In honor for a coi'le of weeka. Kuriia, of liiiulaa, wa made Cbapiell. of of her gu.-a- t Mia Ml llewile Snyder, of Louisa, came of the convention which Tr-e- l were Corvlot. Va. d Theutiold down thla morning for a visit with Circuit for very goKl time. and all report a friend. I ndciendcnt. 0tru AT COST OR LESS. KENTUCKY M LOUISA, 5 i PERT PARAGRAPHS da. Picked ' ' Uefn-ehnien- EXAMINATION, TEACHERS Mr. S. M. Freene and baby Morlawrenca County teacher eiamina-tu- r ton, of Cannel City, are guesta of alll be held at Cordell.Ky. Aug CapU ami Mra. F. F. Free. lr haa moved from Urnahy and ircuple id atnry of the Mordaf al II on Water treet V IT J llll, K Ferguaon, of nd In the rlty laat Monday i'ted a position at the Roy C "". H. At Pike. Paint add PreStOflSbUfJ', When Abner Justice of bear the Forka went to retire a few night ago, he found a Urge rattle make coiled on hi pillow. plalndealer. Whiteaburg Ky, Aug. K The is tn name of a new Democratic weekly just launched here .y . m. wetib. an old newipaper n an. It la the only paer In the county. le a i Wllann L'p Ira Gai)ll and Mr. Paul Mr Gau It and the 1nhy have gone to TboniMn, Sut- Recently appointed ostma.ster are Victoria Wright, Beefhide Letcher rcunty, and Robert Newcom. Damron, like county. Campton, Ky. Aug. 10 J. S. Riten- bouse of Johnson county., has filed suit In the Circuit Court of this county alleging niallrcious prosecu for tinn. Plaintiff allege that defendant caused him to be Indirted on a charge of perjury. The trouble develoed In a suit involving the possession of 6wan-If- o Springs. Klttenhouse was acquitted. Tueaday night C C. Collier. 1'alb county for a abort visit. if Denton, tin kllleil In the Aahlnnd Mr Pricey Adkin. of Fuller, wa rumored that he war the pleasant guest of Mra. Dan -- Mingo Rep. tunnel. It w aaaaulted and hla Nh1- placed on the Wednesday. lurke. of a llurke, haa track for the purpoee of deatroj Ing 0. Ellis, who Is now a member of Mra. Henry Preston and daughter, hat la known aa the Martin all rvldenee. Mis Ileulah, returned laat Saturday the Louisa Produce Company, has 1 Avenue and will oc from a visit to John Hay at Charley. Jrst recently purchased a lot in a residence. tw rs v Martin, of Aabland, where he expects to build and g Monday. be.-a few hour la yisa Etta Blankenshlp and Mia Hranhani haa a poult Ion wore year a lightly Myrtle Calnea returned Tuesday from n ake his home. hi four Kaine Damnin, formerly of Weddington, of Ft. Cay, a. thoutfi they were but three wore a brief visit In Catlettsburg and Mrs. Iliury ho la yard mauler for the arrived Saturday afternoon for a visI )et In the acMve jene Ashland. the doctor at Huntington. it to the home of her daughter, Mrs. tire of hi profeaalon. John Burn, the proprietor of the lUnry Wright quarterly meeting of the Attorney Wade II. Ilroneon I unite P.tit Sandy Milling Company, returnW. M. Remmle and daughter Miss :ee year for the M. K. church CI with typhoid fevar at the residence ed to Louisa on the afternoon train tlrace. of Louisa, were tn town last Loiilaa waa held laat Sunday o' Dr. II. H. Hatfield t Kltman. HI icsterday from Ashland 1 rttmne. Saturday. Tribune. v Prealding Elder CxHtllng. ltn.naon, left Tuesmother, Mra. Belle C. llHffman and Ml H Mingo Rep. Miss Vlrgle Brown, the IS year old Tel- - day to attend him h'rtern I'ulon and Poxtal Hatcher, of Pikevllle, ana uinoon A. Brown, died Mr l!aoiion baa many relative and son. daughter of Mr. Frank have gone out on a atrlke. Mrs. Ill William Ijiwsoii, at the home of her sister, Mrs.Joe B. here. g the bualneaa of the couiitry. of Williamson, wore at the iiiunsw.i Richardson, Monday. Pteston near the office In loulHa haa not Saturday. while alighting from biKt The body was taken to Piiints-vl'l- e Clark Obrwiti. wti-dSaturday for Interment. the train at Pnintsvlll. After a visit of several week Miss two coache re- EHher Sprague haa returned to ner hdl hetwi-eold child of Mr and night lisslag over Mr. Chris. Chaff In died at her wa m Klnaller. of Fort Coty, died sulting .In tke whecU home In St. Cloud, Minn. She right leg. mangling that member arcomimnted by her mother, Mr. J. U. home in this county, opposite Webb, Mr. KluMliT I an employe bis as W. Va., a few day a.go. She was ihe Dlxon.who will be gone some time. a broth lo such an extent amputation lottling Work and mother of Slant Chaffln, the mor-necessary. iiiim Klnstler of Iau1 Mra. B. F. Thomas and Miss Heloise, rllant mine, mar of Cincinnati are guests of Umisa rel- At the l.cfflngwcll coal lulia Nell of yucneilto Kbiih , Ciilliban I'labN'd a.lves and friends. Mrs. Thomas is Mrs Susie !ig friend iii Louisa. nairnd Charles Workman In with Mrs- Lackey nnd Miss Hoi ever pro- ,teralure ! diiiigbtet W W. Mil renin ioih 1 ..It. CllVllrtf ,.L looking o;se wim Jim Mmed in anv language. For about four of the breast with a birge knife RiieblK of Cenilo un jicluiiis nnd gaping wounds; one just above family are Istlve 11 bel. Sullivan and lately vaontednow Oil Comiauy a half of It the Standard by! pays some twenty-nin- e lieait and from which it Is bouse the l4ilnll seem to have no ll, ved the boy will die. Lucl'.ej millions of dollars. M. F. Con ley. Mrs. Sullivan and lilxiut lncreiihllig Ibe pi Ice Saturday lmse-l,;"om rieming Mr. Sl;iilli .1 Fred Frank, the Hairy Corns, for some time dii line. Ills deibion County pla'v.r of Ashland, v. ho has 1. S. engineer duty In Texas, bus i.daid (III Co. limy flop ibe bcaltb for s.mie time, was n( llie (oir.itiv pres-Kent to take charge of the iiuprov- in Augustus W'llson To Speak. In n bospllnl In Hl iiiK.n opeml nients ut lock N. 1. Kentucky river ' '"w n few dns um. He Is stationed at Irvine. Pnui. Miller, of the Purls of our Ke;mb- - '((mm bb'b ill bo Kod For the information hi. In d tlie end of bis thumb l,1!,,,vl.ignl.Tly. ' -In- -ib licaii friend the New publishes the;"" to bis many local fi lends bi slimming the door of bis Bromley, of Louisa. Sum when Augustus Will-- J day and dale pendent. le iiuilnM It. We are eight carloads of cattle lo Oincln- inn their candidate for (loveninr, but what In thunder dirt be exchanged l!ii m In Louisa. It Is Friday, ineli vesterday and Shipmiin. "f LoiiImi.Is spend.1 il A .'b n lai')!e Nile? ,l,r " t'nr ,n!U' of Tf xrt8 lionb's.wblch the guest ugust 2"rd. few day In the city ing 'he sblpiHMl to Louisa, for distribution Mr. Kl.l- of bis son. W. F. Shlpnmu t III liitllel correvliolldi'lll mrtghborhood. Mr. .'Inimley Company "il-- ! em i vejlTK Oi 1'ie. lu The 'Join ...l ..r v.l lille UuMmil; ws-'n.thitv and won ped a cur hurt of Irish potatoes from I cue of the hlgtost stock dealers a prospenm fanner of Nb'b-unt- . i...,.HIi for a limn of tbla place to Northfork. W. Va.,thls!lii the Sandy valley, and k one of (leriuny (iii.lii imssed tbrounh beiv a hi- This Is said to be the, first ear, the most careful In Introducing new venr. His nppenriuice lends mi va nL'ii rldlna a stallion, rtllv- - .. ,,ii,... of f,rt years, rntber lond shipment of potatoes ever made, stock into the country to get the .1.. of VO 1IIU .! uU and carrying a awitrm best breeds. Independent from here. (ban SO. Independent. Ut Blan-keiish- - Ur Lawrence Circuit Court James Clayton, Admr., against Ida Vaughan, 4c The creditors of E .B. Fitch, deceas-e-l, and all parties interested In thla case will take notice 'that on the 2nd day of September, 1907, at the law office of O'Neal & Carter, in the city of Louisa, Ky., sittings will begin lu this case and be adjourned from day to day till all .the proof offered by the parties is beard and the Commissioner 'a report completed. Wltnesa my hand this Aug. 7, 1907. The astronomer say that the earth E. E. Shannon, M.C wilt pass through the tail of a comet By R. E. D. C. next Sunday night, and that there will be a fine meteoric display. You ICE CRHAM AT SPRINCDALE. may find out by sitting up. There will be an Ice cream social at Sprlngdale on Saturday night, Bring us your Butter, Eggs and August 17th, for the benefit of the Produce. W. N. Sullivan Co. church. prof. J. B. .AlcClure. of the faculty of the Kentucky Normal School at J outsa, waa In the city last week soliciting pupil for the coming session which begin next month. Prof. McClure la well known In Williamson, having taught for many years in this county and conducted teacher's lnstl- tutea here. He has the reputation of being one of the ablest Instructors In tbit section. He will no doubt secure a number of pupils from this city and surrounding country. Mingo Bep. More Than $25,000 in Prizes it Lowest Rates by Rail and River I Yon Just Can't Aiford to Hiss It I Ikai accaanaaaiea I Trttia. aad arw kaildla( ceatiaf $275.M steal (raad ataad; aaaauMtk axkikitio karu; lasteat lr Facinl, laaainf laces Daily I Aa inswawat aragraa raaia way his tkswaaaaa al dallara. Bailed witk aa aJkibkiaa alaa aavaf kebr atteaaatcd. liiii ' SEPT.16-21,190- . 1 7. 'S-- m-n 1 . 1 tl-- mii LOUISVILLE. i i ainhip th marvel Cast Knabeaskae In hi aasttflger-carryim- i o! the century wnk da..y f.ithls and cxiufcaioc an a aibi ride I In the air guided by a earch-li(b- t Billo.n race the most ezciliof of aerial sports; and captly H bitloon I SenMllonil acrobatic acts tree etch day ! i And the world" greatest living color page ol amusement enter pritet. lliil filn't lamooi Manhatlia Beach lire work and the gigantic pyrotechnic spectacle, "Eruption ef VrsBvlu." actual reprodaclina g of th calamity ei 1906, given nightly ia ihe inlitld. In Iront ol th grand aitnd. Three csncerls daily ky Natiello and hi premier band ol tiity artist irorn th "Land si Music." i ms . siM-a- Remember th Kentucky Stale Fair was created by the Ktntocky Legislator and is given ander th auspices ol th Kentucky Slat Board ol Agriculture. Writ lor catalogu and illustrated dtwrlpliv bock. 1111 a anrg. aw gnaaaa lia. trackialhawarlal I !!! Casj aai kriat all tht tofts aaa th atteaaaaca wfll W twaDed th Brack desind Il(ara: a aarter miUwa ia ail graal days. Sea ear aad cracrtt it : ! Car-rln- e ,try i' A Stats Fair riklfta has ta kacklaf al th Caaawawvallk al lealacky. It's a trashy witk kig valae, aaida baa la aaeaey Hunt-Ir.gto- n, i Commissioners Sitting. Kentucky State Normal. Fr-e- I 15 (Leading Men and Boys Outfitters.) n. r ;maey m SHIPMAN & GENTRY, MIkvhi N-- SIDES, 5 a vlaltor here laat Saturday. Waab-Ingto- SeS AND HAT' 5 Otto Wellman and Mlea Clara r. ,v. Jone, a prominent citizen ) Stjrglll fulUrr. of Sceara, of Fort tiay, were married niy . U vIMMng lil in lid. laat Thurwlay at the home of R. F. of Cadmu. waa in Iiulaa Friday. Fralier. S3 51 of Prosperity, C. at U. Claim Agent Sander here on btulnex laat Friday. aTiiAT& , 525 aa a realdenre Mlaa Newberry, of Inez, la the the biMiee oiiUk k avenue recently gutwt of the Mlea Vaughan. varated by Frank Crntrher Ir. Hatten, of Ilnrhanan, waa In The HfV Mr, Kiggau will preach Iiulaa a few hour laat Tueaday. next at the IiulitaHaptlut rhurth Mlaa Catherlue Scott, of Catletta- BumUy morning and night. burg, ta the gueat of Mln Era Wellnia Mr. MM lent the IT. H. H. Camblll, of Dlalne. waa a bualDeiia vtvitor here thla week and Mlsa Mary Wray left yeaterday morning to vla-Tribune. for a wei-- In MM jS the gue mtii)Ii- - See (7 In Garfield Moore and wife, of Wilbur, ere recent vlaltor In Louisa. ll 'after w i Umlaa 1 a Hupt. McCarthy of the L. 8. (in Co., wa here till week. Mra. I.. ('. Vlnwin Co a. 33S liun returned from V. 11. Yatea, of Ijuiaa, day In town. Tribune. rollrge, BIG Pence lonitljoti. was here Hai a, of Loulaville. of Iter uncle. C. C. Hill. Wwiri; of M.intlni:toiii4nt Hal unlay mid Hnnday with home folk In lulna. CliHtley I MIh- tou flutter on Ice at W. ind Wrlulit, of Itoanoke, Va., of MU Virginia Sa--- ; nrofviKMir of gone to Mr. J S. chiw of plkcville l.i lil Kit lust SunUiiii '!( Carni'tt ltyland. lairy In the here this twk, r teiv. Mr. Hurry 4'urij Cincinnati. Mra. Charlie AMxilt aaelHted 1'oHt- n iuanter IliiKht'a during a ahort e of Mlaa M llmry. a. toniUea at groan k b.iB at dVpot. kl"lner jour Hlai kberrlc a life. Fir, at I1rkletmer at I'll M Sunday. ,t ,. d. nu( of youiu; Louisiana pi. Mck-- d nt Kimiitnln I'm k last Saliirditi. M - C. I!, A wm ilea knew Pa-p- a (lie itort of lift he'd led.; ylood her when she ald. P- Dr. WatHon t.i,ijH ut W. N. t'riiflKs i JiuIlT Pickles, r.c a Hiillivhii ii Co.'a. N puii Hkk of (., BulllMill ng PERSONALS. If you unt T;e.sli Vegetabh go to I I'leklcMli.i r'i. P'"7 TI'llNKO IK)'A.S'. I'j.jlll," ll tllidel and Fruit Jmg 0t PIcUi'a. ' R. E. HUGHES, j Secretary, loolsvilla. i. ' I .'I.-- I

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