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Image 2 of 1999 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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At tachmcut #6 Re: $6,370,000 Murray State University Housing and Dining System Revenue Bonds, Series N l CERTIFICATE WITH REFERENCE TO TI-IE ISSUANCE OF HOUSING AND DINING SYSTEM REVENUE BONDS, SERIES N, CONFORMING TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF SECTION llO1(C) OF ARTICLE XI OF TI-IE TRUST INDENTURE DATED SEPTEMBER l, 1965, BETWEEN THE BOARD OF REGENTS OF MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY AND CHASE MANHATTAN TRUST COMPANY (AS SUCCESSOR IN INTEREST TO CITIZENS FIDELITY BANK & TRUST COMPANY), LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, AS TRUSTEE, SHOWING COMPLIANCE WITH CONDITIONS FOR ISSUANCE OF PARITY BONDS The undersigned, G. Dewey Yeatts, Director of Physical Plant of Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, hereby makes the following certification for the purpose of showing compliance by said University with the requirements of Section ll0ltc[ of ARTICLE XI of the Trust Indenture dated September I, 1965, made by the Board of Regents of Murray State University with Chase Manhattan Trust Company, National Association (as successor in interest to Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust Company), Louisville, Kentucky, as Trustee (the "Trust Indenture" or the "Indenture"), with reference to the issuance of $6,370,000 (plus or minus up to $635,000) of said Board‘s "Housing and Dining System Revenue Bonds, Series M" in order to qualify the Series N Bonds to rank on a basis of parity and equality as to security and source of payment with the previously issued and outstanding Housing and Dining System Revenue Bonds, Series C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M, inclusive: In my capacity as the employee of the Board and the University at this time principally charged with responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the housing and dining buildings and appurtenant facilities comprising the presently existing housing and dining facilities of the System, I certify that a physical inspection of said housing and dining buildings and appurtenant facilities of the System has been made, and that the same are in a good and current state of tenantability and repair there being no exceptions Y or reservations in this connection. IN TESTIMONY WHER.EOF, wimess my signature as Director of Physical Plant, this ___ day of i February, I999. ` Director of Physical Plant APPROVED: President Murray State University Certified to have been submitted to and approved by the Board of Trustees at a meeting held on February I2, 1999. l Secretary, Board of Regents Murray State University ::ODMA\PCDOCSU)OCSZ\l3l64\l

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