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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), August 25, 1904

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

11 I r 1 i- t iI LBu rr II EARLINGTON HOPKINS COUNTY KY FIFTEENTH YEAR THURSDAY AUG 25 N 1904 I 3 1 KENTUCKY MET DEATH ON THE TRACK- READY ENORMOUS LOSS For the Big Horse and Mule Show at the Worlds Fair DUE TO STRIKES I A special from St Louis dated rive at any definite conclusion regarding the number of persons who have been forced out of Chicago on account of strikes s Union officials are exceedingly chary about admitting thatan Y of their members have left tit city on account of labor difficulties and there is no other way of discovering these figures Re ports however are constantly being brought to Chicago from other cities of men from this city who are seeking employ ment declaring that they hay been driven away on account o strikes is also hard to find out about the men and the women who driven away from employment iti one trade by strikes have turned their hands to some other occupation to tide over the time until they can safely return to their regular trade When the enormous loss in wages suffered on account of NEW LAWS the OF INTEREST I time than that for which the horse is hired and requiring liv ¬ ery to keep a register showing to whom every vehicle is hired the time to bo used distance jo be traveled and the exact ho of the day or night such vehicile is delivered to the person hirini it The fine is 5 to 50 or imprison ¬ ment for 80 days or both Changing the time of asseiVing property for taxation from fjiep tember 15 to September 1 Making it a fine of 25 to150 to lodge fqr record any died mortgage or other instrumell required by law to be record Number of Union Men Out in Scruggs Wife of Ed Aug23rd says e Several additional Kentucky 32180 and Their Formerly Yard Scruggs Kentucky Legislature of entries in the big horse jack an Pay When at master at This Place 1904 mule show reached the exposi Work 400500 Killed Near Goodletts grounds today swelling the tion THAT ALL CITIZENS SHOULD KNOW number to nearly 200 The day POLICE GUARD NINETY PLACES SUNDAY MORNING has been spent by the exhibitors The Acts of the Legislature Between 5 and 0 oclock Sun in getting their stock in perfect Chicago Tribune body condition session of 1904 just issued con day morning the managled A majortiy of the In Chicago today there are 32 1 of Mrs Annie Scruggs wife o- f Stockmen seem to live fared 180 persons on strike and the formerly- very well in getting their entries po r ¬ Ed Scruggs who was amount of money they are losing N at safe to St Louis and unloading tant being the following ynrdmaster for the L in wages approximates is now em- without accident It develops for every week this place but who Providing for a uniform sys ¬ without disclosing the next im ¬ that they remain mediate source from which fee ployed as switchman at Guthrie today that T E Hutchens of out The workers however arc tem of text books If tyje was found lying to one side of Chaplin who lost by death yes ¬ not the only sufferers for the Repealing that part of the ex ¬ grantor derived title the track near Goodletts Mrs terday his famous combined burden falls equally upon their emption law which exempts th deed offered for r ec is mare Ivandalo has been offer Scruggs had been illand it wages of persons tot exceedin families th mothers and chil ¬ thought left her home while her ed 5000 for her delivery after dren who are dependent upon the 50 a month from attachment o not clear this exhibition mental faculties were garnishee for debt Practically all wage earners for their sustenance When she was killed she was i t Extending the term of th and who number 112500 souls date thereof if dated Tius Whether the grouuds will participate in her night clothing common school from five to six According to latest police re law menus that all deeds must be she threw herself in front of Ithe horse parade tomorrow morn months ports there are at present suicidal intent or her ing t train with Requiring a merchant to give recorded whether the owner of places against which strikes hav ° five days notice in writing to the property wants it recorded or terrible loath wits due to men President Francis on an Ara- been declared and which are re not tal aberration is not known bian stallion will head the pro ceiving police protection It wage earners could not stand i teach of his creditors before dis- your and if you have a Iced inpossession that has not bclen unless they found other employ posing of a stock of goods i n Mrs Scruggs was about 45 cession followed by exposition recorded you had better have itment years old The family home is officers and jurors in carriages bulk put on record without delay ¬ 1300 or 400 yards from the rail The first show horses in the lin of Unions on Strike Making it a felony of one t o Mrs Scruggs had been ill will be Kentucky saddlers an road five years to steal 2 worth of Many Strong Features for some time and was Of a very the next will be Kentucky number of a large number of policemen fro chickensSubmitting S o m e thoroughbreds nervous temperament to the voters th There will be their beats coupled with time ago she left her room about three divisions of the parade In question of whether or not the lowing table presence of a vast army of idle Number willabolish the secret ballot 1 oclock in the morning and the second jacks jennets and men has greatly increased the is the general offering of mostof on strike caused the members of the fam- mules from Kentucky will lipI This is to be voted on at the reg ¬ amount of crime that is com Packing trades including butthe traveling aggregations it ily great uneasiness ular November election pear while a place is reserved ° mitted daily within the city limchers teamsters and 28 allied seems like a ray of sunshine oli a Mrs Scruggs occupied a Reducing the number of trus26620 trades the third division for Ken its alone when she retired Saturday tuckys standard trotters Mortees of a graded school from si Garment workers including Some Strikes Begun Months Ago n an cutters bushelmen examin ¬ night and it is thought that she- gan horses and harness horses to Some of the strikes have been ers and trimmers fiveProhibiting 400 left the house at an early hour Several of the Kentucky exhibi the shooting o progress since the first of the Woodworkers including men in the morning and while wan tors are having banners painted in or squirrels between th rabbits employed in furniture facto dering around the neighborhood for the parade Gne of those year and others have had a dura 8000 fifteenth day of September an tion of from twelve to twenty rios company was struck by a train She was to head Granville Cecils string including men em the fifteenth day of November weeks while the largest of all Machinists pioy dinmachineshopsrailnot missed until about 530 will announce the fact that his Defining vagrancy and fixing the strikes that of the packing road shops etc 1850 oclock and then a search wa tits punishment at a fine of 1 IS trades has been inforce for Plittltgr trades including 8tarted for heir It was soon or imprisonment for 80 days for Enough entries have arrived nearly six weeksand the loss in Franklin union and other tracijon of this sort and conies tiearneathat the watchman at to make certain the success of wages to the strikers has reached printers for the second stamp 100 the first offense with the record of a jie the station had found the body the exhibition Representatives Coyne and offenses and all subsequent of a total of 1800000 The total Bakers strike at ries of unbroJ en successes on its 100 fenses 60 days imprisonment Heusner plants of a woman while making his of every horsebreeding country a in the world The loss to strikers in the strikes Boilermakers at Illinois Steel round in the morning for the competitive are on hand begin persons convicted being require events will cc 100 season plant purpose of taking down the Wednesday morning at 10 oclock which are now in force figuring Laundryand railroad shops to work at hard labor until fine 10 drivers from the time that they started bj a Ladies free if lanterns kept at the switches and will continue morning and aggregates the enormous sum of Miscellaneous including brick ¬ Vag person holding accompanied and costs are satisfied icke a paid 304 The body was identified as the afternoon until September 1 layers and other trades esti- ¬ rants are declared to be able The loss to the va 2002000 i 500 bodied males with no trade call = mated remains of Mrs Scruggs The Earllnjton Beats This rious industries affected can one PREPARE FOR ENCAMPMENT wheels of the train had passed 82180 ing or profession and no visible Total It cannot be The local fishermen are re ly be estimated over her body almost severing means of support who habitu Kentucky Troops Will Go to the Fairit Loss in Wages a Week to less than five it and one leg and one arm were quested to read the following the strikers times the loss The loss in wages a week to ally loiter and ramble able bod- ¬ St Louis About the First of out off The dismembered body dispatch and indulge their con In the last number of the Ma the wage earners in the various ied males who fail or refuse to Next Month was gathered up and taken in tempt of French fisherman Per labor for the support of his fam haps a frog catching contest chinists Monthly Journal the trades on account of strikes is ily able bodied males who purcharge by an undertaker It is shown in the following table being made for not known what train struck would have been more profit ¬ official organ of the international posely desert their wives or Plans are ¬ Packing trades815000Gamachinists association the fol Mrs Scruggi but it is thought ableParis 8800I children an able bodied male rment workers Aug 20The greatest lowing item is conspicuously dis- ¬ Woodworkers that a northbound train passipg 45000 or female who habitually loiters played 20250 about the street or public places Worlds Fair grounds in St Louil Machinists C Goodletts between 4 and 5 fishing contest ever held in while no orders have beei It is a bad time to contem ¬ Printing trades 1800 of any village or town o clock in the morning caused France came off this week on the Any and 140 issued it is probable that th 3 of the Vienne near Paris plate striking when thousands of Laundry drivers banks court has jurisdiction to try vag deathMrs 1500 troops will start about Soptero when 2000 Izaac Waltons as ¬ men are walking the streets in Bakers is survived by 1500 rantsPlacing Boilermakers ber 1 The Third regiment wit by their luck and skill idleness her husband one son and one sembled Miscellaneous national banks on the 7500 go first and remain about tel at the invitation of a local news ¬ Yet there are in Chicago 1350 q adopted son footing as state banks in 400490 same Total days They will be followed bf spectators number ¬ machinists on strike Some of paper The the matter of taxation Total Loss of Wares Second regiment who wilt About eighty them have been out for twelve Missing HopKlnsville Boy Probably Ran ed over 1000 Creating the office of fishand the stay about the same length olt fish was taken most weeks and others for more than pounds of The number of weeks that the game warden in each county and Awai time while the First regimen ly small fry So near Paris were thirty weeks strikes in each of the trades have defining his duties yHoPkinsville Ky Aug 20 will probably not leave for St > anglers that a banquet and the been in progress and the total Thousands Seeking Work r Making it unlawful to sell Wht is believed to be a clew to ball followed the contest The That there are thousands of loss of wages during that time is whiskey by wholesale in local Louis before September 22 the disappearance of lithe boy biggest fish taken was a thirteen men walking the streets in idle shown by the following It is expected that the encamps option districts I Arthur White bo the largest and two weeks ago ounce carp Trade Weeks Amount ness is clearly proved the regi Prohibiting the adulteration ment will 6 1800000 Packing trades has been discovered A boy strations at the various employ ¬ mixing or misbranding of orch ¬ Local Option Wins at Mayfield 8 66400 Garment workers about his age has been found to Kentucky ment bureaus The registration Woodworkers other 12 270- ard grass seed andsale of seed Mayfield Ky Aug 20Local troops as the majority of they whom White confided his intenoffice of the Employers associa 000Machinists12 Regulating the fertili 216000 tion of running off and going to option carried in the election tion of Chicago has been open Printing trades 25 82500 zer so that the tag on each pack- soldierf desire to see the Fair Eagle Mills Ark where some held today in Mayfield by a vote little more than a month yet in Laundry drivers Oapt Frank Rash of Earling 8 1100 age shall show the name of the 14 21000 of his acquaintances had gone to of 648 to 267 the largest major that time nearly 2000 men have Bakers name of fertilizer ton received a message from 82 48000 manufacturer work in a lumber camp He said ity which has been given here on registered and applied for posi ¬ Boilermakers Adjt Gen Haley to come to 72000 number of net pounds in each Machinists Steel Co82 years Ke would ride his wheel tOIthis question in thirty to assume his dnties tions and applications are com Miscellaneous average 10 estimated value per Frankfort 75000 package Clarksville and sell it to buy a It was a lively contest the ing in at the rate of fifty a day as Regimental Quartermaster of hundred and the minimum per- ¬ Grand total 2602000 the Third regiment He left for icltet Rube Wilson the negro work beginning as early as 6 in- Of these applicants 11 per cent centage composition on suspicion has been themorning at the polls in the are union men and 80 per Cent The total number of places arrested Prohibiting white and colored that plac ±yeaterday evening r churches and on the streets Tie are nonunion Each applicant where strikes are in progress is released persons from attending the same v Cream Supper 89 The total number of k Netke iBteqU1ired to furnish references school detailed for strike duty is 800I Allowing town marshals in Maj FBl Harris of Mortons Allmembers of Oamp528 UJ and the proption of such refercost to thecity fox po half hour during the dayJ cWs are earnestly requested ences wjuch been returned llIThe flaily towns of the iiixthclasifto dis ¬ Gap gad affice cream supper lice protection for strikes is 2r charge Fr yfctiye irWe good is 06 per cent which latter the duties of constable in at his residence last jtaek for Jitf lpEarlipgtoh Ky Von 200 p VAug at 9 oclocka m No- figures give a pretty clear idea the magisterial district in Which the benefit of the ex0pnfed Frankfort Ky Aug2 Anexchange speaks of a man who the town is located orate reunion to be held at thisatT and all ea0onfed on ia Frankfort as fax as can of the class ot men who are idle It is said always pays for his home ttfcthat wish to unit with be learned has Over heard of Other employment bureaus show paper a year in advance As are Making it unlawful to buy PlaceSoPt 21st and 22nd There cam p are requested to meet Ivy yon Steenberg who accord ¬ even a larger number of regis suit he never has been sick in his sell or expose for sale will tur- ¬ was a large crowd present notwitfi Ih mat said time and place ing to dispatches is to be mar ¬ trations as there is a prejudice life he never has corns on his toes keys pheasants grouse part¬ withstanding the time for adver- ¬ A TDTOBR Corn tied to Prince Yuat g uzab an al ¬ especially among union men or toothache his potatoes never rust ridge or quail killed within the tising was limited and about 4000 was realized Maj HarA E HIEBIC Adjt ileged Hindui potentate doing a against the employers associa ¬ the frost never kills his pears his State baby never cries out at night his Making it unlawful to drive a ris is an jrlterprising uptodate Dunbar stunt at a Opney Island tion wife never scolds and be succeodes People who calculate on ail champions yeroed Into dispatches had her serving three terms on a school horse hired from a liveryman a man ami when he eleventh hour repentance always resort The greater distance or for a longer cause t marks it with success from Frankfort Ky It is a difficult matter to ar board without being criticised die at 1080 Mts Ed ¬ dWeekly ¬ ¬ generaf ¬ 0 0It iere inde + oft I ¬ + I ¬ ¬ formerdeed employerse ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ forcealready 8List protectiond thet folm ofe r padY I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ annoutceY ¬ bestinf talonIsdd ¬ ds ¬ ¬ < w ¬ ¬ ¬ o wluc11i + etd ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ e tEteKentucky ¬ ¬ i ¬ tableI ¬ ¬ ¬ r ¬ evelr ¬ 0 whenjt C i ¬ Hn 6i ft IIfIII ¬ ir 1 t i1I c II t 4y i I t r IIj at LjL j tf I

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