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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 5, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

Ntw i t 1 J + Sra t p J V I D f I II rlr r 4 tVot ME 8 t j r frr M l c f- < f APRIL 5 1905 ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY COLUMBIA p NUMBER 20 bQ YOU WANT SPRING GOODS f t < I 6LL I1FrYOR DO 2 T s s > j customers having within the last few days filled mjr shelves with all the latest designs in Spring Fabrics The very latest styles in Ladies and Gents Shoes can be found in my store My Clothing Department isa chuck full and I know I can please the purchaser In fact 1 keep everything that a family may need and am ready to sell at the shortest 1 am now ready to meetiny J I ask is All profits WL M RUSSELL DEPUTY V 7 I Jas Garnett purposeFully alcall fore they were hatched widely known as the great Edu-¬ cator of Paris ky is progress ¬ ing nicely with 112 enrolled May28thI which will be of great assistance to the outoftown students Work on same will begin in the I I FallThe hand that rocks the cra- ¬ dle rules the world is one of Teddys favorite poems A large number of Caseys teachers will attend the Ken- ¬ tucky Educational Association at Mammoth Cave Ky June 21 22 and 23 1905 The pro- ¬ gram which is being prepared Garlin Kyand a minister from Somerset will be most elaborate Promi ¬ ArePotter in the Larue County Her- ¬ resulting in the addition of some nent speakers will address the ald writes as follows concerning Easter 10 or 15 members and doing teachers Govenor J C W Beck The old time and the earlySpring r much good to the church and ham among the number adage is j pastorL I JP Sunday Prayermeeting First and third Sundays in each month LID Tuesday night CHRISTIAN that a late Easter means v a late Spring From appearances at this writing the maxim will not hold good this season We have scarcely ever had a later Easter than we will have this year and so far we have probably never had a prettier and ear her Spring Of course we are unable to tell anything of what wayyet come in the form of unfavorable weather But if we are misled all nature has been deceived for it has fully begun to unfold its beauties on all sides The tf es are putting out their JnjdSj many pretty Spring flowers are in bloom pretty fields of green wheat waving in thegentle Spring breezes and bright The sunshine are seen in all directions mocking bird the thrush and hundreds of other little songsters are in the trees pastor CAMPBELLSVHLE PIKE Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 a nv Prayermeeting Wednesday night LOUSES MASONICl and A F rx f M Gordon Montgomery W M E Go Atkins COLUMBIA Secretary CHAPTER RA meets Friday M No night after full moon Horace Jewries Secretary TR Stults H PT farm for Sale a farm of 250 acres of good bluegrass land 2 miles from Middle burg College My place lies ontheMid dleburg and Hustonville pike well water d improvement good enough for any ohe A house with six rooms ice house hen house barn 2 miles to 1 have milet x- borey I fa tfh tr t k1l r f- Q J + i S 1 f- > tr iS i t V e X r r n 4 v Jt 4 Y v i > > iC C J L 64qfw h vr h aSrr 1 ry Joe Cbffe up 1956 i I Foaled in 1902 by Marion Squirrel No 1908 by Black Squirrel 58 1st dam by Eagle Bird 2nd dam by On Time 3rd dam by Black r Eagle 4th dam Denmark imported thoroughbred BLISS A stiff gal e together with ritin Lincoln Squirrel is a steel grey 153J with breeding and individpour passed through this section uality equal to any horse in Kentucky He is strictly a highclass saddleand harness horse in every particular being void of nothing l lastweek doing much damage that is required for a highclass Stallion ¬ The tvijo above Stallions will make the season of 1905 at our barn fc < Gradyyule at r r C- w a I L 1 Y COFFEY BROS 0 4 L J 6 4 1 it jP I N l f l Srtr w f J r a r 1 Li R +d > My3 l g t r flinoissa lia dayJudge TA Meadows are looking promis- aIy 0 I t > Temperancer 1k tt 1 J i v < > Murrell and Wife of Columbia visited at theresi deuce ofM J Murreli5 Sunday This spell of fine weatherhas rs T given farmers a chance to push f Mrs Julia Baker and R Price spent Thurscliywith their work Mrs A WiPakton Mrs Kate Atkins who has i Lyoh and Bennett cultivators of gin fe >en snf sunwittorheu count will addiea veare lad hotei isim rovin sengin this tron turdYftkt FaraiiCl Rev W J eC Sandldge filled a them z3 B Hinaman Pea of cfik rienfat ing Z a county Saturday and Sun returned to iheir home in Contra verysickI r J1t 10 k healthT r Inb to insure a case you sell trade or remove the mare from the neighborhood or breed to other stock the above fee will become due and you will in allcases be expected to pay same Mares fed at a reasonable rate or pastured at 200 per month We will in no way be responsible for accidents Thanking you for past av9rsweaeyours truly t Mrs I H R Thurman visited Rev E D Watkins and wife one day last week Rev Wat kips hasabout regained his for- v f A lffCOLtfi SQUIRREL 1 v < s citizensR < by Red Bird 1957 I burg KYand get lowest possi- ¬ ble prices he represents them an t mer to common s Wheat 3miles4Prailroad- ments each day in the pretty forest doatsare looking Will sell a man the farm moneyh and take lessons of cheerfulness of quite promising I Monday the 20th was county Call or write me at Mount Salem Kythose merry little creatures court day at Liberty and as usual Miss Vallie Sandidge wH012 AHICKS 1W T S N9fcsw f an exceedingly large crowd was acted in the capacity as assistant Mr Ves on Holt is at the bedside of in town The horse sale was matron at the Female College his brother Verhon who ie sick with watched yery eagerly but on the Lebanon Tenn returned home Pneumonia at his home ttt Jamestown yas the last Saturdays prim The patients who have measles are swapping up qu stionThe with fever We are sorry to gettinng along verYell w11 1Atll ClliE Prcr t greater majority of the office states ra is nobetter t Miss Claudia Walker of Nell is with < brad ville V her sisters here who aresuffering with seekers were there soliciting xMC L rGrissom anSwffe visited kir at the home ofChas Hmdman measles t tt J BmBIt no betteranlace tai piert Miss onJBig Greek Baturday Qight 4 county is Rexroat iot Russell T than at > at home forafewdays x1IIr Wmsm ell and Wife Good sample roams mutt ra flcattlaw iJi jigainv r t who have been visiting theforAndrew Ledbetter is with us I table Rates very reaaonlible jpiw ri ifessrs Wm if cWhorter and mobsrelatives near bete have T after several day absence i stable t 4r> tul Red Lexington No I Wllmore Hotel t- < I has located here for 6 weeks in the interest of their business s Farmers took adyantage of the last few sunny days in sewing oats alf timothy and break ¬ ing corn ground It is a great ideasaid the Czar a gleam of hope crossing his face Whatidea that l May asked the court official be we can keep changing officers iheirjoyfulmorningsongsTbey so often that the Japanese will become confused and chase the ness that we are made ashamed of our Japanese and cheerless and unthankful nature It wrong General would I think be profitable to many of Russia war riews is read daily by US ifwe would hileaway a few mo- ¬ the majority of the Burgs oldest fiegnlar meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the fun moon in each month COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 r Red Bird 1956 by Joe Brown 1955 by Cabbells Lexington is a dark bay Stallion 15 hands foaled 1895 1st dam byBail ys Dex ter by Cabbells Lexington 2nd dam by Elastic horse 3rd dam by Waxie 4th dam Sir Archie Thoroughbred Red Bird is a horse of extreme substance finish and action He hasprodced more highclass horses than any horse in this section of Kentucky The dealers all search for his colts and buy them at community prices as fast as they mature Breeding to this horse is not J C Coulter was at Phil on- fancy an experiment as he has demonstrated the fact to all who know Miss Effie Moran was visiting businesgThursday him that he is a uniform breeder and a sire of the highest type of at Liberty afew days ago r If in want of any periodical ad- t horses that the market constantly demands The Chicago Renovating Co dress Stanley McIntosh Middle- I 9 weeks r have pased MrsH H McAninch is re ¬ ported no better at this writing The best that can be said about the school at Middleburg F the arrangements Cam Normal College is not half good Trees are being set out on the and stated while here that would be made at onceto build a dorm- pus and it is hoped that in a few years enough under the present man- ¬ itory in close proximity to the College the grounds will be much improved agement of Prof J S Lawhorn Birthday Celebration Notice School SuptW D Jones Any one wanting tin work will find a Sunday the 2nd day of April 1905 CcronerC M RiiBseU willbe pleasantly remembered by the man in myshop at any hour All or ¬ neighborhood It was Regular court second Monday in people of this CITY COURT the 58th birthday of Mr Samuel Con each month over There were a large number of judge Jae G Eubankpeople assembled at his home and they AttomeyGordon Montgomery came with baskets filled with the best Marshal Caseys candidates will besome ¬ the country affords All that the most diminished before these delicate taste could relish was on the what CHURCH DIRECTORY newslets come out in print table The people were received most PRESBYTERIAN cordially by Mr and Mrs Conover Mrs Clarence Coleman of W C Clemens BUBEESVXLLE STREET Rev Their handsome daughter Miss Hattie Services second and fourth Sundays in castor Burnside is visiting her mother each month SundaySchool at 9 L m every Sab- did honor to herself by the graceful manner in which she attended to the Mrs M A Adams also Miss bath PcayeraeetiBff every Wednesday night guests Suffice it to say that the large Anna Adams of Louisville is METHODIST number present enjoyed themselves with her mother very much and realized that it was a A series of meetings have just SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayer daylong to be remembered With wishes cneetincr Thursday night for a long life fpr Mr Conover the closed at the Methodist Episco- ¬ people returned to their homes feeling pal church Meetings were con ¬ BAPTIST proud of the occasion hN ducted by Rev M M Roundtree Scruggs pastor Rev at J 1956 since Colorado elected a Govenor Chicks were numerated by your Yosemite correspondent be ¬ ySurveyorR T McCaffreo School every Sabbath RED BIRD ¬ r GREENSBUBG STREET Columbia Ky ¬ ClerkT R Stilts Jailer J K P Conover Assessor J F Pell- r 0 0 0 I to 930 p m F Ccunty Attorney 0 iQt Ray Elliott left a few days ago for Decatur III in search of Moss Literary Society meeting work also V Lucas and wife The Mr E V Miller member of the firm bfJP Miller Sons merchants at was much enjoyed by all present last left for South Port Ind for the Crocus has purchased the onefourth In ¬ TuesdaYnight terest formerly ownea by his father for On account of the rain last Wednes ¬ 2100 day evening the Teachers Society meet ¬ COURT DIRECTORS ing wAs p stponed until Thursday eve ¬ There will be services at the Method ¬ ning Cracurr CoURTThree sesni is a yearThird istchurch Thursday Friday and SaturMonday in January third Monday in May and Some new pupils came in last week daY nights this week preparitor to third Monday in September and some others are expected the meeting which will commence next Circuit JudgeH C Baker Sunday Mr Elam Harris visited his parents AttorneyA A Huddlerton Commonwealths at Esto for several days pf last week W Miller Sheriff Dr D McDonald a noted Presbyte ¬ Circuit ClerkJ F Neat Mrs Dowell of Gradyville is with rian minister was here the first of the her granddaughter Cora who is suf¬ Monday in each montFirst COUNTY COURT week He is very much interested in hJudgeT A MurrelL High School this place fering with measles M am Office hours week days 730 0 0 held The Frogge Literary Society an interesting meeting last week ADDITIONAL LOCAL POSTMASTER PETE CONOVER is WALKER POST OFFICE DIRECTORY J 0 call and be convinced ffffE r 1ieGt 1 e v r > r Tyy5 tJ > I M4 Jf to 4 I if fIff 7xv v > tc < fr r > mr K i oftr c i4 Ya l > t r17f n < y < A I wi J J tl 7 fI r4- lf 4 R f4 L v <

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