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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), September 19, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

j&Aacaf5jg!a5gaiaiia&aavfir3s:Kg3gaMCsaag. lim"-'"'-,'- aai.i'AsMMi&igwBf Mm." its crosfia: ggMgafcanugaaasaMaggiadtMtesngrfuawjtg' Tra i' THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE. THURSDAY, September 19, 1799. No. 678. bTATE OK KENT UCKY Lexington Didrict Court July term, "John Marjhill complainant, Duty on Carnages. is hereby given, that aft ofCongreis of the United States, NOTICE of America, palled at vnuaoeipnia ine .join davofMay, 1796, laying duties on carriages for the conveyance of persons, and repealing the former acts for that purpose that there Ihall be levied, collected and paid, upon all carriages for the convey ance of persons, which (hill be kept bv or for any person,for his or her own life, or to let out to hire, the fsveral du 01 for the conveying of pafl'engers, ties and rates following, to wit : DOLLARS. J For and upon every coach '2 upon every chariot 12 post chaiiot upon every 12 upon every p"bft chaise upon every phzion, with or without ' 9 top 9 upon every coachee upon other carnages, having pan. with blinds, nel work above, 9 glades or cm tains upon lour wheel carriages, having framed polts and topt, with ltecl 6 fpnngs upon sour wheel top carnages with 3 wooden or iion 'prints ou jacks 3' upon curricles with tops 3 upon cl ailes witn tops 3 upon chairs with tops 3 upon full' les with tops upon other wo wheel top carriages 3 upon two wheel carriages with Heel 3 or iron springs 2 orsndupon all other two wheel carriages wheelcarnage, ha. upon everv (our ving framed polls and tops, and 2 re ring upon wooden spars The fubfenber will attend dailv until the 32th dav cf September next for the purpose of receiving the duties on carnages, at Lexington, of which all per sons poiTefledoi such carriages are denied to take notice. Notice is also given, to all retail dealers in wines and foreign diililled fpintuous liquois, that licenses Will be jianted to them; one license for carrying on the bufinefTof le tailingofwinesiua less quantit) or quantities than 3" gallons, and one license lor carrvmg on the Jiufinefs of retailing spirituous liquors in less quantities than 20 gallons, at the same time and at the same place. And particular notice is also en to Dilhllers, giv- - sjhat whereas the 4th fecViau of the act of Congress enti the 3d of March, juii'ed at tied " An aft repealing in part the aft concerning the duties on fpints distilled within the United btates, pitied the 8th of Mav, 1792, and certain duties on the capacity of dills of a particu lir defciiption," direct,, "thatwmcu license lhall be granted tor arv dill, ur,'il all duties, which have acc'uedtheieoi,, (hall have been paid and diichargcd " And whereas, the .upervifor of this did lft 111 a tir eular lditer addreffed to the collectors of faul dif tiic,k.aiingdate 26th February last, gave positive inftiu tons that aster the 30th ot June 179"), the injunction qu ted above mould be ftnftly and lit I have, therefore, 'hought it tt llv attended to give tins public and timely notice, in t order that didilleis may be prepared to pay olf all duties svhicn have accrued on their Hills, before they jnjke .pplicition for a new ur second license. Those dulilkrs vvhn ate in arrears tor dnties which accrued previous to June 1798, are hereby informed, that alter the expir it on of the present month, fmts will be uiftituted agiinft them, without discrimination JOHN ARTIIUIt, Col. Rev. Septeriber 3d 1790- 3t tMiilid-jIph- defendants rHE M'Bnde, and ry Tho fThe Law-Milt- AT An defendant, Berry, having sailed "p HEenter his appearance herein, agreeably to to 11 law, and the rules of this courf ; and it appearing to our satisfaction that he is not an inhabitant of this, commonwealth on the motion of the complainantj by hiscounfcl, it is ordered that the aid defendant do appear here on the third dav of our next October term, and answer the complainant's bill ; that a copy of this order be inserted in the Kentucky Gazette or Herald, according to law, another for Fayette poded at the doo. of the county, and that thi-- order be publiihed on tome nnmediate'v aster div nefervice, at the door of the Prelbyrerian meeting house, in Lexington. be a petition pre-J- i United to the next general alTemblv, for tanning a new county out of the counties Lincoln and Mi difjn, to wit: between Rock Cadle river and Cuin berland mountain, incluaingtlie wildeinels road 22d ,7"- IUp JlFt-''4Augu(1: T S hereby given that there will A Caution. C OME time about the 15th inft. (in mv absence) a certain David Warren took from mv olKce a record book, containmg the record of deeds and a thcr indiuments of writing of Ross county, of which he appears to have taken copies, with an intention of dilpofmg of the property which the originnlscon veved Tire public are cautioned againd purchasing from him, as thev are forged Warren is a handsome well made man, about six feet high, of ruddy complexion, red hair, which he wean tii.d, Df genteel djpjrtment, and insinuating vT manners. JOHN S. WILLS, Recorder of llofs county. V e 1 bun-da- y Tcde, A Copy. ho. Bodley, c l. d. c. NOTICE, nn his .march In the Shawanpp fnwns.ln . , Nov mber 1782, which is on Bum's run, a branch South fork of Licking, on the 25th of this of the indant (Sept.) then and there to take the depofiti-on- s of sundry witnelfes, in order to perpetuate lefpccVing said encampment, which is called for in an entry of 500 acres ot land made in my name on the 24th ot February, 1 783, md do such otherafts asfliallbe dsemed neceflary and agreeably to law. John Bryant. Sept. 3, Notice N Chancery. C An't fttinn ....... ... 1, 1799, Territory, Chilirothe, ? Aueust: 25th, 1799 5 3' The (lifferent printers in the United States are requested to give the above a place in their papers oi; the manufacture of boots and flioes in its various branches, at his (hop on Main ltreer, next "door to Mr Brents tavern, and oppolite Mr. Morton store where ladies and gentlemen may be supplied with anv article in his line, made intheneated and bed manner, and on the shorted notice. He has on hand boots and (hoes of every delcnption, which will be told holefale and retail, very low for Cash. Stephen ioung. Lexington, Sept 1 2th, tf 1799- - AN thefird Monday in Oftober next, will be sold to thu highest bidder at the lower Blue Licks, the richtind tit'e of William Bell, lnwo (urvevs for 2500 aties each, patented the 12th and 13th ot Apiil, 1786, mg on Licking, Elk creek and Flemings cieek : also about 1200 acres on Johnson's fork, part of 2"3,003 acres patented the nth of A prrt, 1786: also in about io,oco acres, part of 14950 acies, patented 12th ot April, 706: also pn 7 4 acres patented 13th of April, 1786 These last trafti lie on the south side of Licking, near the Lower Blue L ck . These tracts have been covey-dj e(J by Williain Be", to Robert Morris, and by him to the fubferiber, fjr the payment of money due. And t'.e fublcriber will convey topurchafers with a fpccial warranti only, againd the right of Bell, and those claiming under him Bond and fecuntv will be requited of the pui chasers, and the lands divided L to suit those who want to buy. V re-fu- 1 111 1 ARMY OF THE DANUBE. Massenet, General in Chief, to the ExeHead-quarte- rs on 111c jiajJci-iili- ' that a general meeting of the sharers of the Lexington Library be called, to meet on the ldll this month, at John M "Hair's ta vein, at three o'clock in the afternoon, to tianfaft foine very important bufmefs' Extraft from the Journal. Tho. T, Barr, C. L. L. C. fubferiber informs THE friends and the refpecVully carries public, that he fh 1 HT'HAT commiflioners appointed by will Pendleton it J met atthe county court of encampmentcounty, Bry- gen Claike's third from Uefolved FACTORY. MANU- - s . Sep En-gli- i NOTICE. I (hall make application to the meeting of the library committee, m , court-hous- LEXINGTON LIBRARY. - ce cutive Directory. at Zurich, June . Citizens Directors, General Collaud, commanding the divi-fiof the Lower Rhine, gives me an account, that on the nth Prairial, May 11. Marshall. 30, at two in the morning, he caused an. Soptcmber 1799- 4t attack to be made by general Darnaudet, commanding his advance guard, upon the THE SUBSCRIBER enemy's pohtions at Scherefhheim, near T3 EGS leave to observe to the inh bit3nf s neigh 1 i borins to the Georgetown papermill, ard the' Lidenbourg, upon the right bank of the The fubferiber will attend at. the qifice of adjacent counties, that he fudains grct lof. in the Necker. The enemy were beat in every did deceased, ou the 10th of Oftober next, and mill for want of lags Those he gets bv means of part our cavalry particularly distinguish-e- d from thsnee until the end of the month, for the rag men, come so high, as to emoarras the business tljerr selves in this affair ; they took purpose of delivering out the papers belonging to much, and he has not "t been able to prevail on attendance gentlemen merchants and printers, to take them in from the enemy 130 horses, ajid made in which he was employed in any considerable quantity, though he is well ailii oall hts clients, in the above tune is rcqueded besides above 50 prisoners, among wl. tti red ldrga quantities might betaken in b pioper en JOSEPH H DAVEISS. are 3S huffars of Sztklers, a captain ird LUUiaCTIIICIIl, IfOIIl Wldl It IdKCll III rtl VC'JIgl lown, yand from what he is informed by Mi Jacklon, own a lieutenant of the same regiment. The OF KEN TUCKY. STATE Liit dii HicrillLinis peasants of Odenwall had united themk er u iiiw jicuiiuuc Diftiict Court July term, 799- Lexington and printers in his pirts, receive for hu ; is they felves to the enemy. Their common loss do so in this countr) tor the fubferiber, they Thsins M'Clanahan, complainant, in killed and wounded amount to about mav reit allured ot he does not lend them caui, as againlt soon as any person within tventy'miUs (hall give Benjamin Berry, and blarauis Calmes jun. defendants, 300 men. s notice that they have as much as three hundied MASSENA. (Signed) dry weight rags he will court of Barren county, trKeftablifh a town on my land on the south fork of Beaver cieek, agreeable to an act of aflembly in such case made and provided. a. c. WHETHER by bond, account ort are requested to tranf-mi"the fubferibers copies pf such to bonds, accounts or otheft evidences of their demands, with the credits, &c. be-- . longing thereto, as fooiif as poffible. fubferibers have begn appointed (executors of the last will of said deceaf- "t '", and haying not yet qualified, cannot, until that is done, pay or receive any monies due by or to said deceased, but are desirous to acquaint themselves sully with the amount thereof, that mealures may be taken to settle them as soon as poliible aster adminiltration ot the will is granted. JAMES MORRISON, Lexington. 'J. H. DAVEISS, Danville. 8w August 1, 1799. Richmond, 5th September, '99 231 lulv, 1799- - PARIS, June t3 Buonaparte, obliged to yield to a refifl-anwhich he could not foresee, returned to the walls of St. Jean d'Acre, at the moment in which the Pachas of Jerufa-.eand Damascus were congratulating themfeh es on some slight advantages. He cut them to pieces, as well as the troopsx, and entered the city as conqueror. The Batavian Republic has begun to adopt efficacious meafuV-efor its defence against all attacks. Fortifications are at Zutphen and Defbourg. The Yffel will be fortified between those two points. FromBreftwe learn that the sitting of five sail of the line, and some frigates and corvettes, is carried on with great activity. Three of the lire, one frigate and two corvettes, are already in the harbor. A r rench officer thus writes from Genoa, the 16th of May; " We are just arrived at the decisive moment : is our two armies are able to beat the enemy, and form a junflion, we shall immediately the offensive ; but to effecT. that, we must first make a terrible effort to carry our point." SHOE' BOOT& OF by the general ailembly for the ulc of an Academy to be eltabliiheJ 111 iud county. : c l. d. Kodley, ' TtlE CREDITORS GEORGE NICHOLAS, Tjegsaskd, ; rt,., n JUllU VJU1U1. trance 1 James M'Bride, Hen- William M'Btide, having sailed to enter their appearance herein, agreeable to law, and tho rules of this court, and it appearing to our satisfaction that thev are not inhabitants of this on the motion us the complainant, coinmotiwealfh bv his coiinlel. it ordered tharttrefaid defendants do appear here On the thud dav of our next Ofto'" ber court, and anlwer the complainant s dim: ttiat a copv of this order be infeited in the Kentucky 0a zette or Herald, according to law ; another potted at the dor of the court houle for Fayette county, and that'this order be publiihed on some Sunday nn mediately aster divine lei vice, at the door of the Preibvtervan meeting'houie in Lexington. HMtp A Copy. Tette, yY T lVTnrbfnn ArsHpmv will receive nroDnfalsfur V Locating f,x thoofar.d acres of land, grantecf THAT t J In Chancery. e 3t European Intelligence. vr, 11 1 he Trustees Gar of non residents lands to be sill Monday A LIS rcourt court day,the ditchaige theinatOclo house, on rard tax anil being ber to sold 1799-- f next, it interelt due thereon for the years 1792, '93, '94, f"7 AGAINST llfyj and '96. Matthew Wright, 1503 acres, Paint ck and Su James K'Urilt, Henry M Bride, William M'BriJe, sine Boulcs, Sirab Bovles, and Elizabeth Boiiles, gar creek. Edwai d Spencer, 475 acres, Sygar creek. STEFAN PlkKINS, S. G. C. heirs at lav of Junes M'Brlde dcceafel,aml Clement BnceSteele, Ami Steele, Bell ati-- Miraret his Garraid counfv. sth ept i"99 3t Jenni Steele, Join Steele, Colin Steele, an I William deSteele, heirs at lain cf Anirevi Steele deceased, fendants. imp-iftn- vtfe-ibl- price Fifteen Shillings per Annum. by JOHN BRADFORD, fOn ifc&x Street J LEXJNGTON:Vritet Vol. XII. I 1799- 3W - wenry Dollars Keward. AWAY from the fubferiber, on the Zd ind. woimn, called NELLY, about 26 cars of age, handsome and well formed, the took with her a black fur hat, white muslin jacket and petticoat, two luits country linen, one do driped RAN negro cotton, with other cloathing not recollecled; alio a good Duffil blanket. I puichaicd her f'om Mr Ben'. Bridges, formerly of Madison county, now living near Mr Hughes below Shelbyulle me was.bro't from Williamiburg in Virginia, some years ..go, by Mr. Bridges, and perhaps may endeavor to leturn there, as Ihe is artful, and mav have a piss I will give the above reward is taken in this date, and is out of it, thirty dollars, and reasonable charges on delivery of said negru to WILL. MORTON. tf Lexington, 23d Augud, 1799- " T'AIvF.M un hv the fuhferiher. on the 3 waters of Mill creek, Harrison county, a f.iur vears old, fourteen hands high, brand ed on the near side, TC, a star and imp, the near hind soot white appraised to 15!. Heavy Edgar. May 29th, 1799. on hand, linen of clean, send tbem paper to pav the amount, at 2 percent. lower than he sells it for cash Hags are threepence per pound. The country people are earnestly re quested to save them, and oblige Their humble feivant, A private letter from the same general the same date. of The enemy, not willing to attack tha front of the line of redoubts, which cover F.lijah Craig. Zurich, have adopted the plan of turning Georgetown, Sept 2d, 1799. 3t us. It appears that a part of his line extends fromEglifau even toRapperfchweil, DOCTOR JOSEPH BOSWELL and Le endeavors to cut off our communiof Short and PAS removed his shop to the cornermarket house, cation and our points of retreat but his street, opposite the We hear a where he will continue the praftice of medicine in attempts will be fruitless. its different brances. cannonade about a league hence it is an July i6th, 1799. tf affair of advanced polls. The inhabitants of this canton, and particularly the Just received, and for sale by people of the'eountry, revenge themGRAINGER & WHELAN, felves, not on the soldiers, but on the m those who folAt the dore lately occup ed by Mi Robert Barr, provilion waggons, and-a- ll the following articles, VIZ : low the army for plunder. J . j Young Hyfon, Hyfon, Hyfon Skin, & I - Alluni and Madder, I Oiiecns' ware, Madeira, ) Sherry, (3 Massenet, General in Chief, to the Execu- tive Directory "of the French Republic. and Loaf sugar, f PI $Zurich, June 3. Port Pepper, J Citizens directors, French Brandy, Copperas, The enemy attacked me yesterday in All of the bed kinds. force on my right: conceiving this moveI Ladies' &i Gentlemen's Superfine Cloths, ment a presage to a general attack, the Prints, fafliionabie hats. Hosiery, next day, I made in consequence, all my The above goods will be sold by whole sale for dispositions to receive it. As I conjecCASH. tured, the enemy commenced at dayW. Grainger. break this morning an attack upon, my whole line. Aster a long contest, its Lexington, Augud 15, 1799f principal strength and efforts were directed on my right against; the division comJUS! RFCE1VFD, And now opening for sale, a large and general afiortmanded by general Soult. I was there ment of inperfon. The enemy were desirous to DRY GOODS, poffefs themselves of all the pofiitons ? GROCEJIIKS, which covered Zurich. They advanced HARD WrtKE, with great rapidity to the villages of WVRE, ire. PUKEM's Zolikon and Reifbach ; they were which will be sold very low for Cash ; but no credit carried leveral times, and were as often need be expefted. the point of Geo. Tegarden. retaken by our troops at resumed his the atThe enemy bayonet. tf April lft, 1799tacks with constantly encre.afingboldnefs. I then made a movement on tha vlnle IN THE PRESS, line, and charged them on all points. It And (liortly will be publiihed, THE KENTUCKY ALMANAC, ' was about 5 in the evening. The enemy sustained our shock with obstinacy, and For the year pf our Lord. 1S00. it was not till within an hour of night Containing (hefides other things common to an he yielded to us the field of battle,, manac) some explanatory reasons why the year l8oa that and withdrew from our politions which Ii will not be Biflextde or Leap Year " Bouea, Coffee, I -- Head-quarter- s, - - W Vit-tiko- n, - al-- 1

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