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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., August 16, 1907

Part of The Big Sandy news.

big ANDY NEWS. Aid inveniam viam, aut faciam. NUMBER UME XXII SO. ' jblg fit LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, AUGUST M. F. CONLEY, Publish, 6, 1907. be,v.-- s at a minimum of cost, and )ur scrawny stock bnten to a finish I Two' big produce house In FARMERS' J objected to the marriage on account MURDER IN FLOYD ot the youth of their daughter, who years of age. Th la but aixteen t,it groom Is the son ot Hon. C. M. Par- Miss Nora Stephen. to Death n a 'demand for utcat Louisa August 28th sons, now of New York City, and In vegetable, and pmiltiy whirl, In Her Home. tan the nephew of S. M. Cecil, witt; j 29th by State Officials. In not, hair way tot. or News The Big met by our Lively Finish whom he has made bla home since fanner. The t . milium babyhood. They are both popular BLOODY BATTLE AT MOUTI OF ABBOTT. ... I ?Vf rthltifp khLh For young people, Mlxs Emma being the -- -. 1! W fk-- V , I. lV th. a...-truck aweet singer at the electric theater. ... t. While in a drunken frenzy carter th fu. a farntri now 3"ur tiank ac- icui'M ana The parenla on learning of the mar- Sunday evening, Sam Arnett , Fanner' Institute U anon to i'iuul will grow Trm k farmers II ami riage, took a philosophical view of Tom Sheppard, of Goodloe, DISTRICT A. F1osL nrr Ulr cities tulMvate In tbla city. The lmjrtan e We have arranged for the con- the matter and welcomed their No. Votea. county, went to the home of Saru-- utl or,h hundred, dollar, au Mis Emma Carey, Louisa, t occasion la ao great that the;U"J 79.215 test party atop over In Rliiimond. aa a thing to be adored, and Stephens, a prominent reHidVnt. "row rlrn "f ' ; again and at greater length M.s lllunle Stone, Louisa, a7.415 Va., wbicto ia a rery Interesting city, the young couple are now happy and of that community, and endeara-- sl ,. the time thl In.titute wlll.rtu",-- v frrner. ran make every a'rejM'ka Kluie See, Walbrldge, 35,390 berauae of the Important bart play-e- a are receiving the congratulations of to entice Miss Nora, the beaurtfe.1 priiniii Umir ui i.e M a. Fanuia Wade, LoulBa, Wednesday and Thurs--! I !r' I It L thla their friends. 32,ir.5 there In the bixtory of joung daughter of Stephens, away itntt on the of Also, on the return couDtry. trip rvit : anJ 21. Three rrru. DISTRICT B. flora, home. She refused to go aud M m Fanny Tlionipwn, turets have been assigned to Auk"" "d barn ho X in d.iti-,- f 1S,20 ire have arranged to come from they then tried to force her, but A He Got Here Ail R the five district. Into which) I'ii-- t Mary Qiiwn, Durhanan, I0,7.'ir, Norfolk to Washington City by at earnfought desperately, managing to pe A PfCtt) Part)', baa been divided Law- - j n route at ML VernM:iui Ht'rtlH Coojwr, Cherokee, 2.705 er, atopplng their clutches. Arnett i,7,'J St, Louis, Mo., Aug. 9. Hugh Ash, county l In District No. S. and! on, the home of George Washington. '..-l- y. then began shooting DISTRICT C. ; itut l! U- - no to be held at liui-Thete From Norfolk there will be aide aged five, arrived at t'nlon station tosr bH.-,r- i tin I'm -I Savtiiani, Wilbur, threatening to kill the fani-...v- J ' day from Mulberry, Kan., ou his way . hvtufed h J. H WalVeritM. I lilted Slat.-- . trips to Virginia rVach and Old Jj i ti,,.i MlhB KII.atH-ll- l and again endeavored to force itu HurtteKH, ne is vj .. a tag sa ! of H.pkliivll'e. H J JtabUln. wrtilt k two of the most tion' .it fr'rl to go with them. At this ('orges Creok, 31."; I'olnt Comfort. rxh. t M"t Holt, who is clerk V a . anil t',mt fioptilar bathing resorts on the Hof .t!rj dM Tinrvla.. nlilil About 8 Will Stephens, a brother of the g.rrt Lawrence county Court. Hugh' p ot the f i: mt: bland. Ky. lautlc coast a Iarrin Jpiirv maid-- u. lu- shed Into the bouse, secured a rt-- t'4 few dress suit case w as more than he Tt" a,v figures tell the result of tbc ' ..!inr Ynrti Yum a .id I'lttI Klne. at.J unol MW di! and fired at Arnett, wound Big Sandy News contest for could carry and a porter helped him Tlie wilt lx on nund on the w n bl.d in the I' of the Hotel ,n" l,lri'ed cont.t for the free trip him fatally. ll.e free trln to Jamestown KlDOsltion. on tne rlBul tralnand lb" loral orgna- - l'iuiii-l- . k. ar-l:i all the alluring :,u J"'"""1' a Arnett staggered out into rhe yajrx This bit of news which appeared and fell The three winneis alMi won the Hii hinond and Washington is over t u!inr to i rttetel to fcav all airance iika aim unconsr and Shv every afleruoofl paper in in nearly ti.tJ- - In advance T"kwi I'ik.Ii lUih wa Hrt o' there.' iNm't Care votin, which mnounted to and the result pr.rd raa awav. Abo:t nine o'cfr.k lu this Issue. the West last Friday has a good deal ' ea-In iliitrlrt A, and in t nmiit The glrlf. rrr of the local nriantxatlon or to", but be The only regret we have Is that all C)f i,.al ,.,,i0, wis friends here vere ht returned to the Stephens hntse. jand again endeavored to persnsdo bmli arisrge t'ue cfil. thivis'i, ai.J tliom- who ki them the ut her dUtrliln These are Inromniiite j The the contestants could not w in. They waiting for the little chap, and w hen the gfrl to go with him. Upoa fc m. lntint lUe regular le- - -- mid he..rd 'em- - tnt It lldii'l cluded In the alxive totals. stepiied oft Uie train nere baiuruay rn'li if all. atnilt was not changed by theflrJId giKid work and tlulr frieuiis': lufteruoou be found a hearty welcome. refusal, be shot her through and ukIiik u h ut!e t f r im Jire a bit ot dilfen-iMe- , Mm, nowever. as ea.n nan enougn the bit )ilm lu Trdlt navy body, and as she fell, caught - bmt hid rrirrt)irea aa may V fu!ul VBBnty for thvin The boy is the son of Oliver Ascne to win without them. ralied bone I'nile am and placing the end of the pistol barto the dlotrbt and alternatlnc to t -.v Uie KrandSon of Fred Asiie, both At ten o'eUs k Wednesday nljht Tti Mal Wlelt fat tun jl'.ar.t an old im V to ever. lnkn a few hours In ad- -' deceased. His mother's maiden name rel between her lips, sent a l eaJ-Ib- re was cloiwd, and the winem. even for I bullet crashing Into her with ) inuih an bnlli f k. at at a roiinlry the ballot box axtitaed subjerla vnnce. No record was kept after the j was Parsley, and she was related to rrjirewnteil I ) u h a hunr'i a the count was not nude until a short Dropping the dead body of the grrtt they are thoroughly mntrrv thls'tbe Parsleys orPasleys of Tug riv- he escaped to the bills that efuvizo and U.aUa girl, who at lin,B ,,,'fur n0,,n on Thursday. and count of two weeks ago. and nd they should be notified la r Jentally oiiver about Goodloe and has not - since alrtilfv their anrrftifire and walked III the mellow light of the the first luiormation given out was ould aot have told the lule any-,"- lim. in killed in a coal mine In Kansas. Sbor been seen. So trough the columns of the Newa Irntetn. on the evening named. way. because so many votes were,, their I er. ly after bis death bis wiuow, w It is ',.r A reward of $.'.00 bas been ofTtflwd What a hi. Same, of the; All ballot, have been preserved held ,A,r ih.t th. addre- -e. .back unMl the last day. j stated, deserted the boy, then not fcr Sbeppard's capture and an ana arcoant! of the excellent work years old, and the child was On ed posse is now searching the by all, we are offering to include eu by strangers- - lie seems to have of Interested ..artle-- no, a. a . M. n- be Ore.k-- ,r country for miles ab at, on on. good of the unsuc-hte- u well cared for, for he bad trr of cariosity, but for any good in the trip any or all o1 tn' and all towns within a radius ef "" It I preferred ,f the tsu-- r. ut cessful contestants upon terms ibat clothes and good manners, Jeann rpaon milea are on the watch fore do not confine we hasten to eiplaln that Mis we hope will be quite acceptable. The Laud Holt, of Busseyville, whose the murderer. to rtart on v ' -- y ' . mamisri-tp-t. proiiosltlon la being mailed to each 1.. strictly to fe ia the little fellow's aunt, came anerniKin, Aug '1st . . The crime is the most desnfriM VluH Mmriorte flara and srsn, anoum mn ik maae jl with- a buggy for the young trav- - and cowardly r(inu, , ,h. win- - of them. Tll. .- -, . . that has been inj aurririeni time anoum. .oe V.rlon KetleV ot fonsmoum, .1 ana' nera ana anyoune losera wno on- - Our proposition Is to take these peo-!cand took him out to bis home, mined in the history of Floyd . . . . . It mu rnnducted In truly , " earn auujetl IB oraer nai of the amount uuon th. Urmi 0ff,rtl: pU at about here be will be kladly treated and and the entire countryside jtv ' Kimoaos ana mings mn mr The ttyie. be tborouiUly dlvusard. which thla trip is estimate!! to cost tarei for. aroused over the terrible deed. cornprebenslou of masculine rulnd. .. ii.. -.I niriti'LiInn if taken In the regular way. 6o far aa the Newa Is Informed? two nleees, the Mwses bnyder. Immediately after the ahoo&us,-- . "; 1'ngh Asche baa the distinction of her. should aee that the meeting "" Will Stephens, who shot Arnett, anee l"uu"a,a"' All aliih.l and not drag being the first person ever shipped of bis ai8ter's assailants, went n,u,B wn r Oreat Show Of The W arpath, j to Louisa by express. A Notable Party. must be abided , arlrl .a. &can Prestonsburg and surrendered ... -. oi me j the bieetlnta aa the Institute, bm-- ih self to sheriff Martin, but was aw were very mueh aimve I war-- : ana u ( t,i il.. t. The three great shows of the i mr An Intereatlr.a liartv l..ft Mor.he-- d Feeling to ruuuint !.!,. leased on bond. Lecturer W. T. Kane. '1 held for ate and tLy Sund.v for th. Jame.,ow- - Huml- - Path and th. use of the superlative -high everywhere and there Is SBlO . . . irui rtmmr ininii usr iu in- . I i. it of all who I1JA. ' lion, consisting ot ten grown soua 01 merely riuo wt mn doubt that a lynching wrUX foEfcaar r"1"""" Mr. W. were Mrved. .i. .lace of them. f, Kane, of Fallsburg. is- the capture of Sheppard If ber f., 1,1111 mllh I rmf Ikalr lv by Jamestown Exposition expressed as unique and the The funrtlon .1 iMr an one of the lecturers selected by Com- found while the spirit of mob There are fifteen children In this v'altnr. Keen attrflrtlna ' If mm Bitstake ntti. some rtlrlpants. eai- h and rollertlve-- : . .i date took advantage of the pub- - flv. .Irl. .nil Ion twiv. all evenly big business. The battle ofj' ioner Hubert VreeUnd XJto attend lence prevalla. Floyd eonnty were a. rkarmini as ine aiiair w. -Katl (n i.araater af the 4av to make It ly w n. "''- - T.,et,. neaimy, .unwan.; ubihisis the Merrlmac and the Monitor, the,1"" pie are the most hospitable fa and this Is saying a great No. 4. With Um we te for bis speech. Noahlng i.f tn religion and Democratic In pollt- - trttle of Getlvsburg. the battle of world, but the utter bi stadity of Cat? J. al c- - Crenshaw, of n Hon- klad ahottld be a Mowed t orrur views. On lastFriday they held Manassas, standing aide by side. .ch!-t- d then 17 tV. at f f murder bt-- t stln-e1 C. Martlndale, of Th. Codrt House abotild be, . ty that bodes ill for Sheppard; ST ttl.eir annual family reunion, which Is boused exensively and attractively Frankfort, and E. Call LnCle UOC hed for August 2S and and j .Wilkinson, Ind. i,a occasion of moment la Carter axd eonducted with dignity-Ins- pire caughL . ) V date be entirely given over to; Mr. Kane begins his tour at Harlan, pcunty. where both Parents and chil- - confidence before their oortals have Farmers' irru mn ,wn,nnt tn commercial and been entered. Once Inside the visrtor Harlan county, Monday. Aug. 19. aad nslllute Tbe News hop when the Four men, two Musics and two Vmm n erely ratifies what the thousands be-- 1 closes at bcottavllle. Allen county, ards, fought a bloody battle with atet' Iminrtanc of theae Inetltutee It stltute meets In Louisa "Vncle .w.lf, ctrcIr -- t - j I attend, and that j As a climax to this occasion the ten fore him have been bapne to express icL 28. The tour embraces 23 coun- Miller will ir farmers ran not be ore guns, at the mouth of Abbott, jS-beloX ties. The following are the subjects 1 on the trip to Jamestown. -t- bat thesa are features that aho-- ld ' Prestonsburg. They are held under the au- -' when the subject of w(atoe. la late Satursfa? ' to 'H lon which he wjjll lecture. Alfalfa. evening, two were acconinled by their not bv any meana be missed. of the tata Board of Agrlcul- - rd I'ntle Vr will te and as a result three of Ste reganM-a- s m (VM j0hn and Roliert. two Forestry and Immigration, and alout raising the tubers The battle of the Merrlmac and the breeding and development of Swine men are thought to be so serketay y twins, w hose wives, llala and Vonltor' stands the standard and their diseases. Sheep. Goats, Pas- wounded that there is no hope fisr at? :turera the verr beet talent pro- -' ot the moon. H said last rnngtaon hill land. Pure Seed, Main- twins. This a!so Kala 1. ha. been obtained Thev BT when the silt,'ert of hen It cornea to a discussion of Uvea. John and Ben Howard live itloae.1, that when the quartette attracts considerable atten- - hibiliona of this kind. The highest, taining soil fertility on hill lands. was thenrlsta. but ailrts In their e . the mouth ot Abbott and the . . -r i ..i tion Wherever they go, and were ten l .t ill of the exmrt mechanic has fol- - acd Beautifying tne nome. only do they . ground was In gw omuiar liner Nc William and his brother, live m lew abvng agrl-- ! no attention to the nim lut 't.t dered a free trip to the Exposition lowed one- - of a wizards painters j Mr. Kane is a well known practal miles distant, back In Floyd county asfT how to do thing .... . . . i.. owing to their unique apienTanee. Hlstorbial accuracy ever in agrleulturist and a Breeder of sheep of the river. On Saturday the Hwas all went rlgnt on ar.i ral llnea. but thev know miad the projectors of this auaremejnl hogs. He Is not only thoroughly came over to the home of the Have-ard- s. t all ktnd. of stork raUlng. and. j If be had flamed any this subjects, but at home Mistook The Scope. ei ternrise of the Warpath have achlev posted on these ti more to the point they knowli,, the "HsM" of the m..-.- he torn and It U said the four men Intelligently .. a, -identv of them." He was re- n. k ed more than even they hoped to on alfalfa, and can talk , gaged In a game ofcards over ample of accomplish. No wonder Is it that this and well about what he knowa. No e. dispute came up. one of the 'Amiat. re are men yot have seen them, quested to bring In a de- Every tw ye.irs the e- -. raising, ana ne paid . pr- - . .rJt. i etterprise has reached the pinocle mistake was made when he was accusing a Howard of cheatlsigeirt c "'- ""r""' "' sendsout a list of quetttons the cuniary aurcess. while at thejlected by the Bureau of Agriculture upon the men all seized shot gust Ve, If they, he wo, d. certain aubjerl. it has earned the enthus- - ac one of Its con of lecturers. fought for half an hour. ked to get up before a crowd., proper Am . r. for use In th. Government blue-o-f i.nstic tiaie will and "boosting" of j be al giHid th em neighbor., and , i their own soon as the shooting began the aa On. , the quest ions is." What StrUCk For Better Grub, The all those who have been privileged rapid firms hat tbey knew they would .1- - them, he said sejiarate4 and Vept up to witness IL faint. Well. ,h. men selected to , no .amnd. from behHid trevs And ro.kii.on to ,e.rn whether ,W,m.s-wit- h Very recently the Merrhuac and the, ljlhoriug under a delusion our fanner, on the 2sh were a. flu. that til there was but one, Wm. Mus.i.''a or txnt,y Monitor enjoyed the dlstluctlcn nol for rlghtIy "th can and will tela to ;t;aiao.e. brother, able to walk. entertaining the sister of Ueutenant ran poesioo Wayne foumv aa thHr Tob-efam of the recipients mlstiKik the Pome .. R. Jones, who was the Cateslvy A. hope t' ,en fo,loer,( Mt h. and this paier as is evidenced U, n. rarr0 UkJU. Dr. Z. A. Thompson. arot of the ijue-texecutive onlnany officer of the Mer-- ; ,nsU,ul,on Iast FridaT n1sht nd pre. will he so full that fisart Jlou bv three of the answers that reached . In the battle of March. ls2.and . flow meetings will have to th. recently. One of- - rimac Dr. Z. A. Thompson has lately aa i v- -r .. . i"ornrlv m lller forlt'blef Clerk Chance from the beginning to the ending of . !. . 'n th yard I... laflrmarr for .rtmiion. Being appointed as medical referee fll uuv iaconi.aii. of PTJfeec....t MIlll.B Co. died little Iron dad's career Ueuten refused, the email army proceeded to- the Hell. d all this Is wPhBut roncy ana fll-!e,In the blank space with 1 ccunty by Dr. J. N. McCorn l'rk. . .1., mtl ri Capt.iu rrnkl,n ' wards La' wrence county, snt Jone relieved Ohia Thei tt ptb-- to yoiL And ou snou.a ""The death Another annonnced with exuberancy Bucaanan. when the latter was wouno of the Skate Board of FfrKfA. . Wayne county authorities will eppre-- 1 retaric t are lalJ bv. Tbeiinf The cro his relations were "fine and Dr. Thompson baa been here onry- twv Mr!. c nd the paiiers. work Is done oteurreu ui est of th sunimer dandv." while a aautloas third ad- years and preceeding this apcaet-me- nt . De aim ni. " Why the Wayne aathorlties should "jurt tol vou ran well afford the rest where te has been appointed been living Tor several " tMld bsd Marrage of Miss Emma Johnson, want to have them returned is not of the C. k O. Railway; waa al o well deserve. And while erable." i - week. stated. renting from your labors by tcmWednesday to. in the organlxalion or Site , The body was taken . ..... . . .o uie e. 1..antlnr Pipe Line Broken. Pike county Medical Society, uJ was Iiiterniem. The following telegram from Plke-vlll- e . .. t IHI1IUK nv wrun vou wui . rdger Austin. apiwiuted as a member of the daughter aboat 13 Vim . lwill Interest many Louisiana.! mil o gain a nuaureu a. Pension Examiner! of. Pike roanrtr. shortly after the faiu- db-pie, one of the The young bride to a granddaughter' A big UMnch gs en r old i.. . This Lawrence county young man He U in favorof progress In y I ii in. i ij mmi.TS. I'y came her. 'two near Walbrldge, hss been brokea of Mr. and Mrs. William Carey: are Just bound to attend these is now one of the three railway tel- - way, especially wants a bridge Mrm some time and Just aa often for George j e(! n,bfTa domg work In the office of t'Hee. rikevllle. Ky.. Aug. 12 The demand lor J"'-the. river at PlkevUle and a hio'datl ja Mannger Ed. Kirk takes a gang of In Process of Chanje. nine almost hocr- N. W. at Fort Gay. The laws here. The bridge and hospi:! Parson and Miss Emma Johnson sur-tlaborers to the place to repair It The imputation of the earth asj Virginia forbid a railway tel and men- with aitarw rise come and It's all prised their friends, as well as the of West building recently vacated byjlM w oftcn . n.P Thli In. egrapher working longer than eight should be interested Plaindealef. ha. been lessed by off ,,e mag up there several days last iwrents of the bride, by btepplng inBrothers V ..nwlucta' a. wkwlih several husky boy. In over-th- e to the home of Rev. P. E. Thorn- - hcurs a day, and on account of a ' '!8P Oentry and will be Mr. Highberger, the well scarcity of operators the office at demand I. 1 ) burg. FTlday night and being madeFort Cay cloged onethlrd cf th civil engineer, who waa formerr a ts. , you raise none but of wny chicken, your ne gh bor In the presence of a few wit! time. Austin,' who is an expert ma- - resident of this place, bas wftb tits b(lt th. lae freshe, prevented the oi nowj fow of nrp,ntm K r.essee. The bride is tne Deaumui inlpulator ot thskey,- waa secured for family, returned' to how ,o raise W, W 1 There are two crossing- - mala. p. th front wWrh will be and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. the Idle third and the. office is, now nnted the house owned by J. F. &. worth, on the comer .of I'ike . ftvrvu Charlea R. Johnson, who staeuously open day and,' .. . .. . iuvi u. .u. e- ...... i verv niateriBui io fit PIS pay aim v.. u intn j Us. you ALL OVER BUT THE TRIP. 1: rr-at- ed Contest Sandy of ' Eastern ti-- iour. - '' v- -j w it rro"r' jht ' n , , ""t . t f-ti-- - h.''-'!!ii- ei I ' i io-j- j nprs - , bt n- -: ad : " ..e.,e - retary ZZl ZZ jio - J.,.e v.. rJ"r nu.- ... wr-rcund- ing ,,.,. - .i-a- ket. lak-do- ,uat-.reT- re , "es-m- . er ()ri-t.t- t. two-thir- i"ivr'" L- " l" .... ..7.k7 -- . .. ' '7 a to . V. n.h 1 j J'rlct j - ,I-- . reach-tlaT- .! Mas, n- .. '1' ! lg' w'ff j ..n -l. . , i !. .n red-hal- r- ,r. ti. , -" "1T ,, Post-offi- '. eut - ,..,-- . ?"inJ.Wr. ar-- - . i . . Tues-;tici- . - ... ai . m-.i- ,u .ne r rM. .I..-I- .rivi t .. ,u r..a - .. So, I . I- rri . I - ' r he j . a, ..... . ,rfo rer I L . hn M. ( num. i t

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